Scam letter(s) from Valeria Bikeeva to John (Ireland)

Letter 1
Hello John! :)
I am glad that you wrote to me. I want to communicate with you via this letter.
My name is Valeria. To me 30 years, I am a single woman. I have no man.
And I look for my man for a family. I want to meet with a good man for serious relationship. I think we have the same goal? :) And I want to test our compatibility. I think we learn more each other in their correspondence.
John, how old are you? Your favorite hobby? I ask you to write me more about you.
Then we can better and more quickly get to know each other. I think you understand me. I'll also talk about myself, in my next letter. I send my foto. John, do you like my photos? I also ask you to send me their photos. I want to receive your letter soon. While the John!
Letter 2
Hello John!
I'm glad to see your letter. I am pleased that our acquaintance goes :)
I do not quite mastered the computer and the internet, for me it's a new kind of dating person. And I like it!
I've already told you that I was 30 years old. I think you want to know more about me. I live in Russia in city Cheboksary.
I've already told you that my name Valeria. I work as a nurse in the hospital. I have a favorite hobby from my childhood. I play guitar and sing a solo.
I like to play music, and I'm doing this in his spare time. I have a photo with my performance on stage.
I will later send you these photos, so you can appreciate my work, at least in photos. :))
I also like dancing to good music, but dance I get a little worse than to sing songs :) I think that the age between us, this is not the most important factor.
I believe that with age men, as women are more responsible for a serious relationship, and they are good family men.
In my education, thanks to my mother and my grandmother's house I grew up a woman. And I am no longer 18 years old to make friends, or venture for fun.
I want to truly love a man, woman and be loved. These words I've heard many times from my mother and my grandmother.
True love never dies, and only time can bring together people to man and woman understand how strong their love. And so I think that age is not important to me.
John, I would like to know your opinion about the age between us. I want to tell you that I was in a civil marriage, but my common-law marriage lasted only one year. It's been a long time, 5 years ago.
My ex-husband was a civilian caring for me, but then he chose to sit at home and he forced me to feed him at my expense, but my patience is over, and we began scandals.
From the very beginning of our acquaintance with him, used me, and I was ****** and naive girl that believed in his words.
And frankly, I'm even glad that I was able to reveal his intentions selfish to me.
But we have already 4 years old do not live together. I'll tell you more about that next time. Ok? I can not tell everything about me in one letter.
John, you often meet with a woman? What qualities do you value most in a woman over?
I'm sorry that I have a lot of questions for you, but I would like to know more about you as much as possible.
I send you my pictures. I think the photos will be nice to you.
I wish you good mood and more smiles. Until the next letter, John.
Letter 3
Hello John!
Thank you for your nice letter. It's very interesting to me. How was your day?
I do not have time to find his true love in real life. Who is online for me the only way to find the man she loved.
I just do not have long started to use the Internet to search for his love. And You are the first whose profiles I liked.
Maybe you want to know from me why I'm interested in you, because you are a country far away from me. I want to tell you that I have no desire to be acquainted with a man
from my country because a lot of men who live in Russia have a love for alcohol. They do not have a goal to start a family and live in happiness, they have a favorite subject, which is called alcohol. I do not like these men, and so I was looking for your profile on the Internet.
I'm glad I was able to find a conversation with you. I'm very glad you told me. I am very tired from loneliness.
I told you that I was in a civil marriage. But my husband had behaved like a pig. He betrayed me, and he insulted me.
I am very sorry that he later found out the real thing. And he showed me his true colors. I think you understand me?
It was the end, my family life. And now I'm a free woman. And I want to find a real man of her dreams. And I know that I will meet someone.
I am not discouraged, and I continue to believe that such men exist. Suppose I have not met the man she loved in Russia, but I believe with all my heart that I will find my happiness and love.
I understand your anxiety concerning acquaintance by the woman on the Internet.
And I wish to tell to you, that I never appreciated such people who use feelings of other people. Those women who wished you to deceive, do not appreciate anything in their life, except money. Such people do not represent that such love, and even it is a pity to me of such people because they stand(cost) nothing in their rotten life.
John, excuse for rough words. But I cannot restrain, because such people are opposite to me.
