Scam letter(s) from Anna Kolombina to Mario (Switzerland)

Letter 1
Hallo Mario.
Ich hoffe, Sie erinnern mich an. Mein richtiger Name Anna. Wir trafen uns auf der Website
Hier sind meine Fotos. Jetzt konnen Sie sehen, wie ich aussehe.
Was sind deine Ziele fur diese Dating-Website? Wollen Sie Freundschaft oder Beziehung zu finden?
Ich mochte mehr uber Sie erfahren. Vielleicht konnen wir beginnen, als Freunde entsprechen, wenn moglich?
Ich wunsche Ihnen eine erfolgreiche Zeit und gute Laune.
Letter 2
Hallo Mario.
Ich denke, wir konnten Brieffreunde werden.
Ich hatte noch nicht diese Erfahrung vor, aber es konnte interessant sein.
Auf dieser Dating-Website war ich nur ein paar Tage. Ich hatte ein paar Kontakte, aber ich habe aufgehort.
Ich bin 34 Jahre. Ich geschieden bin, habe ich keine Kinder.
Ich bin Werbeleiter. In meiner Freizeit Ich mag tanzen, schwimmen, gehen Sie zu den Eltern, Lesen, Filme schauen und Musik horen.
Ich hoffe, dass wir unseren Dialog fortsetzen.
Letter 3
Hi Mario!
Today is a good day because I read your reply:)
Thank you for your nice photos.
We do not know each other absolutely, we only have a couple of messages on the Internet.
But I hope that our relationship can make us good friends.
I was born in Poland, but now our family has lived in Chita.
This is a country town in the far east of Russia.
Time difference and distance are not important in our time,
when there are computers and the Internet. We can contact when we want.
I have a great desire to know more about you, about your country, about your culture.
I was always interested in history, I love learning foreign languages.
We can learn about each other's lives. I think it would be interesting for us.
At least we can try to continue our dialogue and see what happens.
My birthday is March 7. Zodiac - Pisces.
I divorced 3 years ago, I did not have children in marriage. I also was married for 3 years.
Now I'm lonely and I'm looking for a serious relationship again, and I hope to find my true love.
We can continue in English, if you want.
If you have questions you can ask me.
Today, I'm done and I'll be waiting for your quick response.
Letter 4

Hi Mario! How are you doing today?
I'm glad that you responded to me again. This means that we can have good conversations.
And I hope that we will become good friends.
I told you that I am working as a manager in the television.
This TV is GTRK. The site of my company
You can watch it, though it is written only in Russian.
My responsibility is to work with there customers. Basically, I have been advertising on television.
I have to take calls from customers who want to advertise on our channel.
Also, I take a lot of clients in our office.
I like to work there, but it is very hard work and I get tired a lot.
As I said, I live in the city of Chita. This is a great city in the Far East of Russia.
The population is about 400 000 people. Our city is located near the border with China and Mongolia.
Here, too, my parents live. I have no brothers or sisters.
However, I have many friends with whom I can spend my free time.
I've never been abroad before and I just traveled through Russia.
But I'm very interested to learn about the culture and life in your country.
I hope that I can find it in our correspondence.
I also try to tell you about myself and life in Russia.
My nationality - Russian.
I think that's enough for today my words.
I wish you a good time.
Letter 5
Hello my friend Mario. I hope I can call you this way?
I'm glad that we continue our correspondence, I'm looking forward you letters and now I hope you will not stop write me.
Thank you for your nice photos. I guess Switzerland is a very beautiful country.
In fact, I studied German at school and at university.
Today I have a good mood from the morning.
I woke up very early, had breakfast and took a shower.
Usually I work 5 days a week, but sometimes I work on saturday to when I have a lot of work.
My work is far from my house that's why I use a bus to get there.
I spend 30 minutes to get my work.
I want to tell you how I spend my free time.
I told you that my parents live at the same city what I do. But I live apart of my parents.
I often visit them and we have a good time together.
When I stay at home I watch films and listen to the music. I prefer classic music and pop music.
In general I listen to the music of russian composers and singers.
I like also Madonna, Enya, Enigma. This music is calm and helps me to relax when i'm in bad spirit.
I like sport. I go to the gym and swimming pool.
Usually I go to the gym or to swimming pool in weekends because I have no free time when I work.
Other my hobby is dances.
I dance already very much for a long time and to like me this kind of sports.
