Scam letter(s) from Elena to Ed (Canada)

Letter 1
Good day the my dear lonely person! My name is Elena, I am 28 (years|y.o|years old.
I live in Rus, in city Krasnodar.
I search for the person who would understand me..
I want serious intentions, and serious relations.
I want to find love, I want to find good person with whom I can spend all my life..
If you are interested in me if you want to study about me more,
write to me the letter on my regular mail box:
Elena !
Letter 2
Thank you for your prompt response, very pleased that you are interested.
At the moment I'm at work, and rather risk getting reprimanded for flirting during office hours.
The fact is that I do not have their own computer or laptop, and I have to write from work.
By the way, I worked as a secretary at the museum in the city of Krasnodar, southern Russia it.
I was born and spent her life in this city.
Actually, I hope that we will develop a good relationship. If you are sociable, intelligent and kind, then our relationship can last for a long time (if you want of course)!
Now I am free from serious relationships and I am in search of the second half.
My last relationship ended six years ago.
It all ended sadly, and I do not want to think about it, so please do not ask me about it. I hope you understand that?
I recently finished my studies at university, I studied by correspondence to a psychologist.
Now I can not find jobs in their field and have worked as a secretary.
By the way just want to say that I have a problem with the knowledge of your language, I use a translator to read and write your letters. At school, I studied your language!
At university I had studied English. Perhaps the translator does not work perfectly, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes.
I do not know what you want to know about me. I live alone in her studio apartment.
We are a family of three, I and my parents.
Pope 55 years, he retired, my mother 55, is also retired.
Mne wondering what you know about Russia? I've been almost like I know nothing about your country, I hope I will have a chance to learn more.
It is bad that the Internet allows us only to communicate but who knows, maybe we want to meet soon.
Any distance can be reduced, if desired. Unfortunately I can not use msn or something like that in the workplace.
But I think that this is not a disaster for us.
I hope you were wondering, because if on the contrary, it is better to tell me about it immediately.
Nobody does not like wasting his time.
I want you to know that I am looking for only serious relations! Marriage and family. Do you have children?
I have no children, but I want them to have in the future.
By the way forgot to tell you that I am 27 years old. I am a simple girl. Did not notice for an arrogant or something like that.
I do not like arrogant people and boasters. You can say I fully open before you.
I have to say that I do not love all sorts of ***** things and ***** allusions to the ****** theme.
The Internet is a sore subject, you can run into lout who will solicit to you.
Feel free to send more of your pictures! I'll send you on your own. I will wait your reply soon, if he would follow.
I wish you good day and smile more. Your Elena !
Letter 3
I am very pleased that you are interested in communicating with me.
Not to say that your answer was a surprise for me, but I was not sure what I'm interested.
I do not want to flatter you, but I'm probably lucky that you answered.
You seem to me a perfectly normal person, you are behaving correctly in the messages.
You understand that the Internet there are many perverts and similar people.
One can see that you do not have to do with them. I wonder how you spend your free time? What are you doing? For example, I love going to the cinema and theater. I also love to visit museums.
I love to read or watch DVD. We can say that I love cinema. I'm attracted to work Coen brothers, M. Night Shyamalan and Steven Spielberg.
I love to cook and love to play tennis. Unfortunately I recently little free time to do your favorite things.
If you're confused by something, you better stop now, if you think that we can get something, I'll be happy to continue!
By the way you are now free from the relationship? I'm mean, you're not married?
Relationship with a married man or to no good result. Can not escape, life in Russia is difficult, so we have to work hard to live normally.
I hope that our correspondence - is not a waste of time.
I would like to believe that it will lead to a serious relationship in the future? I have long been trying to establish his personal life, but because of old injuries, I stopped trusting men.
Only recently I have made progress in this regard. I had bad luck with men, they are either traitors or rude or both.
Often there are men who actually want only ***, but nothing more.
I also want a serious relationship that will grow into marriage.
With children, I am in no hurry, I would like to live a little more for themselves.
But I love children and want to have two people in the future.
My future husband should be gentle and kind, strong and true. Let me tell you about my options, if you're interested.