John, I also faced with such it come from people on the Internet which wished to receive from me ***** photos. These men as small children in their adult life.
It is possible to compare their intelligence to teenage age because each adult and respecting man should aspire to development of own life, and family creation, but some of such people on the Internet conduct a boring way of life for game on the Internet.
John, fairly I wish to admit to you, that I have got tired of such people who conduct game with me, after all I wish to find that unique man who will love and appreciate me all soul. And those swindlers on the Internet are not worthy feelings for love, and it is opposite to me to know, that such people somewhere else can live.
Now I live with my mom, the only close friend that I have. I hope you understand my letters? At school I studied English and then continued his studies in college.
Unfortunately speak English I get better than write letters. As a child I once was in Norway, when we got the permit from the school.
along with my teacher, we lived in a small hotel on the outskirts of Trondheim. It was the most wonderful event in my life!
And I'm glad that got to know a man who can tell the country that so I like it :) And I want to continue our acquaintance. I want to write to you every day.
I enclose my photo, and one of them, I was at the wedding of my friend at work. With this I conclude my letter.
And I'm waiting for your prompt response.
Letter 4

Hello John!
I am very pleased to address you again. And I smile to read your letter. I am pleased to learn from you what is new. I understand that you have little free time.
And I hope that you are not tired to read my letter. You are a nice person to talk to. I appreciate your candid story about yourself.
John, I have just come home. And I am pleased to read your words. I hope that will see your letter again and again. And I write to you every day.
I want to tell a little about yourself. As you know, I have blue eyes and black hair. My height is 170 centimeters. My weight is about 58 kg.
I try to maintain my figure. And I do exercises to be in good shape. I very rarely drink alcohol. Only on holidays.
But this happens very rarely. I can drink champagne or a light wine. But just to set the mood. I try to observe a healthy lifestyle :))
My friend advised me to get acquainted with the man on the Internet. Her name is Anya. She also met with the man on the Internet.
They loved each other, and soon went to live with Anya him. And now she lives a few years in another country, Italy. Their acquaintance was very romantic.
And they fell in love with each other at first sight. I am very happy for my friend Anya. Do you think there is love at first sight? Have you ever felt?
I send my photos c owl. This is a photo I took in the summer of 2011, when he was a carnival in my town. My other photos I made at home with his guitar.
And you can see a picture with my friend Anna and her fiance Jerome from Italy.
It was very pleasant for me to write you a letter.
write to me soon.
Letter 5
Hello dear John!
Thanks for your detailed letter. It helps me to understand better you and your life.
I was actually very pleasant to read it. How are you? What did you do today? I hope that what you wanted, everything turned out.
John, you know what happened to me yesterday? When I walked down the street, I saw a cat. He was purring and looking at me. I lifted him and carried him home.
Now I do not know what name to give him. I have never had a cat. Can you help me? John, I want to ask you, how do you like to rest?
You love to go to nature? I love music, movies and cooking. My grandmother taught me to cook many dishes, and I'm sure you would enjoy dishes that I made.
I know how to cook these cakes that no one else can make. I am sure you would rate my skill :)
John, have you been at sea? I have not seen the sea with his own eyes. Tell me about the sea, if you saw the sea live.
Around my town flows the largest river in Russia, is the river Volga. Have you heard about this river?
John, I love to travel, but unfortunately I did not make the big trip for a long time. John, you like to travel?
river Volga, on which I rest in the summer, it is very big, and I visit the beach during the summer in my town. But I do not like to go to the beach alone.
This solitude is so detrimental to me. And I do not want so on. I would feel personally, as a cool breeze envelops the body like cool water gives freshness and delight.
What is missing is one. Men, on the which can all be enjoyed. John, if you were beside me, would you go with me next? :)
I think it would be very nice and fun, we have not forgotten to this trip ever. John, with you I want to discuss all that, and I like that we have with you the same goals in our search.
John, I am sending you a photo on which I rested on a visit at my grandmother's. This photo was taken on the birthday of my grandmother.
And my other photos, where I have a cat that I took care of at home. I almost forgot! And as I give you greetings from my mother.
I finish my letter on this. John, I am waiting your mail.
