Scam letter(s) from Elena Vorona to Ed (Canada)

Letter 1
Greetings! How are you? My name Milyausha.
I am 28 years. I am a single woman. I live in Rus, in Elabuga.
I have higher education. I have no children. My height 170 cm.
I want to find someone with whom we understand each other, and share opinions.
I want to meet a man who is honest, who will be my good friend and even more so.
I'm not going to play games. I want a serious man, who also will not play with me.
You can write to me at my email:
I will wait your letter with best wishes, Milyausha.
Letter 2
As you probably already knew, wrote to you???. I am very glad to receive your letter.
I apologize for the delay in my response, but I think it's the last time.
I'm really happy that you wrote to me!
Also, I hope that my email was a big surprise for you as well as for me!
Is this true?
I want to tell you why I decided to use the internet! The fact that my girlfriend Elena, found a future husband through the Internet! Her husband's name - Harry, and she moved in with him to live in Australia!
Elena and Harry are very happy together! I see and I know how much they are happy, and I'm very happy for them!
You now probably have a question: Why did not I found a Russian man?
I will be very serious and frank, and I will answer you that I had a friend from Russia from my City and I loved him very much!
But he found another girl for herself! I also know that he very much liked to drink alcohol, how many people in Russia, maybe you know about this?! I do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes!
I just do not have any bad habits! I also want to carry it to my friend Elena!
It also has no bad habits, and the people of Europe, and Australia very much appreciate it in women, as well as their own!
You respect women? Elena has chosen his friend Harry from Australia, as it is able to speak and write in English, and I also know how to speak it and write in English, and I also like her, decided to find a man from abroad, and when I saw your profile, then immediately decided to write to you.
So, I really want to tell you more about yourself! I - 28 years.
I was born on April 7, 1983 :) What is your birthday?
By nationality I am Russian girl. My religion - Christianity. I believe in God Jesus.
I have never been married and I have no children. I - a sensitive, kind, thoughtful. Here are a few definitions who can tell me my family and friends - kind, funny, clever and intelligent, purposeful, sociable. Now I want to tell you about the city where I live! :) The name of my city - Elabuga.
Elabuga is 800 kilometers from our Russian Capital - Moscow.
Elabuga - one of the most beautiful cities of Russia. And I very much love my beautiful city!
In our city there are many beautiful streets and attractions. You probably know, that we have here in Russia is often cold, and our weather often causes people to dress in warm clothes!?
Tell us about your weather! My favorite season of the year - summer! When the sun is very bright and I can hear the birds singing!
It's very romantic! Do you like summer? :) Also, I really want to tell you about my education.
I studied at the Medical University. I graduated from university in 2005, it was in university, I learned a good anlgiysky language and I can speak English without any problems! But I think I will still make mistakes! =)
And if we analyze these errors together, I can speak English even better!
I hope that you will not refuse my help?? :) So forgive me in advance if I make mistakes!!
You forgive me? :)
I also want to say that after the completion of university, I poluchila Diploma specialty "Medical Biochemistry".
But unfortunately I was unable to continue his career Medina, because here in Russia, as in many other countries, it is very difficult to find a good job of my specialty.
And now I am working as a waitress in a bar, though I'm a doctor by training ... I really like to work in our bar, and our visitors - very good people. I also want to tell you that I have access to the Internet!
The computer, which is located in the cabinet of our boss of our bar. The fact that I do not have a computer in my house and I'm forced to use a computer of my boss.
I wrote so much! I never thought that I could tell you so much and write!
I finish my e-mail to you. I'll be grateful if you also tell us about yourself!
I would like you to tell me about your family, it is really big is your family?
O my friend, I forgot to tell you that my weight is 54 kg and my height - 172 centimeters!
Also send me your weight, height, tell us about your city where you live, I've never been in other countries!
And I'll be very glad to know your country anymore!
I hope to see your answer soon! I add my photo, and I hope that you find her attractive! :)
I hope very soon to see your answer!!
Your new Russian friend, Milyausha.
Letter 3
Hello my friend!
I am glad to receive your answer again! This is very interesting for me to read your messages thanks to them we learn more about each other! And I am more and more I hear about you.
My friend, you probably want to know about the nature and purpose of our correspondence??
I want to tell you that I decided to get acquainted through the Internet thanks to my friend Elena, which a year ago he met a foreigner Harry Wilson, as I have already told you about earlier.
Perhaps in the future we'll be together, I want you to know for me, marriage is very important! And for me it is very important!
For you, it is also important? I want that if we think about it, we must approach this rationally and wisely!
Because marriage is so much more! Do you agree with me?
