Scam letter(s) from Angelica Oprya to Janko (Slovenia)

Letter 1
My treasure, my soulmate, my desire! Janko, you are a piece of my happiness! Darling, I can't express all my feelings to you, because it is very difficult to do when you really love someone. My sweet, you know, that I'm serious and I will never leave you!!!
After we will make everything for my trip, I will come and that will be a beginning of a new beautiful love story. You know, it seems I was dreaming about you do often before, so long time ago... I just didn't know that it is You!! But when I have met you I realized that it was you, whom I saw in my night dreams so often and whom I imagined... Life turned up the dreams!!!! I have you and you are real as this Autumn... My soul, today I woke up and for sometime was staying in bed just dreaming about our meeting. I imagined how you will meet me and how I will cry because of happiness... My Janko, I'm happy to hear you will help me soon. But for that you need my data. You know, I was at the bank yesterday asking about things and they told me that the most convenient way is to make a transference via Western Union. But for this you need my personal data: 02957
20 let Pobedi, 12a/11 Full name: Anzhelika Oprya. Dearest Janko, as soon as I get your help, I will apply for a passport and then for a viza. Hopefully, everything will be ready soon! I'm looking in the air now and I say I love you, Janko! Look up and hear me... You always in my heart. I love you. Lika
Letter 2
My soul, Janko, my sunshine, You know, at that time when I haven't met you yet, my life was colorless. I realized it only after our meeting. Sometimes I even can't believe that everything is real, that you are real, my sweetheart. I'm so happy to have you that it seems God gave me the second life. I have no idea how I could live without you, without your letters, your calls, without your words and your feelings. You are that man who is able to express his feelings and I appreciate that so much, my baby. Janko, all I dream about now is to wake up and to see you near me knowing that this will be forever. You are my inner world. You are a part of me. You understand me by your soul. All I can give you is my tenderness, my care and my sweet love. It is so hard without you... I live every day knowing that together with me this day was lived by someone close and beloved, and it is not important that we are so far away. Perhaps, the word "unique" here will be more better. After reading your letter, then all the day long I keep in my mind your words. I smile to myself. You know, I feel that I become better and better with each beam of the sun, I become better because you exist and you are under the same sun and for sure think of me. I feel reciprocity and gratitude for your presence in my life. You make me a better person, darling. I really feel it. I believe that you want to do everything possible for us to be together, my love, I know this, I know! One day we will be so happy and we will forget about those problems. We will sit under the warm blanket, holding hands, kissing from time to time, and remembering together these sweet letters, thanking good for our meeting. All I ask you about is only 250 euro, dear, and we will be together soon! I just want to meet you in reality as soon as possible and the reason is my absolute love to you and my desire!! I want you to be sure about it for 100%! My Janko, I dream of you so often, that it seems, you are here, not only in letters already. Loving you makes the world look like a fairy tale:))) Stop for while and feel: I'm near... Yours only,
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