Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Veinbergh to Eddie (England)

Letter 1
Hello, Eddie!
Good time of a day to you here!!! I see your letter and now from this second day is much better to me!!! :) Thank you for your answering! I am glad you found time to reply! I will be of course happy to learn you better and to get closer to you!!! I see your letter and I am happy with that! I feel nice here and what about you? I only feel sad your letter consists only from few words.. I do hope after mine today you will write me more about your self, you will also send me photos.. OK??: ) I do hope at that I want to learn you closer - hope you too?:) In my previous letter I didn't tell you much about my life. Like you already know I am 29 years, I was born in a year of a Pig. My birthday is in April, 18 th. I am the only one child in my family. I had nice calm, full of care childhood.
Everything went good till I was 15.... My father died that year... That was a huge, irreplaceable loss... But life is moving, I became stronger and me with mother survived!!! I hope father is watching us from skies!!! :) When I finished school I recollected my father was dreaming me to become a doctor so that I decided to enter medical University. To make real dream of my father!!! But for entering university that is needed to pay huge money witch my family simple doesn't have. I then decided to become a nurse so that I entered college and last year I finished that. Now I am nurse, working 6 day per week and sometimes with duty at 24 hours. This job is tiring, but I like to help people! My home town is Rubezhnoe and there I worked till this summer.
In end of summer I found vacancy in emergency as a nurse.
Despite that is taking time for me to get to job to Lugansk from my town I like my new place of work! I also still have a dream to become a doctor... That is my aim! :) I hope you were not tired with my story??!:)) I am too talkative sometimes, sorry! How is your day today? What is your dream?
Still I see you are already successful and ambitious man;) Despite my job takes a lot of forces coming come I feel emptiness in area of a heart... I do not want to sleep alone, I want to make the greatest dream real - to be loved woman and to create a family. I feel our wishes are agreeing..;) I start waiting for your answer! Your hospital nurse Katya!
Have a nice day full of smiles! P.S. My photos witch you can see today - were made this Fall, in last warm days;) I love this photos much and I hope they will also give you summer warm and positive, tell me, you liked them?
Letter 2
Very happy to see your letter!!
Hello, Eddie!!! I am glad with your answer! That is a best news for me in my lunch time - to read your letter! I will be of course happy sending you more and more photos!;)) And I hope you will send me your photos also!!! OK OK I see you are going to send them to me..) I will wait then))) I am happy you are more open for conversation now here! I will wait for your letters and for your reply! I am glad you asking me here about everything what is interesting for you! This is correct! I will tell you - age that was never a problem for me! Age that is just number and main thing this is how you feel. For me now this is interesting with you and I have nothing against you are older then me, do you have? Your age is perfect for me... I like when man a little bit older..
and what do you think?:)) I am sorry about your mother and father.... I also faced lose of dear person so I know how hard that is... That is life, they are surely watching you from start wishing you all the best and protecting you!
Nurse that is nice job - I like that I am making hard times of people easier! Rubeznoe that is near Lugansk, Eastern part of Ukraine. Road to work takes me at least 40 minutes in one way. And then 40 minutes back. But that can take at hour sometimes. Mmm)) that is really nice you were not tired about my letter) I see we are both very talkative people!
For me the most important in man that is his care and attitude to woman! I want a family and happiness between parents - that is the most important and basic I think! I know that may sounds crazy... But today my friends told me - Kate, eat a lemon, you are too much shining!:) Can you imagine that?? Whether I've changed already? :)) If yes - then this is YOU reason of my smiles all day long, this is you who makes me shinning! Even patients today in the morning asked me why I am working with twice speed and energy?! :) How is your day going?? Did I manage to make your lips stretching with a smile?:) I forgot to write you one thing - one day before I saw you at a site my rose at home gave a bud... That wasn't blossoming for 2 years!!! Now I realize - that was a sign of something good happening soon, someone.. YOU! Tell me, what you have inside? How do you feel? I am happy I didn't afraid and wrote you that first letter and I am glad you pay attention at me!!! I am even glad for agency of translations for helping us!!! I was feeling not good to write letters witch they will read to translate to you still then I think that is better this way then no way!!! And now I have you here.. I just pray for you not to be angry at me with a fact I am using agency for helping us.... That is not my fault in school we had no English lessons at all and no computer class even to teach!
You are angry? Answer honestly! I do hope you are not sad now, tell me, do you Eddie??? I will understand your point of view. I just want you to trust in me and I will do all my best now, when there is reason to I will learn language for OUR future connection! I will end this letter, I need to go back to work, I wait for your letter, I need to know all about you - what you wish in this life, what are you see about future, is there is a place for me?... :) I am missing you already... I wait for Monday just!!!! Till next letter!
Kiss you! P.S. My photos for you. They are one of my favorite!!! I like that **** lingerie... And you?:)
Letter 3
Greetings to my man, Eddie!!!
Hello dear!!! Today is a great day! I have again your letter and I am happy! Thank you for that! I am glad you found time to write me! Of course I understand you have a lot of things to do and I can wait! thank you for that you gave me your lines and informed that I will have longer letter sooner;) I will be happy hear you calling me fresh flower every day! I will be also glad pampering you with more and more nice photos...
:) All for you here! I was trying not to go crazy..) I tried to be logical, to look at things neutral... But I do not want any more! I am happy that I have you here!!!! And I want you to know this! Even if you will think I am imposing!
I want you to know - NEVER before I had such a hurricane inside! Never in my life I waited for a letter from a man with such an impatience!!! I need nothing more for a day just knowing I will have a new letter from you, Eddie! I feel that I need you like an air I want to know what are your days about, what worries you, what occupies your thoughts!! I want to help you if I can... To have dear person - that is what is important! I feel your heart faced hard tomes, I can take a real good care and never let that suffer again!!! My mother yesterday after job entered my room and asked, Dear, who is He?:)) She even didn't ask whether I have someone, she already understood! Despite I told any word her! That are my eyes guilty - eyes of a happy girl! I am glad for your trust in me, for your care, for your patience! I am glad to are not too much angry about language barrier... I will do learning - I promise! I will search for courses in a name of OUR future! I want to make YOUR life better, I want to make that cozy - I know good atmosphere at home has a direct influence in success in a whole life! I hope you will let us to try this?... I am happy our life lines are so close... whether that will become one line depends only from us;) Right now and here I want to thank you - for giving colors into my ordinary life!
That is bright since you entered that! Let me making you smiling just because your heart singing..;) Feeling your breathing...
Have a greatest day! P.S. My photos - for you only!!!! Personally! I hope you will like photos...!
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