Scam Letter(s) from Maya Norling to Mats (Sweden)

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Letter 1

ville bekrafta for mig om du har fatt mitt meddelande?

Letter 2


Jag har varit runt, tack for meddelandet anyway.I ar ivag till ett kort mote och ska vara tillbaka i nagra timmar time.vad har du haft for dig sjalv?

Ha en bra dag


Letter 3

Tack sa mycket for meddelandet, jag tror din helg har varit mycket lugnt for dig? Skont atthora fran you.English ar faktiskt min forsta spraket det ar darfor du normalt ser att mina meddelanden blandas med svenska.

Kan vi tala om skype, har min helg borjat ensamma igen och jag ar har ensam, vill duspendera lite tid online med mig?


Letter 4

sorry it took my this long to write,i have had a bad internet connection the whole time,i believe your weekend has been very peaceful and you will be in bed by now?This is my skype name maya.norling,we could continue talking tomorrow,good night.


Letter 5

How are you doing this morning?Kindly let me know if you did get correctly my Skype name and what best time we can get to speak via Skype,take care and speak to you soon.


Letter 6

Hi Mats,

Thanks for the message,pleased to hear from you .I believe your day has been very well with you so far?We can meet on skype when you are ready to talk and all i can say now is that i have been very touched by your profile and it is for this reason why i sent you a smile on the site.Most importantly i realize your profile looks unique to me than those i have come across and not necessarily about your age or the distance.Do you have a problem with my age?

I will ofcourse get some photos for you soon ,i should be able to forward these to you on my return back tomorrow from another meeting,its about my recent charity project and a passion aside work.

Kindly tell me more about yourself and also if we can skype today?Bye for now


Letter 7

Hi Mats,

Thanks so much for such a lovely photo,its looked very clear and nice to view.How are you doing this morning and your plan for the day?Sorry you did not receive an email from me yesterday,returned back from the meeting quiet exhausted and had to prepare dinner also.I thought i send you a brief message before i leave for today's section of my charity meeting,it will end This Thursday due to minor changes instead of tomorrow.All the same,thank you very much for the photo and hope to speak with you another time on Skype.Bye


Letter 8

Hi Mats, your day has brought you the peace you desire,how is the book reading going,did you have a time at the Golf course,how is your Son.Was waiting to hear from you,may be we could chat on Skype before i go to bed,will wait on for sometime,Just had dinner served to myself and no one to dine with.Anyway,take care and will be thinking about you.Bye for now


Letter 9

Good Morning Mats,

How are you this morning,I'm almost ready for my meeting and wanted to check up on you to say hi and to also wish you a very wonderful day.I will let you know one i return back from my meeting so that we can continue chat on skype.Take care and and have a nice time,think about me.Bye


Letter 10

Hi My dear Mats,

Thanks for the message,I'm ready to leave for my last day of my charity meeting,should be home early today.How about you,what will you be up for?You have been on my mind all night and believe you enjoyed a sound sleep?

Once i get back i should be able to know what next for my charity mission and tell you all about the outcome.Kindly take care and hope to speak to you on my return safely home,bye


Letter 11

Hi Mats,

Hope your day is going on so well for you?I have just arrived safely from my meeting.All ended well and have alot to share with you,i will sure be waiting to speak with you this night.Take care and have a nice time.


Letter 12

Hello Mats,

Good morning to you,how are you and what have you been up for?I'm really pleased to finally hear your voice,it was very nice having the opportunity to speak with you.I must also let you know you really do have an awesome voice and respect you so much because i also feel you a nice person to speak with.Sorry the internet could not allow us have a long chat.

Finally my passion is near for me to accomplish,my itinerary will be ready this afternoon for my trip to London tomorrow for a week to make my first ever charity donation in form of clothing and cash possibly.I'm taking along my laptop so should definitely let you know my mail when i arrive or by call.Wish we could talk again before i leave,was wondering why you wish to sell you house,hope all is well?Have a nice time,wish you a peaceful day and speak to you soon.


Letter 13

Thank you so much for the message,i believe your day is going very well for you this day?I have thought about you while preparing to leave tomorrow morning for the UK.We could have a chat earlier to enable us speak comfortably and easily.Forgive me for the late night phone,i really wanted to speak with you that was why.I realize my mic was not very smooth for the dialogue.

So let me know what time we can talk this evening and i would gladly be here to speak with you.I'm looking forward to when i return in exactly a week so that we can get to meet.Have a nice time and hope to hear from you soon.Bye


Letter 14

Hi Mats

Thank you for the messages.I had just returned from a long shopping spree.I'm suppose to be out of town tomorrow to pursue my first ever charity donation i mentioned to you about,a passion of mine aside work.

God willingly i have finally concluded meetings pertaining to positive details needed to enable me accomplish my passion of giving out a widow's might at this point of my life for the sake of humanity.

Picked up my flight iternary after shopping so this should be my last message to you this evening because i will be up early for the Airport to catch my flight in the morning.So sorry to hear about your son's condition,how is he coping now

I will be on skype now so that we can talk for sometime before i finally go to bed.