I hope you will agree with me, and this fact is also important for you. Please tell me about it, okay?
But I think we need to know more about each other!
My very dear friend, I wanted to tell you about my family. I have a big family!
My family consists of many people - my mother Klara, my daddy Pavel.
I also have two sisters. It's - Marina and Mariya. My sister Marina - 21 years.
But Mariya - a younger sister and her 10 years! By profession, my mother - a clerk in a store, and my dad is an engineer in a shoe factory.
My sister Marina - a university student, she is studying for a lawyer, and Mariya - schoolgirl.
Our family lives without scandals and conflicts, we have a very good relationship and understanding of each other in our family!
Our parents gave us a good education. I am very pleased and proud of my parents!
I also want to tell you that I live with my family in one apartment.
And I think that parents need to know about my dating! And of course I told them all about you!
I told them that you're a good man, and they really responded positively to our knowledge with you!
I have a happy family, parents like me, want me to find a decent man and was happy with it!
I also told you that I am working as a waitress in a bar in Elabuga. This is - a beautiful and comfortable bar.
My working hours from 10:00 to 22:00.
I am very interested to learn more about your work and what you do in your spare time?
During my free time with my friends we go out for a walk into town, we like to sit together in the cafe.
I love my girlfriend very much, especially my best girlfriend Elena. It is like a sister to me! Elena, I worked as a waitress at the bar. I also want to tell you that Elena and Harry live in Elabuga now.
Elena visited Harry in Australia, she went there in order to understand exactly whether they like each other!
And I remember very well, as Elena was happy at that time. They lived together as much as 2 months in Australia.
And then they drove us here in Russia! Elena said Harry, which is very bored at his home and parents!
And that very much wants to introduce his birthplace and parents! They are very happy together, they love each other very much, and I envy Elena and Harry! :) And of course in his spare time we meet and walk together!
And it is very fun! We are very good friends! I've already told you
I regret that I have never been in other countries! All the time I'm just at home and in your city! :)
I need to finish my email to you, I hope that we will continue to correspond with each other, and you tell me a lot more about yourself! I'll try to tell me as much as possible in future e-mails!
I hope you understand my questions and answer them. I want to know more about your country, please tell me about your family, your friends. "HI" to you from my family, my friends and from Elena and Harry as well. I hope to see your reply soon. Until ... YOUR RUSSIAN FRIEND
Letter 4

How are you? My business is fine! :) Thanks for your response to my last email!
I think it's very wonderful that we write to each other, because from our messages we learn about each other more and more!
I am very interested in our correspondence, it is very interesting to know you, your life and your country!
I read your letter with great pleasure! Well, I hope it would be interesting to let you know about my hobbies I like to listen to Russian and foreign music.
From Russian musical executors I like to listen to songs from the following groups: 'Zemfira', 'Splin', 'Ariya', 'BI 2'.
Have you heard about this musical groups? From the foreign executors I like to listen 'Bon Jovi', 'U2', 'Cranberries','Scorpions', 'Elton John', and so on ...
Generally, I like to listen good and modern music, what music do you like?
I would be interested to know about it. Please tell me, okay?
Of the movies I like to watch comedies, fantastic films, romanticism and so on ...
But a huge impression I have from movie 'Lord of the Rings', 'Harry Potter'.
I hope that you have seen these movies? But the impression was very special to me after the movie 'The Patriot' the main actor - Mel Gibson, which describes the war between England and America.
The film vividly shows the patriotism and love for the motherland! This is a very important quality which should have all the people in the world! Really? I hope you watched this movie also and that you have had an excellent experience of watching this film.
In my opinion, Mel Gibson played a role as a very talented actor! I enjoyed watching the film 'Trade' it is very sensual and instructive film for all youth. Also I liked the film 'Me, Myself and Irene' with the comic actor Jim Carrey :)
I hope you watched this funny movie :) From fiction I liked film 'Planet of the Apes' this is a very interesting movie in my opinion. I also want to tell you that I love to read books especially the literature of Russian writers: Tolstoy, Chehov, Pushkin, and so on.
But I was in great awe of reading a book by Stephen King 'Dark Tower', in my opinion, this is a very interesting book,where the main hero Roland purposeful man, he goes to the dark tower and I like the quality of Roland's - commitment! I consider these important qualities in any man.I hope that you agree with me? About the food ... Well, my favorite foods: fried potatoes, various types of soups, Also I like meat, and I do not want to hide it from you :) I really like fish and chicken, you like chicken? It's very tasty! I also like pizza. Especially the pizza with cheese. I love fruits and vegetables, especially lemons, apples, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers and so on, there is a lot of vitamins. Do you like to cook?