My height 165 cm and weight 49 kg. Build my sport, I have been doing in the gym twice a week.
Plus I have good genes, so I rarely get sick. In general, I am an active lifestyle, I love sports, love to watch sports.
By the way, do you plan to visit the Winter Olympics to be held here in Russia in Sochi in 2014? In fact, I used to always be optimistic and believe in good.
They say the idea is material and therefore should only think about the good and all you get.
The world will go to meet you, if something is a strong desire.
What do you think? It's time to finish the letter and say goodbye to you briefly.
I hope to get your answer tomorrow! Sincerely, your Elena!
Letter 4

Hello, my dear! I noticed that our correspondence into a good habit.
This only increases our chances for successful development of relations.
I hope that in the future, our correspondence has a chance to turn into something more. Today I have an ordinary day, nothing interesting happened. Today I again come home tired, cook supper.
Perhaps a little read before going to bed and lie down to rest. Today we need to go early, because in the past two days I did not sleep.
On the surface it seems that in my life not at all romantic, although I am very romantic person
My aunt is a suburban villa, where we go with her every weekend in summer and spring.
There we produce various kinds of flowers. This is the only thing that is associated with romance in my life right now.
By the way, do you like flowers?
How many colors in your home? Perhaps there is some special species? My favorite flowers are orchids and lilies. When I am among the flowers, I often dream about. Most of my dreams is to create family, birth of first child. In the future I see myself married to a good man, I have a good job and strong family.
Of course I do not want to have children soon after marriage, I told you I wanted a little more to live for yourself. Children is a serious step, there need planning.
I would not like to sit on the neck of her future husband, I love to work and want to help her husband build a family budget! You like to travel? I've never been to Europe, I was in the neighboring countries: Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Which countries have you visited?
I think I can write you as I imagine a man who should be next to me.
I need to feel safe with this man, so I could relax. I want to once and for all!
Maybe you're the man I was looking all the time? I'll be honest, you caught my attention. You seem trustworthy, intelligent and kind. But I do not know how you feel about me? I am afraid that you will consider me as an object to satisfy your carnal desires? I would like you to see in me not only my form and handsome face, but my inner world. Such a man is ready to give everything I love, respect, and all his years of life. What you see in me? I forgot that I need to prepare the next tour. Today, the museum will come students will be a lot of noise and laughter.
I hope these kids I do not wear down too much)) I will be happy to see your answer in the near future, confirming my not fake interest to you. I wish you all the best, your Elena!
Letter 5
Thanks for the new letter, which was the reason my smile, I-just got it. I'm glad the new letters from you. Nice to know that somewhere far away there is someone I interesting. Today, sunny day, the mood is good business. It feels a little tired, but that's okay. How are you? How does the work? By the way, what exactly do you do at work. I was just wondering. I think you at least wondering why I'm a normal woman looking for your other half in another country? Actually I went to the extreme step. In Russia, a woman truly loves. You know what I mean? She loves the open, and she does not need an incentive to love someone. But, unfortunately, not always happens one. Men in Russia can not love as a woman. I do not know why, but the divorce rate in Russia is very high. To be honest I'm sick mentality of Russian men. I want to start a relationship with a man that has a completely different mentality. And I want you to know that I will not be a problem moving to another country if this is necessary for the development of relationships! In the continuation of the letter, I want to tell you briefly about my family. I have no brothers and sisters, I'm an only child. I have cousins ??through mom and dad. I have two grandmothers. I visited them at least once a year. One grandmother lives in Murmansk, it is through her mother. My grandmother on my father's line lived in Yalta And you have a big family?
Today I have to stay at work and work overtime. Home come late and tired for sure. Maybe today I dine at some cafe. I'm afraid will not want to cook something at home. Would you join me for dinner if you were around? In general, you prefer homemade food or restaurant?
I very rarely go out to restaurants. I have a very long time there was a romantic rendezvous. Maybe you fix this in the future?
Recently, I often think about the dismissal, but because no other jobs, then common sense tells me to stay.
From our correspondence I get more good emotions, and it's true. Taking into account the distance between us, I feel that we are still close together. Your letters leave a lasting impression for me. I want to talk more, I hope you, too? Unfortunately I have not got the phone.
