Letter(s) from Tatyana Orlova to David (England)

Letter 1

Hi I am glad that you have answered my letter. My name Tatyana.
I have found yours email on a dating site. I want to communicate with you, to be your friend.
I think that to you interesting why I have written to you, My intuition has prompted to me, that you that person.
You heard about female intuition? I think that heard about it! The man has a logic and at women - intuition.
I hope that my intuition has not brought me also we can have good and interesting dialogue.
Yes, I live in Russia and between us the big distance. But I think, for dialogue the distance has no value.
Anyway, we lose nothing. But we can find good friendship and relations.
I send you my pictures. And I will be glad to see as much as possible your pictures. Have good day. Tatyana

Letter 2

Hi my far friend Dave
Now I have come on the the mailing address and have seen your letter. I was glad to read it. I waited today to see your letter. Now I on work.
It is convenient to me to write letters from work
How are you? I hope, all is good. At me all is normal.
Dave, I want to begin our dialogue with honesty. I am lonely, One! I not when was not married and as children at me are not present, but I love children, as Children pleasure and life in ours of happiness. It is pleasant to you children?
Certainly I had a communication with the man but relations have ended for a long time 3 years ago. And since then I One in loneliness!
All my friends already have a family. I as think of a family future!
Mine age of 31 years. I was born on July, 4th, 1980. When your birthday? Though, the difference at our age cannot become a problem for our dialogue.
The friendship can unite any age.
Dave, I have a higher education. I work. My work brings in my the good income.
I work in "Railway the company" My post the Engineer. I should work much with drawings and as brigades which watch quality of an iron way.
I should go much in business trips, about comparison of our tracks and drawings about iron roads.
I do not have a lot of free time because I work much. When I have a free time, I spend him variously. In my city of Samara it is a lot of entertainments.
I Work in day from 8 till 12 o'clock a day. On Sunday I have a rest.
Dave, please, tell to me about your country, a city. It is interesting to me to learn your life... How you spend every day?
I think that each person to have the hobby. My Hobby, knitting and reading. I very much like to sew things and to read Probably to you it is pleasant to read books? I very much like reading... When I start to read the book, I cannot stop and I cannot be distracted. I like to read especially novels. What do you like to do? Or your hobby?
I send you the photos which have been made not for a long time.
Thanks for compliments which you speak me!
I should continue to work now. Thanks for your attention. I hope that my letter was not boring for you. Tatyana

Letter 3

Hello my friend Dave,
The letter I would like to begin with that that that, I was very glad will see your photo, I very much liked to look! You the beautiful man and me are pleasant to look a photo from you!
This morning I have woken up from the sun before former time. I have risen 6 o'clock in the morning, in the street stars bright beams of the sun. In my city of Samara weather warm + 21 degrees, in the street all has already grown.
Trees have become covered by greens as well as a grass. I like the flowers, the most favourite flowers the Lily.
I am glad to see your letter on we wash the computer. I read your letters and I write you my letters from my office. I have no house computer as more I spend time on work.
But I think that I will soon buy the computer to have dialogue often and on web cam or skype.
Unfortunately, on my office computer is not present web cam or Msn Messenger.
How are you? At you good mood now? I want, that together with my letter, to your person the smile has come. Dave when I read your letter, I try to present that I communicate with you.
I try to present that I communicate with you. It would be fine, if we lived in one country or in a city.
We could walk on parks, sit on a shop and have conversation.
You like thought on it? I think that it can sometime happen in the future. Always I trust in the best. Yes, I the optimist! I like our dialogue. In each your letter, I learn about you and your life.
Please, send me photos. Viewing of your photos will help me to learn better you and your life. I want to learn you better, and I see prospects of our dialogue.
To what music you prefer to listen? I like various music, in many it depends on my mood. Recently I prefer to listen to electronic music, I like to relax under classical music.
Dave, now I want to acquaint you with the family.
I have a brother. To my brother of 48 years, it is married. The name of my brother Dima, it together with the wife lives in city Belgorod. We do not meet frequently, well we speak by phone.
Name of my father Petr to it of 78 years. My mum is called Anna, by 61 its years. They love each other though between them it age was differences. Well as tell that that in love there are no borders. I too so consider.
Tonight I plan to visit pool, as after an unlucky day I not many relaxation in pool.
What plans at you for this evening?
I with impatience will wait for your following letter. Please, tell to me answers to my questions. It is necessary for me to hear them. Tatyana