I cook very well, my family and friends are very fond of my dishes :)
I also wanted to tell you about my favorite form of sports, I like sports very much, you love sports?
In the winter I like skiing. I also like to play volleyball. But most of all I like aerobics,we are with my friend Elena, in his spare time visiting the aerobics classes, I believe,that this kind of sport helps to support my body in good shape. I also wanted to tell you I like to dance different dances! Have you ever danced with a girl? :) It's so attractive and beautiful!I am sure that you want to dance with me! :) It would be great! Perhaps in the future, we will be able to dance with you, it would be cool!Get a hobby! I like to collect various beautiful female magazines, the style of women's lives ... For a small period of time, I have a large collection of different magazines.
Simply, I like to read the best magazines.
I would like to tell you about my dreams. I have a dream to drive a car in the future, it would be very cool and interesting.
But I want to say that our family has no car, and for us it is very expensive, but our father said that probably within a year we will allow our family to buy a car, and maybe I'll learn to drive a car :) Or maybe you'll teach me in the future!? :)
Incidentally, my parents and friends ask about you :) Especially my parents, I told my parents,that you are a decent and good man, my parents are very pleased to meet you on the Internet and our relations.
My parents wish us good relations in the future, and perhaps in the future we will be together in your country and I am sure that we will be a magnificent pair :) I would love to live abroad, but with a man whom I trust, with a man who will not betray me! Do you understand?
But remember! We must know each other as much as possible, and more! It is very important to me!
As I told you earlier, we need to know more about each of our emails.
Dear! I also want to tell you that I would like to speak to you on the phone and hope it's a good idea! I want to hear your voice, and I hope that you will want to hear my voice too!But unfortunately, I have no phone in our apartment, because a year ago we moved to a new home and it is not equipped with a telephone line. but it will be possible soon, maybe in a few months we will have a phone.
Also, I want to tell you that I asked my director about using the phone in the bar,
But my director told me that the phone needs a bar solely for the purpose that it served the needs of the customers!
director told me that the bar staff can not use the phone the bar for our individual goals. I was not much hurt: (
I'll take a cell from somebody of my friends, if I have such an opportunity. At this time, I do not have your personal cell phone.
He broke down and I passed it in for repair. His long repair because there was broken some sort of a rare spare ...
This is - a difficult situation with the phone. From this, I thought, and concluded, and I'll call you from Elabuga Telegraph City, this is the best option!
My dear, you can give me your phone number and I can call you from the Telegraph Cities please give me your phone number, right?
I have a great desire to hear your voice and I hope that you will want to hear my voice as well.
Please send me your phone number in your next e-mail, right?? Please do not forget it!
I can not believe I wrote you such a great e-mail.
I hope that you will be interested to read it and know more about me! I would be grateful to you,
If you write to me in your next e-mail about your hobbies, hobby, and what kind of music do you prefer? What kind of movies? What is your favorite color?? My favorite color is blue, it calms me.Well, let me to finish my post.Incidentally, my parents, my sisters and my friends ask me to said again you very much 'HI' from them!
I'll wait for your next email! Please contact me as soon as possible! Good? PS: I still want to add that I'll call you later. If I call you with the Telegraph Cities get it in about 2 weeks!! I have to be extra money for our conversation.
I will soon give my salary, and as soon as I get money I'll call you soon!
Or maybe my cell phone will be repaired quickly, then I can hear your voice sooner than 2 weeks :) Your dear friend!
Letter 5
Hi, my very dear friend!
I am so happy to receive your answer again and again! My day was very good, I saw your words on the computer. Unfortunately today, I had a bad experience with a bad client in our bar.
He drank a lot of ***** and all the time prevented me from working. He kept nars hug me and told me insulting words. In the end, our security and the police chased him from the bar and my mood was awfully bad. It was only when I saw your post, only then my mood became much better! Please Do not worry about this difficult case with a bad client, ok? Now everything is in order!
My dear, I see that we are interested in each other more and more, and I think it is very good for us, because I have a very good and a good friend like you.
I am very much interested in you, my life became much better than it was prior acquaintance with you!
You - a very good friend, you can understand me, and it is - a very important thing in life. I see that you trust me because I do trust you, and I think this is a very important part of our friendship!
I hope you understand me. I want to tell you that I believe in God, I am - a Christian woman, as I told you earlier.
I like going to church, not far from our bar. Our Church - a very beautiful place.
In this church the priests sing beautiful songs and I like it a lot. It's very soothing my soul, especially when I have a bad mood. And I want to tell you that your letters comfort me, I can feel it.
