Letter(s) from Laura Smith to Robert (USA)

Letter 1

How are u doing i just you to know am not here for you money ok cos i dont believe Money can buy Love but just want to tell you about me present situation ok am not here for Games i came down to West Africa to get my Dads Will worth $2.5 million Dollars but on reaching down here i was Robbed and beaten up right am in a Hospital talking to me ok pls dont Judge me like other women u meet on here ok am for real i have no reason to lie to you ok am a God fearing and Honest Lady

Letter 2

Yes I have reported the case to the American embassy and the police here in Nigeria,They promise to get me home safely ..But when the hospital manager ask for his money then they said i need to pay the hospital bill before i leave Nigeria....So it has been on my neck and the management will never let me go out of the premisses even for one second I promise if U can get me out of here by helping me talk to the Hospital manager on how U are gonna help me pay the bills i have ensured here to the Hospital Management i will surely pay back when i get back home and hopefully i will then accept that i have found a new life with U .So it's up to U to decide on what U wanna do with me concerning these issues..pls am not commanding or forcing you to help me out here if your heart is not willing ok i promise am gonna pay u back when am home to u i promise u will never regret helping me out here home to you i swear with my Dead Parents

Letter 3

pls try and help me out so we can be together pls