Letter 4

Hi how are you doing? That you do? Now in my city such hot weather, it is direct hunting will be lain down on a beach, people soon will start to go on a beach on true yours the country already to go people on a beach.
At us the season will open in a month. When water becomes warm.
I want to tell that that I have a free minute to write to you as today it is a lot of work, I want to see your new photo, to hear about yours lives.
I think that today you can write to me, I look forward yours the letter and as a photo. Tatyana

Letter 5

Hello, How are you doing? Dave.
Today my day has begun rather unusually... I have woken up early in the morning, and at once I have thought of you. For me there was surprising it.
I have woken up today 7:10, probably you still slept at this time because our countries have a difference in time. I have risen have washed and and left to make jog in park. After jog, the beginning prepares for work, well before it I had tomorrow, from fruit of yoghurt,
How your day has begun today? Than you are engaged now?
Now I on work. In the morning I do not have time to see your letter. Therefore it is more convenient for me to read your letters on a workplace. Our dialogue does not disturb to my work. Today I have already made some work, and now I have a free time.
We could have conversation by phone well here I do not know as it probably, mine phone number in Russia +7(927) 757 0193.
Good I can easy have knowledge of my English language of dialogue with you and all to understand that you will tell to me! At us will be what difficulties at dialogue.
I at all do not know a difference between us. I think that will call from your country to Russia to cost much! Well I think that I learn as it probably in the nearest time and I will tell to you about it!
Dave how you have spent yesterday evening? What plans at you for this evening?
I think that today with mum we will go to theatre as she called to me now and invited in theatre why she has invited me as Mine the father not to love theatre, and often we go with mum to theatre as mum likes to look.
You like theatre?
I will write to you about it tomorrow as we descended in theatre.
Darling Dave, you think of our relations, how about friendship? I want to know it. I very trustful girl.
Now I here because I want to find the love and happiness. I want to love and be favourite because it and is the present happiness. And I very much hope that I can make it! How you think?
Now I should finish the letter because it is necessary for me to continue work. Write to me soon. I will wait! Tatyana

Friday, May 11, 2012

Letter 6

Hello Dave!
I was tired today on work. Early in the morning I was caused by the director, and has asked to prepare schedules of arrival and departure of trains for a month. Just I have finished all necessary calculations. I hope that today I will be in time and I will hand over the report.
I have thought and have decided that I will take vacation. Because I can use my holiday to meet you. Certainly, if you want our meeting too. I have holiday of more than 40 days. Precisely I will tell when I will talk to the director. I can spend all days at once or divide them in parts or to weeks. Dave, what you think? It will be fine, if we spend holiday in common? You will have holiday soon? I would be glad to communicate to you in a reality. At a meeting what the problem will have dialogue as the knowledge of my English language excellent and what the difficulty will communicate to stand nearby.
I want to tell that that I I was earlier Usa (New york), Australia, (Sydney) Czechia. I travelled under the visa business, on work. The visa to me have given out for 3 months as travelled last year.
The company where I work sent on negotiations and meetings. That I cannot speak to you as it is forbidden to me to speak about these meetings.
We write our letters each other. But even some thousand letters will not replace one real meeting. Never before, I did not communicate with men from other country. You the unique man to whom I write. It is new to me, interesting.
Now I have no man. I have no friend. Life is too short to spend it for senseless relations. I do not want to play game.
The man of my dream should be fair, frank, kind, careful and with sense of humour. My man should be reliable protection and a strong support of our family. I think that in relations between the man and the woman there should be an Understanding, trust, friendship and, naturally, love! Without these qualities of the relation cannot be high-grade. I hate lie, cowardice, Insidiousness, self-interest. What qualities in women you appreciate?
Photos which I send you today have been made from a city where I was.
As I told that that together with mum I went to theatre. We looked "Shchelkunchik" To us it was pleasant with mum though we looked it already in 3 times. You heard about the such? You were at theatres?
It is much more pleasant to me to have now rest in the small company of my friends in cosy cafe. I dream of romantic evening with the beloved.
Dave, you the romanticist? You like to surprise the girl? I like romanticism... I like to observe of stars, I like to have supper at candles. Also I like to dance dance under slow music..
However, already very much for a long time I had no all it.
In the afternoon I work and I can pass your call, therefore do not become angry, if I pass your call or send to me sms.
Tonight I will go in at first aerobics and after pool. I go to pool and aerobics two times a week. I will think of you. I will wait your letter.
With kisses, Tatyana

