Scam letter(s) from Elena Jaremchishina to Chris (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Troy!!!
I am glad to receive your letter. I'm glad that you and I started writing to each other. Through the letters we know each other better and maybe someday we can meet. As I already wrote, I hope that you will be honest and I will write only the truth. I think you want to know more about me. I now live in the Republic Tatarstan. My city is called Naberegnye Chelny. It is not far from the city of Kazan. Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. My height of 165 cm and weight 55 pounds I think. I try to keep its shape and so every morning I do gymnastics, but when I have some free time then I go to the gym. Color of eyes brown, and my hair a dark color. Now I am 34 years old, but I may be filled July 15 35. I look forward to this day, because I love this holiday. I graduated from university, faculty of foreign languages and I know and can speak English and German. Now I work in travel agency. Help draw up documents for travel. Because of their homes, I do not, so I rent an apartment. I was born in the village Urzhum. I've got parents now live. this is not a big town. I went there, when to go to college. 5 years lived in a dormitory which I gave the university where I studied. I studied there for teachers of foreign languages. After graduation, I did not want to go to work to his settlement, and so I stayed in Naberegnye Chelny. Now I am nearly 10 years working in the travel agency.
I've never been married and have no children. But I want to marry and establish a family. To do this, I want to find the right person, that he loved me and respected. I hope that you're such a man. I think we know at the time of the correspondence we are approaching each other.
I am very good cook meals. My favorite dishes - Russian cuisine and Italian cuisine. And what is your favorite food? You probably have not tried Russian cuisine? In Russian cuisine are so many different dishes. If we get build relationships, then I think you try most of them. I also love listening to music and read books. The music I mostly listen to pop-music. I read mostly novels of contemporary writers, and sometimes detectives. I also love to relax outdoors and swimming. That's the me. Likewise, I would like to know a little about you. I hope that you'll tell me.
I hope that you are interested and I'll wait for your letter. You write to me in any way. Elena.
Letter 2
Hello Troy!!!
I am very happy to receive your letter. If you be honest I like to get a letter from you and I look forward to them eagerly. I very much hope that you also like to receive my emails. Dear Troy I am interested to know about you. I also hope that I would write about a lot of interesting things. I want you to write a little about my character, so that you can understand what I am. I am an optimist, calm, kind, and treat everything with understanding. Perhaps this is why I have many friends, but that the groom could not be found. You have many friends? My friends say that I am very good and kind, so they trust me. I really do not like insecure people, deceitful and selfish. It seems to me that such people everywhere much. I try to avoid such people. Our world is so constituted that much good and much evil.
In my spare time I try to spend outdoors and with friends. Since I love to travel, I hunt to visit as many countries. But I have very little free time as you have to work very hard. We now have a crisis and many people lost their jobs. On TV they say that this global economic crisis and it affected many countries. Therefore, it is very difficult to travel because it is very expensive and it can afford only the rich people. So I often go out of town, on the environment. I'm with my friends like to spend the weekend near rivers and lakes. We had fun. I also love animals, but unfortunately I have none. My parents have a dog. Her name is Djek.
I want to know more about your relatives and friends. And of course for you. I will wait your letter with impatience and hope you will soon write to me, Elena.
Letter 3
Hi Troy!!!
Thank you for your beautiful letter, I am very glad to read it. I hope you all right? I'm doing great. I hope you like my pictures, I am sending you. I would have wanted to send you more pictures, but I have limited Internet traffic. My 2 gb bandwidth per month. This is a very little, but I'm glad At least this much. I try to save your internet. I hope that you will understand me. In other small towns and villages there are no Internet. For example at home with my parents in general do not have Internet. And so on weekends when I visit my parents sometimes I can not write you my letter. I hope that you understand me. And what you do online? At work, we have a computer, but it is always busy at work. For me it is difficult to talk about itself. It may seem like bragging. :))) But in general I can say with confidence that I am honest, kind, gentle and honest girl. I believe in God. My faith is Orthodox Christianity. Family values of course I want to have a family. I want to have a loving husband. Which would be loved and cared for me. With regard to travel, I traveled a lot and frankly I like to travel on the nature and walk in the park with her beloved man. It is most important.
