Romance scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Veinbergh to Frank (Germany)
Letter 1
Hello to you Frank!!! I am writing to you like I promised! Happy we are in touch closer then on site! So how are you feeling?:))) I hope all is OK today? You know, if you opened your eyes this morning and you are healthy, you have what to dress and eat and your relatives are OK then you are happier then thousands of people on this planet! So I see no reason to feel sad! :)) I do hope this acquaintance will be nice for us both! I am a girl with no courage.. really! :) This fact I write to you - that is not usual for me! Last times this is second not usual thing for me, first was registration at a dating site :) But, since I saw your profile I do believe all that was not in vain! ;) I am girl from Ukraine, I work my job, I have friends, family, I am young and all is nice... but I am alone! My last relations ended more then a year ago and I do not want to suffer, I want to find serious man!! I am positive person and I always see light even in darkest periods;) I made a decision - to stop being alone! People were meant to be in couples, that is not good to live with no pair! I believe in power of thoughts, I believe we are getting that what we really want! You agree with me?:) Sitting and waiting we will get nothing, that is needed to act!!!
If only you'd knew how my arms are trembling now from worrying writing these lines to you...
Please, tell me I am not too hurry events?! :) I do hope till these lines you are still reading.....)))) I will wait for your reply, hope sooner! Please, have a good day and smile, that is making life longer;) I really need your letter ;) I hope your saturated life will allow you to answer sooner ;) Yours sincerely, Kate!
Letter 2
Hello, Frank!
Good time of a day to you here!!! I see your letter and now from this second day is much better to me!!! :)) Thank you for your answering! I am glad you found time to reply! Your photos are so nice! First I want to mention you are handsome and very positive man! I liked your smile so much! When you are with children - your beautiful eyes smiling and shinning with incredible inner light;) I am sure you are wonderful father - very carrying, tender and attentive! You are hard working and well done man! You made a serious decision - changing USA to Germany!
You were perfect Chief I am sure! You are very emotional man! Your life is interesting and saturated! You visited many places - saw a lot of countries! That is great! Nice you knows how to spend life and nice you are making everything with positive and energy;) Oh.. sorry about your past... that is very bad your ex made all for you not to see girls(( that is bad(( even despite divorce - you will stay forever as their father!!! What for she made that?!(((( Let's hope now, when they are grown up already - they will be able to find you on their own and to talk with you, listen to your side of situation... I wish you to reunite with your princesses! I am sure that is nice living in a small town. I am also from small town and I like small cozy and clean streets.. I think cities they are for work, that is impossible to live there. In all that mess and dirty. I feel you really loves German and everything what is connected with Germany.. ;) Tell me how is your Saturday going? You are resting already and my rest will start only tomorrow on Sunday. I have already too many plans... To sleep longer, to clean, to wash, to iron.. I also like to cook, so I will cook for a coming week. And I also will be happy to spend some time at least with my mother. During week I have no time for that and I do not want she to feel lonely! What about your plans? In my previous letter I didn't tell you much about my life. Like you already know I am 29 years, I was born in a year of a Pig. My birthday is in April, 18 th. I am the only one child in my family. I had nice calm, full of care childhood.
Everything went good till I was 15.... My father died that year... That was a huge, irreplaceable loss... But life is moving, I became stronger and me with mother survived!!! I hope father is watching us from skies!!! :) When I finished school I recollected my father was dreaming me to become a doctor so that I decided to enter medical University. To make real dream of my father!!! But for entering university that is needed to pay huge money witch my family simple doesn't have. I then decided to become a nurse so that I entered college and last year I finished that.
Now I am nurse, working 6 day per week and sometimes with duty at 24 hours. This job is tiring, but I like to help people! My home town is Rubezhnoe and there I worked till this summer. In end of summer I found vacancy in emergency as a nurse. Despite that is taking time for me to get to job to Lugansk from my town I like my new place of work! I also still have a dream to become a doctor... That is my aim! :) I hope you were not tired with my story??!:)) I am too talkative sometimes, sorry! How is your day today?
What is your dream? Still I see you are already successful and ambitious man;) Despite my job takes a lot of forces coming come I feel emptiness in area of a heart... I do not want to sleep alone, I want to make the greatest dream real - to be loved woman and to create a family. I feel our wishes are agreeing..;) I start waiting for your answer! Your hospital nurse Katya!
Have a nice day full of smiles! P.S. My photos witch you can see today - were made this Fall, in last warm days;) I love this photos much and I hope they will also give you summer warm and positive, tell me, you liked them?
Letter 3

Hello, Frank! I am glad with your answer! That is a best news for me in my lunch time - to read your letter!
Thank you for your great photos! Great China Wall!))) WOW! I am impressed with that places you visited! And that castle... that seems wind of history is feeling there! I like your style, you are very interesting and bright man! I do hope weather will sooner get better in your region! Or, at least, my letters will make you feel warmer) I am impressed with your house, so high you have!
