Scam Letter(s) from Shela Rae to Jeff (USA)

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Letter 1

Hey Hun.
I'm very happy you went and came back from the car picking.The car seem to be a olding day car but very nice Hun.Did you get a reply back from granny..?She told me that you sent a message saying you wanted a address And she does not know if it is for her house in Ghana or her postal address for sending her a package.Don't even know what you would be including in the package.
She loves accessories a lot.I think you send her a machine but it is a secret don't make her know.She loves surprises a lot.She loves candies as well.So how have been the trip to picking to the car.Granny is very happy to know you,Can I start talking to your family members ad well..?Mom is very happy to know you as well.
My boss is very eager to meet you.He is in New York as well.Will you like to talk to him? He loves business as well.I think if you get to know him you will expand in your business.He is a good and Nice man.He is called Mr.Ryan Hargraves.You seem to be very busy a lot.That is very comparable to my manager he is never a free man.He travel a lot.
He breaks up the company's schedule a lot.So what abot your accommodation?
Looking up to see your mail this morning.
Love You Hun,

Letter 2

Hi Hun,

I thought you viewed my pictures already in my profile.Sorry for not sending.Granny told me you were sending her something but don't know what that could be.

What are you sending her as her birthday gift?For us to get to know each other is all about meeting each other.
If we meet in person all is going to be okay.I hope the pictures sent are okay if not let me know,How have been business today..?

Hug and Kisses,



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