Romance scam letter(s) from Enchill Abrhmms to Roman (Czech Republic)
Letter 1
thanks for writing to me and i hope you are doing fine as i also do. here is my email address
i will like to know your rules and regulations, thank you
Slave Yakube
Letter 2
Hello Sir Roman, thank you for taking your time to write to me and i hope you are doing fine over there in Czech republic and it's nice to know the spring brought you sunshine.

Sir, yes you are right because a slave must be very submissive and respectful to her Master at all times and it would also be nice to have a Master that would treat you with respect as well though a slave is a piece of meat 24/7.

Sir,i would like to uuse this opportunity to tell you more about myself, I was born and bread in South Africa, Was living with my two parents before i lost my mother, some few months after the death of my mother death my father got married to another wife and they finally moved to Cape Verde.

Sir, I had a boy friend name jack that was when i was in the school but, he was a drunker , i don't like him because of his drunk attitude he beats me all the time he got drunk and i decided to leave and let him go on his own and i found my own way too i believe that goes on.

Sir,I had 3 best friend when was in the school but not any more, one of them was also slaves girl but now, she have found a good and caring Master in Australia and have been relocated to Australia, i had mine too in Italy but unfortunately lost him by accident when i was with him in Italy. A week later after he has been buried his family threw me out of his house but fortunately i was very lucky i had my return ticket with me and flew back to South Africa, so you can see how unlucky i was, my very first Master died while i was with him .

Sir, my late Master, trained me with using of vibrator, bondage and ass spanking and sleeping in the cage as well, he likes to be sucked until his cum into my mouth and he rides me like a horse when he was alive, i still want more from him but his no more alive may your soul rest in perfect peace Master Marcello .

Sir, yes i would love to work and support you with the paying of bills at home if you want me to and i would make sure the house is always clean all the time and i will also make sure your dinner is always serve on time when you get back from work. I would be happy to learn your language and i hope you would teach me.

Sir, I have never married to any one in my life, but i know very soon yo will be my husband and Master.

I have attached my picture and i know you are going to like it too Master.

Hope to read from you soon Master.

Hugs and kisses.

Slave Yakube
Letter 3
Hello Sir Roman, I'm happy to hear from you and i hope you are doing fine as i also do over here and i also hope all is well with your work, if so Glory be to God.

Sir, my life has not been easy and it is true every moments in our lives has it's own purpose and pushes us towards some greater goal and my dream goal is to have a good,honest,understanding and caring Master to serve with all my heart.

Sir, yes that is correct i have only two men in my life which is jack my ex-boy friend and my Late Italian Master Marcello though alot of men have been disturbing me with love :).

Sir, i am currently in Ghana to meet a Master from USA who said his interested in me and wants me to be his slave girl which i agreed because i'm looking for a Master that would train me to make me the great slave i have always dreamed of, He said he was coming for a business trip here in Ghana so he would take me back with him to go and serve him after his business meetings but since i arrived in Ghana when i call his cell phone it does not go work and when i email him he does not reply to my emails.

Sir, I don't stay with my Father anymore due to the way my fathers new wife treats me and i left and was living with a very good friend of me and her name is Amina she jus very kind to me, i have attached two photos of me and her and i hope you would like it.

Sir, i used all the money i have for visa and airticket to Ghana and because of that i have nothing left with me so i have sold my Hp laptop, Nikon digital camera and some of my clothes for living and aslo to pay for the apartment i am living in now and i know God would help me to find a caring and understanding Master to get me relocated to his country to serve him.

Sir, thank you so much for your photos and i want you to know that i have pretend out the one you are on the black and white lines shirt i want to keep it close to me all the time.

Sir, it great to know your age and i want you to know that relationship is not about age though i am 32 years old and i knoow you are going to me a good and caring Master because i have also dreamed of having a Master from Europe.

Sir, it's nice to know the work you do for a living and also to know you live in your own apartments though it is not too large but good it has two room and if i may ask, do you have a cage at home and Collar for me to wear?

Sir, I don't know anything about Cezch republic and it would be nice to know more about it as i'm interested in becoming your beloved slave girl with all my body,soul,mind and heart. I'm also happy to hear you have the spirit of teacher and that is great because it would be easy for me to learn your language :).

Sir, do you live alone in your apartment and do you have any pets? This is my pager number +233243029002 it can only send and recieve text messages and i will be happy to have your cell phone number so that i would call to hear your voice.

Master, I will end my mail here and i hope to hear from you soon, thank you and have a good evening.

