Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Semenova to Carl (Canada)

Letter 1
I hope that you expect from me a letter and answer soon. I am very glad that you met. And I'll be glad to tell you more about myself in my next letter. How do you like my photos? Did you like that? In this photo, actually I am. My real name is Anastasiya.
I will be glad to answer all your questions. I do not know where to begin our acquaintance. But I hope that everyone learn. Maybe we'll meet soon. I do not know what to say. What interests you? Tell me and I will answer any your question. I would love to know more about you.
I look forward to your letter.
Letter 2
Narl I can not come to you. I do not know what to say. I have no words. I do not think that will tell you that. Sorry.
Narl If you can forgive me, forgive me. I'm just ****** and did not know. I never thought that this might be so. I thought it would be much easier. Is very difficult. I met a half hour with the forces that would tell you. I can not come.
Forgive Narl!!!!!
I hope that you understand and can forgive.
Letter 3
Narl I am sorry that I could not write to you. On Saturday and Sunday Internet cafes were closed because Russia was Easter. I ask forgive me. I forgot to warn you about this in my last letter. I miss you so much. And I am very glad to see your letter today.
Narl I am the most happy girl in the world. You meet me in airport, and we will be happy forever. I go tomorrow, and all recognize that it is necessary that I was with you. And I do it. And We will be together. And we'll be happy. And no one will ever be able to separate me. I love you Narl! Narl I can no longer be tolerated. I would now go and find out everything. But it must have all closed, and while I get it, nobody will be will be. But I know. I do it for us you. What would you and I were happy. And no one will ever be able to stop us.
We'll be the happiest people in this world. I promise you. Narl I am so happy. I can not describe. I want to jump and be with you. To feel your tenderness and passion. I know. What should we be good together.
You know it as well. Am I right? Narl As do you think? You'll be pleased. I'm sure. I'll be happy and you, too. And So we will be together. Always be happy. And no one can destroy our world of happiness with you. I'm so happy. Narl I want to cry. I waiting for your answer with impatience. I do not know what would be with me happen if you did not answer. I would probably just do not come in Internet cafes. I love you, Narl!! I'll let you all tomorrow. Narl a little more and I'll tell you when I'm with you. I love you!! we will be together. I promise. You're the most wonderful man in this world and I do everything to be with you. Because, like you anymore. You're the best and I am ready to do anything for you.
Your loving and gentle Anastasiya
Letter 4
Narl Sorry that I have not said everything. Yesterday I was in travel agency. I learned about the trip to your country. And I was told that the minimum cost would be about 1340 dollars. I have no idea how to find the money. I thought it was not difficult. And it turns out that I did not even have enough money that would draw up the documents.
I've never traveled so far. So no idea what the cost might be. I thought that it is cheaper.
Narl I hope you will forgive me. I would have done it, I'm ready to do everything to be with you. I need a very long time that I was able to do so. But I think what you can do to be with you soon.
Narl, Can you, can come to me? I've learned. Airport of Moscow. Any international. And I'll meet you. I'm sure you meet. What documents do you need? How much does a ticket cost? You can find out? Do you have time, what would come to me? When? Tell me and I'll do it. Say what you have ideas?
Narl I only beg you not to leave me. If you go out of my life, I can not live. Now I know I feel for you. And I can not without you. My life would be meaningless without you.
Narl I hope that you will say what I do. I'll wait tomorrow your letter and think about how I can come to you or you to me. Important to me to be with you. Because I am now more confident than I love you.
I was scared when I thought about not being able to be with you. I do not want to lose you. I love you! More than anything, I want to be with you.
I love you Narl!!
I want to be with you, and I hope that we succeed.
Your loving and gentle Anastasiya
Letter 5

Narl I really miss you. I miss that could not immediately come to you. But I gathered all the documents in his room, and give everything to test. I put it on sale and I was told that I had to buy about $ 1000. But the money is not enough and should have waited. I think what to do. I sign the documents for the sale. And go to the bank, to learn about credit. Just try to ask for help from friends.
Narl I love you. And I have my answer is of course YES! I am sure that I want to do. I love you and I do not feel sorry for the fact that to be with you. I am ready to do everything possible to what would come to you and be with you. Even if I have to go back I will not regret.
Narl I know everything, and very tired. But I'm ready for the meeting of all. I so want to see you. Narl What you do today? What did he do?
How to wake up? What to eat? What are you thinking now? I gathered all the documents necessary for registration of passports and visas. Still need to make some inquiries, and all will be well. I was told that may need a letter from you. The fact that you invite me to visit. I hope that, if need be, you can write? Narl I am sending you a photo.
