Letter(s) from Nadezhda Chivanova to Rick (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello Rick!
I am very glad to receive your answer to my letter.
I could not look your photos. I ask you to send me your photos in other format.
How your mood? What did you do today?
I apologise. Probably I do many grammatical errors in my letter?
English language - difficult language. I studied English language at school. After school I have continued to train English language on special courses.
I normally talk on English when I write the letter I do many errors. It does not irritate you?

I ask you to be frank with me. I ask you not to deceive me, never. Well?
You the man on which I have paid attention. I ask you to write for me more about you and your life.
How you spend your day? What you most of all love in your life? It will be interesting to me to know all.
I will write to you about me in detail as it will be possible for me.
I want that you have understood me most probably and have made a correct choice. I very much would want it.
I wish to get acquainted with you more close and more close.

At leisure I very much like to listen to music. I like to spend time on kitchen.
I like to prepare! My hobby is a cookery. I very much love cookery.
I like to prepare meat. Also I am able to prepare a dish from sea products. I know many recipes.

I will be glad to answer all your questions!

I am glad to communicate with you. Email - a good way of dialogue. It reminds me times when people sent letters by means of pigeons. It so is romantic.
It seems to me very romantically!!! How you consider it?
By means of Email, I more sociable, instead of modest. In a life, I the modest woman. I have understood it now.
With the help email it is possible to speak frankly.

Probably it will be interesting to you to learn about my work.
As I spoke to you, I work as the operator in the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia. It is very responsible work.
I accept a telephone call from about extreme incident and at once I inform it in a command of rescuers.
Into place incident instantly comes service of rescue and first aid.
I work every day, except Sunday. On Sunday at me the day off.
I will tell to you in detail about my work:
Every day, I rise in the morning in 6:00 hours. I wash, I have breakfast, I put on and prepare for work.
I come for the work at 8:00 h mornings. My working hours come to an end at various times.
Sometimes I work to 14 h. Sometimes I work till the evening.
I very much like my work. I participate in rescue of people even if I should be all working hours nearby phone.

It will be interesting to me if you tell to me about your work. You can tell to me about your work?
You like your work?

I send you my photos from my work.
I hope, that you will like my photos!

I would like to see your photos, to read your letters as it is possible is more often!
I hope my long history have not bothered you?
I am glad to our dialogue. With impatience I will wait your answer!


Letter 2

Hello Rick!

I have your letter. It is very interesting to me.
How your day today Rick? What new in your life?

Today at me very fine mood. I have recollected my friends.
I wish to tell to you about my friends. I had many friends. I have found the majority of my friends in school when there studied. I studied in a native city.
Time which I have spent at school for me was the most interesting in my life...
After leaving school the majority of my friends have left in others to cities.
I do not know, where now are the majority of my school friends. All became adults and the majority now in marriage.
Long time I did not see many my friends. To me to become sadly when I recollect school.
I consider, that in a life the most interesting time, it when go to school.
In school you find friends.
Now I have the best girlfriend Anna.
We often walk and we spend time together with Anna. She will not betray me never. I can trust her in all. I have got acquainted with my girlfriend Anna at school.
We are on friendly terms already long time.
We often spend a free time together.

I will have still time to tell to you about my girlfriend Anna
unfortunately, now I do not have photo of my girlfriend Anna.
I will try to find a photo of my girlfriend Anna, then I will send its photo to you...

I very much love sports. You like to go in for sports?
I like to look figure skating. This very beautiful show. At leisure I like to skate.
At school I often skated. When I have a free time, I like to skate. You skated?

I the romantic person. I like to look romantic films. Also I like to listen to music.
I listen to various music. For me there is no certain musical song. I listen to music on a theme love!
I never travelled. I never was abroad. I still will have in a life a moment when I will travel.
I never saw the sea. My city is far from the sea.
My girlfriend Anna was on the sea. She said to me, that there it is very beautiful!!!