Hugs and kisses to yours lips,

Slave Yakube
Letter 4

Hello Sir, I hope you are doing fine as i also do over here and i also hope your work is going on well and I'm happy to know you like my photos. Sir, i understand what you are saying because every human being as it own believe or destiny like you said and you are right so i am okay to serve you with all my body,soul,mind and heart till the rest of my life. Sir, yes you are right i have had only two men as sexual partners and because of that my vagina is very close and tight and i just can't wait for the day my new Master will give me a hot sex. Do you like to be sucked if i may ask Sir? Sir, i have been in Ghana for almost three weeks now and like i told you in my other mail when i call the USA Master it does not go anymore and also he does not reply to my emails. I used all the money i have for a oneway ticket to Ghana because i know i was coming to meet the USA Master but everything turned around but did not give up because i believe if there is life there is hope that is why i came back to collarme and thank God i found you. Sir Roman, I have to sell my laptop, digital camera and some of my clothes to be able to rent apartment and use some for food as well. At the moment the money left on me is only $52 and i don't know when it would get finish because i have to pay for internet cafe before i can check my email and will have to buy some food. Sir Roman, I am very worried and confused here because i will be having my menstruation cycle any moments from Sunday and i would have to buy some pad and some pills for my menstruation. I would have to sell some of my slippers and clothes again because i don't have a working permit to be able to work and make some money for living and it is not possible for me to return to South Africa but can travel anywhere which means i can come to you and start serving you in Czech Republic when i have visa and ticket. Sir, yes i want to be your beloved slave girl and I'm ready to serve you with all my body,soul, mind and above all my heart and like i told you in my previous mail, age is not important in a relationship and I'm happy you know the most important thing is mutual sympathies, respect and feelings are very more important. So yes i want to be your slave girl. Sir, thank you for giving me the permission to have your photo all the time and i can't wait to be with you in person. I'm also glad know you live alone in your apartment and i will make sure it is always clean when am with you. I hope your parents are doing fine.

Sir, i will be happy to go and buy the collar with you at the shop together and would be excited to try it and get a very good size for my neck and will be more happier when you give me a permanent sign. all the time. I will try and call you if possible tomorrow evening as you are available during that time but i can't promise because i don't know how much a calling card cost here because I'm very broke here but will try my best for you Master Roman. Sir Roman, I'm happy to know your name and mine is Yakube Daniel. Sir, i end my mail here it's getting late, i have to go and sleep and i hope to read from you thank you. Yours faithfully slavegirl, Slave
Letter 5
Hello Master Roman, Good afternoon, I hope you are doing fine as i also do over here and i hope your day is going on well with you, if so glory be to God. Master, I was at the Czech republic embassy today and i spoke with the Manager at the Embassy about a visa to Prague, Czech Republic, he first ask me if i have a International passport and i said yes and i gave it to him when he look at my passport he later told me because i have been to Italy before i will need to get the following which i have arranged for you (1) I will need to get a Medical report, They want to be sure i don't have any diseases like HIV/AIDS, TB and many more because Czech republic embassy doesn't want anyone with such sickness in their country. If i get the medical done and there is no any ailment, I will get the visa and I know i don't have any deceases so i am not scared to do the test. (2) I will need a police report, That will indicate that i don't have any criminal record, The Czech repulic embassy doesn't want any criminal in their country. (3) I will have to get a traveling Insurance before they can issue the visa for me, The reason for the Traveling Insurance is that, If anything happens to me while I'm in Italy, The traveling insurance will cover me there, Anything like motor accident or anything like fire outbreak or many more. (4) The last one is the visa fee, That is all i need before i can get the visa. The Medical report is 185 Euros, The Police report is 150 Euros, Traveling insurance is 250Euros and the visa fee is 60 Euros as well.When I'm able to get all these done the visa will be issued within 5 working days because i have been to europe before and that is the lucky i am. Master, In all, that will be 645 Euros. Master, This is what i was told at the Czech repulic embassy and I will be looking forward to hearing from you and i will be very grateful if you will help me to get the visa because i can't wait to be with you and start serving you. Master, i will send you another mail concerning the fly ticket prices, thak you. Yours obedient Slave forever, Slave Yakube
Letter 6
Hello Masterr Roman, I'm happy to hear from you and i hope you are having a wonderful evening and i wish i'm alreadt with you to give you a very good massage after a hard day work. Master, yes i was told i would be given a short term visa os that when i am with you it can be renew or extended and i was also told to bring along the address of were i will be staying when i get to the Prague,Czech Republic. Master, i know i don't have any sickness in me so i will not be afraid to do the test and yes i can get the police report from Ghana. Master, here are the ticket prices again From Accra to Johannesburg using South African Airways is $778 and the chipest among all that i found at the airport was Royal Air Maroc 682 Euros the rest are in pounds which are very expensive and when it is even converted into Euros it is still the same and i will prefer to use the Royal Air Maroc so that i will arrive in Prague Ruzyne International Airport, Czech Republic. Here are the other airlines and their prices Turkish Airlines 918 Pounds Ethiopian Airlines 1011 Pounds KLM 1055 Pounds Iberia 1225 Pounds Brussels airlines 1486 Pounds British airways 1586 Pounds Lufthansa 1793 Pounds Virgin Atlantic 1847 Pounds Master, i will have to do the medical report, police report and traveling insurance and after all is done then i will send it to the embassy with the visa fee, i will make sure i send you copy of the Medical report, police report and traveling insurance when i have it done. Master, yes i know that is very expensive and you have to be prudent in some way and i want you to know that i wish i could finance some of the money but is unfrotunate i even need some money for food and some for pad and pills for my menstruation cycle. Master, If i could get help from my friend i would have told you that beside i told you i have only one good friend and she does not know i am slave girl and she knows i was coming to meet my fiance from USA but not a Master and as for my father i don't have any contact with him and i don't want to due to past experience i had from him and my step mum. Master, i am for real and i would never betray your trust for me and if you want i will work and pay you back the money when i am with you and i hope that is okay. Master, here is the address again i have check the spelling and it is correct YAKUBE DANIEL
GHANA 23321 Master, i am online waiting to hear from you before i go to bed, thank you. Your slave girl, Slave Yakube
Letter 7
Hello Master Roman, thank you for your lovely mail and i hope you are doing fine as i also do over here and i also believe your day us going on well with you at work.