Dear Troy I want to tell you a little about your city. My city is located approximately 170 - 200 kilometers from the city of Kazan. Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan. My city is very beautiful, especially in summer. My city is very old. In the annals of Naberegnye Chelny mentioned in 1300. This is a very old city. Therefore, the exact date of origin is difficult to determine. The population of our city is about 300 thousand people. Here, we have a lot of theaters, museums and various cultural and entertainment centers. By the size of our town is not big. I rent an apartment near his work. So easy for me to get to work. I get to walk his work for 30 minutes. Sometimes I get a taxi, but it's only when I was very late. In the winter we have a very fast darkening and therefore home from work I get on the bus, because I'm scared to walk through the dark streets alone. With this I conclude my letter. I hope my letter to you like it. Also, I expect to receive from you news, your new girlfriend Elena.
Letter 4

Hey!!! Troy, what is your mood today? I think that you have a good mood, because you can read again my letter. this is so? I want to tell you that I now have a good mood, because I read your letter and now I'm writing you a letter. I had a good day today and for this I am writing to you in a good mood. When I'm writing you a letter, then my face is always smile because I'm pleased that our correspondence with you gives us the opportunity to learn more about each other. A painting of flowers was made about 4-5 years ago. Then I dyed her hair red color. The picture where I'm sitting on the grass was made abroad, but I do not remember exactly where. With regard to Russian cuisine, I recommend you try Borsh or Pelmeny. Very tasty. Troy, you know, today I would like to write you about my friends who are now with me and that was before. When I was in university, I did not have many friends because I did not want to be distracted from their studies. I want to tell you that I graduated from university with good grades, because I wanted to make my future better. I know that education is essential to the future, I could live a good life. But now I think very differently, because in Russia it is not so. I think that you have heard that live in Russia is very bad? It is not, because in Russia live well enough, but not all. not everyone can find themselves in life and have a good life, but I hope so, I'll have a good life in the future. Previously, I was not sociable girl, but now I have good friends and they helped me to open up in this life and now I am interesting and sociable person. My mom always taught me that, so I always stayed home and was closed on that it lasted a long time. But now I realized that my life can not be long for this and have a lot to try in my life. Troy, what do you think I am saying right? You have many friends? What kind of relationship you have with them? They respect you? I'll post a photo with my friend, which for me means a lot because she always helps me in my life. Her name is Olga. In the first photo is my friend, Olga, and the second photo, my other friend, which name is Elena. We love to spend free time together. Olga just as I am now in search of men because she divorced her ex-husband. We are very happy girls. I think that you've noticed it in the photo. Sometimes the soul is like a child and I love it. Troy, tell me how you spend your free time with friends. What was interesting in your life? I am very interested to learn a lot from your life. I ask that you also sent a photo with your friends, if you have such photos. I'm really glad that you write me letters. Now I must finish my letter. I'll wait for your letter. I hope I see it soon. Your friend from Russia Elena.
Letter 5
Hi my friend Troy!!!
How are you? What is your weather? I hope your good mood. Or at least better, after receiving my letter. Your letters improve my mood for long. With each letter we become closer and closer. Reading your letters, I know all about you more and more. And with every letter I'm trying to tell us more about yourself. I hope that I have obtained. As for your yard, then I really liked it. I loved it. Perhaps in the near future I can see it on this. I really liked it. Very nice. He looks like a castle.
In this letter I want to tell you about how I usually spend their days. On weekdays I get up at 7:00 in the morning. My working day is usually Monday through Friday. But sometimes it is necessary to work on Saturday, approximately once a month. Before I go to work, I wash my face and eat breakfast. At work, I should be by 8:30 and my day continues until 17:00 (if sometimes a lot of customers have to stay until 18:00). So do we have a break for lunch. We break from 13:00 to 14:00. If you work a lot, and have to stay outside working hours. After work I usually go home, but sometimes we do together with my colleagues are going to relax. After a busy day, I usually cook myself dinner and then watch TV or read. Also, we sometimes go for a walk in the evenings with friends. Over the weekend, sometimes I go to my parents. My parents love me and wait, and when I come to them they are very happy. Sometimes they come to me in Naberegnye Chelny. When I go to my parents all the time I try to help them. My parents their economy, they have their own garden. My mom is very tasty prepares. I told my parents that I met you and we're writing letters to each other. They were very happy and wished us to have everything turned out and make our dreams come true. My dream is to have all happened to you and I have met and established a strong and united family. And what is your dream?
