Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Kosuruba to Frank (Germany)

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Letter 1


I’m so happy to have an opportunity to write you my first letter.
Probably you are wondering why I decided to write to you, well I'm here looking for my life partner. I lived a prosperous life, but I can not say that I was happy and loved. You know,it is always important to feel that you are needed, respected and loved.

I’m from Ukraine and I was married, but my marriage was a mistake I guess, because I was too young and I didn’t understand what could make me happy. Now I can say that not only money can make us happy.I think the most important thing is understanding and, actually, I was lack of it during my marriage. So, I decided to change my life for the best,I left my prosperous life and moved to another town. Here I've found a good job,but I'm still alone. Life is so lonely for me and I need a person to share my feelings and thoughts with, so I’m here looking for my beloved man with whom I’ll be able to create a family. I hope you are here for the same reason and also looking for your life partner, so I would be really glad to start our communication and get to know you better. Please, if you are interested in me, write me your answer and tell me about yourself.

Sincerely, Tatiyana

Letter 2

Hello, Frank! I was happy to receive your letter and to get some information about you and your life.As I told you before I'm a family-oriented lady and I'm looking for my life partner, so I'm glad to start our communication. Thank you for your photos, you look great and you have cute daughters, I like them. I hope we will find a common language and maybe one day we will create a family, but only time can tell us about it. Anyway, let's keep in touch, because I'm interested in you and want to know you much better.

Ok,I think it’s time to tell you something about myself. Well, as you already know my full name is Tatiyana Kosuruba. I was born on the 29th of December in Donetsk, Ukraine, but I live in Melitopol. My town is not so far from Azov Sea. Now I am 33 and I am sure it is the right age for me to build a family. My height is 167 cm. I do not have children, but I was married for 7 years.
I was married a successful businessman who was trying to be loyal and kind for me for all the years of our life together. But unfortunately, we didn’t have any understanding, so I wanted to break it up.

I left him and he left me... without any scandals or quarrels, I wished him the best of luck and happiness for the future life and the same did he. So, as you know, I moved to another town, here I've found a job and I work as a florist in a local shop. I like my job, because I like flowers and it is a little touch of creativity for me, something I do with my hands, and I love it when people are happy with my little cute creations. In my free time I'm watching movies, listening to music, cooking and sometimes signing karaoke with my friends. So, as you see, my life is pretty simple, but I'm trying to enjoy its every minute.

I will end my letter, hope to hear from you soon. Please tell me about yourself: what do you like most of all and what are your goals and ambitions?
What kind of books (music) do you like? I would like to know about you better. I’ll try to tell you more about myself in my next mails.

I’m waiting for your reply so much.

Kisses, Tatiyana

Letter 3

Hello dear Frank, it a great pleasure for me to get your reply. And I'm happy to know you much better, you know, I like you more and more.

Frank, dear, I'm really sorry about all your troubles, but I hope you are ok. Please, tell me, is everything ok with you, because I'm worrying about you. Yes, I did not have any problems with my ex and I think it's good, because it's better to solve everything without any scandals than to be enemies, do you agree?

But I think all I told you about myself last time was nice for you to know, but was the ideal picture of a woman who does not have any, but only smiles. To tell you the truth, I am the one who suffers much, I do not have too many friends to share my happiness and sorrows with, I lack my parents' support because they are very old now, I lack anyone with a warm passionate heart next to me...
Frank, it might even sound for you last time like I am an independent and strong personality,yes, it's true, but I'm just a woman who needs love and support. Having changed myself I did think much on the one I need in my life now, and I realized he would be the one I would love to walk next to all the time, not from behind, not from ahead, but holding hands and stepping our feet, leading the one way for the future. I want to be my man's treasure when we are with friends or guests, to show I am the one who cares for him much and truly caring for his evenings and days spent together!

Being raised in a Soviet time family I was taught that a husband is the one always to be served with a nice dinner, so that I love cooking, a usband is the one always to live in coziness, so that I am perfect in cleaning, washing and ironing, a husband is the one always feeling his woman is intelligent to share opinions and advises. I feel, Frank, sound like the one I wish to make these ideas come true, the point is if you want it too! For that I have the time to think more about until your letter comes!

But living a prosperous life I didn't care about my education and, actually, my husband didn't want me to work or study. So, I even didn't have any chance to learn English and that is why I need to use a translation company for our communication, because I do not know English and do not have my personal computer. Frank, I really hope it's ok for you and you won't stop our communication, because I'm really interested in you and I miss you so much. I hope my answer will make your day brighter. Take care and many kisses for you. Tatiyana

Letter 4

Dear Frank! Your letters have a wonderful effect on me, having read it I feel we are on the right, the only one, way for the understanding together! Thank you for your answer and amazing photos, I like you so much and I'm really happy, because I've met you on my way!

Darling, you are a part of my life now and it's an honor for me to communicate with such a good, honest and smart person like you. I miss you so much and these spring days are really so much lonely, yesterday sitting by the window I wanted nothing else so much but your presence next to me, our calming talks, tricky glances, when you feel spirituality mixed up with sensual unity! If it was not for my job in the flower shop all the days long I would have fallen into the depression! To be honest, Frank, our communication helps me much to survive from gloomy ideas too. When we talk I imagine a day getting to the end and us both being at home, cooking a dinner together, but if you are tired I do not mind to impress you with my own culinary masterpiece, specially for you for sure! I want every evening in our life together be a kind of a special holiday, soft melodies to stream us for positive thinking, candlelight to make the atmosphere more romantic and relaxing, delicious meals to sweeten our taste... but sometimes I feel we will be involved into the more interesting activities, do not you agree, Frank? If you have any ideas on that, I would love you share with me.

For all of my life I go as a Lady, true one, and being complimented by you so generously all the time I do feel all of nature is recognized by you, felt by all of yourself, which means you know my secrets (not all of those for sure, unless you will loose your passionate interest in exploring me more) as yours. And now for the true Gentleman you are, Frank, realize the future of us is in your hands. From my side I can only give you an approving hint I do want us go on like this, I feel it is worth of keeping like this, because "this" stands for much deeper than we both could have ever imagined having started talking a little time before, but now it is more than the life we opened for one another!

Enjoy your day baring in your mind my day will be enjoyed only after I receive your reply! So much impatient that is for me!


Letter 5

Mr. Frank!

I am Svetlana Novikova, the representative of the "SuperTranslations" company. "SuperTranslations" is a company of translators providing the clients with rapid bilingual translations, Ukrainian-English and English-Ukrainian in Melitopol City. Lady Tatiyana is our company client for maintenance her with the translation-Internet services in accordance with the option list chosen.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this announcement letter to inform the term of the translation-Internet services for the correspondence through Lady Tatiyana's account has expired today. Lady Tatiyana is extremely disappointed over the matter due to her great expectations for the correspondence with you. Although, she advises her at a current she cannot afford to maintain the correspondence on the financial hardships. Thus, we will be glad to proceed the cooperation for the future correspondence between you and Lady Tatiyana.

You may apply our office any time convenient.

Yours faithfully, Svetlana Novikova



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