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Letter 7

Good morning Dave!
How there have passed your weekend? My weekend ? mmm Saturday in the evening I have come home have made a supper, have included the TV, I was very tired of the working day, I should where to go, my friends called me in cafe, but I have refused. I have eaten have watched TV, and have gone to bed. Sunday I have gone to a bookshop, I have decided to buy the book, for perusal as I told that that I like to read. The book is called, "I do not trust.
I do not hope. I love" writer Cecelia Ahern. The book about love! It is the book about the man which loved the girl from early age and in 50 years he only has made a declaration of love it and the love was mutual.
I very much liked it the book!
Thanks, I have received now your letter. Looking at your letter, on my person there is a smile. Your letters do my day better. Now our letters is all that we have. Sometimes I read your letters some times.
I do not have any secrets from you. Always I try to answer your questions. Please, repeat the questions for me when I forget to answer your questions. Well?
We live once and we should take pleasure in our life to the full. We should appreciate each moment of our life. Therefore, if we have possibility to meet, we should use this chance. We should not be afraid, I do not hesitate of my feelings, and I am not guided by emotions, I sincerely speak to you about the feelings. I start to think more of ours with you to a meeting, and already I assume day when I can arrive to your country Dave, it seems to me, what exactly you the man with whom I dream to create family. You beautiful, clever, are interesting to me with you, we have some general interests, and the main thing at
us with you the identical purposes, and with you it will be together easier to us to realise our dreams in a reality. You agree with me?
I think of ours with you to a meeting. I would like to be near to you. Our first meeting will present to us possibility to learn each other. We can spend some time together, and construct to the plan for the future life.
You could arrive to Russia? I will soon have holiday, and I think that I could have travel to your country for our first meeting. I have the passport which allows me to travel all over the world.
Dave, when you can have time to meet me? It is necessary for me to know about it to have conversation with the director, and to define dates of my holiday. You understand me? Instants which we will spend together will be remembered to us with you on all life. I am assured of it.
I trust you, and I am ready to arrive in yours the country for our first meeting.
For a set of a call I have learnt about that that the code of the city of Samara 8-846 is necessary, and mine phone number further is necessary. I hope that will turn out to call to me.
Phone number 8 code 846 +7(927) 757 0193.
I hope, my letter has not tired you. Dave, I wish you good day. I will think of you. I will wait your letter.
With kisses, Tatyana

Monday, May 14, 2012

Letter 8

Hello darling Dave,
I with impatience waited today to see your letter. To me it is melancholy without your letters. Dave. Your letter has brought to me pleasure. Thanks for your gentle words.
I think that have noticed as at me there is a tattoo on the right hand. It is a tattoo wings of an angel. It is pleasant to you of a tattoo?
Today when I have woken up have made a breakfast well have not gone on jog. So has not slept badly slept not much. After a breakfast I have decided to rise on scales to check up the kgs, I have grown thin 1 kg, nowI weigh 54 kgs mine growth of 1.69 centimetres! I enough itself, fitness and pool help me to support my figure.
Tell to me please as you consider your future? What do you want in the future and whether you that I was a part of your future want? You would like that your future wife was till the end of your life?
I want to marry only once and to be happy.
Concerning telephone conversation, I tried to call under your number to phone, but I could not, for me was sad, I called at once to the operator cellular to a network, the operator spoke me that that a network in which I am served operates in a network on Russia. And that that I cannot call in other country. I have been upset. She spoke that that there is a telegraph from where it is possible to call in other country.
I will be gets acquainted about telegraph service. Also I hope that we can talk as I as I wish to hear yours a voice.
Dave, ours with you the friendship very much is pleasant to me. Earlier. I to you had a feeling of curiosity. Now I had a feeling of sympathy to you.
Very much for a long time I had no feeling which is in my heart now. I have to you feelings... I am afraid to speak to you about it, but my feelings to you, big, than sympathy. I with huge impatience wait your letters.
I go to bed and I think of us with you. Earlier I did not represent that feelings I can arise at dialogue in an e-mail. Now we are convinced of it. Dave, what you feel? I sincere with you, also say to you only that I feel.
You have feelings to me? I think that my feeling of sympathy to you already develops into the big feeling. Your letters bring every day to me pleasure. Please, tell to me about your feelings in the following letter. Well?
I wait your letter tomorrow.
Sincerely, Tatyana

