Letter(s) from Olga Volkova to Mats (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hei Mats!
It - LoveISHelen fra moteplassen det er mitt kallenavn, og mitt egentlige navn Elena.
Jeg er veldig glad for a skrive til deg om meg selv. Jeg sa profilen din pa et omrade av et omrade bade den har veldig mye likt meg ogsa jeg har bestemt angir kontakter deg og du har svart meg det veldig mye gledet meg Og jeg onsker a l?re mer om deg. Jeg bor i Russland i sma, men vakre byen. det er lukket type city Krasnoznamensk. Jeg bor alene atte ar og har ikke forholdet. Jeg studerte i Moskva staten Universitetet i fakultetet av den internasjonale holdninger etter, ville jeg som skal brukes, men det var vanskelig a finne arbeid her, og jeg har sluttet pa l?reren i en barneskole og jeg underviser i engelsk sprak for barn, ikke store penger, men for et liv tilfredsstille i Russland sv?rt sa lett a leve. My vekst ca 1.73 cm, vekt pa 56 kg, jeg som er veldig sports jeg veldig mye jeg liker tennis som jeg liker a reise, men jeg nar ikke var utenfor Europa, er jeg reise til Italia i fjor sommer. Jeg veldig mye kj?rlighet naturen utgangspunktet som er fortsatt vill ikke nevnt med personen. Jeg elsker gode sol-v?ret havet min favoritt arstid det - varen nar naturen vakner.
Krasnoznamensk de ikke storbyen. By folk leve i den ulike de nasjoner og religioner. Hvis du har sporsmal til meg, sporre, at jeg har for all del besvart.
Jeg skal vente med alle midler fra deg for svaret! Kisses!

Letter 2

Hello Mats,
I am glad to receive your answer, and I wish to thank you for it. Many thanks to you, I very much waited for your letter. I as want to tell to you more and about my city Krasnoznamensk. It the small city On the population in my city lives about 35 000 people, it's very small for Russian Federation city, a city closed because there are a lot of scientific objects, as engineers work space industry. I Russian as mine the daddy and mum were Russian. As it is one of the most green cities of Russia. As it is a little, but the most important thing about my parents, I would want that you knew. As I already spoke to you that I live one, but have not told why. I have lost the parents 7 years ago in accident in the south of Russia when they were on a camping. I could not find myself 7 years all these, and did not know that to me to do. I could not live with it. But I have found in myself forces and have begun a new life. It was very difficult with such pain on heart. It will be in me till the end of my life. I do not think that to a smog to forget this pain. Their names Andrew and Anastasia, we were a happy family earlier, but the destiny had other plans. I hope have not bothered you with the stories about not so happy life? I hope that it not so.
I very much wait for your answer
With care
Elena Vazillo

PS, you can see my city at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krasnoznamensk,_Moscow_Oblast

Letter 3

Hello dear Mats,
I am very glad to see your letter today. With your letter I not such lonely in this world. Thanks. It is pleasant, that you were interested in my some ideas in messages. My girlfriend Ksenja has left one year ago Russia to the beloved in Luxembourg, and now they are very happy together. With other girlfriend Irina all is bad, it here in Russia, but her husband the alcoholic, and it is very bad. He at all does not allow to have to it walk on park with me. And now I would not have anybody what to have walks on park. But when I receive your letter in me as though all turns over also I receive a lot of positive energy.
To you about relations, that is pleasant to me and it is not pleasant in men. I am not so exacting, but is very important. I do not like men which drink alcohol as I saw a similar example of the husband of my girlfriend Anna much. I as do not love when the man can strike the woman, sober or drunk, it has no value as the woman cannot resist to the stronger sex. I search for that that can give me real love, and that who will never lie, and not to do married change. It is that who will live for me and I will live for it what to do good and friendly a family. And I do not wish to play not in what games, as I very much to serious relations. About music which is pleasant to me. I love almost everything, but the classics, and pop, and country rock more is pleasant. As I very much like to look films, looked from new and old much. Really liked the film last year "AVATAR", The director James Cameron's. as well as the recent film science fiction, fantasy, "The Hunger Games" you see this film? Just a nice watch "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" starring Nicolas Cage.
I feel more cheerful person now as I wait for your letter) very much I wait for your answer!
With care
Yours Elena