Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Osokina to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hello John!!! I'm very glad to get your letter today! I want to say that I'm quite happy that you decided to write me to know each other better. I thought you would never write me back... so now I am confused and don't know how to start this letter to you! I'll tell you a few words about myself and if you get some interest you could ask me questions.
I should confess, I'm not a beginner in the Internet so -called ,,dating sphere''. But I've met so many bad people there who were ready just to play with the girls and to ask them to send their ***** pictures. If you are among such men and want to play only, please, don’t write me anymore.The man from America with which I communicated the beginnings speaks me any platitudes and to ask ***** photos. I think that this man was the pervert and sick mentality. I will never send you my ***** photos. I hope you'll remember it. I don't want you to play with me, please, understand me as well. I just write this all, because I really want to find my real love and to meet a serious man, with whom I could build a happiness. So, if you have another aims for now, I don't think it is worth while spending our time and energy. I hope you’re not offended by these words, but I just follow my views on this life, John! Look, I'm honest in each my word, I'll tell the whole truth about myself and I hope you'll be honest with me as well.
Well, to begin with I should tell you I can speak English quite well, I mastered it while my trip to the Australia, I've been to NSW, in a nice city, called Sydney. I came there because I was in love with one man, but unfortunately that relations were not quite good. I’ve arrived to his place and spent there about two weeks with him, and then just went back home. But anyway a friend of mine, who lives in the A now says that people in the, USA and Australia seem to her more pleasant and tactful than Russians. She also noticed that there were more romantic and caring men there than in my country. So, maybe she is right, but that very man I told you about before, was definitely not of that kind. We've broken off quite tragically. The thing is that he told me lots of romantic words before my flight to him, he promised me a happy life, so I felt like in the fairy tale, but that fairy tale became a total disaster from the very beginning: in reality everything turned out to be just the other way round. That's why I ask you to be honest in your letters. I guess you realize it's quite hard to find an honest guy in the Internet, and what is harder is to build normal relations with him. So, now I'm quite cautious. I probably will tell you more about everything in my letters if we correspond further, my friend John!!!
I hope you will trust me, I know this is also a problem for you. I guess you've heard there are lots of girls in Russia and in the other countries, who are looking for men with money, and such girls are called scammers. I hope you or your friends were not tricked by such bad people. But these mean things which girls do to foreigners were the ground for a total change of the opinion of all the other Russian ladies. I mean, probably you think that here all the girls are looking for money and tricking men. It's a pity, because there are still women in my country, who are looking for a man to build a good family and to be loved. Just like me, honestly!
OK, let's give up sad things, I'd better tell you some things about me. So, I was born in 1976. My birthday is on the 8 April. I'm 168 centimeters high, my weigh is 50 kilos. So, I live in Zlatoust in The Chelyabinsk area! Have you ever heard about this city? Tell me about your city as well, that’s quite interesting! As for my character well, it’s hard to say about myself, but I think I'm quite a communicative woman, open-minded. I like to talk to different people to know something new. My friends say I’m able to bring smiles on their faces.
It's also flattering to hear, but they say it's boring when I'm not there:)I play the piano and I like to play and listen to classical music.
Speaking about previous relations, I should confess, I've already been married for 10 years. My ex-husband died in the road accident. I didn't want to build new relations for a long time, but later I realized my life was going on and I shouldn't stay in black depression, but just be open for new people and events. So, I was trying to find a man in my town, you know, dating with some guys, nothing serious, so I didn't find anyone actually. I just felt some of that men I was trying to date with were not for me at all. The other men wanted to drag me into their bed, you know what I mean. So, I decided to find a man in the internet and I told you earlier how that all finished up. You probably want to ask me why I search in the Internet again then. Look, I was pondering over it and realized, that the Internet gives you a kind of protection: you may communicate with people there and to know them quite completely and only then to meet in the flesh and to confirm your theories about this or that.
Naturally, chatting in the Internet has a lot of disadvantages, but I like it anyway. How about you?