Letter 6
Hello dear John!
I received a mail from you. It's very interesting to me. What is your mood today?
John, I want you to know that now you have a friend who can listen carefully to those who might share your concerns and understand you.
You can talk to me on any subject. You can be sure that you have a good friend who can listen to you, understand you and try to help you.
I completely share your opinion on hunting. I do not love it. I love animals, and I cannot look easy when **** animals. These are very bad things which are created by people.
As in my country day on May, 9th - a great holiday, day of a victory over fascism.
I think, what you heard about this bottom? John, my darling, in your country is celebrated day of a victory over fascism?
My mother since the childhood said to me, that we will celebrate on May, 9th, as day of my birth. In my childhood I perceived it not seriously.
Though my birthday will take place on May, 8th, tomorrow.
But now I seriously concern celebrating of this day. I read much and saw, what work and what blood, our ancestors protected Russia and all world from fascists.
My mother, told to me about mine to the great-grandfather and my great-grandmother whom participated in the Great Patriotic War much. They have died on war.
And I with my mother, and my relatives, are obliged by mine to the great-grandmother and the great-grandfather.
And since my mother spoke much to me about this bottom, I perceive this day, as my second birthday, thanks to people who were at war for the native land.
My mum, constantly said to me earlier, that this day will be considered my birthday. And now I the adult woman, I understand, everything, that my mum wished to tell to me.
Now I follow this tradition, and I want that knew all about my life, about my interests that you, my darling, has been interested in all that it will be rather important for us with you.
I feel that I can trust you. I'm glad I met you, John. And I think I can rely on you. John, I am telling you these words, because getting your letters,
I would like to be beside you, reading your letters. I understand all of what you are trying to tell me.
I wish that we will ever meet. And it will be very pleasant for me to communicate with you, and learn about you, personally, in real life. You invite me to dinner
I would like to ask you about your friends. You have many friends? And this? not just acquaintances.
Those people whom you can trust in everything? And they always give you advice a difficult situation.
Who do not want your pain. That all helps you. I only have one true friend, with whom we can talk about everything.
Remember, I wrote about it? Her name is Vera. We had grown up together and studied together, went together to the dance.
She now works as a teacher at the school. It has its own family, the beloved man. She teaches Russian language.
And what are your friends? Do you have a photo where you together with your friends?
I'm really curious and I want to know all about you. I guess I do a lot of questions, I hope that you are not offended by it.
I leave to you my photos with my best friend, Vera. John, this concludes my mail, and I eagerly await your early reply.
I already miss you and check mail. Suddenly, your mail will come? I'm waiting for is waiting.
Letter 7
Hello my dear John!
How are you today? I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad that I'm interested in you. I thought a lot about everything that you wrote to me in your mail.
I think if two people in all honest with each other and they have a mutual understanding, they ensured a bright future and long love.
I can only fall in love with a frank person. I am a romantic woman and would be happy to follow your favorite men arbitrarily far.
John, it is very touching to see it, how children a fox help mother to get out from a trap, and foxes has not escaped and has fed children.
John, it is very pleasant to me to realise, that you such kind and careful man. I very much love animals. And I cannot look at how animals die.
I hope, what with that of foxes everything is all right?
John, today my birthday, but I do not know, how I will celebrate it. I do not have many friends. I am going to do a pie with my mother of the house.
And I will call my best the friend Belief. I spoke to you about it in my last letter. Thanks, John, for your congratulations.
Really it is very pleasant to me to receive from you congratulations. I with pleasure would call you on my birthday, but it is a pity, that now we with you are widely spaced. Perhaps birthday we with you will manage yours to celebrate together? When your birthday?
I would like to share with you about my family in more detail. I think you might be interested. My mother is now 64 years and her name is Elena.
Father, I do not remember, he left us when I was little. My mother is retired, and most of the time she spends with her grandmother in the country visiting my grandmother.
I enclose a photo with my mother Elena. John, why did you decide to look for love on the Internet? For example, I had tried to find a man in his town or another, but nothing happened.
In Russia, many men drink much alcohol. I do not like it. I have not met anyone here and decided to start my search for a real man on the Internet.