Tell me about your hobby. What do you usually do after work?
Now I finish my letter. I hope I will get your answer soon.
Your friend Anna.
Letter 6
Hello my dearest friend Mario.
I received your letter as usual today.
I hope you understand my English. I learned it at school and in the University.
I spend a lot of time to write you a letter. Now I can write you a letter and learn some new words.
But i think my English is not good. But i try to master it.
Medallion on my photos is only for beauty.
Though we have a long distance between us but i feel intimacy between us. Our correspondence gives us a good opportunity to develop our relations. I hope we became good friends and may be even more.
Only we can decide it. I like you very much and I hope we will develop our relations in future.
I hope our contact will not stop and we will continue our correspondence.
I want to say you i will never do it the first. I'm interested in our dialogue.
Today a had a walk with my friend Masha. She lives in St.Petersburg and she came here to her parents.
Petersburg it is the big city in the northwest of Russia. I think that it is the most beautiful city in ours country with fine architecture and buildings. Also it is cultural capital with many monuments.
Earlier she lived here then she went to the St.Petersburg to study and stayed to live there.
She likes very much to live there.
We went to the cafe. I know Masha from my childhood and it was a great pleasure
to meet her again. She comes here only once a year to visit her parents.
Unique way to arrive here it to use the plane.
However internal flights are very expensive about 20000 roubles in one way, therefore she cannot arrive here often.
We were talking for a long time and had a good time together.
She wants me to go to the St.Petersburg. It's usual that people go to another big cities to get the money.
In our city we don't get a lot of money that why majority of people don't want live here.
But I got used to live in this city. My parents and my friends live here.
I can't imagine my life in another place.
Now I finish my letter and i will wait your answer.
Letter 7
Hello, my Mario. Thank you for your good words.
We are continuing to communicate despite of all the huge distance and I hope that you enjoy our conversation.
Unfortunately, I do not have webcam.
In Russia the most popular vkontakte, but not facebook.
Today as usual I woke up at 7.00 in the morning to go to work.
Usually in the morning I always have a breakfast and take a shower.
I must look beautiful that's why I use some make up for my face.
It takes about 20 minutes every day:)
I must be at work at 09.00. It takes about 30 minutes for me to reach it.
Our boss watches if somebody will be late to work. I always try to be at work in time.
If I am late there is always some serious reason for that and I always warn about it in advance.
At my workplace I must reply to all telephone calls and meet all the clients.
For me it's very hard to deal with the clients the whole day because all people are different and I should find a unique approach to every person.
Usually to the end of a working day I get very tired and it's necessary for me to have a rest.
Also I have a big desire to see your letter.
I can read your mail at my work computer too. But if I don't have time at my work then I go home and at once I go to my home computer and open your mail.
It gives me a lot of pleasure to read all your mails.
I finish my work at 17.30. But if I have much work I can stay longer for later time.
Then I go home to have a rest.
I cook dinner for myself and watch TV and listen to the pleasant music.
Also sometimes I visit my parents and I have dinner with them. They are always very happy to see me in their house.
I think my day is not so funny. This is my usual day.
And it's always pleasant for me to get your mail because it brings a lot of positive emotions and high spirits into my life.
And I hope we can continue our correspondence in the future too.
Here I want to end my mail and wish you to have a good mood.
Now I'll wait for your reply.
Yours, Anna.
Letter 8
Hello, Mario.
I am glad to see your mail today! I hope you have a nice day today?
I see that you are really a very good person and our relationship should be developed further.
With every new day I learn more about you, your life and your dreams. And this seems to me wonderful.
I assume that you have a very interesting job.
In my city, it is very difficult to find a good job.
I told you earlier that I was married.
Our marriage proceeded within 3 years and then we have divorced.
It's a very sad story, but today I want to tell it to you.
At first I was very happy when we got married with Vladimir.
My former husband's name was Vladimir.
I thought I'll be always happy and we could live together long and joyful life.
We made plans together and we wanted to have children in the future.
But once I began to notice that Vladimir came late from his work and sometimes
he even didn't appear at home for night. When I asked him he explained that he had to stay longer at work or spent time with his friends.
I didn't like it and because of that we argued fiercely every day. I understood that it couldn't be continued for a long time and soon our marriage will be destroyed.
I asked him to think about it, but he was not interested in me anymore.
My friends told me that Vladimir cheated me with other women. At first I couldn't believe that, but then I understood that he had other women. I realized that he didn’t love me and he was interested only in ***.