Narl, And I hope you like it. Or not? Would you like to be with me in the photo? I send you my kisses. What would they have to warm you, and you feel better. Now go home and see what else is needed, what I would have been able to be with you.
Narl I miss you and await your answer.
I love you Narl!
Promise me that you have read my letter, then I dreamed.
I'll wait.
Loving and affectionate Anastasiya
Letter 6
Narl I'm so happy that everything turns out. I really miss and think of you constantly. I'll go and learn about what is going on and may soon be known to date in our meeting with you. And I'm really happy and I believe it will happen very soon.
Narl I am very glad that you said the phone number and address. I wrote down everything. Once in Moscow, and will be able to call you, I just do it.
No I do not have friends in Canada. I talked about you in my agency. I love only you. I do not who is no longer needed but you. Narl I got your picture today. And I'm very happy that soon I could kiss you. I hope that soon we will have a photo which I'll be there with you.
Narl I All evening to prepare for the interview. Study questions.
Repeat answers. I'll be well prepared. That everything was fine. That there would be no problems, and I was able to get a visa and to be with you.
Narl When I close my eyes I see beautiful dreams. I feel good.
Sometimes I do not want to wake up. I want to sleep and see beyond dreams. Because I'm with you. And it's all unnecessary.
Narl Do you prepare for my arrival? I'm so excited. I think too much about it. And every day our meeting is getting closer and closer. Soon all our dreams will come true. Can you imagine? All of what I think, imagine. Narl I think it would be a great time.
Narl My friend and neighbor, prepare for your gifts. I'll take them with you. They are not expensive. But it's nice to get such things.
I'm sure you'll like. They send you greetings.
Narl I send you its tenderness and affection. And believe it give you strength and you feel better. I really want to be with you. Only with you forever. And I believe and I'm doing, what would it happened.
I miss you and await your response tomorrow.
Your loving and gentle Anastasiya
Letter 7
Narl I am glad to tell you good news. I got $ 1,000 for his room. I was told that I would have to release it a month later. I'm so glad that I could find a large portion of the amount that is needed.
Everything will turn out, and we will be together. I believe this because I saw a wonderful dream. Would you like to tell you?
In my dream I was walking along the road, I saw your silhouette.
Narl I ran and stumbled and then see that your hand to catch me. And we embrace. I felt so good. I felt your care and tenderness. And you kiss me. I even felt in the dream as the kiss was sweet. And now I'd like to try your kiss on the present.
Narl I do not when was not married before. And you know I'll be the happiest girl in the world, if one day you will become my first husband. What do you think? Is that possible?
Today I received a photo that you posted. You have a nice camper trailer. I could live there with you.
I hope you liked my photo. This is a photo I took last summer on the beach of the lake. I love to swim in this lake during the summer.
Narl I So miss you. I was told that a letter from you will not be needed. I'm going to come without them. It is only necessary to collect information from the employer. And everything will be fine. I can do all by herself and we will be together. You're looking at the stars? Got my kisses? But, how? Want to try these? I am sure that you want.
Narl I sign a contract today with the travel agency and pay the first part. The rest of the need to pay after the date will be known and the airport where you want to fly. Can you tell me? In which airport you will be able to meet me? I was told that you need a better name, city and airport. Or code. I do not know what it is. Tell me what you know and I'll tell them. Good? Narl I am so happy that I was able to start.
If everything turns out well, it means that everything will be fine. I know what it is. Because we created one for another. Because we will be good together, and we can make each other happy. What do you think?
I can make you happy? I know that you can. Because I am happy that you met. I think that everything will be fine. Narl I miss you and want to see you.
I love you Narl!!
So you want to cuddle up to you soon!!
Your loving and gentle Anastasiya
Letter 8
Narl I am glad to receive your letter. I'm very bored without it. I believe that today you write. I saw a wonderful dream about you and me on the island. I would like to what it would become a reality. And I'm sure it's going to happen.
Narl Thank you to tell me the name of the airport tomorrow, I'll go to a travel agency and tell them this information. I hope that the tickets are not expensive to you, and I can find the money to pay them.
Narl I really do not know how to correct my name in English. I think it is fashionable to say Anastasiya or Anastasia. It will not be a big difference.
Narl I just ask, I have friends who can meet me. I have said that.
And I was told that I would write down a phone number. You can tell your phone number? I was told that the airport is no problem to call and I will be able to do it
Even in Moscow. And I do it as soon as a chance. You can tell your exact address. Whatever I could say, where and to what address to go?
Narl I am sure that you meet me at the airport and nothing bad will happen. And it is not necessary. But it is better that I would have this information. What do you think?