I plan to buy a new one soon. So I do not even know how to talk on the phone.
But even without this we have become friends or even a bit more)?
I wonder how you see your future? What type of person are you?
You are a workaholic, the witty or romantic? I hope not too many questions?
Sometimes I am very curious, but not much. This is from my dad.
I think it's time to end this letter and wait for your answer. Do not forget to send new photos.
Write more, I'll be happy. My hug for you! Your Elena !
Letter 6
Hello, my dear! How are you doing today?
I hope you are all well and you are smiling now. I love it when people smile.
In general, a person appeals to me kindness. It happens that people, especially men behave arrogantly.
That I categorically do not accept!
I do not like boastful people, it does not makes the man. It is my opinion, if you do not agree with him, you can express your views on this.
I think the arrogance and boasting is not your typical.
I am interested in and it is important to know what you think will happen to us next?
What is the result of our correspondence you want to see?
From my side I want to say that now I do not see any other letter.
I want to communicate only with you and I would like to see you thought I was your girlfriend at least virtually. I would like to see virtual relationship in the near future have moved into real ones.
What do you think about this? I need to know your opinion.
And long ago I want to ask you if you can, as you are caring for a girl? What actions are you taking?
How would you cared for me, if there was such a chance? What do you think you would have paid attention to me, if met on the street?
Any woman without a man hard, because I do not what to do with the accumulated emotions. From too many feelings can suffer.
Nothing good is not over. But the question is whom to give all the emotions of decent men I have not met. I hope that I can give you something that can give a man a normal woman, if you do not mind.
Present life in Russia was of course much better than it was 10-11 years ago, but it is still far from ideal.
Low standard of living and average wages are very low. If you take me away, I was short of funds out to buy groceries, clothing, and pay taxes.
Life in Russia can and should be much better. But some greedy countries is not profitable, and they are happy to put our sticks in the wheels.
I am far from it all, for me, all people are equal. How about you? You are good at politics?
Do you think we in our time we go the right way?
I believe that the ideal relationship is completely not the case. It is not possible.
Need to protect those relationships that you already have, and should not think that it's just incoming and outgoing.
If you think this way, we can finally be alone. I do not want, I want to have a family and children.
And I am ready to sacrifice much and compromise to keep the family together, which I will!
You have to be careful and frank with each other, to maintain equality in the pair. How often do you help people?
You can help the person you do not know? To me, help neighbor - is a duty. Not all think so, so people are just wallowing in the atrocities.
Once again, I ask if I did not go over you, tell me about it, not lie to me.
The fact that I was very trusting person and often suffer from this.
I want a man who protect me from the selfish people and do not use my credulity for their own purposes. Unfortunately I need to finish the letter. Time flies fast, I need to go back to business. I'll wait for your answer.
So long, your Elena!
Letter 7
Hello, my dear! I, as always, very happy to your answer. How are you today? I hope all is well? As the weather?
By the way, you have a good ski resorts nearby? How well do you stand on the track?
In Russia we used to be a lot of ski lodges, but with time they are outdated and have not been modernized.
Now there is a good ski resort, near Kazan in the south of Sochi. As a kid I participated in many ski competitions, I am now much less likely to get up to ski.
I love to watch biathlon competitions on TV.
I would like to inform you that tomorrow I'm going to Grandma's for an anniversary, I'll be back the next day.
If I can not write to you tomorrow, then do not lose me.
I have not seen my grandmother and for me this trip is a chance to see relatives who live far away from me.
By the way, my grandmother a war veteran, has many rewards. My dear, I have more and more a desire to be closer to you.
Just wondering how we would behave if it met the eyes? Now it is difficult to imagine our first meeting, but eventually the desire to see you next becomes stronger.
I do not know how to think about that you, perhaps you have not even thought about that.
I think that our correspondence should eventually lead us to something more serious.
I hope everything will be just so and not otherwise.
I believe that the relationship must always be a constant mutual support. Just so you can come to an agreement together.
To achieve full agreement immediately will never succeed. This can come only after a certain period of residence together.
But during cohabitation may be that the senses can not only strengthen, but weaken.