Some of my colleagues at work know that I correspond with you. They told me, it is very good and they are glad for me! My dear friend, I also want to ask your full name and your home address to any contingency.
Please send me this information, okey? I wanted to send you my home address.
My director said that his computer is probably not going to work soon, so it is likely that we can not communicate with each other! But I think that God willn't allow it because he knows we like to write to each other our e-mails as I feel it.
I can send you a postcard by mail. But you should know that it would be better willn't if you send me a message or other posylki.Ya want to tell you that this is a great shame for Russia The fact is that our postal services are very often engaged in theft of parcels and letters from various other countries!
I'm ashamed to say this, but it is very often! These are real facts, I was told that my girlfriend. I hope that your country all is well with the post. Please do not send me mail, I do not want to have your parcel has been stolen!
But I'll give you my home address and my full name: Here are my data:
Name: Milyausha
Name: Rahmankulova
My home address:
Russian Federation,
City Elabuga, 423,600
Ibragimova 57-82 Please write this information on paper in any case, right?
I want to hear your voice, it is very important for me to hear your voice.
At this point I will finish my e-mail to you. Please answer me as soon as possible! , TOFNAME. 'HELLO' TO YOU FROM MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS! Sincerely, Your dear friend,
Letter 6
I got your answer and was very happy to see your words again!
I want to tell you that your messages became an important part for me, Your letters help me very much and thanks to them I am always in a good mood.
When I receive your warm messages, I forget about bad mood at once, on my face right there is a smile and a warm thanks to your letters.
Now I just can not live without your messages. You can see that I am writing to you, and tell about themselves, and we all learn more and more information about each other. I think it's very important to us!
Today the street is cool and very strong winds, and this Fall (! I mean, I like summer very much! I love summer because in this season I have a vacation from my job in early August, and it is very good.
I like to spend my vacation with my family and my friends. Basically, in vacation I like to go hiking in the woods which is located around Elabuga. I hope you know that our Russian woods are very beautiful.
There are pine trees and beautiful Russian birch trees in our forests.
Also nearby is the river and this place is very romantic!
We are with my family, my dad, my mom and my sisters pack backpacks, we take a large tent take the necessary food, and together with my family go camping.
I like it very much. Especially, I like to be near the river, my dad likes to fish, but I'm not a fisherman :) As soon as I tried to catch fish I once caught a small carp :) I was so surprised by this, and what about you and fishing?
Do you like fish? :) Also, food is cooked outdoors, better than the food in the house!
It's - ear mostly. Also we eat fish canned food. This is - sprats in tomato sauce.
It's so delicious to eat on nature. I enjoy camping, as you spend your vacation? Tell me, okay? It will be interesting to me. Dear, also my friends in our bar are asking me about you all the time :) I tell them that you are - a very good man, I also want to tell you that some of my friends envy me a little, because I found such a good man like you! But I do not pay any attention to their envy.
Also, my colleagues at my work asked me about you, sent you to me any presents??
I told them that it is not important to me. The main gifts from you to me - it's your warm messages and you! Also, if you remember I told you in my last message, that there is no need to send me any gifts by mail.
Elena and Harry told me about the theft of postal services and other postal agencies and also suffered from this problem and my other friends. Harry agreed with me and that it is not necessary, to send me any thing Elabuga Postal Service. The fact is, when Harry and Elena met, Harry, Elena decided to send gifts to good Elabuga Federal Express service.
This gift was the beautiful flowers and a nice dress white for Elena. When Harry is sent to Elena, Elena has not been this good gift from Harry. The gifts were lost by this service for no clear reason.
This was a great pity for Harry. Elena cried very much because of this.
Harry wanted to complain to the court on this service, but Elena has convinced Harry not to complain to the court for this service.
Since these gifts was lost without a trace. Because of this, please do not send me any postal services, right? I do not want to be out the situation, what happened to Harry and Elena. Also Elena and Harry told me that if we are going together, They really want us to visit them. They will leave Russia for some time and they will come to Harry in Australia.
Harry said Elena, he does not want to live in Russia because he likes his native Australia more than Russia, Elena wants to live in Australia. Also they see that we have good relations with you, and they want us that we will soon be together and I'll come to you, and we shall live together as Elena and Harry live together.
I want to tell you that I think about you all the more and the possibility of my coming to you, I feel that our relationship more than friendship You think so?? I can feel it in my heart and soul, because I can not live without your emails now.
Well, this I finish my message to you as usual 'HI' from my family to you, and by Harry and Elena as well!
