Scam letter(s) from Natalia Walakitki to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
How do you do? Just wanted to say hello. I got interested, would be glad to know you more, hope the address is correct. I attach couple of my photos, I'm down to earth woman, I'm not in my teens and I have never looked like stunning model so I'm sorry if I disappointed you can reject my message I will understand. But think twice I'm masseuse
))) I like to be out doors in the nature and love animals. Don't want to write much, answer when you have time in case you are interested.
Letter 2
Thanks for your reply! It's nice to read from you. Thank you very much for your pictures. I like them. Also I would like to thank you for more information about yourself. It's a pleasure for me to learn more about you. Prepared for some new photos to send you. I live a alone since my parents passed away but I have younger sister and cousin. I prefer active style and healthy way of living. I try to jog as often as I can force myself to wake up one our earlier in the morning)) And I also start my day from drinking the glass of milk. I'm single since my last relationships ended, he was younger than me and he appeared to be thoughtless fellow, that's why I decided to search for the man who is older than me. I'm also not a young woman and the men of my age prefer to fall in love with young girls who are in their twenties. And in general I consider that man should be older cause young guys aren't reliable and responsible they have wind in the head. I decided to search abroad as it's considered that men are more family oriented, wise and experienced there. This encouraged me a lot even though I don't know the English language I decided to try. I hired the interpreter to help me with translation as I realized that computer automatic translator don't help. Is the language in my letters clear for you, please let me know. I'm going to start English courses, I know it takes time to learn new language but I'm educated and have good memory, so I think I will cope with it. Will stop here need to go working, regards, Nataly photos: me at the kitchen, drinking milk, with my sister and cousin (me on the right), wearing dress, at home, my hometown evening view
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