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Letter 9

Hello darling Dave,
Still a pair of clocks of work and today at me has approached the end of the working day! Today there was an intense day and read your letter I could just now.
I understand everything that you speak about our feelings. It is pleasant to me to know, about it.
Never earlier I thought that it is possible to have a feeling of love to the person which never met. Earlier, I did not know that it is possible to love on distance. I concerned such stories with irony, but now there is you at me!
I am done not frightened by that between us is more distance in thousand kilometres... Between us with you the distance, but our feelings will help us to overcome distance. I miss you... I have caught myself on thought that I do not have not enough you...
But I do not wish to do fast paces, I wish to have a meeting with you together to spend time and talk to you in live dialogue. You agree with me?
I want to tell that that while I have not bought the laptop but fast I promise that that I will buy him and I cannot see your letter each time when I will want. And as to have dialogue on web cam.
Dave, after our meeting, we can refuse letters... We will be together.
We with you the first meeting will give the chance to us to learn better each other. Though, already I think that is familiar with you throughout the whole life.
You appreciate what qualities in the person? I appreciate such character traits, as punctuality tactfulness, accuracy, ability to listen kindness. I the girl, and what strong I would not seem, I like caress and tenderness.
I dream about strong io?ceeo embraces in which I can feel weightless... Dave, I dream of your embraces.
I often think of you. Recently in my head more and more thoughts on you. I represent our first appointment. Dave, what you think of it? How you represent our first appointment? How you represent our first meeting?
I often think of it. It is very disturbing!
How you see your future? In your future there is I? Forgive my questions, but I should know your thoughts. It is very important for me. I want to be yours girlfriend. Tell to me that you think of it.
Thanks for that you answer my questions from the last letter. It is rather important for me. I also answer your questions. Please, do not hesitate to repeat to me questions which I forget to answer.
My work takes attention from me. I do not have many affairs on work today. I already have finished all.
What plans at you for this evening? I think that I will come home I will make a supper and I will go to bed! Today I think that I will prepare Red fish.
It was remarkable, if we were a number. I want to hold your hand and to walk in the street... Or has made to you a supper!
I should go now... To me very much a reluctance to leave you. Dave, I think of you always. When I check mail and I do not see your letters, to me is very sad and lonely. I miss you... Tatyana

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Letter 10

Helo dear Dave,
Thanks for your new letter. Last night I have caught myself on thought that I miss you...
I was on a visit at my parents, and I have told to my parents about us with you. Dave, my father has approved ours with you dialogue.
The father has told that I should be careful. I have told that between us there is a trust, and already we communicate a lot of time. My parents see that I happy. Mine mum and the father are very glad for us with you.
By the way, today I talked to the director about forthcoming vacation. The director has told that I can be on vacation of 49 days. These are good news to us with you! I am very glad! The director has told that my vacation will begin in the end of May. Now it is necessary for me to finish some affairs, and I can be on vacation. I assume that in some days my vacation will begin.
You are glad the nobility about it?
I cannot have vacation later. Dave, you can meet me in your country? For me it is important to know about it. Please, do not think that I hurry up. During other time it will be difficult to me to take vacation.
Certainly I will understand, if you cannot find for me all time. I do not want to be a burden for you in your country. If we can spend together evenings and weekend, it will be fine.
About phone number which I gave you. I am connected to the local cellular provider and consequently my phone works only in Russia. Unfortunately, we cannot speak on the phone with you or exchange sms. It is sad for me.
But I will search for a way to call you with post office telegraph is necessary not a lot of time.
I do not search for a way to leave Russia. It is my native land and I love it. Here my parents of the sister, brothers, my work and my friends. But for the sake of love I am ready to leave it.
For the sake of love and happiness I will leave my work because I can always find the new. I have higher education, I have graduated from the university. I am ready to arrive to your country.
We communicated our letters and now we should communicate in real. Our meeting will allow us to understand our relations and to be convinced of our feelings.
Phone number House:
The airport near to home where you can meet me:
Full name:
I give you the information as!
Mine name Tatyana Orlova, the City of Samara, street Volsky the house 35 apartment 19. An index 443034. The airport of my city of Kurumoch!
Dave. I think that will be good for us if I spend my holiday with you. What do you think of it? I will wait your letter with answers to my questions.
Tomorrow I plan to visit travel agency to learn the exact information on travel to your country. With kisses, Tatyana