Narl I learned about the progress with the documents. They said that all notified later. What would come after two - three days. I so want to have more feel your hugs and kisses. And I'm sure it will happen very soon. And we'll be together and happy forever.
Every day I am happy because I'm getting closer to you. Every day I wake up and think it was closer to you. Narl I love you very much. I know that I would be very happy with you. And I can not wait to see you when I can. I really want to hug you and give you my kiss. It is a pity that I can not do it right now.
I love you Narl!!
Narl Soon we'll be together!!
I really want to be with you.
Your loving and gentle Anastasiya
Letter 9
Narl today I broke down and go to the agency to find out what and how to travel to you. And they told me that is still being processed, which will soon be answered, and knew all the time. I so want to know more, when will I be able to try your kisses, passion and tenderness.
Narl I am very glad that you said the phone number and address. I wrote down everything. Once in Moscow, and will be able to call you, I just do it.
Narl I'm sorry I could not write last night. I have not had time to come to the Internet cafe and write. I arrived late from the city.
During this time, Internet cafes have been closed.
Narl I am even a bit thinner. But I hope that you will not be disappointed. Really? I really want to be with you. I dream about what we with you were together. I hope that you will not be upset when I arrive. I think I can surprise you and make happy. We will be happy together.
Narl You have a camera? I think we should do a lot of photos of us together. What would then watch them and remember. I do not have a camera. I hope you have it. Or we can buy it, when will be together. I think we're going to look good on a photo together.
Narl My friends and a neighbor asked to teach them how to use email that they could communicate with me. But I do not know what is your keyboard? I can write on it in Russian? They are poorly know English.
And therefore will not understand. We can do it?
Narl I'm bored. When I go to bed imagine that you're with me. I hug the pillow and fall asleep. I hope that it will soon change.
I love you Narl!!!!!!
Kiss a sweet tenderness. Feel?
I await your response.
Your loving and gentle Anastasiya
Letter 10
Narl I am today to create email friend and neighbor. I'm so tired. I did not think it is so difficult. But now everything seems to remember either. And I can easily get away with you a letter and a photo. Want to write to them? They said they will check the email after I leave.
And what would I tell them.
Narl I love you more than anything else. And I hope that will soon be able to be with you. And I am sad that tomorrow off again and I can not write to you because the internet cafe again to close. I will miss you. But I will answer you on Monday.
Narl I believe that everything will be fine. We'll be together and happy. Nobody will ever be able to separate us. Our happiness will never end. We will do it. I can not tolerate and I go and everything to learn from them. I hope they will tell me more about what is happening and when will I receive the documents and when I fly to you.
Narl I have a lot to think about what things to take. I will never fly an airplane. I'm scared. But I'm willing to do anything that we would be happy with you forever. I've even overcome this fear. I'm afraid that I'll be in the air. I never fly. And you? What should I do? Can you tell? What should I do? What to do? Where to take a parachute, if that?
Narl I have a lot to think about it. And when you realize that at the end of the path I'll be with you. In your arms I forget about everything. Because I'll be with you.
I love you Narl!!!!
And it's fortunate for me that is so good, intelligent, beautiful, and the best man on earth waiting for me. And I'll soon be with him.
Narl I dream of your kisses. Can you send a couple in the next letter? I'll wait.
I love and look forward with genuine affection for your answer and kisses.
Your loving and gentle Anastasiya
Letter 11
Narl I'm so glad to receive your letter. I'm up all night to prepare for the interview. English better? You do not notice on my letters? I write more clearly? Or not? I learn more colloquial English, and therefore probably change little. But to say I got better. I think that when we're together, then you can understand me without any problems. I really wish that we could understand one another. It is most important. What do you think?
Narl I love you and I'm glad that I write to you today. I always think of you. Every minute. Every second I think of you because I want to be with you. My day off to go get bored because you were not next to me I got a photo that you sent me. I hope that is not afraid to fly on an airplane.
Narl You like my picture today? Like it? Soon we will have photos, which we will be together. And this is the best days for us. I think so.
Narl I was at the agency. They say that I would come tomorrow or the next day. They let me know your flight details, which I will come to you. I'm so happy. Never fly the aircraft. The most important thing for me when I get that you were there. And wait for me. Most do not want anything. Just to be with you. And in your arms forever.
Narl I am counting the days before our meeting. I was not happy for many years since. A recent months for me months of happiness. Because I met you. And I will do everything in my power. And we'll be together. I dreamed to touch your lips, feel your hands, lips, passion, tenderness, affection, hugs. I want to be only yours!
I love you Narl!!!!!
Narl I am waiting for your answer. I hope that your answer can not keep waiting. Already write me an answer? I'm waiting ...
