Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Roderick (Scotland)

Letter 1
Hello. To begin I want to say the main thing. I'm looking for a serious relationship. I have no time for games. If you need a serious relationship, then we can get to know each other better.
I will delete my profile. This is my last attempt. Regards.
Letter 2
Hi Rod! Thank you wrote it. I hope you have time for our communication and we can get to know each other better. I live in Russia, in Uva. City, located in the day train ride from Moscow. I hope it will not be a problem for our communication. I think travel not a problem these days. So that we can choose a convenient meeting place for both of us always . I'm not worried about what the acquaintance of a person from another country. It's very interesting! Different culture, traditions, different views on different things. I love new places! Rod, also you can to learn more about Russian woman. I hope you're not scared and we can go:) I am 38 year old. My name is Ekaterina. I've never been married and live with my mother now. I work as a pediatrician. I enjoy my job. I like helping people. I like to feel relevant. When I was in school I liked subjects like chemistry, biology. So I decided to become a doctor. So after school I decided to study in the medical academy. And now I am a pediatrician. This is very exciting! I have many friends and we love to spend free time together. We usually go to cafes, cinemas, concerts and many other attractions. Also I prefer healthy way of life. I go to the fitness center three times a week and keep my body in shape. I send you my photo. I hope you like it. Write me about your work, hobbies, friends .. I want to see some of your photos. I hope we will have time to write interesting letters to each other. I'll wait for your reply.
Your friend, Ekaterina.
Letter 3
Hello my love Rod! I am glad to your letter. I'm all good. I'm sorry, but today I did not have time to go to a travel agency. I'll try to go tomorrow. I really want to meet with you as soon as possible. But I'm a bit worried and afraid. Is my first time. Understand me correctly. I should be confident in you. I have something to tell you. I must share with you. My father drank a lot a few years. And that is why he now no with us. I am a little ashamed. But it's true. Sorry, but I need to know your attitude to alcohol. Do you often drink? Be honest with me. I do not want that my husband to drink. I do not want to repeat the mistake my mom. I seen the suffering my mother. I am very sorry for her. But I can not fix it. He was my father. And I love them both. I just want a strong and healthy family without alcohol and drugs. To our house was cozy and happy. Do not be angry at me. If you love me, then you will understand everything correctly. Tell me honestly, Rod.
I really want to sleep.
Very much miss.
My tender kisses!
Your Ekaterina.
Letter 4

Hi my love Rod!!!
I am very happy to accept your letter today, and it complements my good mood right now. After I was poisoned by a letter for you, I could not sleep because I was very ashamed of my father in front of you. I thought I made a big mistake when I wrote to you about it. Every time I write you a letter, I try to carefully choose each word, so you can understand me correctly. Of course, I do not mind if the output or the company and a couple of drinks to have a good mood. For example, wine in small doses, it is even good for your health and such, I feel better mood. But the more I'll be glad to gently hug and kiss you at the airport that all the people saw how much I love you, Rod!!!!!!! Each day passes with my thoughts about you and only you. Normal routine, but I'm very happy in his heart, because my life was the man I love! I love more than anything else! Person with whom I want to create a family! I do not remember a past life, I think I started to live only once appeared in my life you are! Everything else was meaningless. You are only one type I need, and if you decide to leave me, you know - you'll always be in my heart only love I opened my heart ... Today during lunch I was talking about you my friend ... She is very happy for me and wished us luck. We have agreed with her that tomorrow will go along with a travel agency so she could support me. I am a little worried because this is the biggest my journey to you. Dear Rod, I would like to ask you if the fare is too high - can you help me with some part of it? My family can not be called rich, and I can not break my mother's finances because he pays the mortgage. I hope that the money for our meeting will not be a problem for you? But if your financial situation is difficult right now, I myself just try to solve any problem because the purpose of my life - YOU! And without you I can not! I hope that our meeting will be the most wonderful and exciting event in my and your life. I'll try to do everything possible for this! I want to be with you, I can not live without you. When it is - our meeting is the happiest day of my life! This will be the biggest reward for me for all my expectations of you, for our patience at this time. I hope that you share these feelings with me. I believe that someday. I live with it the hopes for a bright future with each passing day. Sometimes it just keeps me in this world - you are my love, I waited for many years. I think that it lasted an eternity, and eternity of this millennium. Maybe it sounds silly, but true. I do not want to wait for our meeting lasted for long, as it is very difficult to expect a meeting with someone you love, knowing that he is far away, and only a measly miles separate us from you. I love you and will wait for your next letter with good news.
My most gentle kisses for you Rod.
Your Ekaterina!!!
Letter 5
Hello my love Rod! I'm glad to get your letter and thank you for your understanding. You're one of those people like my mom and my best friend who understands me. Thank you willing to help me because today after work I went to a travel agency and talked about my possible trip to you. Travel manager said that I must sign a contract and they can help get a visa without any problems. And I do not even need to go to Moscow for an interview. I was very glad to hear it. But the cost of these services is 620 pounds. This includes all expenses, except tickets. Manager showed me a flight to your country. Tickets 250 - 300 pounds, but tickets can be bought after I will be prepared all the documents. That is my whole trip turns out 870 pounds. And what about the cost, I feel uncomfortable, because I need your help Rod. I always thought that I was an independent woman, who can solve any problem. But in this situation, I asked help from my mom and now I'm asking help from you. I need about 400 pounds. Hopefully it will not be a problem for you. I have not yet signed the contract. I'll wait for your answer. I think we need this meeting! Our feelings, our thoughts and understanding of each other .... all the demands of our meeting. Imagine how it would be great this time! I think you and I deserve to be happy. Rod, Life will always be difficulties. But we live only once. I'll wait for your letter. I hope that will soon be able to be with you. Kisses! And I think about you!
Your Ekaterina!
Letter 6
Hi, my favorite Rod! I am very glad to receive your letters. But we do not move dalshe.Prichina money. It is sad to me to talk about it, but now it is an obstacle to our meeting, Rod! If you really want me to continue the paperwork, I would ask you to tell me when you send money. It is unfortunate for me to talk to you about money. But this is the only barrier to our meeting right now! Can you help me? For me, it's very sad because I love you. But I must tell you it all! You are my destiny, my happiness is you. And I can not live without you, Ekaterina!
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