And I met with you. I like to share with you my life, and learn about your life. I have a friend at work. She lives with her husband.
But they are not happy in marriage. Her husband drinks alcohol a lot. It also does not work. Such a feeling arises in me, that is a copy of my past relationship with a man
I told you about it, remember? But she can not stop it. Because they have a common child. I really do not like a lot of people who drink alcohol.
I want to meet a man who understood and appreciated to me that what I have is real. This man, who can support at a difficult moment, and whom I truly important.
And I will love such a man is always and will only be his woman. I think you have understood me well, what my intentions to find a man.
And I'm glad to know that our goal with you in search of love are the same. I want to enjoy the love, passion, tenderness, want to see the happiness of the man she loved.
And I'll do anything for it. Are you? John, I also leave with my photos that I made at home, the beginning of the day, and I'm going to work.
I conclude this letter, and tomorrow I'll be waiting for your letter in the hope of your other photos.
Have a nice day!
Your Valeria
Letter 8
Hello my dear John!
Thanks for your congratulations, my dear John.
Excuse, that I could not answer you yesterday. I did not have an Internet on work all the day long.
How are you today? John, when you woke up today, did you get my greetings, I asked the sun to convey to you? It has convey my greetings to you?
It warmed you? I'm glad to see your letter and I look at your photos, every time I read your letter. I am genuinely pleased to know that I'm interested in you.
Today I have to go to work, but I have a little lazy today and do not want to go there, but unfortunately you can not do so. But the weariness has passed after I received your letter.
John, tell me about your work? What are you doing? You work every day? I work every day except Saturday and Sunday. But usually in the weekend I go to my grandmother.
Remember I told you a little about my grandmother? John, I have a great grandmother. She is 76 years. She taught me everything that can be useful to me in my life.
I know how to wash, iron, care for clothing, to cook delicious dishes. My grandmother said that taught me the very best. And I am very grateful to her for
it. And what kind of dish you would like, what would I have prepared? Or learned how to cook? I think that in your country there are also many special dishes?
I hope that you are not tired of my questions. I say this because I'm very easy to communicate with you, I really like to have correspondence with you.
I think you're a good person. I can trust you, John? I think so! :) John, I send you my photo, so you do not forget me :)
And I'm posting a photo of my grandmother and my grandfather. John, I do not know what time of day you just get a letter? In the morning or evening?
I'll wait for your letter. I hope that you will answer as soon as you receive it.
Letter 9
Hello my dear John!
Thank you for your letter. I am waiting for your answer. John, your letters bring joy to me. How are you today?
John, I think you're a good person. I think I started to fall in love with you. John, this is ******? I'm happy as a little girl.
It seems to me that I was blushing because of this recognition :) But I do not want to hide from you. John, what feelings do you mean to me?
I read your letter and I understand each your letter the whole meaning of your words. I started to get used to you, John. And now I can hardly grow out of you.
I think every day about our correspondence with you, about what will happen next? I keep asking myself this question. Now I can say without hesitation that I would be glad to meet you.
And for me to meet with you, will be important in the sense to know you closer to real time as a real sincere person with whom I am already some time correspondence.
John, I would like to know what you think about it, and what are your plans for the near future? It is very important to know your opinion about our correspondence.
All of our correspondence with you, for me, something new, and I do not regret that met with you, John.
I understand that we still know very little time. But for me, the feeling that I've known you these many years. I can communicate freely with you, John.
And for me it is very easy and pleasant. John, I have no secrets from you. I can talk to you about what I want. I'm tired of waiting to meet the man of my dreams, and I am no longer to set these plans, because I understand that the ideal of people in the world does not happen.
But sometimes it seems to me that such a dream, only to find their loved one is in each person, and you, John, too, there is a desire. :)
John, I do not like to lie, I do not like people who lie. Perhaps you think that I think about those problems that do not affect you and me, because I very much hope that you and I will never be terrible secrets from each other. I am confident in this, because your words speak volumes to me.
You know what I want to tell you in this letter? I hope so. John, came to me yesterday, my friend at work. I told her about our acquaintance with you on the Internet.
My friends really happy for you and me and tells me that I gave greetings from her. She is pleased that after meeting with you, my mood is kept in good spirits stay.
