Scam letter(s) from Anna Selukova to Peter (UK)

Letter 1
Hi my love Peter, how are you today?First of all I want to congratulate you on Easter hope you have a good weekend. My love first and foremost, I want to thank you for your help. Today I was able to get your money and just went to travel agency and paid money to them.
In the travel agency told me that I should come next Thursday and I reported the date of my departure for you and now I will apply for the visa. I am happy that soon we will be able to meet you. My heart does not cease to fight tirelessly for the excitation as I always think of you. Soon I will be in your arms and I'm happy to do so. Soon the day will come when I can be in your arms. I'm slowly starting to gather their belongings. I hope that you will be glad to see my letter. I love you and think of you constantly. I hope that you will be glad to see my letter and write me an answer soon. Your forever Janny
Letter 2
Hello my darling. Today after work I was in travel agency again. I informed the agent the information about a place of arrival. When he counted full cost of all travel it will cost 750 pounds. including flight tickets, insurance, visa, road in airport and some necessary road charges. I don't want you to get upset or be sad. All that I have now it's 250 pounds. I already paid it, the second part of sum necessary to pay during a week. It's about 500 pounds. My dear, it confuses me very much but I'm compelled to address to you for help. I have got used to think about myself that I'm rather independent woman and always I solve problems myself. I love being independent but I feel so helpless not being able to get to you. I travelled before, but earlier it was cheaper. I'm happy, that I have you my honey. And I feel that you're a honest and loving person some one that I really want to know and have a long relationship with. Before I could hope only for myself but important have of a strong partner who has total love and commitment to the person he or she loves so much. and I feel that you're that honest and loving person some one that I really want to know and have a long relationship with. I know money is a problem for both of us. But I hope it wont keep us apart for too long. We will find a way to be together,I hope you wont this as much as me. I'll spend all day waiting for your message. I will be making enquires in the next pair days so I will have more news for you this week. I do hope you are having a nice day and that the weather is nice. Let me know how things are with you and your own thoughts which are very important to me. I send this letter with a nice big hug and tender kiss. Have a lovely evening. Janny
Letter 3
Hello my love Peter. I do not know how to begin my letter. Start all of order. I told you that one of these days I had to go again to travel agency to see how everything goes. This afternoon I went to a travel agency to know how progress my design documents. The agent has told to me that my insurance is ready and that a few days I will draw my visa and it will be at the embassy of UK in Moscow. I will get a visa there. Now I want to inform about the most important news which I have known only now. I have known that there is a low among all countries which are not included in Shengem contract. Every citizen of Russia who arrives to UK with a tourist visa should have a certain amount of money to the government of that country could know the fact that this person will be able to provide himself. It is a subsistence.
It is connected with that there are many people who came to country without money, and when the money ran out from them they became criminals to get money. That's why the government has introduced such law. The sum depends on the type of visa and how many months visa's for. Subsistence minimum of UK is 800 pounds a month, and as my visa is for three months I need 2400 pounds. If even I will stay less than 3 months it is not affected. I have a tourist visa and I really should be in possession of this money. I need to show it to Customs when I will fly out to you and upon arrival. My dear I am very angry with my agent because He did not tell me about it before. I think that he was to warn me in advance so to I could know it. I was really so outraged that I was told about it only in the last moment. My sweetheart Peter please forgive me that I was not able to warn you but I did not know these things. I do not know what to do. I have nowhere to take a sum of money and more than this short time because I should come to you through week. I ask you to help me because we both very want to be together and now when it's a few time before the day of our meeting we are having this problem. I do hope that you will be able to help me and we will be together. I need this sum only to show at customs inspection and when we'll meet I will give you back all money. For it you need not worry. I was honest with you all time and I want to do everything for us, I will not be happy alone, I'll never be happy without you my love .. I can not even think now that after we agreed for a meeting it can be fall. I am so afraid because of this problem...that... I can not be with a man whom I love very much. I do not want another big trouble with relationships to happen in my life.
In the past I had suffered a lot but it was not my fault. Now I found a man whom I love more than life, with whom I want to share each moment of my life, and I wish us to be together, I want to come to you. I do not know what you will say to me in your next letter my dear Peter.. Please write me your answer. My darling Peter I am very afraid that you will not able to help me. I swear that if you will help me then I will give you these money as soon as arriving to you. My sweet I think this sum is too large for you but still I do not even know whether you have the possibility to help me but I sure hope so. My love after these news my mood have worsened, now in my eyes there is a lot of tears. I just can not wait when I will finally able to see you, but now this dream seems a bit unreal because I have not such big money. And I'm afraid that you will not be able to help me. Peter I hope for you very much. Please accept my apologies once again ... My eyes can not see because of tears and I must stop here .. I hope that you are not offended me. I want you to remember always that somewhere thousands of miles away from your house there is a girl who have to you warm feelings and big pure love and wants to be with you together.
I will be waiting for your letter .. With love yours forever Janny
Letter 4

Hi my love Peter, how are you today? I'm glad to see your letters. I'm having problems with my computer so I could write you a letter in the last days. My love every day I think about you and dreaming about how to May 4 we were able to finally meet you. I understand your reluctance to send me ? 2400 as it is a lot of money, and that in order to make you need to be a lot of work. My love but I want you to be able to understand me, I spoke with someone from the embassy and he told me that I am a young girl and that I have no resources and no money in my bank account and therefore will not let me if I would like at least 2400 pounds. For me it's a lot of money and if you need a year to amass the same amount again, then I need something like a minimum of 5 years to accumulate that kind of money. I understand you my love but I want to tell you about that as soon as we meet with you, I'll give you the money back and they will be safe and sound. If you send me money I'll put them on credit cards and as soon as I can be in your arms, we just go together with you to the ATM and I'll get the money out and give them to you on your hands. I'll make a copy of your passport as soon as possible and send to you. I have nothing to hide from you my love. I want you to be able to answer myself about how can you trust me or not? But before you answer this question, I want you to be listened to your heart. I do not want to now because of this, our meeting with you did not take place when up so that we can meet you there are very few. I think about you all the time, my dear Peter.
With love yours forever Janny.
Letter 5
Hi my love Peter. I'm glad to see your letter my love and your text on my phone. I'll try to call you again tomorrow and will be glad to hear your voice, my love. I hope that soon you'll be able to make the right choice and let me know your decision. I do not want to deceive you, and I've never played over your senses. My dream is to be with you together. are you saying that you do not know about those pictures that I send to you may not be mine? To prove it to you tomorrow I'll send you a photo where I hold a piece of paper with your name so you can make sure that I'm real. I am also sending you this letter a copy of my passport. Everything is written in Russian but I hope that this will give you my belief in authenticity. I want to be with you my love and I hope that soon all of our dreams with you will become a reality.
I hope that you will be glad to see my letter and write me an answer soon. With love yours forever Janny
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