Scam Letter(s) from Shela Rae to Ron (USA)

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Letter 1

Ok. Good Night and Sweet dream

Letter 2

Ok. What time will you get online again tomorrow. What is your cell Phone number ? i might try send you a text message now

Letter 3

I can tell your more about my self on here if you ask. I deleted it because i don't want to chat with anyone on There again. I am one Man's woman and i dont cheat in a relationship and i expect my man to do the same

Letter 4

Yeah i just deleted my Profile on

Letter 5

Ok then i will be Looking forward to hear from you and i hope to see some pictures of you as well

Letter 6

Oh okay then. i do understand you so much and its very late in the Morning here as well and i need to get some rest. Then i think we can contact each other this way till we get to chat again. I will miss you so much but i hope to hear from you again

Letter 7

Thanks very much for your complements. can you get connected on yahoo messenger now so that we chat there some more. i am having problems with the match chat system at the moment. I Hope you Understand me ?

Letter 8

Hello My Dear. These are some pictures of me and i hope you like them. take good care of your self and am looking forward to hear from you



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