I look forward to your emails as soon as possible! Thinking of you!
My kisses and hugs,
Milyausha ...
Letter 7
Hello my dearest!
I want to tell you that I am very happy to see your answer!
I only thought about you all these days. I am waiting for your warm messages for me, I want to tell you that now I can not live without you and your feelings that you send me an e-mail mine. The fact that you are sending e-mail so important to me, it's part of my life and this is the source of my enjoyment of my life, I want to tell you that your appearance is an important part of my lonely life now, Your message gives me great happiness and pleasure in my life.
I tell you my words with my sincere care and respect to you. I also want to emphasize I thought about our feelings for you and came to the conclusion that we have for each other.
Last night I slept badly, because I thought I about us, about our acquaintance on the Internet about your warm messages, and basically just for you! I thought only of you, I want to tell you that I can not live without you, I want to tell you that I fell in love with you I love you my dearest! It happened so quickly and suddenly, I did not expect my favorite, it's so sensual for me my, I can not live without you. I LOVE YOU, DEAR!
I feel for you the greatest feeling on earth, and it is - my love for you my dear.
From your posts, I see that we are not indifferent to each other, I hope you will agree with me, my!
I sincerely hope that you feel for me the same great sense to me mine.
Last night I was crying because it's fortunate for us that if we wish, we can be together soon that we can have a normal family, I so want this, because I can not be the same without you, Many of my friends are already married for a long time,
They asked me all the time before our acquaintance with you, why can not I find a man their questions, I could not answer, but I told them that I want it very much, but I can not begin any close feelings with any man because of my difficulties. But I want to tell you something I feel for you, I feel for you all my love! Because I want to tell you what I said about his feelings of love to my parents and my friends Elena and Harry. My parents told me they are very happy for us my dear.
In the eyes of my mom and my dad I saw a great happiness for me and for you. They said that they hope I made the right choice in my life and they hope that we will be happy together my love, they also asked me about where we are going to live together! I told them that I want to live with you in your country my darling, they understand that we will miss each other very much, but on the other side they understand that it would be better If we are going to live in another country, because they understand that now in Russia, a difficult life situation.
They told you to 'HI' and they want our future family happiness and great mutual love of mine.
Also my girlfriend Elena and her boyfriend Harry were told that they expect that we will be with you the feelings of love since we met. They are very happy for us my dear, they said that you great happiness for me and I agreed with them 100 percent!
Also Elena and Harry told you a big 'HI' and they will hope that we will be with you.
My favorite, I'm so happy for us my dear. I want to tell you that I love you very much, my family and my friends are very happy for us very much. Also, my dear, I want to ask you a main question I think it would be so fair from my side is my favorite.
Do you have other women through correspondence?? It's so important to me, I hope you understand me, because I love you and I do not want you to write to other women. I want to tell you that I am not writing to other men, except you. I do not want another man, because I love you and only you!
But most of all, I do not want any other woman who might try to steal you from me my love!
I tell you about it very seriously! It is very sad for me, if you have *********** with other women, my dear, and you deceive me in our relationship, please tell the truth, you are writing to other women? We must trust each other is my favorite!
You can ask me about my work when I'm away from Russia. Of course, I will miss my work, but you can see that I'm giving all my personal time, their work, and I had no free time ever!
I think that if I found my love and my future man I have to change your personal life dramatically my dear, because I am a woman and I should have his own family life as other women do it. You think so?
I think that my colleagues in our bar will miss me too, but we do not forget about each other as well.
I can send emails from your country them too. My dear, you look at it? I want to tell you I miss you very much, and I want to tell you that you have been in the forefront of my life, What is my job. I love you and I can not live without you my darling, I decided I must be close to you. It's so important to me. I love you!
Because, as I try to learn about the necessary documents for my future, my arrival to you, because I know from my girlfriend Elena, I need a foreign passport and visa as well I'll try to find out about it during the immediate future. My favorite, I hope that you have a great desire to meet me?
I so want it my love, I love you and I miss you terribly.
I'll wait for your emails heat. Greetings from my girlfriend Elena, Harry and my family to you. All my kisses,
Your lady
Letter 8
Hello my love!
I received your kind words and your response to my last post is my favorite!
My dear, my love, in my last email I told you about my feelings of love for you. I could not hide my love for you, my soul prompted me that I have to say about my love to you because it is so hard to hide close feelings I love you, my man.
I love you and I want to tell you this, please do not discharge me.
I am so sorry that we can only communicate through the Internet, I want to see you really are my angel.
I want this a favorite! Our e-mails connect our close love and feelings for each other, Our message is our salvation from boredom and from all the boring stuff. I want to tell you my favorite, I can not without your messages now, your emails are needed for me!
