Scam letter(s) from Sofia Proshevich to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Hello friend!!!!
Be careful and take a moment to my letter!
My name is Eliza! The purpose of my letter - it started a dialogue with you! I want to find a man who made me a happy girl! I'll look forward to your response.
Your new friend Eliza!
Letter 2
Hello again, How is your mood today? How are you?
Now I come again in our internet cafe to check any answer from you. And very glad that you showed me your interest. When I sent you the first letter, I really wanted to get an answer from you. I'm not much worried, and I was hoping you answer me. Now I'm calm, because I see your letter.
I ask you to write me often, I will come at an Internet cafe every day and hope to see your answers. I hope you're also looking for a serious relationship? Then you must tell me immediately. Since I'm an honest girl. I do not want no lies. I want sincere relationship. I think that the best relationships begin with friendship. If there is a friendship between two people, then they can build a serious relationship! Do you agree with me?
I would love to learn about you and your life a lot, and also tell about themselves and their lives. I hope you do not object to this?
I know a little English, and not much I can say. But to write you a letter on your tongue - I'll use a translator. That's all I can now. But I think that you will understand my letter correctly? I want to do as little as possible errors in the writing, and that you correctly understood me. Also, I hope in time we communicate a little better I can teach your language.
I would like to know, What are your hobbies? What is your job?
I love my job. I work as a salesman in a grocery store. I sell food products such as milk, meat, bread. For my work I constantly talk to customers, and I always learn something new. So I think my job interesting ..
I would like to say more about my own:
My height is 169-170 cm and weight 56-58 pounds. I am 28 years old already and my birthday is on December 28 and I still live alone in my city! My full name Sofia-Eliza. I have two names, because I called in honor of my grandmother. And her name Sofia, but my dad wanted to call me Eliza. And now I have two names.
Maybe it's not a lot of weird, but it happens (smile). And I hope that you normally take for this. My city Minsk, large, quiet and calm. It is the capital of our country Belorussian Republic. Previously, Belarus was part of the Soviet Union. Now it is a separate independent country. I love my city.
And I want to tell you that you should not be confused in the future, Belarus - this is not Ukraine, not Russia, and that is another state!
And in what city you live? Tell me a little about it.
My parents live in a village far from Minsk. I go from there, because I want to have development and prospect for the future. I left my village a few years ago.
I rarely visit my parents. Now I have another life. I have a job that provides my needs. I have new friends. I like my new life. And I want to develop it further.
Now my country is experiencing great economic problems. A lot about this show on TV. Perhaps you could see it? Recently, there are often rallies, strikes. But these things very quickly stopped by police. Since our President Lukashenko is virtually a dictator. He does not tolerate criticism and opposition. With each day comes new disgruntled people, passions run high.
For me, not yet felt the change. My salary does not change. I have enough money to live, food and clothing.
I started to look the other half to the Internet after a few unsuccessful cases with men of my country. I've heard that men from other countries are more sensitive, caring and gentle. Is this true? I believe that at my age already have a family and need a serious relationship. That's my goal for the future.
And if you know me well and want to change your life, then I will wait from you the following letter, and your photo. I want you to write me long letters and send your photos, please do not forget. Because that's how I'll be nicer and more interesting. I'll answer you as soon as I can. Internet Cafe is open Monday through Saturday.
I hope not too tired you with my letter and questions? I hope you can find the time to re-write to me soon. I really want to get from you a long letter.
Hoping for a speedy reply, now goodbye.
Sofia, but you can call me Eliza, but to be honest I like Sofia more (smile).
Letter 3
Hello! Today I am pleased once again to come to Internet cafes and to wish you a good day. I am glad that you responded to my letter, I am very pleased!
It would be nice!
If I had a phone, then I called to you immediately. But I do not have my phone in my house, so I feel so sorry for that. I can still hear your voice. But I think that soon I will be able to call you. Now in our country to work with cellular disruption. Many people complain about the quality of it. So I gave up a cell phone.
Thus, it is important now: I am very soon going to ask you a phone number to call. When we get to know each other better, I'll go out and buy a phone card for international calls. But until then I can not. I'm sorry. I hope you do not mind? And you will not bother correspondence e-mail? In every letter we write more, learn a lot about the lives of everyone. I love to read. And I really want to know more about you, that you wrote to me a lot.
I still know how to use my e-mail. Receive a letter from you and send back.
So, I want to ask you at once that we should not hurry with anything. I want to have pleasure with the letters. I want you to know through letters better.
Recognize your life, all your interests, your thoughts. For me it is really very interesting.
I believe that a serious relationship should not develop in a hurry. Since the future depends on it. Do you agree with me? Since our meeting still in its infancy right now. And I would not want to rush things. I know you from all sides more each time. That is, I want to ask any question you, and also receive honest answers. And also you can say whatever you want. Thus we get a delightful conversation.
I mean, I'm looking for a serious relationship. Because here, in Belorussia, I can not get it. I tried several times to build relationships with local men.
But within a short time I realized that the foundation goal of the men was only ***.
And I want to have a family and serznye relations. And so I just stopped by such a relationship. I am not looking for entertainment or just sekskualnyh relations. I believe that it is peculiar to the younger girls. I never met the man for creation family. So I stopped my search there. And I decided to look serious, this man from another country. That is why I am writing to you.