Your letters give me strength and energy that we had to you could be together.
Your loving and gentle Anastasiya
Letter 12
Narl I'm sorry for the short letter. Nobody can help. Collected only 250 dollars. I will look for more. You need to go to her friend in another city that would have to ask her for help. Then everyone will tell you. Do not worry. We'll be together.
I love you Narl!!!!!
Narl I believe that all turn out. The main catch to pay for a few days. I do everything to be with you. You're the best. Our dreams will come true.
I just yours, loving and gentle Anastasiya
Letter 13
Narl I do not know what to do. I was at all. We all ask for help. No one else can help. Left to pay 422 Dollars.
Narl I do not know what to do. Maybe you can help? I give everything and do not know what to do yet. Even I have nothing to sell. I do not want that our dreams have crumbled. Can I sell my room in vain, to borrow money from all who know. Is it all in vain? If you can help it succeed. And we'll be together. And what you and I dream become a reality. I feel so bad now. As if the earth went from under my feet and I can not do anything. Narl I ask you not to be offended. Please understand me. I beg you to help. And I can fly to you.
Narl You will be able to do this? I hope you can help. And all we get. I have not slept for 36 hours. I want to sleep. I'm going to go home and sleep. I am very tired. And I hope to see your letter tomorrow.
I hope you can help. And after a few days you and I'll kiss in embrace one another, make love, to walk along the street. I wait so long for this. And is it really collapses. The hope only on you. Our happiness is in your hands. I did everything that was in my power. What else do I do not know. Hope is now only for you.
Narl I am waiting for your answer tomorrow.
I love you Narl!!!
I can not live if we are not together.
Your loving and gentle Anastasiya
Letter 14
Narl I love you. I got your letter. I'm glad that you wrote to me. I have not told you my last name because you did not ask. Or am I just missed it. forgive me if so. My last name is Semenova. Yes, I'll be happy to be your wife. I want it. I work nurse. I told you. Narl I love you. I want to be with you. I want to leave my country for you.
In order to see you. Narl I do not want another man. I love only you.
I do not care others. How do men treat women here? Awful! I do not even want to talk about it.
Narl I do not care how much money you have. I do not care how you look. To me you're the most handsome man in the world. I love you for what you are kind, intelligent and loving you. Do you understand me and respect. Am I not right? And you love me too?
I do not understand what the scamming. Do you think that I deceive you?? Do you really think so?? Of course not! I love you and I would not when you do not do that. I do not need money from you. I want only you. But I had to ask for your help now, because none but you can not help. Do you understand? I promise that if you can help me 422 US dollars I could be with you. I still pay the agency and will fly to you 15 May. I promise that I will be with you.
Narl I am hope that you can to help. I will learn all about what and how you can make and I will tell you. I do not know what to do. I want to cry and cry from what you and I can not be together. But now everything has changed. I'll do anything for what would be our happiness never ends. I'll be with you. From this idea, both from happiness, to feel dizzy. I want to be with you forever. Only with you. And no I do not need.
Narl I do not know how to describe my feelings. But I'm happy. I've been in my dreams it represented. And there is not much and it's going to happen. I'll be in your arms, I can see you, be in your arms, I can cuddle up to you. I could kiss you. I can feel your kisses. We enjoy, and make love. What do you feel? Just imagine that all this will become a reality very soon.
Narl I want to say thank you. Thank you for that not to die in our dreams. For that help make this a reality. I'll find out. Everything and I will tell you. And soon we will be able to talk, hug, kiss, stroll along. Imagine how it will be cool! " I'm so happy. This does not describe in words.
I love you Narl !!!!!
Narl Will soon be together. I was not in vain to sell the room. I can not do everything wrong. I'll be with you. With BEST MAN IN THIS WORLD !!!!!!! Enough for me to be with you together. And I'll be the happiest woman. And I'll do anything, what would you be happy as well.
I love you Narl!
I love you Narl!
We'll be together soon.
Your loving and gentle Anastasiya
Letter 15
I am very happy that you wrote to me. I very much missed you. Forgive me also for the fact that I could not write to you. I was at home. But Internet cafes did not work. Everything was closed, because Russia was the holidays. I am glad that I write to you today.
I have a business card travel agency. You can contact them. That is all that is written there:
Sergei Peshkov
Travel Agency "Nebo"
Phone: +79233830777
Narl I met with you on the site for dating. But I do not remember the exact name of it. I remember that I found out there is your profile and decided to write to you. You have answered. And I started talking to you. I really do not have a camera. I had a camera, I sold it in order to have more money. My birthday is October 9. My age is 28 years old. My middle name Sergeewna. Narl I love you. And I really wanna be with you. I need you. I love you. I promise that there will not when you cheat. I will always speak the truth because I love you.