I hope that my letter you will not be bored. I will send you a photo, where we relaxed with friends. I hope to soon get a letter from you, your Elena
Letter 6
Hello my dear Troy!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter. With each letter we become closer and closer to each other. Each your letter I read with awe and anticipation. Reading your letters, I understand that we are approaching each other. I hope you agree with me. Now I understand that we can really start a family. Maybe I'm certainly too early to draw such conclusions. I think a lot of our ancient and at the same time intimate relationships. I can not express all their emotions in the letters. I think you have a lot of features that I like a man. I'm looking for a man. I am glad that our letters are genuine. We write to each other not so long but I already know a lot about you. At least I think. When I read your letters, I try to go into every sentence. Previously, I wrote a variety of men, but they were not the same and all of their letters were false. Some corresponded with several girls at once and wrote me a letter calling me other names. With this, I immediately stopped the correspondence. And just reading your letter I understand that you are very nice and honest man. One of which I dreamed all the time. In Russia, too many good people, but found them difficult.
I told at work that corresponding with you and that we have serious intentions. I told them that I met you on the internet, and that we have a close correspondence. Her friends say that I did right. They also told me that I will be lucky if I can go to you all. A lot of girls from Russia to marry abroad in different countries. And many are happy. I really hope that I too will be lucky. :) Thank you for your beautiful photos. I really liked it. Yes, I agree with you, you have a really beautiful children. Tell them hello from Russia by Elena. As for the mailing, then I think that this is not the best idea, because we have a mail does not work and lost a lot of things. I do not want this to happen with your gift. Still, thanks for the offer.At this point I will finish my letter. I'll look forward to your letter, your Elena.
Letter 7
Nice day, my Troy.
I have a good mood again, as I see your letter. How much time do you go to write me a letter? I beg you not to spare the time to write me all the things you want me to say. Good? I am always pleased to read your letters and to learn a lot from your life. Now I began to realize that the correspondence on the Internet secure, because I like to talk to you here and I find it much good. I beg you to understand me what I'm trying to learn about you and understand you, to see if I can build a relationship with you, a man from another country. Today I saw my friend, who arrived recently from another country. She met a man from another country and now they live together. she came here to visit their friends and family. She told me about that foreign people are very positive attitude towards their women. I was happy because I just read on the internet and I was told some people that foreign men are better husbands and love their family. I am very happy about this because I hope that you are such a person referred to by my friend.
Troy, I want to tell you what I just told you about my friend Olga for you and she is happy for me, now that I am communicating with you and we know each other more every day. She asks a lot about you and I tell her the same way as you live in your country and your life. I think that you do not mind what I tell her about you? I told her I can trust 100%, because she's my best friend. Tell me, are you talking about me to their friends or relatives? What they say about me? I think that in order to get to know each other real needs met. Need to meet in real life. Perhaps we will in future be able to meet with you, but this is only speculation. Now I would like to, we often corresponded with you. You're smart and you're a grown man and perfectly understand it. Yes I totally agree with you that we need to make sure that we are both real. But if you be honest paper that says "Hello" nothing says, because it can be faked using photoshop. Do you know such a program? This program are all crooks. It changes everything. And it can be faked anything. For it is written on the internet and you can read about it. I believe that the best solution is to be photographed against the background of the flag. Tomorrow I'll try to go to the American Embassy is located in our country and to be photographed against the background of your flag. So I can prove to you that I'm real, but I would also like that would do it and you. If you have such an opportunity. What do you think about this? I think that this way we can show each other that we are real. I wish you good day today. Remember that you are far away from the girl who is bored and thinks about you. I'll look forward to your letter. Your Elena!!!
PS as for the Russian words that I will teach you at our meeting. I can not write you letters in the Russian words, since my computer does not support this format, as all my letters are written in English. So I must write to you, or in Russian or in English. The program can not simultaneously support two languages. I hope that you understand me.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Troy!!!
