Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Britwina to Mats (Sweden)
Letter 1
Hej Mats!
Jag ar glad att fa din post. Mitt namn Ksenija. For mig ar 35 ar.
jag ar en fri kvinna. Jag vill hitta karleken. Jag alskar sport, skridskoakning, skidakning, segling.
Min "hobby" ar koket, ova jag som en konst. Jag alskar att ga pa bio, teater, laste jag en hel del. Jag hatar ett trakigt liv, och alltid stravar efter att den hogsta, sa jag tycker inte om att stanna hemma pa helgerna Jag gar till en. Jag ar inte gift och har inga barn, men jag misstrosta inte att ha.
Jag sett till att mitt hem ska brudgummen. Men har du barn? Eller nar du var gift? Slutligen vill jag garna lara kanna dig.
Jag skickar min bild. Ocksa skicka mig din bild.
Du talar engelska? Om du sager pa engelska, for mig blir det lattare att skriva till dig pa engelska. Jag vantar pa ditt brev. kram Ksenija.
Letter 2
Hello Mats! I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad that we're continuing our conversation.
I was glad to see your pictures. You're an attractive man.
I live in Russia, in city Buguruslan. But, as I'll explain to you later. Ok?
You're probably surprised that I decided to get acquainted with you! Just to simply in the future I suggest to visit your country for my vacation!
So, I decided to get acquainted with you. Because in the future, we could meet.
I want to tell you about myself, about my character. I am very gentle girl, loyal, I am very calm and romantic.
I am very attentive and cautious. As well I have a sense of humor, I love to make fun of, and just accept everything a joke with humor.
I smile very often, I like to laugh, and fun. I do not like to live a boring life! I work in a beauty salon. I the manager! where you work ?
I want you to tell about himself, about his life. But certainly not all at once but gradually!
In Russia, I can not find the man of my dreams. I am acquainted with many Russian men, but they wanted me to only one, it is - s e x.
But I have other plans for the future. I think you're not? You're not looking for just s e x? I hope you are looking for a serious relationship?
I not here for games, just me looking exceptionally serious relationships. If you're not interested in serious relationships, I ask myself do not bear the trauma of the heart.
I very good woman, shy, do refer to all seriously. That's why if you look only reads or relations by dropping it without meeting, simply ask me not to write are simple!
In the past I have been burned by the relations with the Russian man, and I was very sick at heart a long time.
I do not want to face that again. You must understand my caution. I want you to tell me about yourself and your life! Of course, not once, but gradually .
I'm looking for an honest and sincere love. I send you my photos. As send me your photos.
I'll wait for your news. Sincerely Ksenija!
Letter 3
Hello Mats!
I'm glad to receive your news. I am very pleased that we continue to support our dialogue. I want to tell a little about my family.
My family not great. I have mum, the daddy. I have a sister.
She does not live with us. My sister met seven years ago the man they communicated a long time, and now she married one.
They live in another city. She has a daughter, first name is Elizaveta. I'm glad my sister found it while fate is one's family.
I am done not disturbed by your age. Your age ideal for me. I wished to find the man of your age.
I consider that men of your age appreciate girls, love to them. Men of your age, are able to understand women. They concern a family more responsibly.
This that that is necessary for me. So there are no not what problems at your age.
Yes my photos have been made in my own apartment. I to live one. My parents to live separately. You ask me my address, my full name, for what? Explain to me?
I use the computer of my work. And I do not presume to establish to myself skype, msn and other programs of a chat. It is not possible.
Understand, that I boss will not understand my actions. I do not wish to spoil my reputation before mine boss.
What will I think boss if sees on the computer the installed programs of a chat? They it is simple on will simply draw conclusions, that I idle in working hours. You understand?
My phone number +79172285415. But, unfortunately you cannot phone to me. As, my phone accepts calls only across Russia.
It is impossible to incorporate to other countries. It therefore. That my telecommunication, is limited, only calls across Russia. You understand me?
My city Buguruslan is located in 180 km from Samara, in 360 km to the northwest from Orenburg and in 1200 km from Moscow.
If it is interesting, you can see pictures of my city in Google. What are you most like to do? What kind of sport. In what areas are you most like to visit?
Do you love nature? I love going into the woods, I love going to the meadows, fields, just on a river.
I love flowers, I love the meadow flowers: daisies, cornflowers, bell, field stud and many, many wild flowers.
I like quiet places, where it is always quiet and peaceful. There really is very good and calm.
I send you my photos. In photos you can see, my father. My sister and my niece. I hope to you my photos like.
I also went to the pictures of your family. Good? I will wait your answer. Sincerely your girlfriend Ksenija!
Letter 4

Hello Mats! How you? How your mood? I'm fine, today remarkable day because I have received your letter.
I waited for your letter with the big impatience. I very much like to communicate with you. You the interesting person, with you are interesting to communicate.
If I now feel pleasant dialogue with you. I represent what you in reality. You likely very kind, tender, polite man. not so whether ?
I like to contact to you. You really very interesting men.
My holiday will begin very soon. In the end of May. I plan to visit your country for 25 days. I yet do not know about exact dates of my vacation.
But. As soon as I learn about them, I will inform at once you. Also I will tell, exact date when I will arrive to your country.
I give you my address:
Ksenija Kargina
The country: Russia (Orenburg oblast), a city: Buguruslan, street: Zarubina 24-12, the postal index: 461630
I talked yesterday to mum. I have told to mum, that I have got acquainted with you. I have shown to mum, your photos.
My mum has reacted to ours with you dialogue yours faithfully, she has told that you beautiful. Certainly she does not know about what I with you I correspond.
But I am glad that my mum has reacted to ours with you dialogue normally. I have not dared to tell to mum that you live not in Russia.
I do not know why. I have not told to mum about it. I think that it yet it is not necessary to speak. How you consider I have made correctly?
Certainly in the future I necessarily to it will tell that you live not in Russia. But I think it is necessary to wait a little.
I hope that you agree with me. I would like for you to write in day several letters. But, unfortunately, I can not do it!
I can not write you a few emails a day, because I have a lot of work ! But I hope that soon I will not be heavily loaded with my work, and I can write you a few emails a day!
I hope that you understand me and support me. If you have any questions, you ask them to me.
I will be very pleased to answer you your questions. convey greetings to you. in my little video :) I will wait for yours the letter.
As do not forget to send me your photos. To me it will be very pleasant. Yours faithfully Ksenija!
Letter 5
You ask me my passport. It is not serious from your party! Initially send to me your video, after send to me a photo. Where in a hand you will hold a sheet of paper.
Where you will write "Ksenija and you will name date", and send to me your passport! Only after it I will send you my passport!
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