As for my work, I am a tour agent in the tourist agency. My duty is to prepare documents for different for my customers. I am following my specialization I studied in the University: my faculty is that of Service and Tourism. Frankly speaking I’ve worked not always according to my specialization-it was hard to find something like this in my city. Well, I worked as a shop-assistant, a waitress, a cooker in the cafe as well-so what not! Now I'm pretty glad with my job. I can use the Internet at work to write you, but only when the computer is free and I’m free from work:) My working week starts on Monday and finishes on Friday, so I could write you only these days. I’ve got no laptop of my own, so you see I am not able to write you on weekends. I guess, John, that won’t be a great problem for our communication. When it’s more comfortable for you to write? Well, as for my daily routine...after work I like to visit a belly-dancing club. Probably one day I’ll show you the way I dance;) I also like to walk around a lot and after working day I try to be on foot. Well, all right, I am finishing up this letter for today, and I'll wait for your answer with the greatest impatience, John!!! I hope my letter isn't too long and it was interesting for you at least a bit;) In turn I should say I am quite interested in you as well. I would be glad to get your letter soon, to know you better. If you have some questions, don't feel shy to ask me. Wish you a good day; take care of yourself, John! Sincerely yours
Ija. I wish to tell how we have got acquainted with you and whence to you my letter with the information has come. I have addressed in International Wedding Agency to find the happiness and love. I have paid money for acquaintance to you. To me have told that you the lonely man which search for the relation and love. After that Wedding Agent has sent you the letter from the e-mail. To me have informed that you have written me the letter with details about yourself. You wish to have with me acquaintance and to learn each other more. To me a distance your data and e-mail. Now I have written you the letter from the personals e-mail and you should write to me on this e-mail.
Now you know all history of ours with you acquaintances and my personal e-mail. Very soon I hope to receive the letter from you on this e-mail
Letter 2
Hello my dear hubby John! How you? I am very glad to receive your letter today and to read your gentle words. I well and to have pleasant mood. Weather was today very rainy. The whole night there was a rain and in the afternoon also.
There has just now come evening and a rain has come to an end and there was a sun. Weather crazy Seems that and does not wish to let in summer. I so would like to put on more likely a skirt and different summer clothes. I very much wait to present to you a lot of tenderness and caresses! I very strongly miss on you and I wait for day when we will be together. I awfully do not have you a number of your gentle hands and sweet lips. I wait that ours with you the future has more likely begun also we had a lot of romanticism. I wait for ours with you of sleepless nights and I wish to caress your body. Thanks for your photo to me are pleasant to see your dog and the daughter. I am glad to receive your card and audio records! I to receive also balance of your bank card. But you received the salary and wished to send me money for a trip to you. Thus I understand that you have spent money only not clearly where. I see that as strongly you wished to meet me this week. Gdu vstre4i stoboi moya Lubov it to be translated as I Wait for a meeting with you my love. How you want that I have arrived to you this week? If you and I not to have money? I really wish to arrive to you but when you can have money for the air ticket? I not to have money for a trip to you. For me you are very strange to know it as strongly want ours with you of a meeting and itself have spent money.
You speak to me that I have not gone to Siberia and how many I should wait for ours with you of a meeting my love John? I wait more likely to appear in your embraces and to live together. I would like to see you every day with myself nearby and to eat your smiles and happiness from our union. I love you all interior and I wish to be with you all life. We will have the best family all over the world and us will hold up as an example. I miss on you all soul and all heart. I wait for ours with you of a meeting and I wish to be as soon as possible together. I madly dream to appear in a bed together and to be engaged in passionate love. I adore you and I consider that you the best man in the world. To me has very much carried with you and so it is good that you wash for ever. Now I should go and I will think much of you my love John! I to wish you huge day and hope that with you all is good. I will wait for your letter and to dream of you much. I love you all soul and all heart. I iron your hair and I kiss you on gentle lips. Yours sweet angel Ija. Kiss.
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