I am very pleased to receive from you a new letter. With each letter we become closer and closer. Each your letter I am looking forward to. Reading your letter I see that we need each other. I've thought a lot about our future with you. When we started writing to each other, I had hoped that in future we'll be fine. Now I'm almost sure that you and I will succeed. When I think of you, I feel warmth in my heart. And I imagine that at this very moment you think of me. I really enjoyed your letter. I read it 3 times, this is a very sincere letter. I know you wrote it from the heart. Now I write you the answer. I hope that my letter it will be the same. Every day when I wake up, I think, what are you doing now? I'm with you really want to meet soon. And hope that we will succeed. Do you want to meet me? I think that it is fate, what we found each other. We will be happy together and a long life together. I want to love you, take care of you, support you in difficult situations. I am sure that you are the person to whom I can trust and be betrayed. You brought a ray of my life. I think we'll get a friendly family atmosphere in which to understand and love. I need help, care and a person who I would say that all is well. In the family the most important thing is mutual understanding and trust each other. If the husband trusts his wife, and his wife trusts her husband, then their family will always love and respect. So says my mother. And I agree with it. Dear Troy, but do you agree with her words? Yes you are right that it should give time to their children. Since children are our future and we must take care of them, give them your warmth and care, give them a proper upbringing. I also dream of walking down the street with my favorite man. It's very romantic to walk hand in hand. As for the money, I believe that money should always be shared. And the need to dispose of them as a family. I am very frugal person and I do not like to spend money in the shuffle. Money must be spent only for necessity. But of course we can save money on children. With regard to our telephone conversation, I want to tell you that it will be very expensive if you call me. Because international calls in our country are very expensive. It would be better if you send me your phone number and then I can call you out of the negotiating points by buying a special card for international calls. So it will be cheaper for both of us. Thank you for your picture, I will do the same, as soon as I get, because it requires a camera. Today, I am not allowed to be photographed next to the embassy, because left guard. But an embassy employee gave me a flag, so I told him that I needed to take a picture with the flag for a loved one. So I had to be photographed on the bridge. It was very cold, but for your sake I decided to make a beautiful picture. I hope that you enjoy. I asked a camera at work and my friend took a photo of me. Unfortunately I can not send you many pictures as I have limited Internet traffic, but I'm sending you the most beautiful. It pleased me most.
This concludes his letter with impatience shall wait your letter, your Elena.
Letter 9
Hello my beloved Troy!!!
How are you? How are you? What is your weather? I'm all right. Today the weather is good, at least I like it. I read your letter very carefully. And I made to a conclusion - Your ex-wife does not deserve you. You're a good man, but it does not. She was interested only in money. I do not like these people. Since money is not important in life. The main thing in life is family, love, trust and understanding, as well as health. This is the most important thing in life. Dear Troy, I would like to call each letter you loved. Can I write to you favorite? I think that we can call each other loved ones because we have not rewritten the first day and I think that our relations develop into love. Do you think so too? Write me please what you think about it. If you honestly say that I have with every your letter all the more in love with you, and I really miss you. I really want to see you next that I can touch you. I think now we can be frank with each other and can talk to you about a relationship. I feel guilty because you're you're so far away from me and we are not together. Yesterday my friends and I went for a walk in the park. Just yesterday it was cold, but still had a lot of people. There were many couples and looking at them I thought about us. I want so much that we were together, every moment spent with each other. Did you know that in our country many men, but they do not have the qualities that I see in you. I think we should tell each other what we think.
I still can not believe all this. I think that all this does not happen with me and all this is just a beautiful dream. In fact our relationship is so wonderful that this could be just a dream. I know it's not a dream and you and I are fine, and any relationship - nothing compared to ours. Dear Troy, today in this letter, I wrote what I think every day and I pray God that we have with you all came and finally we could be together. I wish you a pleasant stay and a good weekend. With the holiday. At this point I will finish my letter. I'll look forward to your letter, Forever yours Elena.
Letter 10
Hello Troy. I got your letter and read it carefully of course. And now I want to fully answer all your questions. I'm not mad and do not take offense at you. But one - I do not like when I suspected something bad. 2 - I do not like when I am asked to do anything to please. Now details. If you read my letter thoroughly and carefully, you should understand me correctly. In one of his last letters, I told you that I will send you a photo next time. But I did not say that I will send it to the next letter. Since I wrote that I do not have a camera to make every day new pictures. As for the phone call that I described in detail to you how we can talk to each other. I wrote to you that a call from another country, it will be very expensive for me so it would be better if I call myself using the card for international calls. As for sending messages, then I am no expert in this and I do not know how and where they go. I use 3 J modem. And that's all I know about the Internet. As for your tests, then I want to tell you that it is your right. It's just said that you do not trust me. And this is also your right. I have nothing hiding. I'm real and I'm clean. But if a man does not confide in the girl, then they will never build a real love. I will not and do not like excuses, but that's all I wanted to write you. You decide. You can start to look for and learn from other women because they are very much on this site. I still get it. Good luck and good holiday. Elena.