They have a lot to me mean! And I love you my dearest!
My love, I want to say that my parents and my best friends Elena and Harry are very happy for us my love they are - all the time asking about you, about your feelings to me, and I do not worry, I tell them about our feelings of love, because I do not want to hide my love to you all, I found the meaning of my life, I love you and I miss you favorite!
My love, I want to tell you that my colleagues at my work are very happy for us too!
All of my colleagues tell me that they are very happy for us, but one of the waitresses tells me very bad things, her name - Kristina, her - 44 years. It's not a good woman, she gossips about me, I'm not much a woman, because I considered you a favorite on the Internet, and she believes it is not good, because she said that in their past time, When in the Russian Federation was Soviet Union, and people did not have internet! And they saw the reality, and not just for komppyuterami! I was so disappointed with the words Kristina, because I think that it is not right, really? I think that a man may choose a woman, or a woman can choose a man, if they want it and they mutually love each other sincerely, really? I think we have mutual feelings of love, and this is the best in the world, When people love each other mutually, I think it is - an important fact of love.
Indeed, my really our feelings are mutual?? I think from our messages it is so. I also want to tell you that Kristina no husband, she lives alone, she considers that all men do not deserve her attention because, I think it's about a very high opinion!
She thinks that all men - men are ******, it's - its only an opinion, I do not know why she thinks she is so bad about men, why?? My dearest, I think people like Kristina really ******. I think that it is not right when she says this about men!
I think that this woman - a woman selfish, I think that you will agree with me.
But I do not want to talk more about this woman, because it's so boring to me. Good? I want to talk only about us my dear.
My favorite, I want to tell you that my parents are so happy that we met each other, I tell you again and again about it! I consulted about my arrival to you, and I want to tell you from my words that that my parents were so surprised they asked me if I'm serious set to come to you, and I replied that I can not live without you and I have decided to be with you, and devote my life to you as well.
My mom and dad agreed with me, because they understand that I can not live without you, and they also told me that they loved each other when they were young! I want to tell you that my parents have asked I said to you greetings from them again and again! They wish us a good life together!
My dearest, I have good news! I want to tell you that Elena and Harry reminded me today with my possible arrival to you my.
The fact that Elena aunt Tatyana has a good in Moscow that can help me with the information about my arrival to you in the future! I also want to tell you that my aunt Tatyana has helped to Elena at once when Elena and Harry met each other on the Internet, when Harry asked, Elena came to him in Australia. My aunt Tatyana has helped to Elena with all information necessary for the production of documents for Elena, that needed to come to Australia to Harry. This aunt Tatyana works in a travel agency in Moscow City.
This is very good for us because it will help us with all the important details, things information about all necessary documents for my stay to you my love. I also want to remind that Elena and Harry will travel to Australia soon, as I told you earlier, because Harry and Elena decided it much earlier.
Elena turned to her aunt Tatyana about all necessary information in order to come to Australia and Elena can ask Tatyana about all the documents and information for the price of my arrival to you.
Elena tries to talk to Tatyana in Moscow in the next few days and ask about all the important information for me!
Harry and Elena say to you again and again a big 'HI', and hope that we'll be together! They are so happy and happy for us my love. I also want to tell you that it's so good that Elena and Harry, and as I and you, my man, found each other on the internet, I think that the Internet is the assistant in everything, in Internet people can find any information and it is very important that people can fall in love with the Internet, realy my dear?? I love you my darling, I am confident in my love for you, and I want to tell you that every day I wanna be with you more and more I love you dear, I can not live without you! You are so necessary for me, I love YOU!!!
I am ready to apply all my strength to our meeting. I think we should have a meeting anyway because we need to know each other better. The meeting will help us to make serious steps in our lives. You agree with me?
I am very determined to see you. I recognize the information as soon as possible. I immediately tell you, as soon as I have the necessary information. I am so excited about our meeting.
I understand that I can not hide the tears in our meeting from my eyes. You just do not pay attention, if I'll cry on the day of our meeting. Good? Do you promise me? I want to have a touch of the hands of men.
Your tenderness is necessary for me. I want to feel your care. Then I'll be the happiest woman in the world!
And I'll try to make you the happiest man in the world! I think that our meeting will be the first step towards our happy life!!
Let's make our life happy and long! I want the union of our hearts was strong! I want to take care of you, I want to love you with all my female heart. I do not want to hurt us something in life. But without that it is impossible, therefore, we must overcome it. Our love should overcome all!