I suffered much about it, but I couldn't do anything. Once I have told him that I gave up on him and I didn't want to live with him anymore. I wanted to divorce from him.
At first he didn't want that, but then we have spoken about it and understood that divorce is the best solution for us and we cannot live together anymore.
I understood that he needed only *** and he has only one desire to find a new girl for that.
I was very angry with him and I had a long deep depression after that.
But now I have a good life and I think little about him.
I don't want to end my life in loneliness and that's why I want to find good relationship.
Perhaps our relations are a good beginning for that...
I don't know... Time will show what will happen with us in the future.
I hope that this history was not boring for you.
Already late here, and it is necessary for me to finish this letter.
I hope, that you will understand my feelings because your words now play very big role for me.
You my good friend, and me are pleasant to know your opinion on me.
I'll wait for your fast reply.
Letter 9
Hello, Mario. I think you've become a very good friend of mine now.
Thanks for your words of support and understanding, it are very important for me.
It seems, that you had unsuccessful relations too...
I get a lot of high spirits when I see your mail in my computer.
Now I think much about you. You've become a joyful and bright part of my day.
I am very glad I have found you in Internet. I am very pleased about our correspondence.
I have never had any correspondence before in internet and I don't have other friends in Internet.
I write only to you and I like talking to you.
I would like our friendship to be developed in the future. And I will do everything possible for that.
Of course we are very far away from each other, but it's not a problem at all when we use a computer for our communication.
Internet is a very good way of our communication and we can always be in contact.
But sometimes I am scared because I am afraid our contact can be interrupted.
I hope that you will continue writing to me and I could learn you better with every day.
Today I have been to the shop to buy some things for myself.
I bought a new blouse for me and a little jacket.
I think that a woman should look beautiful and that's why I try to buy beautiful things for me.
I cannot waste a lot of money for shopping because I should save some money for other expenses.
Do you often go to the shop to buy new things for yourself? Is it important for you to look well?
I always pay special attention to my appearance and that's why I buy new things for me.
Also I buy some cosmetics. It is very important for me!
And I like very much to walk in the shops for a long time.
Today I have a good day and I wish you everything best in your life.
I will wait for good news from you.
Your best friend Anna.
Letter 10
Mario, at last, again I can see your letter!
I waited all the day long when I can see your letter and now I can read it. I always have the big desire to read your letters.
Today I have visited my parents. They invited me for a long time to itself on a visit for a supper. We have pleasantly spent time in a family circle.
My mum well cooks also I always with pleasure I agree to taste her tasty dishes.
I spent with them all the evening long today.
And I have told him that I have correspondence with you. I hope that you not against it?
My parents with the big interest watch my private life and always are interested that the new has happened in my life :)
I have told him that I have got acquainted with you on the Internet and you from other country.
They very much were surprised to it because they badly imagine that such the Internet and how possible to get acquainted here.
I have explained to them as I have found you on a site of acquaintances and that we correspond long enough time.
My mum wants that I have found the love in a life and worries about me always.
They are very glad for me that I have dialogue with you and that I rejoice lives now.
I also think that the most important in relations between people this mutual understanding and trust.
It is very pleasant to me to have dialogue with you and I will continue it certainly.
When I have come home to me it became a little sad.
I was absolutely alone and to me became very lonely.
At one moment I have thought that very well if you were near to me.
I wish you fine time in this weekend.
My best regards to you!
Yours Anna
Letter 11
Hello my most dear Mario.
Many thanks for your nice photos today!
This is a strange feeling, I have never seen you, I learn you only by e-mails, but when I open my mailbox and see a mail from you, I have a great feeling.
This feeling cannot be expressed by words, I feel some joy and some fear.
I fear that some day you will write me that you want to stop our connection.
But when I read your words, I understand that you are interested in our communication.
Today I have the day off on my work.
Usually I have no day off in the middle of the week, but today in our department there is a check and my boss has let off me home.
Therefore I can be engaged in cleaning my room. I love cleanliness and an order in the house, therefore I take a free time always to do cleaning in my house.
And my mood raises, when I am engaged in cleaning.
Then I went to shop to buy some products.
I use public transport to go to shop.
On it a lot of time leaves and usually I buy only the most necessary for me.
Have you the car? Or you use the public transport also?