Letter 11
Hello my dear Troy!!! I am happy to receive your letters. Much to my arrival at my e-mail were three of your letters. I just want to apologize that it was unable to write to you sooner. I could not, since the weekend I went to his parents. And as you know there is no internet and therefore I could not answer you. I went on a Friday night. And only now returning home, I can write you my letter. How are you? What is your weather? And how were your holidays? I'm all good. I spent the weekend with his parents. By the way my parents send you greetings. They are expecting me to be happy and my arrival. Weather at us spoiled. Yesterday the whole day was a strong wind, and by evening it began to snow. Home with their parents, we have prepared a festive table and invited relatives. I am very happily spent their weekends. Do you? Today I came home and immediately decided to write you my letter. Back home I made myself dinner and began to prepare for tomorrow's working day. I need to prepare several important documents. This is a very hard job, because you must write a lot and fill out important documents. To be honest, I even got tired. Since so many had to write. Today the weather is normal. The temperature of minus 5 degrees, but on TV said that the soon to be minus 20 degrees. It will be cold and have to dress warmly. As for our relations, I want to tell you straight away that I do not like when I was under pressure. I wrote you in my first letter that I am not here to play games. I am here to build real relationships and true love. I do not want to prove anything and show it. I want to be loved this way I am. It's not so much that I ask. If you have any doubts, you can visit me and see me. For example at Christmas. That's all I can say about it. That's been my weekend and I was like this today. At this point I will finish my letter and I will look forward to your answer. Your Elena.
Letter 12
Hello my dear Troy!!! I am happy to receive your letter. Thank you. I read it very carefully. I'm always very careful reading your letters. Thank you for your pictures, I really liked it. I apologize if I sometimes answer no to all your questions. I sometimes just overwhelmed with feelings and I try to write everything I think. But I always try to pay more attention to your questions. Today is my day was okay, but I'm a little tired at work because I had to work very hard. Weather we are very bad. Today the whole day was very strong cold wind and snow was falling. All roads blocked with snow. Now I sit and write you my letter. I have long thought that to write you today in my letter and decided to describe my whole life. How do I live now. Please read my letter carefully it. Perhaps after reading this letter, your opinion of me changed. I do not know, but I want you to know that this letter was written from the heart and everything I write is true. I'll start by saying that I'm not rich. My salary is 300 dollars a month. Of these, 150 dollars I'm paying for rent. $ 50 I pay my taxes. $ 30 I pay for using the Internet. On the other money I buy things and food. As you can see I do not earn much money and I'm not rich. Sometimes I have no money left and I look forward to his next salary. It occurs in winter, as winter had to buy winter clothes, but it expensive. But I have enough, I'm not complaining. I believe that happiness is not money. That's why I told you that I can send you many pictures as I have restrictions on the internet and so I save my Internet. And that's why I can not send you pictures, so I do not have a camera. The cost of the camera in our country is about 190-220 dollars. As you can see it's expensive for me so I can not always be able to fulfill your request. I sometimes difficult. As for the pictures of my parents, then of course I have these photos, but they are at home with my parents in our family album. In order to send them to you, they need to be scanned, but I do not have a scanner so I can not do that. I hope that you are not angry at me. I just want to tell you in this letter that I am not rich. And if you're looking for a rich girl, then you better look for another. My dear Troy please do not be offended by this letter. In this letter, I just told you about your financial situation. I am a simple girl who grew up in the village. I hope that you will understand this message correctly. And I hope that this letter will not affect our relationship. I like you. I'll look forward to your letter. With love Elena.