John, I hope that you will not get tired of my letters and questions. I am glad to get acquainted with you, John.
Now you are my special person with whom I can share any of your thoughts. I hope you're not tired of me.
John, I'll let my photos, you can see me, my classmate from school Tatyana, and my favorite English teacher Evgenia Petrovna.
This is very good and kind woman. I have a lot of problems, and she helped me learn English.
These photos I took in March. I was at a meeting of high school graduates in 1991. I graduated from high school and enrolled at the University of Medicine in 1991.
With this I conclude my letter. John, I wish you good day!
Waiting for your reply.
Your Valeria
Letter 10
Hello my darling John!
Thank you for your letter, your words again bring joy and happiness for me. How do you like my pictures yesterday? I hope you had an interesting day.
I now all was well. When I came to work, then I had to do many things. But I did very quickly and did not see how, because I was thinking about you,
John, and the development of our relations. John, I want to ask you, John, are very important questions for us. I want to ask you about your past relationships with other women.
If it hurts to think about it, then both me and tell me. I will not ask you about it.
Today at work, I saw a young man and a woman who walked, holding each other's hands. I looked at them and I saw how happy they were only together.
I looked at them and my face is not lost smile. At that moment I imagined that you and I can see in real life. I want to go with you on the street and hold your hand.
John, I do not know how to explain what is going on with me, but before I did not know you. And it seemed to me that I have everything.
But now I realize that I missed. Lacked understanding of the men with whom you can talk about everything, and I'm glad that I met you.
I want to know how is your day. What are you doing? What time do you wake up? What do you think, how to change the day, if I come to you?
How long we would be together? John, I do not know why, but after acquaintance to you I feel good. I've got a lot of energy and joy.
I do not want to finish my letter to you, but I very much hope that you will be able to quickly respond to my letter, and send your pictures to me.
I leave it to you also my picture. These pictures I took last summer on vacation in the resort of my city.
I hope you will like them. I'm sending a letter with my arms for you, my dear.
I look forward to your letter.
Your Valeria

Letter 11
Hello, my dear John!
I thank you for your touching letter. I read it with pleasure and emotion.
John, thanks for a photo with your son. You very lovely look as well as your fine son.
Last night I talked to my mother about you and me. I told her that our communication with you has grown into something more than the letters on the internet.
I showed my mother your pictures, I talked about you, what kind and sincere words with serious intentions towards me, you wrote in your letters.
And you know what? My mother had just approved our relationship with you! I told my mother that she would like to see you in real life, and what you also want to see me.
My mother Olga, I just want to happiness, and she understands me. Tomorrow I'll go to work to my boss formalized my vacation for 2 months.
I think my boss will not disappoint me, and I will arrange my vacation from work officially.
In my last letter I wrote a heartfelt feelings for you, but do not know what it is love or something else.
Yesterday, I thought a lot when he went to bed, I fell asleep with thoughts of us and our relationship.
Probably since I was a long time or for some other reason I can not describe my feelings.
I can say now that I'm in love with you, I have a tendency to the development of relations between us in real life.
I will consider with you every minute, every moment spent together. We breathe the same air, and at least one thousand miles apart.
We take a look, and also has the sky, and we see the same month. Allows you to believe that one day we'll look at all that the moon is now in his hands.
Do you think that it is possible to love the Internet? I used to not believe and would think that it's silly, but now I realize that this is possible.
I want to stay in the strength of our relationship with you, and now I see only one result. This is a feeling that we hold for each other, and a meeting between us in real life.
We already know a lot from each other, and I want to develop our senses. If we just continue to talk as e-mails, I think that our feelings may lose all that power, while the summit, where they are now.
I propose to examine in detail the letter after our meeting. Since the meeting is a very important step in our relationship, and we have to look in detail.
I miss you, and I want to kiss you and hug. John, my photos for you (I hope they will make you happier)
These pictures, I also made August 2011, that is, last summer, when I came home from work.
Waiting for your letter. I hope you are still thinking about me.
Your Valeria
Letter 12
Hello my dear John!
Darling, thank you for your warm mail. I'm glad to hear that you're serious about my feelings, and your intentions are serious to me for our further communication with you in real life. I am assured of choice, I know exactly that with you we will include a serious personal relationship, happiness and love.
