Letter(s) from Elena Vorona to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1

Dear, have you ever met with enigma? its miraculous feeling...
unpredictable and elusive, romantic and passion, when heart start beating faster then ever... it can sound arrogant- but Enigma- its me!!let me introduce myself- independent ,risk-laden women which spur of the moment can dart off- and chevy for the screw-ball dream !i am brave and provoking...
without scare or prejudice!i always come off with flying colors ! i am a winner! but at the same time when i stay alone with myself ,my eyes show you absolutely another picture... that moment in my eyes you can see home-bird women, which meet you from work, relax after hard working day, you even can see sweet home with home made dishes specially for you ... and sweetheart woman which can understand even your silence...

The soul which i try to show you from emotions - is MINE! im independent and sensitive, brave and in need of strong man's shoulder at the same time! im different.... Are you interested?


Letter 2

Dear Frank !

Im so happy to receive your response!i think it's cool to start our communication! i have just looking on your pics! and first thing which come in my mind its WOOW! SO BEAUTIFUL NATURE! is it your motherland?if so you are lucky! as for me i have never saw such beauty by my own! and you know, on your pics i like you also! you looks charming and intelligent man . so serious and kind )) i like you!

My name in Kristina, I was born on March 20, 1985. I live in a nice Ukrainian town Chernivci . i live with my mom she is my best friend, my father left us when i was a new born child, he said that he didnt wish such an obligation like a family! my mom is a wonderful woman she is my best friend and we dont keep secrets from each other! I am hairdresser, and now I am working in a salon. I love my job very much , at first because im sure that "The beauty will save the world" another reason why i am here is that i have an opportunity in order to work extra hours! in order to help my mother (she has incapacity for work ) and im a daughter and the head of the family in one face!dear , please forgot about the age difference! its not important for me! im looking for my second half, wise man with experience, who take care of life, and know what he wish. i don't need to have a fun with a school boy, im family oriented , so for me your age is bigger plus then minus

I have to confess that thanks God i dont have sad stories about my past!i has some relations under my back-but nothing suitable for future .... maybe because i was too busy with education , work i dont have time in order for serious relations.now im open for love! im one man women! but now im alone... im waiting for miracle in my life, will you )) ??

If after reading my story, you wish continue our corresponding, if you think that we are looking for the same happiness in life , and you can image me next to you -so YOU ARE WELCOME! in your response for me it will be interesting to hear about your job, your interests, your past experience, about everything you'll want to share with me!

sincerely, Kristina....

Letter 3


Translation bureau "New-Tone Best-Trans"

Aliona Klimenko
general manager
Translation bureau "New-Tone Best-Trans"
Street 24 Bakinskish kommisarov 34, office 310.
Chernivcy, 21000
Ukraine , Vinnickii region.

April 17 , 2012

Dear Mr. Frank,

We would like to inform you that your lady Kristina is client of our office - translation bureau "New-Tone Best-Trans" . She used our service in order to receive ,and translate your letters into Ukrainian language .

For this moment her account in our office is is empty, so she dont have opportunity answer your letters . Due to her hard financial situation miss Kristina is not able to refill the account. but she is interesting in continue relations with you very much, so she have asked us send you information about our service. If you are still interested, and wish to assist her with the payment- we will send you detailed price list with our services. if no, also informed us, because your lady is worrying very much.

Thank you for your attention.

Aliona Klimenko

Letter 4

My darling Frank!

What a pleasure for me to meet such a man here on this space of the Internet. You know, I am a single lady who starves for close person, for romance and passionate love, for being happy in this life, as everyone wants. I am sure you are not the exception otherwise you will not be there. Thank you for the pics of you, they are nice. Is ti your daughter with you on a photo?

Here is some brief info about me and I hope it will be useful for you and will help me to win your heart;)) First of all, my full name is Emma Koretskaya. I am a simple lady from a small town which lays in Lugansk region - Lisichansk. I work as a hairdresser. I am 26 years old and my B-day is on the 6th of April of 1987. I have not been married and I do not have kids. By the way, I am 170 cm tall and 52 kg weight. I do not have the international passport. As for my contact info I will give it to you only after I feel I can trust you.

