Letter(s) from Janet Jones to Dean (Canada)

Letter 1

This is the online service of the Adac Cargo Security and goods delivery service Shd,BHd.
Malaysia, We have examine your request and here we bring you details of Miss Susan, Late Mr Thomas had in our record a box of four Million united states dollars, this is a legal way of keeping money for people who didnt really trust bank because of stock market rise and fall.

Moreover this said amount is with us here, our company has the right to access your personal informations as the husband of Miss Susan, you have to send to us the following:
Copy of your I'd
Phone number
House address
and if possible a document binding you and miss Susan together, then we can proceed forward to shipping the box to you, in a copy of her dad's will, this box can only be handed over to her husband,you don't need to be afraid of anything this is no money laundering, it's a legal process we follow, once you are ready to assist your wife, send the a mail to us with your personal information has asked above.

Ahmed Ashrin

Letter 2

Dear Mr,
Thanks so much for your contact details, we secure your information, it's safe with us so you have nothing to worry about, we have receieved all date involve from Miss Susan, we only need need your SSN to check with the Emmbassy for crime free citizen so we have contacted your country Mission in Kuala Lumpur and the news is good.

If i understand you very well, you want the boxes to be shipped to you?,
Miss Susan Father has paid for the keeping of this goods with us, so you dont have to pay anything again about the security, all we need to do is as follows:

Customs Declarations, we need to pay a fee of 6500$to malaysia Customs for the box declarations, we are putting the goods under Jeweries and Diamonds(With Insurance, the pascode to the box is only known to miss Susan, so no one will open it along the depatch process )

Shipping fee, this fee is what goes along with the taxes and everything, our office has the right to deliver any goods within 3-4days at your door step any where in the world, No agent needed to clear, no fear, all you need is to track and trace your goods online.

Send an acknowlegdement Response to our office immidiately if you receieve this meassage, while we continue with processing your documents and data, we await the authorizations with a payment of 6500$ for declarations as soon as possible then we can proceed to shipment.

Ahmed Ashrin
For Adac Cargo
91 Angerrik Mokara, Seksyen 32.,
Kota Kemuning,
Shah Alam, SE, Malaysia.
Telephone: +6-017-617-7159
Email: contact@adaccargo.com

Letter 3

Thanks so much for the enquiries, once we have received the amount of 6500$ soon we will send a copy of the document for the declarations certificate which you must keep with you,about the shipping we will calculate all nett grams with the customs daily nett stock, so it's very hard to give a upfront price when the boxes are yet to be weighed anc declare to the customs.

So, if you really wanna help this office, the best is to make everything fast as you can and within a day after then we will supply you with the details of the shipping breakdown.
Adac Cargo Headquarters:
91 Angerrik Mokara, Seksyen 32.,
Kota Kemuning,
Shah Alam, SE, Malaysia.
Telephone: +6-017-617-7159
Email: contact@adaccargo.com

Letter 4

You can make a bank wire transfer to us via:

Account number:14300002704207

Name:Krishnan Nadesan

swift code:cibbmykl

Address: sentuk raya,boulevard 11/48A

kuala lumpur malaysia

Make sure its a speed transfer so that we can receive the money in a day or two here, once transfer is done send to us a copy of the comfirmation paper, then we can process your details and give you the neccessary documents..

The amount you will wire is 6500usd.

Thanks for your co-operations.

Letter 5

Thanks for the co-operation, we need a copy of the prove for payment before we can start the processing, normally your bank will give you a copy of document to make sure that it's done, once it's has been subtracted from your account, we only need to wait one or two working days, since it's speed then we will surely get it.
So scann a copy of the prove of transfer to us and let's keep working in your request.

Ahmed Ashrin

Letter 6

Hello Mylove
Happy sunday
Honey i just come back from the lagoon its was FUN...how i wish you are here with me...i see alot of couple there...Honey kindly get back to me as soon as you get my messege...You are in my thought..
Yours baby

Letter 7

Dear Dean,

I am mailing you as regards the check which I issued to Susan Thomas as the benefit from partnership business I had with her late father.
Have been a busy business man and I hardly have time to do this, but I have to clear up the issue she said she had with you that is why am mailing you. She showed you the checks I issued her for the payments I made to her and both check carries the same leaflet number. There is no issue about this at all, and they are both valid.

I am using a special check which I requested from the bank, and all my leaflets carry the same number. Reason for this is that I have been hacked several times through forging of my signature and check by spammers and making withdrawals without my authentication. So I discussed with my bank to make me a special check booklet which will carry a specific leaflet number which is know and personal to me. I give out checks based on this number and anyother leaflet number asides this will not be recognised as the real check by the bank. Also I have to issue anybody that wants to withdraw from my account a back-up letter which has to be duly signed by me before the bank can make the payment. Susan should have a copy of this with her.

So, my checks are valid carry the same check number which is unique and personal to me. I hope this clears the fumes in your heart and gives you a clearer picture of why both cheques carry the same digits but issued out on different dates.

Have a great weekend