Scam letter(s) from Julia Zubova to Eddie (England)

Letter 1
Hi, my dear Eddie!! I am Yulia and I am interested to get to know you better!!! What about you??? May be it is difficult for you to decide right now if you are interested in me or not but take your time! We have not to rush into anything. First of all I hope my photos will help you to decide, I hope you like them! And also I will try to tell you at least something about me today. If you will be interested please write me as this e-mail address I also hope that you will tell me something about you and send photos as well, as I don't know you yet too but I feel that I have to try with you! May be you are the man I am looking for?? You never know... They say I am a very positive cheerful and nice looking girl, I like to laugh and make people smiling, also I like to make my family and friends happy, I try to make something pleasant for them as often as I can! Life is very difficult here in Ukraine but I try not to lose optimism! Especially it concerns local men because they are mostly not serious and not interested in creating a family. A good reliable man is very hard to be found here. They say man abroad are more family oriented and the best way to try to find a man abroad is Internet, that is why I am here. I have not an opportunity to travel abroad that is why Internet is a very convenient way for me to look for a future husband from a foreign country:) I have only started my search and I will be more than happy if this search will stop on you:))) I don't want months of searching and then nothing... but we will see what will happen.... I hope to hear from you soon with a nice letter and photos of yours!!! Please don't be afraid of using this chance, I am sure you are a brave boy!!! I will do my best not to disappoint you... Kiss you. Yulia.
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Eddie!!! It is very pleasant to receive a letter from you today!! I am happy to start establishing our contact! May be it will be the beginning of something nice and life long??? Who knows... So we should try, are you agree??? I hope to hear more about you in your next letters, ok?? I am very interested in getting to know you better! I also want you to send me some photos of yours, ok?? Yes in English my name is Julia! I found you in Internet on a dating site, where else could I found your address?:)) I am sure not on the bus stop:)) My height is 167 cm, weight is 51 kg. My measurements are 93-60-91. Hope you like it:)) It is good that you don't drink at all! You know two months ago on the wedding of my younger sister I caught a bouquet!! Do you have such a wedding tradition in your country and do you know what does it mean??:) The girl who will caught the bouquet will get married during a year!!! Can you imagine it?:) I send you two photos from that wedding: one with my sister Katia and another one is with a bouquet! So I am waiting for this to happen in the nearest future!!! And have great expectations regarding Internet! They say it is a nice place to meet a good husband from abroad. They say men abroad are more serious about marriage unlike local man that is why I am here! So as you know my name is Yulia! I have a precious younger sister and also a precious granny!!! She brought us up from our childhood after we lost our mom from a decease:( Our father left us when I was 10 and my sister only a year old. I have not seen him after that as well. But we have our precious granny and we are so grateful to her for everything she has made for us! So we live together with my granny, my sister with her husband live in the same village but on another street. Not really far apart. We are a very united family and my granny has a kind heart and golden hands!! My Birth date is 28.03.1983 We live in Volyn region, Zhyrychi village, it is western Ukraine, in Carpathian mountains, we have a beautiful Turske lake close by and I work at the local fishing enterprise as an accountant. I work there for two years already, I am an accountant by profession and I have a higher education. Also my granny taught me cooking from my childhood and I worked as a cook at a local school in regional center Ratne before getting a job under my speciality. My village is very beautiful, there is mountains and a beautiful lake here, the nature is unbelievable! I am sure you will enjoy it if you will come some day!!
I also have a nice doggy Tobik:) He is very cute, you can see him on the photo! As you have noticed already I write you this letter in English:) But it is not my own English unfortunately. I write this letter from the translational service. In my village there is not such a service so I need to go to a ****** town Tur where I also work. I go there by bus every day so I hope you will appreciate my efforts!:)) But I don't intend to stay without English speaking skills any more and I plan to start learning it soon!!! I understand it will be very important for me if I will decide to relocate abroad. I think I have to finish my letter for today. I can only wait for your answer now! Hope you will not make me wait for too long as I am eager to get to know you better:)) Kiss kiss!!! Yulia from beautiful the Carpathian mountains!
Letter 3
Hello, my darling Eddie!!! I am very pleased to hear from you again!! Thank you for your letter!
How is your day going? Hope good??? I am glad to read more about you and your life there. I appreciate it and I will be happy to hear even more about you in your next letters ok??? I will be waiting! Send me your photos please!! Yes I am sure I can be the woman you are looking for! I am sorry for your granny too:( I don't think that our age difference can be a problem. I feel quite comfortable being married an older mature man because with the man of you age I will feel much safer and better treated than with one of those young men who don't know yet how to treat their women right and will cheat on me without any doubts. I have seen this already with my ex and I don't want to repeat it once again. I am glad you like my Tobik! He is a simple dog.