I have a driving licence, but I have no car. I studied to receive the certificate for a long time, therefore now I think that I badly drive the car :)
And I have no experience of driving.
Then I was only at home. I did not wish to go anywhere.
I watched TV and listened to music on my computer.
Tomorrow I should go again for my work, therefore today I have decided to relax.
I thought of you much today. To me very lonely to be alone here and I have only you in my thoughts and dreams.
It was especially pleasant to me to receive the letter from you today therefore I miss you very much.
What did you do today? How you spend yours weekends?
I would like to prolong today to receive more rest for me.
But I cannot make it and tomorrow I should wake up very much early.
I will dream of you much and I would not like that there has come tomorrow, when I can see your letter again.
I miss you already!
Your Anna.
Letter 12
Hello my darling Mario!
Unfortunately, I could not listen to your song, because I could not get it on my computer.
I have a very slow internet at home.
I feel that you became for me more than only the friend.
With each your letter I receive many joyful emotions.
It is a little strange, when you are far from me. But I have for you full confidence.
For me it is very important to feel trust. This most important in relations.
When there is no trust it is impossible to construct relations.
I hope that you trust me? And I want that we have continued to develop our relations.
You became for me very important person in my life and I do not wish to lose you now.
I like you, because you the kind, gentle and careful person.
Certainly, I do not know you completely, but I wish to learn about you more and I am always glad when I receive little bit more information on you.
Today I thought of you much and I have understood that you became very important part of my life.
Though we communicate not so long ago, but you have brought in my life so much happiness, which I did not feel already very much for a long time.
I am grateful to you for all and I hope that it only the beginning of our contact.
I will try to make all that it was interesting to you to receive my mail.
I'd like to meet you in the real world. It is unfortunate that we live so far away from each other.
I very much miss you my dear Mario!
And now I will wait for the new letter from you. I hope that I can see your letter tomorrow.
It is a lot of embraces and kisses.
Yours Anna
Letter 13
Hello, dear Mario.
How are you today? How your mood? I suppose all is well there at you.
Today I was very glad to read your nice letter.
I am confident that our relations are developing with each passing day.
Maybe sometime in the future we can meet in the real world too.
I have the joy in my life - it is your letters. I want to say to you that my heart beat faster when I think of you.
My heart beat so when I think of you! Your letters help me to feel your presence near me.
I want to feel you, your tender look, your smile, your hands. I need so much your warmth and care, and I think I bet not so much. I am seeking the pure love and romantics in relations.
I love it when everything is beautiful, wonderful, tender and romantic!
I wish to have a family, my beloved near me, to feel care and constant support in difficult moments of life - that's what every person in this world rush to and me too. I am already 34 years old and I don't have yet what I am talking to you about. I was close to the happiness in the past, but my trust broke my heart.
I should trust the person that I am going to live the whole my life. To trust every his word, gesture, look, smile. In the world now there are so much meanness and deception that it necessary very carefully to treat the people that surround you. I don't say that you should treat with distrust to every person, but you need to know the person so well that you can be confident in him or her completely.
I know you not for so long, but I can say that you are very honest and open and it attracts me very much and gives me the hope that I can love and be loved!
We are far from each other, but it doesn't prevent us from communicating and learning each other.
Though I have already thought that the communication through Internet is not enough to understand each other completely.
What do you think of it? I would like to see you not only on photo. But I don't know when it will be possible, because we are so far from each other. I like you and I think that our relations can be closer.
I don't know how to explain it in words, I just feel it. Your letters raise my mood. I feel so joyful in my soul.
My dear, what you feel to me? I ask you to think over this question seriously. Please, answer this question honestly and sincerely, because it is indeed very important for me, really!
I will wait for your letter, and I hope you will write me soon.
Your Russian friend, Anna
Letter 14
Hello, dear Mario.
I am so glad that I have mail from you again in such a beautiful day. Your letters allow me to feel your presence close to me. We are separated by long distance, but I feel that you are so close.
Mario, we communicate already for a long time. During this time you become to me more than just a friend.
You made my heart beat stronger. Now it is filled with tenderness to you. I know that I have a man to whom I can say all about me and my life, because I trust you.
Before I have never thought that I can develop such feelings through Internet, but now I know that it is possible and it can happen.
I want that you know that every time I wait for new mail from you. Now I need them.
I wish you a good mood and I wish you a nice weekend!!!
Yours, Anna
Letter 15
Hello, my dear Mario!