Also, in the days, perhaps tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I want to go to church, I have to thank God for the fact that we found each other my love, I thank God for that! I know that God helped me, you to become my husband, I know about it! My favorite, I'll end on this my email to you, I'll wait for your next emails with my great love and desire to be with you! You need to know I feel so happy when I read your messages my favorite! Well, I'll think of you!
I love you, and I want to be with you as soon as possible my love!! necking
Your love, Milyausha!
Letter 9
Hi, my man, my dearest!
How are you mine? I'm so happy, my dear!
I have received from you, it's so happy joy for me, to receive your necessary love for me, your words warm my soul is mine.
My dearest, I love you, I love you so much that I can not live without you now my love.
You and your message is so necessary to me. You - an integral part of my life, my love.
I say this very seriously! Because you know how very much I love you my dear, I can not live without you!
All days, all seconds I'm dreaming our meeting with you, I can not wait for this moment, when we meet in your airport my love, I want this so much my favorite! I am the happiest woman in this world, because we met each other, the most expensive! My dear, I want to wish all the people that they loved each other, because I checked this feeling the love with you my dear, it happens so quickly and over the Internet, I want to tell you my dear, that all people who want to find the man or woman of love, then that man or woman must find her love, I'm sure in this my dear, because I considered you my love through the Internet, and we love each other so much, and I know that our love - the most precious feelings from other feelings that exist on this small blue planet.
My dear, I love you very much, I miss you darling, I want to be with you with my man love! My favorite, I want to tell you my girlfriend Elena tried to talk to her aunt Tatyana in Moscow to ask her about all the necessary information about my stay in your mine, but I want to tell you it was a great pity for me that my aunt Tatyana was not on site at the moment when Elena called to her aunt.
But Elena said me that she tries to call Tatyana to Moscow soon in the near future!
Me and my parents sure that Tatyana aunt will give us all the information about my coming to you my love.
My dear, I can not wait until we are together my dear, I miss you terribly my favorite!
Last night I could not sleep my dear, I thought about you all the time the most expensive!
My love to my letter, in my mind came a lyrical reflection on you is my favorite. I found on the Internet is one lyric poem I want to tell you that I love this poem and I want to show my great love for you in this poem, I hope that you will love this feeling, and a poem for you my darling, --- SO FAR AWAY --- (by Steve Forsythe) SO FAR AWAY .....
AN YOU WILL ALWAYS BE CLOSE TO MY HEART My love, I hope that you will love this poem, blagodyara him I think of you often my darling, this poem from my heart that is filled with our love for each other.
My favorite, and again and again, I want to tell you that my parents are very happy for us, we'll be together soon my dear. My mom and dad all the time ask about you and I understand they say that they love you as well as his own son!
My sister Marina and Mariya all the time asking me about you :) Also a big 'HI' to you from my family, my very dear man!
Also, again I want to share with you my some problem in my work, it's - again, Kristina, a waitress in the bar ... : (I want to tell you what I heard from Kristina obscenities in my direction again recently: (
As you recall, as I told you earlier, Kristina thinks about our love very very bad!
I think that simply she envies us very much, really?
She said that all men promise women a happy life and love in words, and she said that you are not an exception: (
She told me that you speak only beautiful words to me, and that you can not make an effort for our quick meeting and she also said that all men - the people that promise in the words ALL, but the actions, she said, men weak people. Also, she said, that you will not do anything for our meeting my dear, it was insulting for me: (
My dear, I cried from her words, she told me a ***** lie!
It's my way? She thinks all men are bad, I do not know, I do not understand it! WHY?
Why does she think about men so bad? I want to tell you that I do not want to work in this bar, because it is so bad and ****** because of Kristina.
I want to tell you that as Kristina - a distant relative of the boss of our bar, she is well aware of our directors and it is against me.
Kristina told our director that it will prevent me to use a computer to correspond with you, She said that the computer is not for the feelings of love, she said that the computer only needs to work!
When I heard it, I cried my dear.
Why Kristina is so bad to me and to us with you my favorite? WHY? : (
I do not understand it! My favorite, I want to tell you that I can not go against Kristina, because it is - a relative of the director of our bar, but because I want to tell you I spoke with our director Sergey too. He said that I should not pay attention to Kristina, but since other side he does not go against Kristina too, because they are relatives. But Sergey told me I can use my computer to communicate with you my dear Because he's a good man and he said something that he understands my love for you, and he told me that he has a good wife, he loves very much and he also spoke of their love with his wife. I thank our director Sergey, that he allowed me to use a computer. So I can write you a message my dear, but he repeated to me that that he will not go against Kristina, he said, a possible Kristina will give me moral pressure, He also said that to me it would be better if I'm not going to work with Kristina in a bar, and now I want to leave my job. My favorite, I do not want to offend me, Kristina, in accordance with her silly statements!