Letter 13
Hello my love Troy. I am happy to receive your letter. Thank you. Very nice letter. There you are all clear and detailed written. I liked it. I read it with pleasure. Now I want to answer your questions. My love, I immediately want to warn you that today, my letter will be short, because it's late and I'm very tired. Because today I had to work very hard at work. So today, in this letter, I will concentrate my attention only to your questions that you have room to me in this letter. I hope that I can answer you in detail. The first thing for our upcoming meeting. Of course I would be glad if you could visit me. But I want to warn you that the holiday in my country is given only once a year. My holiday this year falls on Christmas Day. My holiday will begin around December 15. My vacation will last approximately 45 days. That's why I wanted to, we tried to meet at Christmas. Since this is the only way for me this year. After the holidays I will have to work again. What tapes of your gift, I do not want to risk it. So as I told you that I do not trust the mail. Of course, I am pleased to receive your gift, but I think it would be better to do at this meeting. So it will be safer. I hope you understand me correctly. I think that would be best. I do not want to risk your gift. My dear, I also really want to hear your voice and really want to talk to you over the phone. Yesterday I went to the telephone service of our city, and asked how much the international conversation. I was told that this will need to buy a card for international calls and calls to order a negotiation point. All it costs about 60-80 dollars. It depends on the time of the conversation. As soon as I accumulation money I will give you a call. Honestly. I just need to save money. As for love, then of course I like you so I correspond with you. And I'm in the process of our correspondence, I fell in love with you. I fell in love with you, in your letters. I like how you write to me. I really like your writing. You are very detail please contact me. This suggests that you are very honest and decent man. And it shows that you really are looking for real relationships and real love. I'm glad to meet you. Of course the letter can not tell everything about a person and is required for this meeting. And I'm sure we'll meet again, because only at the meeting we can really learn and understand each other. I think you will agree with me. I think that only after the meeting we will be able to take a joint decision about our relationship. Do you agree with me? Of course if we decide to be together, then I'll be your wife, and of course I'll be living with you. But it is only after our meeting with you. My dear, I will finish this his letter, if I missed any of the questions or did not give you the answer, then you can ask it in the next letter and I will answer for it. Now I go to bed. I kiss you and hug you. With love, your Elena.
Letter 14
Hello my dear Troy. I am in the city of Kazan. Today I was sent on a mission to work. You need to important documents for a group of tourists. I am writing from an Internet cafe. Internet here is very expensive and so this letter will be very short. I just want to warn you. I'll be back tomorrow night and will write to you immediately. I kiss your Elena.
Letter 15
Hi my love Troy!!!!! I am glad that I was able to write to you. Now I'm in an internet cafe. I hope that you will see this letter and write to me at once. I'll be waiting here an hour. I hope that we can communicate. With love yours Elena. Waiting for your answer. My love please do not hurry up we still have time. I paid for the use of the Internet for an hour, so we can talk. How are you? How was the weekend? I'm all good. I miss you. As for the money. Today I was in the bank and they told me that international transfers are made through Western Union, but it does not exist in our city. Western Union only in Kazan. So I have to go to Kazan to make money. Unless of course you really want to help me. My dear I can not buy a computer today, because to do so I need to get money. I found a good laptop. It has already installed all the programs and even set antivirus. There's even installed msn. The cost of this laptop is $ 600. What do you think about it? This store accepts payment only in cash, so I'll have to pay the first $ 600 I had only $ 100 Now I go to the official site of Western Union and see how you can send the money. Ok. He does not have a laptop webcam. The laptop has a webcam which is very expensive. Its price is around 1200 - 1500 dollars. It is very expensive. I just need the $ 800 it with a trip to Kazan. Since I have to go in the morning by taxi. I have 100 dollars. My full name Elena Jaremchishina. Country Russia, city Kazan received. I do not know the code will tell you at the bank. I've never experienced this system. To be honest I do not know. I think you explain it in the bank when you will send money. My address city Naberegnye Chelny. Lilac Street 23 -32 The most important information is the city of departure, my name is my name and country. And the code. I can get money in any bank which has a Western Union. This is all that is needed. Elena Jaremchishina, Kazan, Russia. It is written on the site. What bank. I've never been there, I do not know. ok my time is up, I was glad to correspond with you. I wish you good day and good mood. I kiss your Elena.