Narl I live in a village called Nestiary. The hospital where I work does not have a name because it is a state hospital. Number only. I walk to my job. It is only 40 minutes from my house. I love all food.
I could not find the the man in my country. All with whom I got acquainted *** interested only or they were alcoholic.They were not ready to serious relations. I do not want to tell that I do not love *** but I want to be engaged in it only with the favourite person. I not against alcohol but I think that was necessary to know when to stop in its use and to not drink each day.
I went to school in my village. After I finished studying at the school I went to college which is located in the city of Nizhny Novgorod. I studied there for five years. I do not use now is not what sites and I do not know what a face book.
Narl My real reason to leave Russia, my friends, my job is you. This is my love for you. I love only you and I want to be with you. I'm tired of being alone. Now I want to be with you.
Yes, I love animals. When I do not work I very much I like to look cinema, to go shopping with the girlfriend or to embroider. Still I like to look after house plants. At me it is a lot of them! I love camping. I do not have children. I think that all over again it is necessary to meet the love and then to think of that children are necessary whether or not. I do not know how to drive a car. As to music I listen to different music, all depends on mood. But the preference I give pop-100 and radio. I like different cinemas. I like to look historical films. I like comedies and films about love. But most of all I love the movie Knockin 'On Heaven's Door.
Narl I am glad that you can help us. Yesterday I learned how and what can be done. I was told that having such a company. Called Western Union. I need to go to the next town, to find out more. And tomorrow morning I go there. Tell me the address and I will try everything to learn in detail.
Narl I have been told that this is a good way and that I could get your help in an hour, after you send it. You do not hear about this? I still know all tell you.
Narl I'm so glad it worked out. And I'll be with you. And dreams will come true. And we all do and be happy forever. I woke up today with a very good idea. The fact that I'm with you. I sleep. And had a dream.
You carry me on hands in the house, the bedroom. And I so wanted not to wake up. But the alarm clock rang. I know that we will soon be together. And it will be so. Really?
I love you Narl!!!!
Everything will be fine.
Narl I send you my kisses. And go home to sleep. Tomorrow I will find out and tell you about what I learned. And soon I will fly to you on the plane. I'm already looking forward to our meeting. I so want this.
I do not have words that would describe it. Soon it will happen. And you see about what I say.
I love you Narl!!!!!
Narl I only belong to you. Because you're the most beautiful in this world.
Your loving and gentle Anastasiya
Letter 16
Narl I love you more than anything else! I miss you so much. I really want to see your letter today and I am sad that you did not answer. I ask not to be offended that I wrote to you later today. I hope you're not offended. I love only you and I want to be with you. I'll be the happiest girl in the world when I'm in your arms. And I hope that soon everything will be fine and we are together.
Narl I am today was in the western union. I learned how you can help me. And I was told that in order that you could help me, you need to know my full name
First name - Anastasiya
Middle name - Sergeewna
Last name - Semenova
You also need to specify the country of receipt of Russia and the address where I live:
Village Nestiary. Aleksandrov Street. House number 16. Apartment 7.
Postal code - 606733.
I will be able to get your help if you specify all of this correctly.
And I have to just know your full name, address and reference number, which you give to the western union. I hope you do it all and soon we will be together.
I love only you. I want to come to you soon. I want to give you my most affectionate kiss. Narl Every day I go to sleep with thoughts of you. And I had a dream about how you and I spend time together. I am happy that I have you and I hope that soon you and I will be together.
I love you! And I really miss you. I hope you write to me tomorrow.
I am waiting for your letter very much.
I love you!
Yours and yours alone
Letter 17
Narl If you would like, then you would find the money. I found a lot more. Why do you say that you can not do it? Even I could find more.
And you probably do not want, what I would have arrived. Or you have another reason. Tell me. I want to know it. I need to know. Because it is important to me your opinion. Why am I not worthy of what you'd try to do something. What would you and I were together. You know what I do. And what I do worth it. Why did you just say no? Why do not you ask to borrow? What's the problem? Tell me Narl.
Narl I do not understand. I do not understand, you can help or not?
What do I do?? Yes I paid for. And I have left to pay 422 dollars just to be with you. Do you understand? Yes, I borrowed money from friends.
I did everything I could. But I do not have enough. Now I can only hope for you. Because I sold everything I have. There is nothing else left.
Narl I await your sincere response. Because it depends on many things in our lives. I thought that we'll make a beautiful life together. And you're just quietly cut with an ax everything I do. NARL WHY ??????
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