That's why I think that you can not hurry with the wedding and you want to live some time together.
See how this is reflected in the relationship.
During this time, you can learn to compromise. The main thing is not afraid to take the first step.
I'm wondering whether you share my point of view?
Or do you have a vision on this issue?
Nice to know that our relations are becoming more open, I'm always open to you, as the book.
I hope you are not bored to read my letters?
In any case, to lift your spirits, I fasten next photo for you. I will not venture more than distract you, so I'll finish this letter.
I hope I can make you smile more often)) I need to prepare for tomorrow's trip, but I'll think about you!
Your Elena
Letter 8
My dear, I have a spare minute, I decided to write to you. As you have guessed I am a grandmother in Saransk.
I am writing to you from an Internet cafe. I can not write much, because it is quite expensive. I was sent to town for groceries and I decided to run a cafe and write you a line.
I hope you will be pleased. To be honest, I'm not envious of their colleagues, they are probably immersed in work, and I'm on holiday.
I took time off to do this, I have not had holidays and I plan to soon take a break from work.
I think that'll leave a couple of weeks in the near future.
My dear, you miss me? Maybe just a little? I will say honestly that I miss and think of you much more often lately.
I do not know what that means, but in any case - it is a good sign. Today, in the late afternoon I want to walk in Saransk. Here was not long ago. Organize yourself tour of local attractions.
The city is not big, but so it's good, because it is compact and not fussy. In general, cities are not for me.
And how do you feel about that. You'd better live in a city or small town?
I for example do not give up life in the countryside, where peace and quiet.
It happens that I am drawn to visit the big city, but not for long. Tell us what you're doing today? What is your state of mind today? Do you have a boat? Or perhaps you have a jet ski?
I ask because I love the summer, a water bike ride or just on the boat? Still I wonder, how would you rate our relationship at this stage?
Do you think we were closer? What you said your heart? Or do you frequently listen to your brain?
Personally, I only have a positive impression of you and your inner world.
I do not regret that I had the courage to write to you, maybe it's my decision to become a landmark for me. I think that there is no point in describing you as is my grandmother's birthday, because there is nothing unusual.
I even bored, because gathered in the main very elderly people.
At this point I'll stop now. I will wait your reply soon. I wish you good day!
Your Elena !
Letter 9
Hello my dear! I finally got home after my exhausting trip. I'm a little tired and had not yet entered into a working rhythm.
Fortunately the work I need to go out tomorrow. I want to sleep now because when I sleep at a party, I never sleep.
How are you today? How are you feeling?
To be honest, until that time I thought that my idea of ??online dating failed miserably.
But now I hold a different point of view is, now my idea does not seem so utopian.
You can normally communicate on the Internet and not only communicate but also to converge.
Of course this should be more open and not be afraid.
Here's an example in our communication there has been clear progress. This is a result of what we really want the same.
I think you should get to know me more deeply. For example the main features of my character.
The name is honesty, humility and inherent romanticism to me.
I am very flexible in the relationship, I do not like rudeness and boorishness, I do not smoke or drink much alcohol.
And my favorite man should not drink a lot, it's important to me.
How often do you drink alcohol and you prefer to drink? Do you smoke? If so, how much?
Have you ever had to deal with drugs? Answer honestly.
I never tried drugs. That's why I'm physically healthy and had never had health problems.
I think for men it is important, if he sees a woman as the mother of his unborn children.
I can never forgive the betrayal and humiliation of my virtues.
For me it's the worst thing. I never teach a man how and what to do.
On the other hand, I always advise a man, if something is not sure.
I consider myself a simple girl and not arrogant. I can easily find common language with different people.
I can easily adapt to changes around me because of the flexibility of my character. I love a good sense of humor in humans.
Sometimes I am very sentimental, in such case, I am always looking for leverage, which can snuggle.
I am set free in ****** terms, and even willing to go to some of the experiments (pardon my frankness).
Better in this respect, I tell you now I can not even ask.
This can be to talk more when I'm confident that I can reveal to you my thoughts about it.
I sincerely hope that our relationship will be filled with understanding.
I'm more interested in the development of our relations and to obtain more information about you.