I hope you had a good weekend? I thought about you a lot.
I want to address you today with words of sympathy and respect.
I hope that your attitude to me is sincere. Believe me, I lack serious relations in my life.
You won by me, my thoughts and my consciousness, my soul! Only you touch my heart, make it beat faster.
I think of you all the time. I think about you, imagine you big expressive eyes.
Wherever I go, wherever I look, I always see you. In my head the thoughts only about you, you are everywhere and always close to me, despite of many kilometers separating us.
And I wanted to say to you that you are very important to me now.
During our acquaintance I began to value you and now understand that I need you.
I could never imagine and would never believe that I find my man in the Internet.
But when I learnt you, I understood that you are the only man that I want to present my man.
Even if there is a big distance between us, despite of anything - I like you very much Mario!
I will wait with impatience for your letter.
Letter 16
Hello my dear Mario!
Thank you for your mail. I waited for the moment when I can get your reply.
Mario, I opened to you all the feelings that I had inside me, and I am glad that you answered me.
Your mails fill my life with sense. I began to understand that my life means nothing without you.
It seems to me that you and I am very close, but only unfortunately we are so far away from each other.
I think that we should meet; we should see each other, look into each other’s eyes, because through Internet lost are emotions and it’s hard to understand each other. Of course, it is difficult to talk about feelings, if we know each other only in Internet.
I want to see you very much, hear your voice, talk to you. I dream about our meeting.
I imagine how it will be. It’s a pity that it is only dreams and if they come true knows only God.
Between us big distance, but in my dreams I am with you. I feel that our hearts beat in one rhythm and do you feel that?
Wait for your letter, it is very important to me.
Your Anna Neserova.
Letter 17
My dear Mario. My conversation with you is the best that is during my day. I enjoy every letter that I receive from you.
I congratulate you on St. Valentine's Day! I love you very much! You are my only Valentine!
Whenever I go to sleep, I dream of you my dear.
You come to me in a dream, and we are very happy. I am ready to give everything to make my dream become a reality.
Of course, I'll be very happy if you could visit me in Chita. This will be a great gift for me.
When exactly can you see me? I think the sooner the better.
I am very emotional, passionate and hot-tempered person and it is usual for me to show my feelings.
May be it seems strange to you.
We didn’t meet with you in real life, we have only letters, which I cherish, but I have feeling that we know each other for eternity. I hope that you understand me.
The most important in relations between two people, man and woman, of course id the mutual understanding and respect in attitudes. Two people must trust each other first, take care of each other. Your life will be my life, and I will give all my love, care and tenderness to you.
I am waiting for your mail.
Letter 18
Hello there, my dear Mario.
Thank you for your prompt response.
Unfortunately, I could not fully understand what you found on the Internet. And what kind of woman you're talking about, who lives in my town?
What does this woman has come to me? I can not understand completely. Perhaps you can tell me more about that.
I am very happy if you could visit me in March. I will leave in March and I can be free for you all day.
Of course, you can stay in my apartment. Unfortunately, I only have a small bed at home.
I do not know if I can come up with something this short time.
In any case, I can book a good hotel for you if you want, then you will be very comfortable.
Here I saw some hotels in my town.
I'm really thankful to the fate that it made us to find each other in that big world of hate and troubles.
We'll become the happiest couple and see our life only in beautiful colors!!!
I know that it will be so, trusting in our feelings I'm finding myself really like a princess waiting for the moment when her prince will take her in his arms...
Million of kisses and hugs for you my dear and all my love from the bottom of my heart only for you!!!
Your Anna
Letter 19
Hello my love Mario. How are you today? I hope that all is good at you.
I am very happy, that I have received your letter.
Of course, you can come to me on March 29. I will leave at this time.
In fact, it is very good news that we can meet very soon.
It will be a big event in my life.
You became for me a dear man and I want to know you in real life.
If you need an invitation from the hotel, then I can make reservations for you.
Arkadia Hotel is a good place for you. It is centrally located and you will be comfortable.
My address:
Stroiteley str., 92,
672000 Chita,
I miss you very much these days.
Today it was a very boring day and I thought of you.
I thought of our joint life.
I think, that you have a good day now in your country if you can,
please answer me as soon as possible.
I miss you, Mario.
Sincerely yours Anna.
Letter 20
Hello my lovely Mario.
Thank you for your good letter.
I'm sorry I did not answer you for a long time.