Letter 16
My dear Troy! Finally, thanks to you I have my new computer. Thank you very much. I love you and appreciate your gift and your concern for me. Today, the wizard has configured all the software and antivirus installed on my computer. Finally I was able to read all your letters. Of course now I can not answer all your questions that you asked me in your last letter, but I will answer them in subsequent letters. Now I want to answer our most important question to you. This is a question about our upcoming meeting. I took a vacation, because I do not have time to get a visa to visit you. It requires time. I spoke with the director of our travel company and they told me that in order to obtain a visa in your country will need 1.5 - 3 months, and may need to be your invitation. So I changed your vacation with our other employee. This is explained later. Now I'm on my computer msn and we can chat online. My msn address My dear has installed a computer and add my msn address. And tomorrow we will be able to communicate online. Ok. At this point I will finish my letter because it is too late. Once again I want to thank you for your concern. I love you. I kiss your Elena.
Letter 17
My dear, I'm online. I will be glad if you write to me. Elena.
Letter 18
Yes, I also see you, but for some reason you are in offline. What should I do? I did not understand in your computer, you may be able to help me.
Letter 19
Hello my love Troy !!! I am very happy that finally I can write you my letter. I really miss you. All this time I thought about you. I apologize for being unable to write to you yesterday as promised. I remember that I promised to come on January 11, but I did not succeed, because yesterday and the day before yesterday was a very heavy snow and strong wind, all the roads were covered with snow and all flights were canceled including the train and so I had to stay home for one more day . This morning I went home and immediately checked my mail, because I knew what to expect Tove letter and of course the first thing I read it and then ran off to work. Now I'm back at home waiting for you in the chat, but you are not there. Now of course I want to write you as I spent my new year 2012. I came home to my parents and we began to prepare for the new year. My dad bought a Christmas tree, and my mother started to cook a variety of festive dishes. At midnight on New Year's came to us our family and we all met together and fun new year. And also we talked about you my love. I told my parents that you send greetings and wishes them a happy New Year. My parents were happy to hear this and they also asked me to send you greetings. My parents give you huge greetings from Russia and wish you all the best in the new year 2012. My parents wish you happiness, love and good health. They say that this is the most important thing in a person's life. My love I can not write much because I was very tired. Today, I slept very little, because I had to get up early in the morning in time to come to the beginning of the day and so I feel very tired. Today I want to go early to sleep. So tomorrow I have to work again. Tomorrow we will meet in the chat, because I really miss you. You will be tomorrow online? I'll wait for you as usual. I really, really love you and miss you. Commit regards to children and say that Elena loves them and sends them greetings and I wish that all their dreams come true in this new year 2012. With love yours Elena.
Letter 20
Hello my love Troy. I got your letter. But unfortunately I can not answer you about the language Pyccknn. Usually written in Russia. Can be written in the GPS Pyccknn, I do not know. Try to establish and verify Pyccknn an interpreter. As for the address. My colleague gave address of his relatives in Kazan, they can get a GPS out there. After that, they will give it to me through my colleague. Their address - city of Kazan, Moskowskiy region, Serova avenue 41-152, 420 095, Do vostrebovaniya. I wish you good day. I love you very much. Tomorrow we will be able to chat in the chat? I'll wait for you as usual in our time. Your Elena.
Letter 21
Hello my love. Today is Saturday, but I still had to work until lunch. Since it was a lot of work. Now I have finished my work day and decided to go to her parents. Today the weather is good, only minus 14 degrees, so I decided to go to his parents. Soon I train, but before leaving I decided to write you my letter. How are you? Now of course you're still asleep and I certainly want to in your beautiful dreams you dreamed of me. Okay I'm done on this my letter, and of course tell you the main thing that I love you very much I love and miss you. Tell the kids hi from Elena. And tell them that Elena loves. At this point I will finish my letter. I will come on Monday morning. Sweet dreams, my beloved prince. I love you. Forever yours Elena.
Letter 22
Hello my love. I got your letter. I waited for you today in the chat, but you were not there. Perhaps today you are very busy and therefore can not be online. I understand and so I suggest you talk tomorrow. I hope that you can? Write me when you have free time. Today is Monday and we have to work a lot of work and to be honest I'm a little tired. And also I want to tell you that on Wednesday I need to go to a working trip to Kazan, and from there will probably have to go to Moscow, as I was told that some documents are still needed to get my visa. That's what I'll tell you tomorrow. I love you very much. Your Elena.