I have the higher education, however, I do not think that education is the most important thing in this life. At least, I will not care whether my beloved has the same level of the education as long as we communicate and understand each other well, as long as we are interested in each other. I still live with my parents as it is more convenient for all of us. But I am an independent lady and I am able to pay my own expenses. My work allows me to pay enough attention to my interests.For sure I have some creative inclinations in me. I like to make different things with my hands, for example, I can prepare a nice hand made accessories for my girl friends, or I can decorate the great tie holder for you, darling;) I am interested in social and political life, I try to feel life in full, to live every minute with smile and to feel joy in every instance.

Thank you for sharing some info about yourself. I am curious to know more about your work for the UN. It is interesting to know that you felt LA to be the cold city for you. Do you like to be in Germany?
What benefits does German citizenship give to you? What are the minuses of it? You indeed are a big man;))

I am sorry to hear about your marriage. Your kids are adult now to decide themselves whether they want to see you. Do you contact them now? Tell em why you search for a woman abroad and not in Germany? I also am k\curious to know what woman you want to have beside you. Will you will be interested in such a lady as me. I am serious in my searches and I do not want to waste your time, you may understand that I also waste my time simultaneously? I am sure, this letters exchange will help us to get closer to each other, to discover each other’s features and even secrets? By the way, can you keep secrets? I want to share one with you: I am really interested in you? I hope you have the same secret for me, darling.

Your Emma.

Letter 5

My dear Frank, well to say that I was pleased to get your reply is to say nothing. I am more than overwhelmed with your attention. In my last letter I wrote you that I was interested in you and this desire to know you better has increased in me since that time. Thank you for your new photo, I like it. I understand that you are 66 years old man.
However, I do not see any old man on your photo:)

It is interesting to read about the advantages of the German citizen.
You also mention the immigrant in CA. However, I am sure, Germany has also the great flow of migrants from Albania, Turkey and other countries of the middle east. There are also many migrants from former soviet republics.

The demonstration in Kiev do not effect me too much. It sin quite calm in the East of Ukraine, especially in our region. Lisichansk is my native town:) Life here is quite slow and boring for a person from a bigger place, however, we have got used to it;)

You may wonder, why I search for my soulmate in the Internet… Well, I dream to find my beloved who will accept me as I am, with all my odds.
Believe, I have some? First of all, I have an interesting sense of humour, sometimes, I think that people do not understand why I smile;) I do not want to say that I am sharp with people or want to laugh at them, however, some things which do not seem to be funny make me laugh loud. Secondly, even if I am already 26, I am still a naive person. I believe in good people’s features and intentions.
Some people think that I am crazy to be so trustful this hard life, however, I prefer to see people as friends and not enemies. I search for a man who will share the same views on life with me. I want my beloved to be interested in life, in different things, whoever, I see nothing bad to spend a cozy evening with my man hiding under warm blanket and watching a romantic movie?

I guess, a month ago, my friend told me about the chance to find a man in the Internet. I have read some happy stories about pairs who met each other in the Internet, and I have decided to take my chance. I am sure, such a good looking, sexy and smart lady as me can find her love this way too;))))
I hope I do not sound too flirty?

Unfortunately, as I do not speak English well, I have to use the services of a translator. I hope this info will not cause the negative reaction in you as I have heard of the many scams in the Internet. In my last letter I wrote you that I am an independent lady and I am got used to pay my bills.

Unfortunately, I have to end my letter to you now. It is a real pleasure for me to communicate with you, honey. I hope you have the same feelings about me…

Kiss, Emma.

Letter 6

Hello, Frank. How are you these days? I want to tell you that it is so easy and joyous for me to communicate with you. It feels as if I know you for many months already;) I am ok these days, thank you for your concern. What about you? How did you spend your weekend? Did you felt your self sick the last two days? I am so sorry to hear that you did not feel yourself well and had to stay in bed.

Thanks for telling me about the situation with migrant in CA. I did not know that Latinos are almost the half of the population there.
Yes, it cannot be compared to the 4 millions of Turks in Germany. You know, I am not really aware of what happens in Kiev now. I have heard that the protestants left the building of the Kiev administration and if I am not mistaken they occupied. I also know that Poland and Lithuania accept people from Maidan to their hospital. Ukraine won the only medal in female biathlon.

I am glad that winter there is warm enough. Here we also have a rainy weather last week, being honest, I am already sick of this weather:) We have really sunny spring and summer and I expect for that weather:)) Thank you for the pics of you, they are nice. You have such profound eyes!