I had a lot of work before that time.
Have you phoned the hotel? If you need my help, then I am ready to help you.
I very strongly want to see you near to me, but to our regret I can not yet.
Now I constantly look news hoping to learn something about your country.
To me in general it is interesting to study everything that is unknown to me.
I mean may be not to learn, but it seems to me that it is better to know little about everything than everything about little.
And consequently every dialogue with the person is a lesson for me.
But the most important dialogue for me when I communicate with you.
You see you are the mainest teacher for me, and I want to listen to you.
To listen to your ideas, reasonings, to know about you as much as possible.
I think you don't mind. Here I want to finish the letter, my lovely.
I wait with impatience for your letters.
Yours Anna
Letter 21
Hello, my sweet Mario.
Thank you for your good letter.
I'm sorry that I have not answered you for a long time again. At this point I have to work very much, so I have no strength to turn my computer at night and respond to your letters.
Of course, you can fly to me on March 28. I can meet you at the airport in the morning. We can take a taxi to take away your luggage.
I think: My God, thank you that you have helped me to find my sole and I hope that we will meet with him and we will be happy.
I dream of our meeting and about how I will go for a walk with you holding your hand, how we shall look at each other.
I dream about how you will hold me on your hands, kiss and hug my gentle body.
It is a pity that it is only dreams.
Is it fated to come true? The God only knows about it.
I hope to see your letter in a short time.
Your Anna
Letter 22
Hello my love Mario.
I missed you very much. I thought about us and about our joint life a lot.
In general these ideas very frequently visit me. They cannot be banished.
I hope, that you understand feelings of the woman, feelings of the woman in love.
I did not think, that our relations in the Internet will have so serious turn.
Of course, I can help you with translation into English.
"We sent the documents to the embassy. You should to know if enough electronic versions voucher for the embassy.
If not enough, then to tell us your exact address and we will send you the originals.
And one more thing. Do you need a meeting at the airport in Chita and travel services?"
I myself will meet you at the airport in Chita. I think you do not need to travel services.
I think they just want to get extra money.
I have never rented my blood. I am very afraid of this.
Let me know what you think, your ideas and dreams?
Do you see our future together? May be you think that I am very naive, but it is not so.
My vacation is over 5 weeks. I'm really looking forward to my holiday when I can meet you in the real world.
I miss you, Mario.
Your Anna in Russia.
Letter 23
Hi my love.
I am happy to read your letter. I miss you very strongly.
Today at work we had a very heavy day. We have to work from the very morning to dinner.
Then we have an inspection and they show very high requirements to us.
It is very intense day and I get very tired.
But I think of you, my love and my heart is filled with life.
All my ideas are only about you and everybody is surprised why
I am so happy every such difficult day. There is a smile on my face for the whole day. I think of you, my love.
I dream of us together, about our life.
I hope I can meet your parents someday.
Then they can think about the real relationship between us.
When you are in my town, I can introduce you to my parents.
I have already said that you can visit me soon.
Unfortunately, I do not know if you can rent a car.
I think in my town don't a similar service.
In fact, my town is very small, so we can take public transportation, if necessary.
I can order a taxi to the airport to transport luggage.
In the elections in Russia, Putin won. It was a predictable victory.
I want to be with you and I wait for this day.
I will wait a letter from you. I miss you, my Prince.
Yours, Anna.
Letter 24
Hello my dear Mario.
Thank you for your congratulations. I am very pleased to receive your letter on this day.
Today I will celebrate my birthday with my parents.
I think a lot about you. I would love you to be with me.
I really miss without you.
I wish you a pleasant evening and good mood.
kiss you.
your Anna
Letter 25
Hi, sunshine!
The day is great today because I've got a letter from you.
I had a good birthday. At work, many colleagues have congratulated me.
In the evening I was with family at the holiday table.
I had a good mood. All was well.
I was glad to receive your congratulations as well.
Wow, I did not know anything about flowers. How can you sent me flowers? And how much they could not reach me?
I decided to talk to my mom about you. I was a little bit afraid to do it.
The reason is that she loves me very much and of course, like every mother she worries about me.
I am sure that with you I will feel safe and secure and that I have nothing to be afraid of.
I told this to my mom and read some points from your letter. She told me that she trusts me.
And if I am happy, she is happy too. She thinks that you are a good, reliable, honest, kind and caring person.