I thought of our acquaintance much! I very much would wish to hear your voice.
I consider, that if we will manage to speak on the phone with you, it will strengthen our acquaintance!
You agree with me? My phone to be on repair. I cannot use my phone because it does not work.
My phone now to be at the expert in phone repair. I have phone on my work.
Unfortunately I cannot use phone on work because it is necessary for office work.
It is forbidden to me to use an office number to suit the own ends. Also it does not work on calls from other country.
You can leave to me your phone number? I can find possibility to call to you from mail.
I will have a possibility to call to you the next weeks. You can give me your phone number?
I will need to know your full phone number with a code of your country.
I can use phone on mail...

Please tell to me, what you think of it? You will be glad to hear my voice? You will leave to me your phone number?

I will wait your letter tomorrow.

Letter 3

Hello Rick!

Our acquaintance becomes very close! You agree with me?

I consider it necessary to tell to you about my parents...
I have mum and the father. They live in village, approximately in 30 minutes of driving from my city on public transport the bus.
The public bus often goes to village of my parents.
When at me the day off from work, I often visit my parents.
For me it is possible. I come to village to parents on the public bus. I need to spend 30 minutes to come to my parents.
I spoke you, Sunday at me the day off from work.
I very often leave to my parents on Sunday. They are always glad to see me.

In my childhood my parents quarrelled seldom.
In our family there was a warm atmosphere, it was possible to name us the happiest family.
My mum worked as the bookkeeper, and the father worked in small trade enterprise.
Now my parents it is pensioners. I consider my parents in the happiest pair.
My parents have lived together very long time.
Parents have brought up in me strong character. Parents learnt me to cope with difficulties in a life.
My parents always learnt me to solve a problem own forces.
Unfortunately I do not have sister and the brother. I the only child in my family.
In the childhood when I was absolutely small, I very much wished to have sister.
I wanted, that I had sister. So it has turned out, that I the only child at my parents.

I live absolutely one in own apartment in city centre Nizhnekamsk.
I have a pet a cat - Belka...
She each time meets me at a door when I come home after work.

I believe in God. I often go with my mum to church because in church I ask, that in my life all was good and that all was successful.

I am very glad, that you could give me your phone number. I can use post office to call to you.
I will warn you when I will call to you. I very much wish to speak on the phone with you and to hear your voice.
I think that it will be very interesting. I wish to ask you that you spoke with me by phone as it is possible more slowly.
I think, that I will have a possibility to call to you the next weeks. I will inform you on it. Well?

For me it is pleasant to have the good acquaintance. I speak about you...
Distance not a problem for our acquaintance.

I could find a photo of my parents. You can see my parents on a photo which I send you.
They really very happy.

Before finishing the letter I wish to tell to you the following.
You the remarkable man. I wish to trust you. I can do it?

I will wait your answer. I hope to see your new photos.


Letter 4

Hello Rick!

To receive your letters always great pleasure. I read your letters many times.
Sometimes I re-read your letters when I go to bed. When I fall asleep, I always represent you.

For me it is pleasant, that you do not ignore my questions. You answer sincerely! I feel it when I read your letter.
Even on such big distance I feel your good character. You are very pleasant for me.

Sometimes all it supervises over grief in me. Actually I did not have a divided love.
In the past I have been enamoured in the person. His name is Igor. We were together 3 years.
We remarkably spent time together. At all of us it was good... Once it has changed.
I became practically indifferent for it. He spoke with me roughly. He shouted at me.
It became nervous. He did not pay to me attention. It avoided me. He has started to drink alcohol.
It was constant the drunk. There has passed some time and he has thrown me. In my soul it became very bad. To me it was lonely.
Now I understand that without it to me will be easier to live. Now I understand, that I was mistaken in this person. He has betrayed me.
I any more do not wish to recollect this person. I am assured, that I can find the man to create serious relations!