You know while reading this last letter from you, I have such a feeling that you read my thoughts? I think, we have the same way of thinking, that we dream of the same things, of the same emotions. I was brought in the atmosphere of love and romance, my parents taught me to be open to emotions and not to hide behind the mask of non-sincere smile. By the way, the romantic story of my parents is quite interesting. My dad was a drummer in a musical group and my mom sang at the same ensemble. They knew one another for some years, till my Mom had to go to the bigger city to study. Only then, my father realized that he could not live without her, that she became so dear and close to him. He went to her university hostel to tell her about that.
Perhaps, if my dad did not take that serious and direct step that time, they could not be together now;) This story always reminds me that we have to reach what we want, otherwise we will always regret those missed opportunities. Tell me whether you had some romantic and educational stories or experience in your life. I also am curious to know more about your every day life. Which people do you meet every day? What do you like in them? What saddens you, Frank? At least I need to know that not to make you upset, right?:)))

Ok, my honey, I will run to work now. I promise you to answer you as soon as I can, as you have become really dear to me, I feel that we can be happy together.

My tender hugs, your Emma.

Letter 7

My honey Frank,

I suppose, you are not against to be called honey. As you know, I am an open person and I always write and tell what I feel. I want you to tell you that you will not hear lies from me, you will always know my true feelings about things. I am sure, two beloved have nothing to hide from each other. Thank you for the concern about me, I am ok today. What about you? How are you these days? Thank you for the pics of you, I like them a lot. You have a nice colour of eyes.

I am glad you have such nice weather there now. We also have +5 today, you know that our winter differs from your one;) Have you heard of the current situation in Ukraine?

Thank you for sharing some info about your every day life and people you meet. What do you usually do at home, when you do not have to go our anywhere?

Honey, with every letter we know each other better, with every your message I open some new features of your character, and I feel that I like you more and more. You know, it is even threatening in some sense as you are on my mind really often. Either I see a couple in a park, or I see a man helping to his woman to enter a bus, I always think of you and me in the same situations. I want to know your reaction to many different things which happens in our life, I want to see your behavior in different life scenes. I hope, you see, that I am really interested in you, in your personality, honey Frank.

However, I also am interested in you as my lover, as a man who will share nights with me. I am curious to know your sexual preferences, your desires. And first of all, I would like to know whether you see me as your soulmate, as a woman you want to be with. You have enough pics of me, you can read my letters and understand what a person I am.
I may assure you that I know how to treat my man, how to love him with all my heart. You know, that I am creative enough to make our days and nights interesting and unforgettable? What about you? Do you already want to try that with me?:)

Honey, I am sorry to admit, that I possibly cannot write you tomorrow as I have some financial issues this month. Unfortunately, they do not allow me to pay for our translation services. I am sad to admit that it will be almost killing for me not to have your letter tomorrow. I hope we will be able to solve this situation somehow, darling.

And please, do not think, that I want to quit communicating with you.
I am interested in you more and more with each passing day. I already miss you terribly.

Love, your Emma.

P.S. I have filmed a special video for you, darling, see it attached
to this letter:)

Letter 8

Translation agency "Prime Style Translation"

Dear Mr. Meek!

My name is Elena. I am a representative of the translation company "Prime Style Translation".
We are the Russian/Ukrainian - English and English - Russian/Ukrainian translation agency fully licensed for this kind of service since 2008. We care for our reputation, thus, we are ready to do our best to become your reliable partner. Let us mention, that all your information, including personal data, is and will remain strictly confidential and under no circumstances will be disclosed to any third party.

Thank you for the message that was designated to Emma. You might already know that your lady Emma is the client of our translation agency. Some times ago she opened the account for the translation of your and her letters in our company. Unfortunately, at the moment Emma is not able to pay for the translation expenses. She experiences some financial difficulties which she informed you about in her last letter. If you would like to continue your relations with miss Emma, we can suggest you to help her to pay for the translation. Your lady foresees that these problems are not permanent and soon she can share the expenses with you. Let us mention that miss Emma is really interested in you which you might see in her letter to you. She would like to pass to you that she misses you and your letters really much.

If you are interested and want to keep the correspondence with your lady, just let us know and we will send you the list of services, that Emma has used in our company, and prices for these services.
Inform us about your decision.

Regards, Elena Goncharova,
the general manager
of the translation agency
"Prime Style Translation".