Scam letter(s) from Elena Smirnova to Nap (India)

Letter 1
Hello my friend. Inform your real name!
I am glad to see your new letter. Means we can continue our acquaintance further!
I perfectly understand that you write in your letter and that you have the right to write to me all that you want.
I am glad to continue to communicate with you letters. Certainly I heard about other ways of dialogue, such as msn, yahoo messenger and skype, or facebook
But unfortunately I cannot use them here. The manager the Internet of cafe has told that here is forbidden to use it.
If to use programs msn, yahoo messenger and skype that work of all computers will be reduced.
And for visiting facebook much time is necessary and necessary to pay for the Internet much.
Thus, I use the Internet of cafe only to receive and send email!
I this letter I wish to tell to you about my parents as I promised you in the last letter.
My daddy was born on January, 4th, 1949. He as I was born also veins all life to Kaliningrad. I already spoke that he works at factory of shipbuilding.
In 2 years he already will be the pensioner, and he with impatience waits for this moment. (smile)
He works as the simple worker on assembly of Ship. I do not know as it correctly refers to, he collects parts of the engine.
He already works within 40 years on one place. He speaks that already it fairly has bothered him. And on it he waits pension.
My mum was born on 22 February, 1957. She was born in Vladivostok. The destiny has brought her to Kaliningrad on distribution after leaving school.
Earlier schools did not study in (College) and right after, the state directed for work on training and work as the expert not an extent of two years.
Here my mum and the daddy have met. Date from wedding on 1 April, 1981. And approximately in a year has appeared))
My parents initially lived in Kaliningrad.
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