Probably it is not interesting to you to know about my past? Simply I trust you.
I want, that you knew, that to me will be very sick, if me will throw once again.
It is very easy to me to speak all it to you. I know, that you the remarkable man.

I all it has written to you that you knew. That I am very adjusted to search for serious relations.
I would like to construct serious relations with you. For this purpose I should be assured of you.
You understand me. I was already betrayed by one person. I do not wish to do more errors in my life.

Tell to me about your first love? You remember the first kiss?
I assure you, that it will be interesting to me.

I send you a photo on which you can see my cat Belka!

I expect every day your letter.
Your letters for me are very considerable.

I wish you pleasant day!


Letter 5

Hello Rick!

Today at me very remarkable mood because I have your letter.
Today I had a lot of free time. I could spend my free time with my girlfriend Anna.

I have spent this day with my best girlfriend Anna. We long time did not see each other.
Earlier we cheerfully spent time together. Now Anna works much. She often spends time on work. The girlfriend has not enough free time.
Anna works as the State lawyer. She very much wished to have this profession...
I am very glad for my girlfriend. She always wished to work as the lawyer.

I with my girlfriend Anna today walked in park.

I have told my girlfriend Anna about you.
I have told to my girlfriend Anna, that I have got acquainted with very fine man.
Very kind, fine and careful man. I spoke about you!!! Now there are not enough people who can be trusted.
I trust you. My girlfriend very much was delighted for me...

Anna, asked me to answer questions.

The first, that she has asked me as I have got acquainted with you.
I have told to her, that we have got acquainted with you on the Internet.
Also I have told, that you are and live in other country abroad.
My girlfriend has been very surprised to it. My girlfriend Anna works as the lawyer. Anna has told to me one history.
She has told to me, that one girl went to have a rest abroad one.
She has gone abroad and did not come back long time from rest. Relatives of this girl began to worry.
They have declared in police, that the girl has gone abroad and was gone.
For her searched for long time. This girl have found in 1 year.
The girl has come into the hands of bad people. Of this girl have made the prostitute. These gangsters have gathered all documents.
Gangsters forced this girl. This girl by force forced to do dirty work - the prostitute.
She could not come back in the country, home. All these stories very much frighten me.
Despite it I, I wish to find serious relations in the Internet. I have got acquainted with you. I trust you.
If further we meet. Before it to do, I should be assured of you.
I consider, that you do not think to arrive with me badly.
If we do not trust each other we do not need to write each other letters any more.
For serious relations, it is necessary to trust each other. You agree with me?
I have told, that I trust you. To me very interestingly gets acquainted with you on the Internet.

After our walk in park we have come into "cafe" to take a coffee cup.
We spoke about ours with you acquaintance.

Mon girlfriend Anna has told, that it had about you an opinion as about the good person.
I was very glad to words Anna. Opinion to my girlfriend are very important for me.

Mon the girlfriend welcomes you. She is glad to ours with you to acquaintance!!!

I promised to give you a photo of my girlfriend. I do it. You can see photo Anna.
It is a photo it has been made on my work. Anna came to visit me.

Your friends know about ours with you to correspondence??? What do your friends speak about me?

I feel your kindness. She overcomes many miles. For your kindness there is no distance.
I feel it. I consider, that we with you were acquainted by destiny.
I hope you understand that I here not to play with you in any games.
I am very seriously adjusted on continuation of relations with you.
For me all it is serious as never. And how it for you? What do you think of ours with you acquaintance?

When I write you the letter, I very much wish to name you - "My dear". You will not be against it?

I hope, that you will write to me soon.


Letter 6

Hello my dear Rick!

I am very glad to see your letter today!!! Now I can tell it confidently.
I am happy that have got acquainted with you. And you?

I wish to tell to you thanks. Thanks you because you write to me.
Your letters cheer me up! Ours with you the relation has changed my outlook on life.
Earlier in my life I thought only of work and how to spend a free time. I constantly was in bad mood.
Now I always wait to read your letter... I always wish to write you my letter as soon as possible.