Friday, May 18, 2012

Letter 11

Hello, now I sit in the cafe Internet. Yesterday there was at me very difficult day there was a lot of work!
I left shop behind products for a supper, I think that I will make to myself a supper include the TV and I will look one houses. I live separately from parents. Mine the supper will be from Meat, I will prepare a chop from beef with vegetables.
How to pass yours weekend? It was remarkable if we have spent yoiweekend together! I will go to shop to buy products! I will wait for yours the letter tomorrow. Yours Tatyana

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Letter 12

Hello my darling Dave!
How your mood today? My mood very good and I want to share with you. Today I went to tourist agency and learnt rules of visiting of your country. The employee has in detail explained me rules. To arrive to you, I should have the passport, the visa and tickets. I have the passport as I spoke to you already about it. Now I should issue a tourist visa and buy tickets.
The tourist agency has no power to make out the visa. The visa makes out only in embassy. The Employee has explained, that now to me is not obligatory to go to Moscow because I can send the statement on visa registration on the Internet. But then I all the same should go to Moscow on interview with the consul-officer. It demands my personal presence at embassy. The employee has told, what not each interested person can receive the visa in your country. But I am not afraid of difficulties. I will go up to the end on a way to our purposes. Together we will overcome any difficulties.
The employee of agency has told that I should not have problems at interview with the consul of officers. According to a tourist visa, I can remain in your country from 3 days till 90 days.
I think, for our first meeting to us will suffice couple of weeks. Anyway, I can always change my return ticket. It not a problem. Term of registration of my visa will occupy about 12 days.
Tomorrow I again will go to tourist agency to send the statement on the Internet. I should bring for this purpose some my documents. The employee of agency has told that I can buy air tickets to you on the Internet, but will be cheaper, if I buy tickets to Moscow at the airport. Therefore I think that it will be better, if I look cost of tickets on the Internet and then I will buy it in Moscow at the airport when I will go to embassy on interview.
In Samara is the international airport, but the departure will cost more expensive, therefore I will fly to you from Moscow. You will meet me at the airport or I should arrive to you home by a taxi?
For registration of my documents in embassy 350 dollars is required to me approximately, also I should spend 550 dollars for a cost of transportation and expenses on a food.
I will pay for it. Therefore I think, it will be fair if you help me with ticket purchase. Our meeting is necessary to both of us and both of us should participate in expenses for our meeting. Please tell to me, what you think of it? You are ready to help to buy to me tickets to you?
I have a feeling of pleasure which has appeared since first day of our acquaintance. From my life the feeling loneliness was gone, and it is pleasant to me to know that in the World there is a person who thinks of me.
We with you a meeting is a big step to ours with you relations. I listen to the heart, and my heart says that together we will be.
I have some questions for you now. Dave, what things I should take with myself to feel comfortable in your country? I should live in to rent apartment? Or I can remain your house please, do not leave my questions without the answer.
I cannot believe what be already fast we with you we can together. We can refuse letters, and talk endlessly in a reality. I will wait your letter. And which I send a photo my friend, it the professional photographer does!
With kisses, Tatyana

Monday, May 21, 2012

Letter 13

Hello my dear Dave!
Today I again was in tour agency, I have sent the statement for the visa and some other my documents on email in embassy. Now I will wait a call from embassy for a call on interview.
As soon as to me will call from consular department, I should go to Moscow on interview with the consul the officer. The employee of agency call Zina, it in detail once again has instructed me as I should behave and what to speak, that at the consul of the officer there were no suspicions and I could receive the visa.
As I consider that that tickets costs to Moscow more cheaply, unfortunately, you cannot buy tickets for me.
Otherwise at the consul of the officer there will be questions. I should buy original tickets independently in Russia and to show it in embassy, to co-ordinate with my visa.
Dave, I with impatience wait day of our meeting. It will be especial day for us. We never will forget it. I want to hold your hand when we will leave the airport. I want is proud to go with you.
You my man and I very much am proud that I your woman. I very much miss you. I constantly think of you. You always in my head and you always in my heart. I will wait your letter. I send you my hot and passionate kisses.
I hope, very soon we will kiss in a reality. Only yours, Tatyana.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Letter 14

I have forgotten to tell to you about the a dream.