I would like to change my life and live in a country where there are no problems, and men related to respect the girls. .
I work almost every day, except Sundays - and then come home. In his spare time (my favorite thing) - I love to cook and eat to make cleaning up. This also has a variety of my imagination. And I love to imagine and compose herself.
Generally, I like to try to put everything in this life. And it used to do all by herself! I love talking to people on various topics and I can not just sit at home. For example, I like my bed when the house filled up perfectly, the floors are always clean and always clean the air. I grow flowers at home, and I love it. Clean air, they just give!
Tell me please, you like to clean? I - very much.
And now I meet with you better, and I want it also continued. That you tried to write me every day and never forget about me.
I think that then we can talk about more important things? What do you think?
Also in my spare time I listen to pop and dance music. Because it creates a light mood. Sometimes romantic.
Still, I was pleased to write you this letter, and yet it would be nicer - to receive from you tomorrow nice and interesting answer. I'm sorry I also do not have any other contact, such as MSN, or Facebook. In an Internet cafe say that it is better to have only e-mail. so, therefore I am!
I would like to know what you're looking for specifically and what girl? I will also try to describe themselves.
I'll miss your letter and wait for it eagerly ...
Letter 4

Hello again, my dear!
Now I read your letter and my eyes sparkle with joy and surprise. Because it was confident that I can see from your response. This woman's intuition, and I'm glad that it works well.
I am very pleased to read your letter. And first I want to ask, how are you?
How are you feeling, as passed your day?
And just to tell you that your email give me the agency to which I refer. I understand that you have doubts in me. But I want to assure you that you should not be a reason for that.
I do not want to play, and do not want you playing with me. And if you really decided to find a serious relationship, and will not play with me in a sense, we can continue with you our correspondence. But if not, I beg you to stop. I do not want my heart to be broken!
Just want to tell you that even if my English is not so bad, anyway, it is very difficult to understand sometimes your letters, and I use a translator. And sometimes he was a bad translation of the letter. And so, I can not understand a lot of you wrong.
I also want to tell you that I try to answer you all questions, which are very important, and there are questions to which I do not want to answer now because I think that we are not yet familiar with each other to talk about it . Well, you understand! About ***! I'm not going to talk about it, and want you to understand me and be a good man and not talk to me about it.
Still have questions that I can pass, and that are important to you.
And so for me to answer them, I ask you to write them as follows:
1 )....
2 )....
3 ).....
Thus it would be easier to answer them (smile).
I think that now you are all well understood.
I am glad that you continue to write to me, and I promise - I will not stop.
Since this is such a nice feeling ... learn more about you, your work and general internal qualities ..
I do love to talk, and even on different topics, it gives me pleasure. I believe that through communication can learn a lot about a person. About all that interests him, worried. I also think that communication helps to develop relationships. Do you agree with me?
I am cheerful and happy almost always. To be more precise - I'm trying to be like that. I think that a person with a positive attitude towards life lives a lot easier. Positive life easier and gives strength to develop.
I'll tell you what I have now a good mood, because we with my girlfriend went to the movies now. I also went to work that morning, and had a break of about 13 hours of the day to have lunch. Then again, I go to work until the evening. And then went to the cinema. The cinema was the film "Hanna". And well was transferred to, the Belarusian language. So it was very interesting and I liked the story. I watched with bated breath over the fate of the girls - the main character. We looked very carefully with my girlfriend.
I like in the movies all mixed up and the events connected with each other. Now
I want to ask you, how often do you go to the movies? And what movies do you like? Do you prefer going to the movies with a friend or with your favorite girl?
I am now again use a translator, and am writing to you in your language. Since I want to learn it anymore.
So I can just begin to learn that I was then easier. I know many words in your language, but I want to know more.
In our country we say, "" Live and and learn "right?
Me now got the idea, and I would like to ask you. You write letters to other girls? Because I'm telling you honestly. That only now I write you letters. You - the only person I'm writing letters and sending my pictures. It is important to me, I do not want my photos were somewhere on the Internet. But I see that you're a good man. And do not do bad with it. Just think what they do you like?? I'm looking for myself just a real man, to whom I could trust. And who never would tell me bad words.
I'm looking for a man who is affectionate with me, which I could go!
In my heart I feel that one could come to you. But I do not want to rush. I just do not want to lose all hope at once and these beautiful moments of communication. Since you do not know much yet, and I just like your words to me.
If I feel it each time more and more. What do you exactly the man I want to - we will meet and will share life. But it will be later. Above this is also a lot to think and work! How do you think?
Also there is another reason - religion again. IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!
I want to marry only once.
AND FOR THE LOVE! But I do not want to imagine a man here that I do not like them, I wrote to you about this in previous letters! And so was looking for a man on the internet!
Although it is too early to talk about it with you. Maybe I'll tell you later about this in more detail!
In order for me to be different. I must get to know you better, from all sides!
Must understand the seriousness of your acquaintance !!!!!!! Should understand what you people?
So I want to learn your character?
I think that I will not lose contact with you. I'm afraid of this!
I would very much like that every day, talk to you on the phone to hear your voice. I think your voice sweet? But I am so sorry that I have no phone. And so at night I can only think about - to see your next letter I just schedule your day? I am very interested ...
Okay, I'll say goodbye and wish you all the best.
And yes, I almost forgot to tell you! I'm real, and we must not think bad of me! Sofia!!!
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