Near to my house have constructed a children's playground. There children always play. I often observe as there children play.
I very much like to look at children. They jump, shout smile and laugh.
All it is fine! I recollect my childhood when I observe of children.
The childhood is the happiest time of a human life. You agree with me? At small age people are very impressionable.
Children always think only of the good. Mine mum and the daddy fine parents for me. They very well cared of me.
Mum always said to me, that it is necessary to listen to the heart. The daddy learnt me to struggle always for the happiness.

At school I had first kiss, examinations, bad and good estimations....
At school I rejoiced and mourned, I loved and hated. In my soul the school remains to the finest memoirs in my life!
When I went to school, I did not think, that the life will be very difficult... Tell to me about your school? It will be interesting to me!

I often see enamoured couples, they look against each other, kiss and speak each other about love.
These minutes to me becomes so it is sad and it is very lonely, because I do not have such person who could support me a difficult minute. I very much wish to find the man who will love me...
My mum says to me often, that I can find the man who will love and protect me. I very much hope for it.
And you wish to find the present love?

If you is near to me. I represented as we go nearby with each other. We keep for hands.
We look each other in the face and we talk. Then we come into cafe to drink on a cup of coffee and again we speak!
Then we go to cinema and we look a film of horrors. To me it becomes terrible. When you will notice, that to me it is terrible, you quietly will tell to me - "be not afraid my dear, I near to you". These words will warm my soul all life.
Then we again walk and again we speak! We tell each other about us.

It is very sad, when I understand, that it only dream. Now I feel loneliness.
I hope, that this dream becomes a reality in the future.

I have written to you because I wish to find love and to be happy. You - a suitable candidacy! You very fine man.

I send you my photos. I hope, that you will like my photos.

I will wait your letter with the big impatience...

kiss, Nadezhda

Letter 7

Hello my dear Rick!

It is very joyful to me to read your letter.
How you have spent your day today? How your mood?

At you very fine grandson.

Tomorrow in the afternoon I will have a free time from work.
Tomorrow I will go to my parents to village. I wish to visit my parents.
Last 3 months I work much. I began to visit seldom my parents. Tomorrow I can visit them.
Tomorrow I will go by the public bus to village to my parents.
I will go by the bus approximately 30 minutes to village of my parents.

I with the great pleasure will tell to my parents about ours with you acquaintance and dialogue.
I hope, what you not against it? I very much wish to tell mine mum, that I have got acquainted with Rick.
My mum will be very glad to learn, that I have again got acquainted with the person to which I trust.
I very much hope for our serious relation.
I never saw you, but I can tell with confidence - you the fine man!!!

In village of mine parents it is possible to observe very beautiful nature.
Personally I like to be in harmony with the nature, possibly therefore in the summer I aspire to go to have a rest on the nature with close people.
In the summer I often leave to my parents. I like to go to wood on the nature, to collect mushrooms and berries. My dear, you collected mushrooms on the nature?
You like to spend time on the nature?

My parents have an earth site in village on which she grows up business culture. (Plants - a carrot, an onions, a potato)
They sell a crop in the market. My parents very much like to be engaged cultivation of plants. It is heavy enough way of life.
When I have a possibility, I try to help my parents.

My parents have heavy enough way of life: they prepare fire wood then to apply in their winter as fuel. My parents have a bath.
(A sauna made on Russian harmony, you possibly heard in Russian "Russian bath").
In village there is no waterpipe. My parents take water in own chink. My parents have own cattle (cows, sheep, hens).
My parents have pets. At my parents it is surprisingly fine to spend time!
When I come to parents, it becomes much easier to me to breathe. Air in village pure and fresh, is many reservoirs and woods.
My mum very much likes to grow up flowers. They has planted many colours about the house.
I very much love flowers. Probably each girl loves flowers.

For me it will be very interesting to know about your native? Tell to me about your nature which surrounds you.