I like stairs..) I was always dreaming to live in place with more then one floor;) Oh! In case I would come to you - there are even Russian channels sometimes! )) That is nice I think;)) I am sure - that is not correct such a good man like you is alone! Of course winter with just -10 that is OK, here we have -35 even!!! Severe weather can happen! I feel you are man romantic, telling me about nature, all that you have there... I imagine you and me walking together, holding each other hands... that will be nice I think, you agree with me? I am thinking.. maybe till Christmas's time this year we will be closer.. and we will enjoy that time together?:) I also like X Mas holidays and preparations for them:) I know that may sounds crazy... But today my friends told me - Kate, eat a lemon, you are too much shining!:) Can you imagine that?? Whether I've changed already? :)) If yes - then this is YOU reason of my smiles all day long, this is you who makes me shinning!
Even patients today in the morning asked me why I am working with twice speed and energy?! :)
How is your day going?? Did I manage to make your lips stretching with a smile?:) I forgot to write you one thing - one day before I saw you at a site my rose at home gave a bud... That wasn't blossoming for 2 years!!! Now I realize - that was a sign of something good happening soon, someone.. YOU! Tell me, what you have inside? How do you feel? I am happy I didn't afraid and wrote you that first letter and I am glad you pay attention at me!!! I am even glad for agency of translations for helping us!!! I was feeling not good to write letters witch they will read to translate to you still then I think that is better this way then no way!!! And now I have you here..
I just pray for you not to be angry at me with a fact I am using agency for helping us.... That is not my fault in school we had no English lessons at all and no computer class even to teach!
You are angry? Answer honestly! I do hope you are not sad now, tell me, do you Frank??? I will understand your point of view. I just want you to trust in me and I will do all my best now, when there is reason to I will learn language for OUR future connection! I will end this letter, I need to go back to work, I wait for your letter, I need to know all about you - what you wish in this life, what are you see about future, is there is a place for me?... :) Till next letter!
Kiss you! P.S. My photos for you. They are one of my favorite!!! I like that sexy lingerie... And you?:)
Letter 4
Hello dear!!! Today is a great day! I have again your letter and I am happy! Thank you for that! How is your Monday?:) I hope you are full of forces after weekend? I had saturated day yesterday - I cooked for a coming week, I also made cleaning at home and I also managed to visit my friend - she had a birthday yesterday! So I am proud of myself;) I managed to make many things yesterday;) Sad weather is giving so many hardnesses for you! Hope that will improve soon!!! Spring festival that sounds interesting! Here we have nothing the same... )) he-he)) you made me smile telling about Russian store.... Interesting but all over the world Russians will associates with vodka..:) I also prefer smaller places for life... cities they are nice for work and for entertainments, still villages are better for family, children. You agree with me?:) I like flowers... Roses are great still tulips they are nice and first spring flowers!
Witch colors of tulips you have? I also like garden work..
that makes me calmer and also giving time to put my through's in order. I do hope you were thinking about me working in garden?:) I was trying not to go crazy..) I tried to be logical, to look at things neutral... But I do not want any more! I am happy that I have you here!!!! And I want you to know this! Even if you will think I am imposing!
I want you to know - NEVER before I had such a hurricane inside! Never in my life I waited for a letter from a man with such an impatience!!! I need nothing more for a day just knowing I will have a new letter from you, Frank! I feel that I need you like an air I want to know what are your days about, what worries you, what occupies your thoughts!! I want to help you if I can... To have dear person - that is what is important! I feel your heart faced hard tomes, I can take a real good care and never let that suffer again!!! My mother yesterday after job entered my room and asked, Dear, who is He?:)) She even didn't ask whether I have someone, she already understood! Despite I told any word her! That are my eyes guilty - eyes of a happy girl! I am glad for your trust in me, for your care, for your patience! I am glad to are not too much angry about language barrier... I will do learning - I promise! I will search for courses in a name of OUR future! I want to make YOUR life better, I want to make that cozy - I know good atmosphere at home has a direct influence in success in a whole life! I hope you will let us to try this?... I am happy our life lines are so close... whether that will become one line depends only from us;)
Right now and here I want to thank you - for giving colors into my ordinary life!
That is bright since you entered that! Let me making you smiling just because your heart singing..;) Feeling your breathing...
Have a greatest day! P.S. My photos - for you only!!!! Personally! I hope you will like photos...!
Letter 6
Hello dear Mr. Frank, we are gladly informing you our translation company offers services of translation from Russian into English and from English into Russian. The range of documentation we deal with is rather wide - we work with private persons along with business organizations. We were translating your correspondence with miss Katya. Now we are contacting you as far as we are not able to translate and deliver you miss Katya's letter because lady has no possibility of paying for translations, so account is currently closed in our company because of financial problems. Miss Katya is much concerned about your further connection as it is of great importance for her to have contact with you till you meet in real life.
That is a reason miss Katya asked us to contact you on behalf of her name. Miss Katya upset that you have lost the connection. Contact us if you are interested to have your correspondence with miss Katya renewed and we will provide you will our prices, conditions and all other needed information. We work in close cooperation with all our clients that is why feel free to contact us. Quality, reliability, minimal prices and time consumption are our basic goals to satisfy all the requirements of our clients. Thank you for attention,
best wishes,
staff First Translating Comp
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