Scam letter(s) from Julia Borodinova to Andie (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend! Thank you for your reply! I am happy to meet you here! I am interested in you and I am glad that we have an opportunity to know each other better via letters. I am looking for that special someone to create a family and to spend the rest of my life with. Will you be him;)? I like to think of myself as a kind, gentle, easy-going girl and will show you all the love and respect I can. I am seeking a warm, loving and passionate love-relationship with a loyal and romance man .I love to go out and try new adventures and would like to find my second half to go with me and do these things. Also I like to walk. It is so nice feeling when you are walking the streets hand by hand with your beloved in the evening, isn't it? Tell me please what are your main traits of character? My name is Julia. I am 29 years old. I live in city Krasnodon. Have you ever heard about this city? My native town situated at the eastern part of Ukraine. My work is a teacher in orphanage. Well, yes i may say i like my job)). To work with children was my dream since childhood. I remember that the whole my life i had a calling to be a teacher. My only opinion is that person should to be born to have such profession like teacher. And what about you??? What job do you have???
Do you like it??? I have a simple outlook on life, just live it. Nobody can change the future or live in the past. Just make the most of what God has given you and live with a smile on your face. Also I have one more outlook - it is better to dare to do something then later to regret that you couldn’t dare! Do you agree with me? And tell me please, do you regret about something that you couldn't dare??? I am waiting with an open heart for your reply and hope you would understand what I am saying and that you would still be interested in getting know me and for us to start a wonderful friendship that should lead into a wonderful life together. Take care and please please please stay in touch. Write to me as soon as it is possible…Thinking of you, Julia!:)
Letter 2
I am very pleased to hear from you. I have been waiting so impatiently for your beautiful response. I am sure to have a nice day now, even when the weather is cloudy and raining. It's as if God is watching me and is sending me one of his own angels to brighten up my day and make me smile:) > I work as a music producer and I actually own and run a recording
> studio. Your work sounds to be interesting... I do not know even what to ask about it:) > 'll leave it
> there for now, need to go and take a shower...
>Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... oh no, did YOU fall asleep?!?#*:o) I have not fallen asleep, no))) lol I am interested in you and i think we should to know each other better! I see that you are nice person, and you character is almost like mine;) Well, i think i should to tell you a little bit more about myself. I should to tell you why i have decided to look for a man from abroad... Well, it is rather complicated question... First reason is that i had a bad experience with the men from Ukraine. I do not want to blame all the men from Ukraine, but my experience was really not good... I want to love and to be loved, to care and to be cared... I think it is not so much, do you agree with me? I would like to come home to a man like you! Someone I can share my day with and let him know how it went. I also would like him to tell me about his day and how it was, whether it was good or bad. I like to have fun and be compassionate and loving toward my partner. I will always be loving, caring, loyal, respectful and totally faithful...i believe in LOVE and honoring the person you are with. I do not want to be lonely any more, that is why i am here, and i hope that my man is reading this letter;) I feel a little bit alone here because i have no relatives. I have never felt parental affection and care, because I grown up at the orphanage. My mother abdicated of me. I do not know why, but probably because of the financial situation or because i was unplanned child. I am not angry with her, but i think that only irresponsible person could dare to abdicate of a child. I was raised with good morals and values from my educators and honesty, trust, respect and loyalty is a big thing for me. I think that family, also as children, are the most important things in life. And i am also can't feel completely happy because i am not full without my beloved one. I dream about family, i want to love and to be loved.I am orphan but for sure i will not let my future children to have the same childhood as i. What family do you have? I am sure you have a nice and friendly family because you are well educated and clever man, with nice heart and open mind, aren't you?;) As i told you before that i work as a teacher in the orphanage. ... I decided to work here 10 years ago. I would like to give all the love and care to the children here, and from my background i know that the most difficult years for children in orphanage are 5-12. So i work as a teacher - educator for the group of children with the average age 8 years. I like and enjoy to work with my children. Yes, i am like a mom for the children from my group. Some of the really call me mother, and it is a big pleasure to hear that. It means that my work is important, and that i do my work well. I know that i would never been like their mother, but i think that the word 'mom' or 'mother' sounds very nice, and it means i am doing my best to be the real mother for all the children! I will be impatiently waiting for your lovely letter and response. I hope you have a great day...and I will be thinking good thoughts about you:) Julia;)
Letter 3
Hello my dear, I am very pleased to hear how happy you are to hear from me;). It makes me feel that you are more real, than just a person that sends me emails. I am also very happy that you are writing to me. I got a lot of nice emotions when i opened my mail box and saw your new letter to me... > I guess you've
> heard about the English rain?;) Well yes i have heard of this))) > My father died quite a few years ago in 1996, and
> my mum
> died in 2002 from cancer. I am very sorry to hear your about the death of your parents! Cancer is a terrible thing! > Is it OK
> to send you music files? I would like to send you a couple of her demo
> recordings-just to let you hear and see what you think? Yes i like to listen to music) So you could freely send it to me!!! > You know you have a BIG football tournament in Ukraine in June?