I send you a photo. These photos have been made in village of my parents.
I said to you, that I very much love the nature. You can see it on a photo!!!

Tomorrow I will have very important day in my life! I will speak to my parents about you.
For me it is very considerable. I wish to show your photo to my mum. You will not be against it?

Today I name confident I can you "My dear". You treat kindly me.

With impatience I wait yours for the answer.

Letter 8

Hello my dear Rick!
I just have come home. Now I have read your letter and I have a possibility to write to you.
My heart knocks actively because I read your letter.
I wish to tell that I very much like to read your letters.
Your letters always force to rejoice me! You give me pleasure.
You such real person with very fair soul and good principles...
When I have received your letter, my mood flies up.
My dear, what you do with my heart?
Today I had a short working day...
I could visit my parents in village.
I very much was glad to see my parents again.
We drank tea with a pie on kitchen. I have taken advantage of a case to tell about you.
I have told to my parents about you, my dear Rick. I have told to mum as we have got acquainted with you.
I have told to my parents all that could. I spoke to mum about our correspondence!
My mum and the father has been very surprised. I told about us, as if we with you the most close people.
My Mum has asked me, whether I trust acquaintance through the Internet. I have instantly answered YES...

I have shown your photo to my parents. My parents were glad to see your photo. I was very glad to it!
For me it is very important!
My parents are very glad, that we have got acquainted with you. Opinion of my parents very important for me.

Every day I feel new feelings to you.
Every day these feelings become stronger than were last time.
I never saw you in a reality, but I all the same have these fine feelings for you.
And it is strange for me.
I know you small enough time, but you now in my heart.
I have very much got used to you. I like your tenderness and care.
I do not love the rough relation. It is pleasant to me when someone pays the attention to me. You do it...
I love when to me give flowers because I think that the most beautiful gift for the woman are flowers and attention.
But I think that the main thing for the woman - attention and care instead of any gift.
I know, that you would present to me flowers if you had such possibility.
I am assured of it.
Now the finest for me, this your attention.
Sometimes I think of possibility to meet you! But I am afraid to think of it. To me it becomes terrible.
Between us very big distance. We can overcome this distance???
My dear Rick, I can speak with you about my feelings in my heart.
I feel that you that person with whom I can discuss many questions about which I do not talk to the close friends.
I at all do not hesitate of you. I frank with you. It is very important for me.
It surprises me very much because I know you very small time, but it seems to me that we are familiar with you already long time.
Every morning, when I wake up, I know, that I not one in this world because I have you.
My dear Rick, I wish to read your letters every day.
In any case I think, that should stop to write about my feelings and to tell to you something else.
Probably, I should tell to you that that more than my feelings.

It will be very interesting to me, if you tell to me. What think in your country of Russia? You like Russia?
In the childhood my mum spoke to me that I should study well that in the future to find good work.
In our country formation is not appreciated. Many people having good education have bad work.
They have very small incomes because in our country it is difficult to find really good work.
To me I have luck, I have a good work.
I hope, that in one fine day we will meet really. I will trust in it....
You have presented to me hope!
Tomorrow evening I can go in post branches to call to you.
Tomorrow we can speak on the phone with you.
You will be glad, if I can call to you???

Letter 9

Hello my dear Rick!

As your mood today!
For me it is very joyful to know, that you understand me!

Today I could speak with my girlfriend Anna!
I have told to the girlfriend, that I have serious intentions to meet you in your country.
As I spoke to you, Anna knows very many. I have asked for it the help that she has advised to me.
I have asked it, that I will need to do to travel to your country.

Anna has told to me the following:
To travel to your country to me it will be necessary to prepare documents.
Anna has told to arrive in your country, it is necessary to prepare special documents.
The most difficult for me will prepare the Visa.
Anna has told, that everyone who travels abroad is obliged to have the visa. I also about it heard.