Master Roman, i just waked up from bed and saw that you have sent me a sms on my pager regarding reply to my email last night and i'm happy to read it.

Master Roman, yes i really want to serve you and live with you and i want you to know that i'm very happy to have you as my Master and i can't wait to be with you.

Master Roman, i'm very glad to know you like to be sucked and i promise to be a obedient slave all the time. I like sucking and am very good at sucking because my late Italian Master enjoyed that so much and yes i will suck you and chew your balls slowly until you are cum into my mouth and i will swallo your sperm.

Master Roman, yes i understand how you feel about me been in a foreign country and i want to thank you for your love and caring because i can see from the begining that you are a caring and understanding Master that is why you have to stay very late online to finish replying to my mail and i'm very grateful and i will always be honest and very respectful to you at all times when i am finally with you.

Master Roman, thank you for finding out about the Czech Republic embassy here in Ghana for me and i think i have to go there personally though i have read online what would be needed but it would be good if i am there personally. I will let you know every details by email as soon as possible when i return from the embassy this afternoon.

Master Roman, I was giving a 3 months visitors visa without a working permit to Italy and my late Master Marcello said he would have to renew and extend it for me when it expires but is unfortunately things did not go well on my side and i hope you understand what i mean. I wish have a valid Italy visa i would have fly to Italy so that you would come and pick me from there though i don't know how far it is from Czech Republic to Italy.

Master Roman, i will not forget to findout about the flyticket to Prague, Czech republic as well as Wien, Austria and will not forget to also findout how much it cost to fly back to South Africa.

Master Roman, is unfortunately i don't have a bank account anymore because i have to close it and empty the the account when i was coming to Ghana to meet the disappointing Master from USA because i know i would not need a bank account when i am with him. I would be happy if you can send me the money through Western Union Money transfer because my late Italian Master used to send me money by Western Union and it is said faster and reliable though i used to have a bank account with Absa.

Master Roman, so all you would need to send me the money is my address of where i'm living which you can see below

Dansoman, Accra
Ghana 23321

Master Roman, i would need about 320 Euros for food, pad and pills for my menstruation though that is not enough for me because things cost alot here but i will be okay with any amount you can afford to send me and i will be happy if you can do that for me today because i will be taking a taxi to the Czech repulic embassy from there i will take a another one to the airport and findout about the ticket prices and i will be happy if you can send me the money today when you go for lunch this afternoon so that you will send me sms on my pager with the information because i will be holding my international passport with me to be able to pick up the money.

Master Roman, i have to go and take my shower now and go to the Embassy and make the inquiries very fast as i can't wait to be with you and i will let you know by sms when i am living, thank you.

have a nice day at work and take care of yourself for me Master Roman.

Hugs and kisses to your lips,

Slave Yakube
Letter 8
Master Roman, i am not afer your money beside i am not a scammer and i wish i could fly back to South Africa but i don't have the money for the ticket back to south Africa.

Master, yes my friend is very good to me and even if i tell her my fiance from USA is fake she can't get me the money for my ticket back to my country but you can do that for me.

Master, do you have a fax machine so that i would fax you copy of my international passport for you to see that i am for real?

Master, i am not after your money i can promise you that and i want you to know that i ams eriously ,looking for a Master to serve that is why i have to take that risk to Ghana to meet the USA Master if not i wouldn't have done that. Master, if you don't want me as your slave anymore just tell me and stop thinking i am a scammer.

Master, if you don't trust me please help me with some money for food and some for my mnestruation.

thank you

slave Yakube
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