I do not want to work in this bar with this poor woman Kristina is my favorite, I do not want to hear it insults ever! I want to tell you that my mom and my dad and also Elena calmed me and Harry, after Kristina.
I cried on the shoulders of Elena. Harry and Elena told me that everything will be fine because we are with you love each other, and Kristina, and no one else will be able to prevent our love, when we are together with you my love, they also said that it would be better if I go from his job at the bar and I need to prepare for my arrival to you my dear,
My parents, Elena and Harry told me that they were angered by insults Kristina, in particular was very indignant at my dad.
He does not want his daughter abused. My parents, Elena and Harry are confident that you'll be a good husband to me, and also that you will not offend me never, I told my parents, Elena and Harry, that you are not capable of bad things to me like Kristina.
My dear, please tell me that you'll never insult me, please Promise me that my dear, I trust you, and I do not want you broke my heart!
I love you my dear, I trust your feelings of love for me, I can not live without you I, I can not!
I want to be with you forever my, I love you and I miss you terribly, my love, I hope that we will gather all of our life force, through which we will be together soon my love.
I love you and I miss you very much my! Well, on this, let me finish my letter to you, my I want to tell you what I'll be waiting for your message with great pleasure.
Well, again and again, Greetings from my mother, My father, my sisters and Elena with Harry to you my most dear man! I think only of you,
I want to be with you as soon as possible
Your love Milyausha!
Letter 10
Hello dear!
Yesterday, I studied all about the arrival to you.
I entered the internet cafe to write you a message and tell you that all is well.
I have to do your visa, passport and document on Health Insurance.
They will be ready in 10-12 days after payment.
I can be in your country only 90 days, but if you will be more convenient, I can get home before 90 days.
Such a possibility is probably only happens once in a lifetime! I very strongly love you and I dream about our meeting.
I want to see you, my beloved man. I need your help.
Send me $ 500 for registration of my documents. We have throughout prices in U.S. dollars and European currencies.
Visas for the 30/90 days costs $ 500.
I have to undergo a medical examination and pay for insurance and a passport for traveling abroad in your country.
If you can send me this money today, it would be more convenient, I will not be much to worry because I'll have time to do everything to make!
Also, my love, as Harry told me that you'll need some information from me to send me the money You will need: My full name Milyausha Rahmankulova. Today I came in 'MoneyGram', a system of instant cash transfer.
The girl the operator has convinced me that this is a very safe and reliable. You only need to specify my full name and country. The girl explained to, that these data will be sufficient to transfer the money. My dearest, I want to ask you, when you can send me $ 500, it will be necessary for me, and you'll have to send me important information after you send the money via 'MoneyGram' (this number - MTCN - Money Transfer Control Number).
This number you will have a receipt, which will give you a statement. My very dear man, You should be aware that this data is very important for me, so be sure and send them to me at my e-mail.
Without this MTCN I can not get your money necessary for my arrival to you my dear.
My love, I understand completely what it - a lot of money, but I do not rely on anyone, so I have to ask you for help. When we are together, I'll look for a job, and I will work for our bright and happy future. My favorite man, We love each other and be together, I am confident in this dear angel!
I look forward to and dream about our meeting at your airport.
I'm sure I'll cry at this moment, when I get out of the air passage, and when I see you my angel and these tears are from our happiness my dear. I close my eyes and I imagine for this happy picture.
My love, I dream about how we will live together my darling, let's go for a walk, holding our hands my love.
I want you to show me your native land, where you like to go and where you like to spend more of your time, I also want to get acquainted with your relatives and closest friends!
I want to be with you very much, you're my greatest love! I love you, I miss you, my dearest love! My dear man, I want to tell you that I talked to my parents, also with my sisters about us again and again, especially about my coming to you. I want to tell you that my family have so many happy smiles for us and they approve our close love feelings with you, they are so happy because we love each other very much, they just told me what that we will be happy with you, and they wish us a large happiness together!
They see my feelings and my happiness from our love with you, and they understand me, that you and I can not live without each other and wish us a great love! Big congratulations from my family to you, My love, please accept the love from my parents, they love you as my son!
Also hi from Elena and Harry to you! I thank Elena and Harry, because they - my closest friends and because, thanks to them, especially Elena, we found each other.
Well, my love, let me to finish my dearest man, my email, I'm waiting for your message from my beloved! Indeed, your love lady forever ... Milyausha ...
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