> I'm currently looking out for tickets to watch England play a couple of matches.
> It means I could be coming over to Ukraine in June for a couple of
> weeks- how do you feel about us meeting up?:) We have a time to get to know each other good, and probably yes, we will have a chance to meet each other when you will be coming to Ukraine for Euro 2012!!! I would like to tell a little bit more about myself. I am sure you are interested in knowing about me and my hobbies, aren't you? Well, my hobbies. It is rather complicated question, because i have a lot of hobbies and things which i like and enjoy. First of all i want you to know that i like animals. Yes, i like them very much. You know, i may spend the whole day walking the zoo and enjoying this beautiful creatures of our nature...I like tigers most of all because i think that my personality is the same as the personality of this wild cats;). I mean that i am kind and nice while all is quite and good, but once something annoying happens, i might to scratch;)) Unfortunately it is impossible and i think very dangerous to have a tiger at home, so I always dreamed of having my own catty. I think that cats are like small brothers of tigers, but still so lovely and with the same traits;) I am very busy because of work, i almost have no free time because of my group of children. I can't afford to have a cat right now because all the animals, especially cats, require time, love ,care, and a lot of attention. And what is about you? Do you like animals the same way as i?;) What is more, my next hobby is my job. Probably you have already understood that;) I like my job. I am fond of it, because i can't imagine my life without my children. It is rather interesting process of education of children. Those children are special, not like in a simple school, they are alone in this world. Having passed the same way in my life i can perfectly understand their behavior, wishes and points of view about life. I feel that all we together are like a family! They usually give me a lot of nice emotions, but sometimes i am deeply sad because of their actions. The last time i was so much sad when my phone was stolen by someone of my children. I am sad because of that, but anyway i like all of them. And the third in my top list of hobbies;) is reading... You know, when i have my free time, i may to spend the whole day reading some interesting book.I enjoy reading and knowing something new. Remember in my first letter to you i asked you a question about something you regret that you could not dare? I asked you this, but i did not tell you whati regret... Well, it is not like i regret, i think that the better explanation is that i had not an opportunity to study one of the foreign languages... But i really regret it because it is a lot of interesting books, written in English, Spanish, Italian,German... Yes, we do have the translations, but the original is always better the book translated by someone. And now, when i have found you, i regret even more than previously... You speak English, and i almost don't speak...I am attending Internet Cafe, situated not so far from my work, in order to have a conversation with you, and interpreters here helps me to write to you. I know only basic words - like "my name is Julia", or "London is the capital of England". Unfortunately it is all that was possible to study in orphanage(((. Well, enough about me;) Tell me please more about you and about your hobbies? What do you like and enjoy to do? How do you spend your free time and do you have a lot of friends or no? As for me, i have not so much closest friends, just two. One is my girl friend, with whom i grew up together in the orphanage, and second is you;) I wish you to have a nice day. Mine day will be nice, because i am full of good emotions after the reading your letter... I will be thinking about you;) Hope to hear from you soon... Julia!
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