Scam letter(s) from Julia Drozdova to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello dear Frank,
I am very happy that you are reading these lines now. That means that you felt something towards me. Maybe it is a beginning of a new life for us both? I am charmed with your looks, your eyes and responsible kind face. When I saw your profile I could not pass it!
My name is Anna,I live in Ukraine.
I like to accept and give all the best feelings.
I like to care and care about my beloved and make him feel a special man. I know what it means to be loyal in the relationship, to compromise and forgive. I also want our future relations to be based on mutual understanding and respect. I like experiments and trying new things. So, I can assure you that you will not find time for boring when you be with me! I hope that my letter will touch your heart and you want to continue you relationship. I like you a lot and I shall wait for your reply with great impatience. Anna.
Letter 2
Hello dear Frank,
Thank you for your letter! I will be glad to get your letters very often!I think in this way we will know each other better.How do you think? My name is Anna (or you can call me Annushka or Anutka, they are just the same names), I'm a 34 year old woman with blond hair as you can see it from my photos.I was born on the 13th of April 1978 and next year I will be 35. I think that I am a slim woman, my height is 169,my weight is 54 kg.I was born in the small town of Rovenky,which is Lugansk region and I live and work now in Lugansk. I work as a hairdresser in the beauty saloon. I like my job,because I am meeting new people and have the clients,who are coming to have their hair cut very often,it is a job which demands for me to be sociable and communicative and so I am. What do you think about this profession? I don't have a child,and in the future everything depends on my beloved wishes, if he wants to have children or not.I think that I have a good sense of humor. So I like jokes and I'm very responsible in my work... I don't want to boast, don't think! I hope meet my soul mate and create happy relationships with a real man. I don't smoke,as for drinking,I can afford myself a little glass of wine and only on special occasions, because I think that a ***** woman is not a good woman,I think the woman becomes silly,how do you think? I am trying to have healthy way of life.I want to tell you that my English is not good at all,I am having the school level and I am translating my letters with the translator's help.But I am planning to start learning the language in the future,as I understand that it is very important to know at least one foreign language.If you have any questions to me,you are welcome to ask,as we have to be open to each other. I will be waiting for your letter impatiently, warm thoughts, Anna!
Letter 3
Hello dear Frank ,thanks for your very nice photo,I like you a lot! It is very pleasant for me to get your letter today. I am happy to know that you have read my letter and you have shared your thoughts with me. I would like to tell you what kind of person I am.As I have told you that I am the hairdresser,I spend all the day on my feet and for me the main thing is to be kind with the clients and always have the smile on my face. I think that if you want to tell people something you have to makes a connection to be much easier and opened! But there is one stipulate if your smile goes from your heart! You know I am such kind of person that does all things with the pleasure... But it is in case if I really need it. Before I am going to do something I always ask myself if i really need it. If not, I will never do it... I think that there is no sense to do something for nothing,and simply waste time...I prefer to present gifts much more than to take myself,because I am happy if I make somebody feel glad at least for one moment! I am romantic and realistic at the same time...I never expect from the person something impossible, and unreal... I am busy person,and I spend all the day working and I feel myself so tired that often prefer to stay at home after my working day, listen quiet music, relax in the warm bath with no light but candles,and thinking and analyzed the day that passed... I have a lot of friends maybe because I am easy-going person, but as for the best friends, I can tell that there are 3...they are married now so we spend not much time together! I don't know maybe I have high moral principles,but men that I met here had not the features I need...The main problem is that the men are not prepared for the life and they are not ready to have serious relations and many of them are fond of drinking alcohol drinks and smoke. I want to ask you how you like to spend your weekend time and how you spend your vacation time?What is the main feature you would like your woman to have? I like travelling very much,but have never been abroad and only in other cities of Ukraine.I hope you will like the photos I am sending to you.Would like to have many from you!Will be waiting for your reply.Have very nice day,kiss you,your Anna.
Letter 4

Hello to you,my dear Frank,I have received your very nice photo,thank you very much! How are you? It is so nice that we continue our correspondence with you,I think it means we are having the need in our letters and I hope we have already become friends with you and we are stepping another level of our relations,the relations between the man and the woman and the friendship is flowing into another kind of affection .How do you think? I wanted to tell that yesterday when I was going back home I was walking a little along the main street and then went to the supermarket to buy some food to eat and on my way I saw many people... some were in much hurry, some looked worried, some scared, some angry, others happy. And you know what I thought about?I thoughts if people would just stop for a moment, and take a look at it all.. their worries and busy schedules would just vanish. The simple things around us can make so much happiness but everybody is going somewhere. Where is everybody going? I do not know... Sometimes when I walk, I remember put on an half-smile. Do you know what that is?
Then... when I look at somebody for just few seconds, and it makes the other person sometimes smile. Its like magic.. but so simple.Living a simple life seems very complicated to many people.
Maybe they think that living simple and clear means to be simple or ******.. But to me.. Living simple and happy is the only real way to enjoy life. I just want a simple happiness,I am thankful to you for trusting me,I feel the same to you.And I want to ask you what is happiness to you?When are you entirely happy?What will you do if you meet me and have my smile to you?How will you react?
My dear,I will be finishing my letter here and have the desire to send my kisses to you and my best wishes for the day.Hope you will like my photo,I want to be the best for you!I will be waiting for your reply and would like to know yout thoughts,your Anna.