I promise you will never disappointed me. I will make every minute together, happy.
I with the big impatience expect that moment when you will meet me at the airport. It will be the best day in my life because nothing can prevent us with you to build the history about our love. John, me it is very pleasant that you show huge care and attention to me, in reply to your love, I will give you all my love, and we with you will be the happiest. In the morning I prefer to drink strong coffee with cookies.
John, it is my passion, to do an easy breakfast in the morning. I like to make small walks in the morning. And consequently in Russia I rose very much early.
I wake up in the morning in 5 mornings to take a shower. John, my darling, you agree to rise together with me in such early morning? :)
We with you will take a shower together in the morning, to do joint walks since morning, and we will make a breakfast for each other.
I so am happy, that is necessary to you on this Earth, and I will prove you my huge love!
Though and to prove to us it is not so necessary anything, because with you it is enough to us to love each other all heart to be happy together!
I thank destiny every day for our acquaintance on the Internet.
John, I'll be ready to come to you, I will coordinate all of the issues in my work. I think it will be fast, I can take the leave of absence during the course of 2-3 days.
This year I did not receive vacation and that is why I can receive in the immediate vacation.
Now I can not call you the exact date was, when I come to you, because I was never abroad, I do not know is how long the presentation of necessary documents to travel.
I think that after the presentation of documents, I will address a tourism agency.
For this we must discuss important issues. 1. You are how many days is ready to accept me in itself?
2. I must know your full address and your full name?
3. Which international airport nearest your home or I get?
4. Or I live in your house or a hotel?
5. What objects have me take? What is the weather at that time of year? John, as soon as I receive from you all the answers to my questions, I can go to the travel agency to receive detailed information on the trip with you, my love.
I seriously think that everything will be good to us we can be together soon. I am very happy.
John, I am grateful to you you make me happy.
I wait your letter with impatience.
Letter 13
Hello my dear John!
Yesterday I spent the whole day to visit a travel company, and the search for the negotiating points.
I really want to hear your voice and talk about our relationship. I want to continue to believe that we'll see you in real life, and never spare it.
I learned all the details of a trip to Ireland in the tourism firm. But I do not know how to begin my letter. I promised you that I will come, and that all our dreams will come true.
I want to be with you, and I want to make a reality of our dreams. I have no words. In my eyes with tears. I feel very bad because I promised you, and can not do it.
John, I have a little heart stopped when I found out the cost. I was in a travel company, and learned all about my trip to you.
Director of the travel agency told me that I should start the paperwork with a Schengen visa.
Validity of a Schengen visa is 60 days, and this is the easiest option for the registration of all documents.
Also, I was told that I should make a passport. This can be done by international passport within 5 working days. This is an accelerated version.
All necessary documents will be ready to travel to the firm for five working days.
Also for the departure from Russia I have to pass a medical examination. This is a mandatory procedure. And I have to go through all the doctors in the hospital.
I should have on hand the following documents: Schengen visa - 90 euro
passport - 140 euro
Medical Certificate - 60 euro
Insurance certificate - 80 euro
The cost of all these documents is 370 euro. Airfare to both sides to Dublin is 350 euros. Total cost of services for the travel company for you my stay in Ireland is 720 euros. I got to work a salary of 200 euros. I have on hand 200 euros.
I do not know how to organize a trip for you, my dear. I promised to come to you, but I can not organize a trip. When I learned that it is necessary to find 720 euros, I was shocked.
I was until the last minute, I was sure that she will be able to organize a trip for you. But for me it is impossible to find such a sum.
But I want to finally tell you that I'm really counting on you, and the relations between us in real life. I am seriously considering to meet with you, but I can not afford to come to you.
John, My dear, forgive me if you can, I'm very disappointed you with my problems, but really I did not want to disappoint you. John, Why life is always so bad formed?
I'd love to sleep with you in the same bed, and I would like to believe that you will not refuse me. John I have always wanted to be your only woman.
It pains me to these circumstances that do not allow me to come to you. I have only tears in his eyes because of these problems. I'll wait on you early reply.
My kiss for you.
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