Scam letter(s) from Regina Kalistratova to Greg (USA)

Letter 1
Hey Greg,
Today in my city a sunny day! I have read your letter this morning.
I think of you during the day much. Your letter has brought to me a smile. Greg, I would like to look now in your eyes and to guess your mood. You know what the sight can tell more than one million words? My eyes sparkle pleasure when I check mail and I see your letter. Thanks for happiness which you bring to me. Our dialogue, is ours with you pleasure.
Last night I together with the girlfriend watched a film "GREEN MILE" this film I already looked 6 years ago, but I know that to this film more, you watched this film? When I watched this film, at me even my eyes have shed a few tears, it is very touching film.
I cannot speak, as the film name in English, I think that I have written correctly. I liked a film. Please, tell to me, you prefer what rest?
It is much more pleasant to me to have now rest in the small company of my friends in cosy cafe. I dream of romantic evening with the beloved.
Greg, you the romanticist? You like to surprise the girl? I like romanticism... I like to observe of stars, I like to have supper at candles.
Also I like to dance dance under slow music... However, already very much for a long time I had no all it. Soon my vacation, today I talked to the director and the director has told that next week I can leave on the deserved vacation, I very much want to have a rest from my work as last year I took vacation only one week. You will have vacation soon? Greg now I do not have plans for forthcoming vacation.
It will be good, if we can have vacation during identical time! Today during the lunchtime I have visited cafe together with the colleague.
We ate, and talked. A name of mine of colleague Kira. She has told to me that has noticed change in me recently. I began to smile more.
Also my colleague has told that recently I look very happy... I did not expect to hear about it.
Greg, I have told nothing to my colleague about our dialogue. But I have reflected and have understood that really my life has changed after the beginning of our dialogue. When I read your letters, I plunge into other World. I try to present that we nearby and talk. Please, do not laugh over me...
I trust you and consequently I tell to you about it.
My kisses for you...
Letter 2
Hi hi Greg,
Thoughts on you bring to me good mood.
When I cannot see your letters, I think of us with you, and I have a good mood. I have just read your letter...
Greg, ours with you the friendship very much is pleasant to me. Earlier I to you had a feeling of curiosity.
Now I had a feeling of sympathy to you. I wait your letters, like the child who waits a gift for Christmas. Your letters became the most important part in my life. Very much for a long time I had no feeling of interest which is in my heart now. I have to you an interest to you as I like our dialogue, you the handsome man and I are glad that we have a desire to learn each other. I go to bed and I think of us with you.
Earlier I did not represent that can arise at dialogue in an e-mail a great interest to each other. Now we are convinced of it. Greg, WRITE ME THE QUESTION AGAIN, I UNFORTUNATELY HAVE NOT UNDERSTOOD IT.
Greg, what you feel? I sincere with you, also say to you only that I feel. From the very beginning of our dialogue we have agreed about sincerity, and I trust you now. I have a sensation that we are familiar with you throughout the whole life. I do not have any secrets from you.
Always I try to answer your questions. Please, repeat the questions for me when I forget to answer your questions. OK?
Darling Greg, today I want to ask you some questions. If you do not want to answer me, I will understand you. You write letters to other girls?
You, the unique man to whom I write the letters. Tell to me please as you consider your future? What do you want in the future and whether you that I was a part of your future want? You can travel to Russia? I have a passport which allows me to travel all over the world.
In letters it is difficult to speak about interest to each other. I want to look in your eyes, and to listen to you. The sight, can transfer much more words. You agree with me? Our meeting will help us to learn each other. Yes, I already seriously think of our meeting as to me I am lonely also I want to learn better you. Please, do not forget to answer my questions. I very much appreciate ours with you dialogue.
Greg, I am afraid to check up mail in any day and not to see your letter. Please, do not leave me without your letters.
With each new letter you to me become more interesting also I is glad that have got acquainted with you.
My mum promised that will come to me on a visit, she together with me wants to visit some clothing stores.
You not against if I will tell to my mum about our dialogue? I send you some photos.