I understand your concern about my English but I am going to learn it soon! And the problem will be solved!!! What do you want me to tell you about myself today???? My day was ok, I did a lot of work as usually and now rushing home to cook some meal for my granny and me and take a good rest on a sofa, would you like to join me?:)) I believe a personal meeting is very important for us in future but before it we need to get to know each other better through Letters and photos, are you agree??? My granny is doing good, I told her about my intention to relocate abroad in case I will find a good man in Internet and she blessed me in this decision of mine... She wants me to be happy! Have I told you about my hobbies??? My main hobby is cooking!! I am a good cook they say and I worked at a school as a cook in the past as you know. Also I like to ski in the mountains!! I send you a photo of winter in our mountains close by. It was very cold but fun!! I was with my sister and a friend. Also I like knitting different clothes, I will knit a scarf and socks for you if you want for a winter!!:) What do you think about it??? Also I have a lot of window flowers and I like to take care of them. My days are passing by in taking care of my flat and cooking some meal after work. I miss my soul mate very much and I truly hope to find him soon! My be it is you?:) What else can I tell you??? I adore my doggy Tobik!!! Do you remember the photo of him??? He is 6 years old already and we are best friends!!! I am sure you will like him a lot!!! I will not write you a very long letter today as I don't want you to fall asleep there:)) Please write me more about yourself as soon as you can! And you can write me as long letter as you want!!! I am waiting for you!!! Yulia with kisses:)
Letter 4

Hello, my darling Eddie!!! Thank you so much for another letter and nice photos from you!!Did you miss me??? I hope you were thinking about me at least sometimes!! How are things going there? I wish you to have a nice day and evening today! I am glad you told me more about yourself today!! Thank you! It seems you are pretty busy there now. But you are right it makes the days go quicker. No I am not worried about our age difference at all!
Men here are not marriage oriented that is why I have to look abroad.
We were together for more than a year. The problem with my English will be solved in the nearest future, so don't worry, I will learn it!
No I don't speak any English now. I am glad you want to join me on the sofa!!! Of course we need to talk more before a real meeting I am agree. I will gladly knit a scarf and socks for you!! I am glad winter is gone there already! I decided to send you more of my photos today, I don't have hundreds of them and probably I should not send so many of them in every letter but I want you to get to know me as better as possible and I believe that without different photos it will be impossible. But surely nice long letters with a lot of information are also necessary. Are you agree?? Also I have to pay for every letter to be translated properly and sent to you so I try to write you as more as possible in every letter. Hope you don't mind it! Of course it would be much easier if I had a personal computer and knew at least some English to be able to write you directly. But I can not:( I tried to use Google translator but Russian-English translation failed:(( These languages are too different to be translated well automatically. But I will start learning English immediately!!! My day is going good here, I am thinking of you a lot! I am rather busy with my work and home, my window flowers, my fish in a small aquarium, knitting a new scarf for my sister, and also I need to take care of my granny, to meet my friends from time to time and visit some of my relatives. So hardly there is time to relax but I try to find it sometimes, usually on the weekend but not for too long:)) Surely if you were here with me I am sure I would spend much more time on the sofa with you together:)) What do you think?:) It is time to finish my letter for today and rush home to do all the necessary things there! I will pass greetings from you to my granny!!
She will be happy Kiss you!!! Yulia.
Letter 5
My Darling Eddie... I am so happy to hear from you again... No it was not a permanent tattoo on my back! I wish you to have a nice trip to Portugal, hope you will be able to write me from there! Of course I will miss you! I will learn English don;t worry! Yes it will be nice to meet in Ukraine at first. I have simple fish in my aquarium, not exotic. I am so sorry to tell you this but I am so sorry to tell you this but unfortunately I can't pay for the translations of our letters now:( I am so sad about it:( I just feel that I need you and can't live in peace with myself without letters from you,my dear ... I just thought if you feel the same so we could continue our correspondence,but I am afraid it will be my last letter for you for the nearest about two weeks at least until I will get my salary to be able to pay for for at least several letters for you as I have no money to do it now:( But may be if you could help me with the funds for our correspondence,may be just a little bit, just for several letters, I would be so happy! I am really fond of you and I don't want to lose the chance to establish a solid relationships with you,as I feel you can be that man I was looking for... I am so sorry but I will not be able to answer you one more time as I have not 5$ for a letter for you, I am really sorry,darling... I truly hope for your help. If you want to ask something,please ask my translator Karina, ok? I truly hope to hear some day from you,please don't forget me... Yours Yulia.
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