Letter 5
Hello, my dear Frank,thanks for your very nice photo, Every day I receive your letter brings so much delight to me and I am feeling my heart begins to beat the special rhythm and how do you think what this means?
How is weather there?Here the days are very warm now and the sun is shining and brings the happiness I think to everyone who likes warmth.
And if you ask me what my favourite season is,I will answer you that I like summer more. And I adore spring. I like everything in it. I like it when the first flowers appear and the first grass is appearing on the ground. It is sometimes raining,but I like to breath the freshness of the spring air.I like to watch how the leaf buds become ****** and want to grow fast and then after the first leaves soon appear the first flowers and everything is in blossom,what a lovely view the trees in blossom have!!!Do you like it?Do you like spring? I think many people like spring, because "the nature is waking up and everything blooms". I like the sky in spring,it is wonderful.
What kind of spring are you having in your place?
I saw a dream last night and it was so bright, pleasant and unforgettable, that I decided to share it with you. That dream was about the two of us. There was the room, lighted with the trembling light, coming from the fireplace, and the fire was dancing its wild, but tender passion dance. There was a tiger’s fur lying in front of the fireplace, and the walls were hanged with the fine paintings of past centuries and there was a table in front of the room, on which there stood a basket full of roses, lilies and orchids.
Down on the floor there stood two glasses of the most delicious champagne and bunches of grapes on the plate. You turned the romantic music on and invited me to dance with you. I could feel you breathing ripple and interruptidely, suddenly you gave me the red rose and kissed my on the cheek.
After dancing our romantic dance, we sat down on the fur near the fireplace, we drank champagne and fed each other with grapes. Then I began to tease you with my fingers and you became aroused…The whole world was becoming to revive around us and we were the happiest creatures in this world!..How do you like my dream? I am waiting for your letter and hope to get all the answers to my questions.I am sending to you my kisses and hugs!!!I wish you to have a nice day!!!Your Anna.
Letter 6
My hello to you,honey Frank , I'm so pleased that I have got another mail from you!I am giving to you my phone number and want to say that my English is not very good,but I will be pleased to hear your voice on the phone,the number is:+38-099-982-48-91. You see,I have noticed that I feel my soul is suffering without knowing how you are there and if everything is all right with you.Even when I am in bed,my thoughts are rushing to you and I dream that I would like to appear in your arms and be with you in your true home full of joy,happiness and love! My dear,I want to know everything about your feelings to me,I am feeling myself to be so close to you.I am not afraid of my feelings and I am telling you that I love you,I do not know how you will take it,but I am not able to keep it in myself and I am having many dreams about the two of us and I am imagining the two of us walking the streets of the place beloved by us and we absorb each other and we are walking hand in hand and we are talking and talking and then we sit on the bench and our thoughts go far away into some other place,to the sea,which is soft and tender..!!!Then we are in the kitchen at home and we are drinking tea,I am looking into your eyes and you are reading them and we can feel the smell of the flowers in the garden,then you have told me;"You are extremely beautiful!" and I said:"You are too!!!" and you answered:"I want to present love to you!" and I said:"I want to sink in it!"You said:"You are the most tender!" and I have told:"You are the most strong!" and then you say:"Finally I have found you!!!" and our lips have met...!!!My dear,you may say that I am dreaming too much,but I am telling you the things going from my heart and the only thing which prevents us from being together is the distance,but I am sure it can be overcome.Am I right?I am thinking about our meeting!!!Love has a very great power,don't you think so? It can melt the oceans and move the mountains! I hope that our feelings have come to us and they will last for all the eternity!Do you agree with me? My honey,what are your visions of our meeting in the future?Please,tell me what you think?My hot kisses are for you,will be waiting for your sweet and tender loving letter,your Anna.
Letter 7
Hello my dearest Frank,
How are you there,my honey?I have been thinking about you all the time and here I am with my letter to you today.I have understood your answer and wish that everything will be fine with you!
My honey Frank ,I am not in a very good mood nowadays,as I have got into a very difficult situation and it has caused me sleepless nights and headaches. I have got not good news at work the other day.The matter is that I was waiting to get the salary,but it turned out that I will not have it in time and I need to pay the rent for the flat and the communal facilities and in this situation,which has turned to me another way, I will have the debts and and I do not know how I will stay without money for the following period of time,for the whole month.I am in such loss and I have even quarreled with my director about it and the answer was just to wait and not to open my mouth,as I will be left without work at all.And now I do not know what to do and how to manage with the translation of the letters,I this period of time will be surviving for me and I do not know how to find the way out of the situation.My honey,we have become very close with you and I would like to ask you for advice and what can you advise me to do in this situation,how we will keep our correspondence with you?I do not want to make some kind of pauses in our relations,but for my shoulders it is very difficult to keep it only myself.I will be waiting for the reply from you and your advice,send my kisses to you with this letter,and my love,your Anna.
Letter 8
Dear Sir Frank,let me introduce myself to you,my name is Svetlana, I help your lady to keep the correspondence with you,I do the translation of your letters to her and translate her letters to you.The matter is that my service is not free,I take $7 for the translation of each letter and this is the lower price.You lady is having serious intentions about your relations ,but she is in a very difficult financial situation and she is not able to pay for the letters more.I am not able to do the translation of the letters free of charge as this is my job and it has to be paid for.The account of your lady is closed. Thank you for your understanding,
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