Letter 23
hello my love. So I just was able to configure and connect to the Internet in Kazan. But I want to say that it is very expensive internet, so I can only write you this letter. I think you understand me correctly, but I can not get to chat, as the Internet is expensive. Kazan is a large town and a very expensive city. Here, everything is expensive. I'm all right, now I have finished my job and now you decided to write his letter. I really miss you because I love you very much. The weather here is very, very cold. The temperature in the morning reached minus 30 degrees Celsius. It is very cold. I also want to tell you that on Sunday evening I am flying to Moscow. I have already booked a ticket, and on Monday morning I'll be in Moscow. I do not know how long it will take a journey, but I think on Wednesday I'll be home. As soon as I am in Moscow I will write to you. I also want to tell you that the gps is not done, but I think that it will go until Sunday to post Kazan. Tomorrow I also work day and on Saturday until 12.00 am. I work until 17.30 pm. When you finish working day I'm going home. I live in a hotel. That's how my day goes. How are you? How is your day? My love I miss without communicating with you. I love you and look forward to our meeting. At this point I will finish my letter. I will write you tomorrow. A whole. Your Princess Elena.
Letter 24
Hello my prince!! I'm sorry, I was not able to write to you yesterday. I had a problem with the Internet. I'm all good. I finished all the work and is now waiting for a trip to Moscow. As I already told you tomorrow night I will fly to Moscow and in the morning will be there. How are you? Today I worked only up to 12.00 am, after work I went to the supermarket. Then he went into a cafe for lunch. Now I sit and write you my letter. Every day I think of you and of course about our upcoming meeting. I very much forward to it. Weather unchanged. Today minus 30 degrees. You have to dress very warmly. That's how I was today. At this point I will finish my letter. I love you. Whole. Your Elena.
Letter 25
Hello my Prince! Sorry for not writing to you, but I could not configure the internet and so I am writing from an internet cafe. I'm all good. Now as you know I'm in Moscow. I want to tell you is very good news. I think that you have already guessed what? Did you know? Okay I will not hide. My all my documents including my visa will be ready February 24th. Now this afternoon, I'll look for suitable flights. To coincide with each other. Well on this I finish my letter, I think that my news has pleased you today. I wrote this early on purpose, because I really wanted to give you a surprise, by the time you wake up. In the evening I go online and we will be able to communicate. I love you. Your Princess Elena.
P.S as your health. Are you recovered? I hope after reading this letter you'll feel better and all the cold away. I love you.
Letter 26
Hello my love! I am glad to receive your letter. My love from the first line of my letter I want to apologize for not writing to you. I could not. Since I'm in Nizhny Novgorod. I told you that I needed to finish the job to get your vacation. I could not find this Internet cafe to write you a letter. Today I found an Internet cafe and write you a letter soon. Of course everything is very expensive and so I can not write you a long letter, so I'll write you the most important thing. The most important thing is, of course, "I LOVE YOU" and I want you to always remember. Now I want to tell you that the parcel arrived. Today I called and was told that the parcel with gps came to Kazan. But only Marat went on a business trip so he can not now obtain it and receive only when he returns home. Also today, my boss called me and said that tomorrow leaves for Kazan, and so can you send money. It will be able to get them on Wednesday. Its data Ekaterina Lyupersolskaya. Kazan. Russia. I'll be back on Wednesday. On Wednesday we will have to go to online. We will need to communicate. I love you very much. Your Elena.
Letter 27
My love. I could write you all these days since I went to say goodbye to their parents. They asked me to come to him before leaving. Today I came home. I've collected all the stuff and an hour later I go to Kazan. All tickets purchased. Only a few days before our long awaited meeting with you. We have been waiting for this meeting and she will soon have to happen. More I can not write to you because I will not have internet. I bought some international cards to call you. As soon as I arrive in Moscow I will call you. At this point I will finish my letter. I love you. Very soon we will be able to touch each other. I love you very much. Your Elena.
Letter 28
My love Troy!!
Sorry my prince that I am not writing you a long time. I was in the hospitalafter the robbery and did not have Internet access.
I called you several times, but you did not take the phone. I am very much worried, because I could not tell you about my situation, I asked the police to call you and tell you about my trouble. He called you? You have the same phone number?
I now also have a phone, my cell phone +79276820545, call me or write sms.
Sorry for short letter, I'll wait for your answer. Your Princess Elena
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