Anna has told to me, that I can prepare all these documents in my city Nizhnekamsk.
Anna has told that for travel I can issue all documents by means of travel agency. It will be more effective.

My dear Rick, it will not be necessary for me invitation.
My dear, I will address in travel agency.
I will arrive in your country by means of travel agency. What do you think of it?

I will arrive to you as the tourist.

Today to me on a visit there came my mum. I spoke with my mum about our meetings. My mother is glad, that we meet.
I have told to mum, that I wish to arrive to you to your country for the period of my holiday.
I wish to be at you all my holiday from work. It about 1 month. You will be glad to it?
My mother is interested very insistently on our relation. My parents should know all about our meetings.
Probably they will worry very much about me.

I will need to know the following:
1 - My dear Rick, I would like to learn. When I will come to you. I will live in your house?
Probably I need to learn now already. What clothes prefer in your country.
I ask from you council, what I should take to you? I have a lot of clothes.
I need to know, what I should take with myself in your country?
2 - you can tell to me, in what airport near to your house I will need to arrive?
At what airport it will be convenient to you to meet me?
3 - I ask from you your full address? Your home telephone number? Also I will need to know your cellular phone number.

I give you my full address:
Russia, Nizhnekamsk (423570), street Malkova 34, apartment 18
Chivanova Nadezhda

My date of birth 20 June 1975. My age of 36 years.

My dear Rick, at present I do not have phone. My phone is broken. I spoke to you about it.

Tomorrow I can receive all particulars in travel agency.
It will be better if I receive particulars in travel agency. You yet should not write letter of invitation.

My dear Rick, I ask you to understand me correctly. My girlfriend Anna very much worries for me.
My girlfriend Anna asks from me your full address. You not against if I give your address for my girlfriend Anna?
I know, that to me will occur nothing. I know, that you the most remarkable person.
With me all will be good, when I will be near to you.

I ask you to read my letter attentively. I ask you to answer me all my questions. Well?

Every day we with you do our meeting all more close. I am assured, be already very fast we can together.
I am very happy. My dear Rick, please do not forget to answer all my questions.

I hope to receive your answer soon.


Letter 10

Hello Mr Rick,

My name Belkin Vladimir. One of our clients has addressed to us with the request to write to you and to give the information on a trip. I will be glad to help with your question. We can confirm that miss Chivanova Nadezhda addressed in our travel agency for official registration of papers for a trip to the Canada. Our travel agency completely provides registration of all necessary documents for a trip to the Canada. Also we render services in the further booking of air tickets. Our travel agency has huge experience in sphere of rendering of tourist services. We completely guarantee registration of all documents in time, and booking of air tickets for any term.

Mr Rick, in the attached document you will find the information on given services and cost.

Mr Rick, it is all information which we can give you. I hope, that I helped you with the decision of your question. We will make documents in time, and also tickets will be received in time. Our travel agency will carry out of all obligations. If you have any questions you can write to me, and I will be glad to give you more information.

Yours faithfully, the manager on work with clients
Travel agency Ā«MagellanĀ»
Belkin Vladimir

Letter 11

My dear Rick.
I ask you that now you have read my letter attentively.
I have faced a problem. I did not expect, that all so can turn out. I hope, you will read my letter attentively and can understand me.

Today I went to travel agency. I spoke with the manager of travel agency.
I managed to receive all particulars of travel to your country.

I have asked the manager of travel agency, to make to my papers which be required to me for travel to your country.
I have explained to the manager, that I wish to travel in Canada.
The manager of travel agency told to me a lot of information about Canada, traditions, feature of stay in the country, personal safety, safety of health and property of tourists.

The manager of agency has told, that they are ready to prepare to me documents.
He has told to me to travel in Canada, I should have some documents.
The travel agency is ready to prepare to me all documents and to be engaged in my travel to your country.

