Scam letter(s) from Olga Melehova to Eddie (England)

Letter 1
Hello, my honey! I really like to call you "Honey", Eddie!! Thank you once again for another letter of yours, I like to hear from you!!! Your message made my mood brighter today:)) The weather is not very nice now unfortunately. I am missing the summer time... I am glad you told me a little bit more about you and your life there. It is very interesting for me! Send me your photos please!!!! I wonder why do you think that our age difference can be a problem? Age difference is not a problem but a field for mutual exploration. Most girls here marry older men because men here don't want to get married early and a lot of them don't want to get married at all! So I think it will be quite normal if my husband will be older then me. I don't see any problem. It is nice to hear more about your family. Please pass my regards to them!
Thank you for your words about my brother, he is a very nice guy. It seems I can be your dream woman as I have all the qualities you are looking for in your second half! I want a nice reliable man who will love and care for me, who will treat me like a queen and I will treat him like a King. Don't be concerned about my English skills!!! I will start learning English immediately!!! Really I am glad to have acquaintance with you, your pictures give me a strange calm, I think you have a positive energy and it seems it is from your good moral personality, I am sure that you have self confidence and I like it a lot! But surely we still need to get to know each other much better before making certain conclusions!! My day was ok today in generally, just the weather made it worse, but everything is ok after coming to the agency and see a letter from you!! Thank you!!! My mom and brother are ok too, I told them that I have correspondence with you and they are keeping fingers crossed for us!!:))) I like cooking a lot have I old you?? I cook every day for my brother and mom. I don't know exactly what to say in this letter. I am not very good in Internet relations but I do my best to write good letters for you! I think I have to describe myself a little bit. I am a nice girl, sometimes funny, sometimes shy. I love nature, I love people, I love my family and friends. I don't like perfect people, those that never have fallen or have never mistaken. I believe that in a relationship is a lot important to be true and sincere, because if you play some role or wear mask, it will end some day. I am very considerate myself and I am good at putting myself in someone Else's place and so as long as there is going communication I am quite flexible and easy to get along relation I am a simple fun nice open-minded, and I have nothing to hide. It takes time to get to know a person and build trust. But when I get to know a man really well I open up to him. When I start to trust a man he can see how tender, affectionate and passionate I can be. I love to hold hands, steal kisses and caress each other whenever we have a chance. Do you enjoy being affectionate,too? Do you like to show feeling to your partner as well? Sometimes just one touch can mean so much and let your partner know that you are here. I hope that our meeting will be very soon!! But at first we need to establish a good correspondence to get to know each other as better as possible through letters before our personal meeting, are you agree? So I am waiting impatiently for another letter from you!! Hope you will not make me waiting for too long!!! I kiss you passionately!! Olya. Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss!!!
Letter 2
Hi, my darling Eddie!!!! It is so pleasant to hear from you again!!!! I value our correspondence a lot. I like your funny photo! Thank you for telling me more and more about yourself! I am very interested in you. I really like the way you describe your personality. I am sorry that in England the weather is bad too:( I will pass your hello to my family thank you very much! I will learn English soon don't worry! I understand it is important for our future! It is great that you like cooking too! We have a lot in common! Yes you are right no one is perfect! Yes I am sure there will be an electric spark between us! My mom and brother asked to say Hi to you from them!!!! Life is wonderful but they say very short that is why we have to hurry up and meet each other!!!:) I hope to match your expectations for me I am ready to discuss my appear and behavior, I am open to all your suggestions! I promise I will not disappoint you! I think you can be a perfect man for me too!!! I strongly believe in Karma, I believe in making only good things because you will be rewarded for it later!!! I am not a materialistic person and I value first of all man's character and attitude to me and not his financial status. For me true love is when a couple is united by the presence of the following three elements and moments of happiness and there has to be the balance of these psychological mechanisms. Each of these factors is a major part of what I know as "True Love": Desire is falling in love, passionate love. It makes you feel "crazy love" as a love that hurts and is related to the ****** and ******. Friendship is sharing, caring for each other, being together in good and bad situations. And the tenderness is welcome, trust, non-violence. This formula seems to be quite effective but not easy to achieve. When any item is missing, the feeling is of disappointment and dissatisfaction. I hope to hear more from you soon!! Miss you already... Olya.
Letter 3
Hello, my dear honey Eddie !!! How are you doing today?? I am as usually happy to receive another letter from you!! Thank you for your complements you are so sweet! Yes I like your description a lot! I like your personality.Will you cook for me sometimes? It seems you are pretty busy before Christmas. I am glad you believe in Karma too! Darling, I can write you this letter today but I don't know unfortunately when I will be able to write you again. As you know I pay for the translational service and today I spent my last 5$ on the account for this letter and scanning photos, I will be able to write you tomorrow hopefully but only if my brother will receive his handicap pension, he has is supposed to receive it tomorrow but they can make a delay with it and bring it only in several days. Also I am not sure if I can ask my brother for more than 10$ as his allowance is 120$ per month and my work of dishwasher 3 times per week brings me only 90$ per month so it seems I am going to have difficulties in paying for the translations. I am sorry for giving you a false hope but when I started to write you I didn't know that it would be so expensive and I thought I could bear the fees but now I see that I have not enough money to pay, my mom is a pensioner and my brother needs a lot of medicines so I don't know what to do:( May be you can help me with at least several dollars to pay for some letters for you???? I am sorry for this request but I am really at a loss what to do:(( I don't want to lose our contact, you are too dear to me. I hope to hear from you as sooner as possible!!! I miss you already.... Olya.
Letter 4

My honey Eddie, just a few words now because I can not pay for more translations today. First of all it is the biggest relief for me to hear that you can help me with my fees for the letters!! Thank you, darling!!! My full name is Olga Grenko, address is 39512, Ukraine, Poltava region, Varvarivka village, Ukrainskaya street, 13. I have Money Gram and Western Union available in my town. As for the prices for the translations here they are: -translation and printing of one letter - 5 USD
which includes:
services of translator - 2 USD;
Internet services - 2 USD
printing of a letter - 1 USD
taxes and other payments - 1 USD
-scanning of one photo- 2 USD
-printing of one photo - 3 USD The prices for unlimited service: Unlimited translation" - only translation services without printing or scanning photos: - one month "unlimited translation" - 150 USD
- two month "unlimited translation" - 300 USD; "Unlimited correspondence" - not only translation of the letters but also printing and scanning any number of pictures: - one month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 200 USD
- two month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 350 USD These are the prices, unlimited service is expensive but if to write letters and scan photos every day it is cheaper than paying per each letter. But nevertheless if will be great for me just to pay for at least some letters, I don't want to lose our contact! I miss you already and wait impatiently for the news from you!!! Kisses!! Olya.
Letter 5
Eddie, my honey, how are you there? I truly hope to hear from you today, I am so eager to continue our correspondence and I am really sorry for my impossibility to pay for it for myself:(( I miss you!
Letter 6
Dear Sir, Thank you you letter. The full name of your lady is Olga Grianko, her full postal address is 39512, Ukraine, Poltava region, Varvarivka village, Ukrainskaya street, 13. You can find Western Union or Money Gram at any local bank. Varvara Service Group,
Olya's translator Ivanna Grusha.
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