Have a nice time and hope to speak to you on there


Letter 15

Hi Mats,

Its so sweet of you to send me these wonderful and kind words,i arrived safely by God's grace and after reading your message i felt very much alright with my self and wish you were right here to hold me as you say and tell me more about how you feel..

How are you doing,your son,hope he is getting better?I also believe the weekend has brought you the peace you desire?Have had some time to relax and also have been trying to put everything together for tomorrow because i have decided to make my very first donation on my mission in the morning and this is my widow's might in form of clothing for teh children department in a hospital.

I know once i have been able to do this,my heart and soul will be amazed,at peace,fulfilled and i will be very greatful to God for his guidance.

Please don't be disappointed that i'm far away from you,i know how you feel,i assure you as soon as i;m through exactly in one week,i should find my way back to Sweden so that we can spend all the time we need.I will do my best to talk to you as often as i can while here,its getting lonely for me also.

Kindly take care of yourself,i will get speak more with you before i leave tomorrow morning.If its possible that we chat via skype this night,i will send you a message.Enjoy your evening.Bye


Letter 16

Hi my dear Mats,

So happy to hear from you,how are you doing and i believe all is well with you son also?I'm excited this morning and will be on my way to Hospital Materno-Infantil Gregorio Maranon,here in Madrid to give out my token in clothing donation and also have few meetings with some officials concerning my visit.

I wish we were both here to do this,but i assure you that once I'm through in just one week,i will find my way safely back to Sweden to enable us get to meet and spend some quality times to ourselves.

Tell me what you have been up to this morning?I will sure let you know when i return from my day's activity so that we can meet via Skype for a chat.Take care and regards to the family,bye


Letter 17

Hi Mats,

Hope your day has really gone well for you?I returned a while ago.What a relief,i really went through such a warmth welcome by the officials of the hospital,then i announced my purpose of my visit to make my first ever clothing donation to their children hospital because,of my passion for humanity and the believe in Children,secondy Madrid reminds me of my childhood,when i often got sick and the nurses and doctors were very lively and always gave me the attention i needed which helped me get better quicker enough,they had a strong love for young ones.And for this i have always decided to start my first ever donation from there and my second to come in the future will of course be in Stockhulm,Sweden,then thirdly in London and the rest will all be in the hands of God.Sorry you misunderstood me,i'm suppose to pick Andre up in London after my donation here in Spain,then after we will both come to Sweden so you can also meet him.

Was really expecting to receive your message before i return,I'm all alone now and if you could find the time we can actually Skype,that way we can chat at length?You have been on my mind so much and would have felt sad if i did not hear from you at all.I hope your evening is going well for you?Speak to you possibly before going to bed,i have important discussions to hold with the officials of the hospital tomorrow morning,so do let me know as soon as you can if you can make it on Skype?bye for now


Letter 18

Hi Mats,

Good Morning and how was your sleep?How are you feeling this morning,how about the family?Sorry we could not meet last night for a chat when i returned.I wanted to send you a quick message before leaving back for the children's hospital this morning to further hold relevant discussions concerning my whole purpose of my visit.Should be back early than yesterday.

What have you planned for the day?I have 5 more days to go on my visit,so will; leave for London to pick Andre then we will both return from Sweden.I'm so much looking forward to meeting you on my retrun.

Enjoy your day in peace,will surely let you known when i'm done for the day so that we can meet via skype later in the evening.Take care,bye


Letter 19

Hi Mats,

Pleased to find your message on my return.How is your day going for you? I've actually had a very fruitful day for me.What have you been up to yourself?

The discussion today went really well, I did made it knowned to the officials that I am going to make a cash sum donation on Thursday, as my last gift to the children hospital.They were very satisfied and happy with what such an effort and my enthusiasm.

I will leave Spain possibly this weekend,there is a dinner for me and officials on Friday,then will also visit the Children's ward for the very last time on Saturday.So once i get back from picking up Andre,you may decide what convenient time you may wish to meet once i land in Sweden.

Amanda,is the head of officials,i was preparing some letters at the same time composing your message,its a minor mistake,so sorry about that.How is your son coping?

I have become use to some TV channels around here so after dinner,i will spend some time watching TV because that's how best i get company on this trip.Hope to speak with you anytime this evening,so do let me know your convinience we can hook up with Skype.Bye


Letter 20

Hi Mats,

Sorry you have waited on for some time,i will be online waiting so hope to chat with you then

Letter 21

Hi Mats,

Been also online trying to catch up with you,is it possible that we can still talk this night?Let me know,enjoy your self and take care.


Letter 22

Hi Mats,

Thanks for the message,hope all is well with you and your son?I'm hoping we will be able to talk early today,i'm suppose to leave town for London tomorrow because Mom had called that Andre has been very ill.So i will make it knowned to the officials of the hospital that i have to leave town tomorrow for London.I will need your urgent help Mats,i need about 850 euros please,i'm suppose to arrange my self and leave,i have to get a new ticket,pay for my hotel bills for today till i leave tomorrow.I really need you now Mats and kindly get back to me.

Just in case you may need my information.Maya Norling,Madrid.Spain

Kindly get back to me as soon as you can,God bless.




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