I hope my photos to you will be pleasant. Do not forget as to send the photos, it will be pleasant to me to see your photos.
I wait your new letter.
Kisses... Mariya.
Letter 3
Hey hey Greg,
I have made for you new photos, I will send to you together with my letter.
Tomorrow I will send you video, I hope to you my video will be pleasant. Recently I like to be in loneliness and to think of us with you.
I would like, that the distance between us has appeared in a flash and we were together and could speak with the friend the friend.
I am grateful to God and the Internet that we have got acquainted with you. I very much like to learn you, and you the interesting person, are pleasant to me our dialogue. Greg, my mum was at me on a visit. On the way home, I have bought a pie. We with mum drank tea and ate a pie before a dream. We with mum very good girlfriends. I have told to mum that I have a friend the foreigner. Yes, Greg, I have told to my mum about you. Mum very much was surprised. I have told to mum that we have got acquainted on the Internet and already we communicate a lot of time. Mum has approved ours with you dialogue though she has told that I should be careful. My mum the wise woman, and it to aspire to warn me against that I had a warm trauma. I have told to mum that you the good person and probably soon we will have a meeting.
Mum has invited me to a supper today. Yes, tonight, I will arrive to the house of my parents and I will tell more in detail about ours with you acquaintance to my parents. I consider as the debt to consult on parents, they close people for me, and they always will help correct council.
It is difficult to me to assume, as my father will react that I have a friend the Foreigner. Mum promised that we together will tell to the father.
My mum has told Greetings for you! Greg, thanks that you answer my questions. Excuse that not always I understand your questions the matter is that I not to understand sometimes a course of your thoughts, ask again in more details if I have not answered you.
In the last letter, I have told to you about that that I like to study you. You trust me? My full name: Mariya Zahodyaeva.
Please, tell to me your full name? You think of our meeting seriously? I very much want, that ours with you vacation was together as I did not plan that I will do on vacation. I hope that next days, the director will tell exact day of my vacation that we could agree about a meeting. Even, if you is occupied any part of day, I do not want to refuse travel to your country.
I promise that I will be patient, and I will wait ours with you I will meet every day which I will spend in your country.
I very much would not like to finish the letter to you now... It seems To me that I can write to you infinite letters.
Please, write me the letter faster...
Sincerely, Mariya.
Letter 4

Hey Greg,
Thanks for your new letter. Last night I have caught myself on thought that I miss you...
I could not write to you at once as there were problems with the Internet. I have made for you video, I hope that will be pleasant to you, I will send together with my letter. My vacation tomorrow begins!!! These are good news to us with you! I am very glad! You are glad the nobility about it? Now it is necessary for me to finish some affairs on work, and tomorrow I can already be on vacation.
Greg, I now think of travelling to your country on vacation. I dream to visit for a long time your country. Now my desire has grown, because I had a friend. My friend, it you! During ours with you of dialogue, we became good friends, and I have a big desire to meet you.
You want to meet me? I never was in your country. You could meet me? By the way, you can tell to me your address of the house? I absolutely know nobody in your country, except you. Though you could meet me at the airport. I will be glad to spend all time with you. Time which we will spend together will help us to learn each other. Certainly I understand that you have a private life. I understand that you should work or meet friends.
I do not want to be a burden for you, and is ready to wait patiently ours with you I will meet every day. Between us much in common.
During our dialogue my life has changed. I do not have feeling of loneliness now. Greg, it is assured that when we will meet, ours with you interests will be even stronger. I sincere with you, and you do not learn anything new about me when we will meet.
I think that the nearest international airport from my city, is in Moscow. Near to your house there is an international airport?
I could arrive to what airport for our meeting? I said to you that I have a passport which allows me to travel in the whole World.
I think that I will need to make out the visa to travel. Today I will be released from work earlier and I will visit travel agency in our city to learn more in detail about travel to your country. I promise that I will inform you any news which at me will be.
It is pleasant to me to know that it were pleasant to you to a photo from my everyday life. I have made these photos specially for you.
I wait your letter tomorrow. I hope that today I can already give you any information on my travel.
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