I have asked to tell the manager to me details of travel to your country.
The manager has explained me the following:
To travel to your country to me it will be necessary to prepare documents - the passport for travel abroad, the visa to the tourist, an insurance policy, the medical document and other small documents.

The travel agency can prepare all these documents for me for 7 days. For 7 days all these documents will be ready. Then I can begin my travel.
The manager of agency has told to me, that the agency can prepare to me the visa very quickly.
For this purpose at agency there are connections in embassy. All was very pleasant and joyful for hearing it.

To me have given the price-list of the prices. I have chosen the most optimum variant.
I have asked to make in travel agency for me a copy of this price-list.
I send this copy to you that you could see a copy of this price-list.

I have a problem. I did not expect, that all these services will cost so expensively.

1) the passport for the tourist - 60 dollars
2) the visa - 80 dollars
3) an insurance policy - 50 dollars
4) the medical document - 45 dollars
5) consular gathering - 50 dollars
6) travel agency services - 72 dollars

I can have the visa of the tourist for a period of 3 months (90 days).
I will not have a problem to be in your country in a current of 3 months.
For me have explained that Consular gathering is obligatory formality.
The consulate of Russia goes on Contact to Consulate Canada to receive the permission for the citizen of Russia for an input in Canada. Consular gathering is made out in territory of Russia.
This money goes to state treasury, as the obligatory tax from leaving citizens of Russia.
All it is necessary also it necessarily for me to arrive and be in Canada.

I need to prepare documents in travel agency. I will need to pay in agency for preparation of documents 357 dollars.

Also to me have told, that it is necessary to do booking for a trip to your country.
The manager of agency has told to me the following.
The travel agency can make booking for me. I asked it about the price of tickets.
The manager of agency has told to me, that the cheapest tickets: Moscow - Winnipeg makes - 18000 roubles. It approximately 600 dollars.

My dear Rick, I will need to have 2 tickets. Return tickets. The ticket to Winnipeg. And the ticket back to Moscow. I will need to have necessarily return ticket.

The ticket for flight: Moscow - Winnipeg - 600 dollars
Winnipeg - Moscow - 600 dollars

I will do preparation of documents in travel agency, I will need to do booking in the same agency. This such rule.
I should do it necessarily. I cannot reserve tickets irrespective of agency.
The travel agency will bear responsibility for mine travel to your country. You understand me?

The travel agency should prepare for me travel completely. To do booking and to do documents.
This such rule which I should observe.
Without the aid of agency I cannot make to myself documents. If I do documents in agency I should do booking in agency.

My full travel will cost 1557 dollars. 1200 dollars the price of 2 tickets and 357 dollars preparation of documents.

I was in a shock when has heard about it. My dear Rick, I do not have so much money. I have own savings.
But I do not have enough money to use travel agency.
I have only a part of money. It is very expensive to me. I do not have enough money to use travel agency.

My dear Rick, I do not know what to do. I understand, that this meeting she is necessary for both of us, you perfectly understand it.
My travel to you will cost 1557 dollars. My dear Rick, it is very a shame to me before you. I do not know where to me to ask the help.
I need to ask the help only from you. Only you my loved one. Now I can count on your support only.
I understand, that you also will be upset because of it. But I nevertheless hope, that we will not surrender.
We will struggle for our feelings. I think, that together we can overcome all.

I hope, that you understand me. To me it is very important, that we understood each other. My dear Rick, your help will be necessary for me.
My dear Rick, I hope, what you can help me with money for my trip to you?
After all this meeting desired for us with you both.
I not the rich woman. But I wish to be happy. I trust that I can be happy near to you. Because you give your love, understanding and trust for me.
You have entered into my life promptly and you could find a key for my heart. Again you have filled my heart love and belief for the best! I grateful to you for this purpose.

Today I can call to you. In the evening I can go in post branches to call to you. We can speak on the phone with you.
I very much wish to hear your voice. I hope, that you can present to me hope of our meeting.

I wish to continue relations with you in a real life. I will call to you today.