And she wishes us only happiness and good luck. But of course, only the meeting will show us if we really were made for each another.
I am sure already that you are my second half.
We really have much in common and I admire and respect you.
So I will close here, dear. Take care.
Kisses and hugs.
You are always with me in my heart.
Your Anna
Letter 26
My dear, I am very happy that at last I have a letter and nice photos from you.
It is very sad that I could not get your bouquet of flowers.
In fact, my television station consists of a complex of buildings.
And in order to get inside to produce a pass. This is a safety first.
In any case, I was pleased that you have to think and care about me.
Please let me know the results of the interview at the embassy. I think that everything should be fine.
I regret that we are separated for such a huge distance. I would like to hug and kiss you,
now I can only dream about this... When I close my eyes, I can present how your hands tenderly touch my body.
It makes me excited. I sincerely want to make you the happiest man, because I love you very much.
You should take a very warm clothes, because my city is still winter and very cold temperatures.
Here I will end my letter. I hope you will pay attention to my words and my feelings.
I will wait a reply from you, my tender prince!
Your Anna
Letter 27
Hi, my love! I am very pleased to see a letter from you here. I can’t concentrate on anything until I see your letter. These minutes are the happiest to me. During this time I forget about everything in the world and I can think only about you, my love!
I am glad that you all are well formed at work. Professional success is an important aspect of our lives, too.
I must ask you first. How was your interview at the embassy?
You've already got a visa for Russia?
Although the weather today was not sunny and there were clouds in the sky, my mood was good.
I dreamt the whole night how it will be great together.
Today in the morning I got up with the thoughts that at last we can be together. I really want that, my love!
I dream about our meeting and I want to do everything to be together as soon as possible.
I want you to know that you mean so much to me!
We must take care of our feelings, you know it’s so difficult to meet real love in modern times.
You are so nice not only outside, but inside.
I want us to be together forever!!!
I am sending you my hot kisses, my beloved man.
I will think of you, my love!
Letter 28
Hello, my sweetheart! How are you feeling? I care about you so much, because you mean the whole world to me.
You woke up such a great fire in me which can burn the whole world. I have never been so happy earlier, it turned out that love can make real miracles! When i think of you i forget about all my problems.
I was very lucky that I met you and I never want to loose you.
I'm glad you got a visa to Russia without any problems. Thus, nothing prevents you to fly to Chita.
I'll wait for you at the airport on March 28 in Wednesday morning.
Unfortunately, I have no foreign passport at the moment.
I can not get extra leave in the summer. My vacation will be in April.
My next vacation will be in the spring of 2013.
I am like a flower which cannot live without sun light. You are my light, my sun and I can exist only when you are close to me, that’s why I am ready to much to be together with you. I want to fall asleep in your strong embrace and feel sweet taste of your lips and wake up with the thoughts that there is so close to me a man without whom my life wouldn’t have any meaning.
Here I will stop my mail to you. But I will not stop thinking of you. My thoughts are always with you.
Letter 29
Hello, my dear Mario.
I was very pleased to get a mail from you today.
I am always pleased at your letters, my prince, they always raise my mood.
For me it is a great happiness to meet such a person like you.
You became my ideal and I am satisfied that only you take place in my big and hot heart of a loving woman.
I want to be close to you, to feel your affectionate touches and kisses.
My love to you is very strong and serious. I want you to know that it’s not a game to me, I am not a little girl to play games.
I want to meet with you very much, my prince. I hope that our desires are similar.
Now, what about security in my town.
You can be safe with me.
Of course, you can leave your luggage in my apartment.
In Chita has many ATMs, but I do not know whether your bank card to work here.
In any case, you can go to any bank.
Unlike Europe, in Russia not to use the bank card for purchases.
In this case, you must have some cash, namely, Russian rubles.
Here I will end my mail. I am waiting for your soon answer.
I am sending you my affectionate kiss and strong hugs.
Letter 30
Hello, my dearest Mario.
I am the happiest person in the world, because I have you, my beloved Mario.
You are my friend and my life mate. I am thinking of you all the time – days and nights.
I want to be happy with you. I want us to hold each other’s hands and have a romantic night with romantic kisses.
I want to hold your hand and walk on the beach and kiss you.
We could watch a sunset together with you.
I wish you a successful flight! I'll wait for you in a Wednesday morning at the airport in Chita.
This will be the happiest day of my life.
I miss you very much.
Your love, Anna
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