Yesternight I had a fine dream. Dave, to me dreamt, as I make out the visa in embassy. To me has dreamt that we spoke with you by phone. In my dream, your voice sounded very beautifully.
I have woken up today early. Already all the day I think of my dream. Dave, I never was in embassy. I never heard your voice. Likely in my dream, I saw reflexion of my thoughts. I think of you much.
I try to present ours with you a meeting. You represent ours
Meeting? How you represent our meeting?
To me have called from consular department and have told that they have received my statement and they have considered it. My documents are perfectly in order also it has been approved.
Tomorrow I should be in embassy on interview. I will talk to the consul the officer. I did not think that it so quickly works. But I am very glad that all goes well.
As I already spoke concerning phone. My operator of cellular communication forbids me to accept and make
The international calls. I wait that you will understand me. Dave, I can call to you from telegraph. Well?
I hope that can suffer as I learn more about a call.
Our meeting important event for us with you. I try to be very attentive now.
Only I communicate with you. I listen to own heart. You listen to the heart?
Darling Dave, in the last letter I have asked you about the help. Thanks that you do not ignore my request. At me now a difficult situation.
Thanks for your understanding.
By the way, my parents have told Greetings for you! Dave, I can use your computer to write the letter to my parents? Probably, we will visit together the cafe Internet? It is important for me.
I promised to my parents that we will send our joint photos.
At me good mood now. I the happiest woman in the World. I am grateful to God, I am grateful to the Internet for ours with you acquaintance! Now I will go on station to buy the ticket for arrival in Moscow.
Tomorrow, when I will arrive to Moscow, I will write you the letter.
I miss you. I already wait ours with you a meeting. Tatyana

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Letter 15

Mine favourite Dave!
I write to you from the cafe Internet. This morning I have arrived to Moscow. My trip was safe. I was in embassy and I had interview with the consul the officer. I sat in turn in embassy, there were many people.
When me have caused, I have entered into an office of the consul-officer and have seen my documents on its table. It has already seen all my documents and has studied my information. We have begun interview.
I have explained it the purpose of my trip. I have told that it is mine not the first trip have explained that that was in many countries under the business visa from work.
The consul the officer has asked me whence I know English and as for a long time. I have explained that I study from 7 years.
The consul the officer asked me many questions. But I was quiet and cool.
Interview did not last long. As understood that that this mine not the first travel to other country.
The consul the officer has told that it has no doubts in my intentions and I will receive my visa. I have thanked the consul of the officer and have said goodbye to it.
Then I have come into consular department and have asked that I should do now.
To me have told that they have all my documents, and have told that I have come for filling not which documents for fast visa reception. Approximately 12-14 days my visa will be ready.
Approximately in two weeks my visa will be ready. You understand it, Dave?! Very soon I will have the visa and I can arrive to you. I have strong positive emotions. I am very glad that we can to meet now.
After embassy I have gone to the airport to look tickets. Yes, really, at the airport tickets cost cheaper than on the Internet. The circular ticket is necessary to me (round ticket) to prove to embassy that I come back to Russia.
Now I do not have money to get air tickets. I have paid registration of the visa and the medical insurance in embassy.
You can help to get to me air tickets? Already I said to you that I should get air tickets in Russia.
Cost about air tickets makes 560 dollars that I could get air tickets. Dave, already I said to you that your help will be necessary for me.
I learnt as you can send me money that I have bought the ticket. I
think, we can use Money Gram or Western union. It is convenient and safe to transfer money. Please send to me 560 dollars.
Here the information for transfer of money

Name Tatyana
Surname Orlova
The country Russia
Street Komsomol prospectus 32. city Moscow, index 119146

After you will transfer me the help, the employee of bank will inform you MTCN. You should tell to me MTCN that I could receive your help. Or to send the receipt which to you the employee of bank will give.
As soon as I will receive your help and I will buy tickets. I think, it will be fair, if you help me with tickets. I have spent money for my visa, to a cost of transportation to go to Moscow.
I was fond with the letter and emotions about representation about our meetings! Now I will remain in Moscow I I have rented apartment a room I will remain in Moscow to visa reception.
Tired, but happy Tatyana

Letter 16

OK, I have understood, that you are not interested in my travel.
You want, that all charges should be paid by me. But I think it not correctly. The man which can not not the man will ensure the girl.
What will be farther, if you already now show yourselves from the bad party? I search for the man in which I shall find support and understanding.