How do you like to dress? Do you sporty or business, or you do not really matter what you are wearing.
I was just wondering, so please be honest.
For me, for example sometimes it does not matter that I dressed. But if I go out to people, I like to look neat.
I think I'll finish this today. I need to cook something for dinner. After I relax. I look forward to your response.
Your Elena !
Letter 10
Hello my dear Once again I found a free moment to share with you my good mood.
Today I scheduled 10 trips, there will be many people mostly school children.
Will be noisy and I have to constantly reassure children.
I think that today I come home and unconscious on a bed of Ruhnu.
Supper at the cafe most likely because they do not want to cook at home.
Now I sit with a cup of tea and think about how you get there? How is your mood today? I hope last night was not boring?
I went last night to the neighbor to visit. In the beginning of the letter wrote that she would like to share a good mood, but did not write why.
The thing is that I have signed my application for a two-week vacation.
Plus I took a week vacation at his own expense. I go on vacation next Monday. All very good match, do not you think?
Perhaps a hidden allusion to the fate of our first meeting.
Each my letter to you - this little story of love, and I think that little story may soon grow into a big one.
Your way more often disturbs my mind, I often think of you. I often imagine what you are doing at the moment.
It seems to me that our relationship began to develop very rapidly, and that's a plus.
I have long been convinced that it is able to become a good wife and mother.
I like a woman ready to make my man will never and in no way been deprived. He will always be my attention and my love.
I am willing to give their love, but whether it is necessary to you?
If you are my love means more than just a word, we must inevitably soon became friends.
We have two healthy and mature person, I think we can create strong family in the future.
But again, whether it is necessary to you? Does our desire? Every day I meet happy people who have long had a family and children.
And each time these pictures make me realize that I'm ready for a serious responsibility!
I dream about how I live in harmony and rest with your loved one. I want to fall asleep and wake up next to the beloved man.
I want to go with it hand in hand towards a bright future. Want to join me?
I do not know how you imagine it, we're still at a distance from each other.
I do not want to impose you my ideas and thoughts. But I'll be glad if my wishes and thoughts coincide with yours? My dear, I want to finish this. I will wait your reply soon. I'm working today until 18:00 pm.
Your Elena!
Letter 11
Hi, my dear. How are you doing today? I hope you are in a good mood and happy about life.
For me each of your letter is very important, it is as a morning cup of coffee.
Without your letters, I do not feel full. I often miss you lately.
Now my feelings are not the same that were at the beginning of our correspondence.
I think of this a lot, learned a lot about you, and I concluded that I want to be with you next to my whole life. I believe that our personal meeting would only strengthen my faith and my desire.
You have come to occupy an important place in my life. I would like to see you there.
At first I thought that my feelings are false, since we only correspond and have not even seen each other personally. But agree, if you constantly think about the person, if you want to read his letters again and again, it means something more than just letters!
I have long toss before going to bed, draw a picture of our first meeting. What it will be even I can not say for sure.
But one thing I can say with confidence that this meeting will be a turning point for me. I think that for you too?
I think a lot about that, it will be a month or year. Of course only paint the future in bright colors.
We spend time together, hugs, kisses every day! I began to feel dizzy when I think about something like that.
Our relationship must be nurtured, to raise them to a new level.
I do not know how much you are serious about what I say now, I think the next few days will show it to me.
I tell you that we need to go any further, just as there is a chance to build a strong love.
We need to get closer to each other in the literal sense.
Another thing, how? We need to feel each other, talk, then that in a letter does not convey all that is needed I do not know how you react to this letter, but I can recognize the notes of uncertainty in your reply, if it is followed.
I do not want to impose myself to you, I just want to be happy with you. Any uncertainty is detrimental relationship, so I thought a lot and firmly decided what I want.
I am not mistaken in my feelings, I'm sure of it, and I do not want to mistake you.
I want to believe that everything you write to this beautiful word, truth, and they were written from the heart.
In any case, all the most important words we have to say looking at each other's eyes.
I do not know it is important you know some things about me or not, but I still write you some of my habits. For example, I prefer tea, but not coffee.
My favorite salad "Olivier", my favorite dish "Fish", favorite colors black and white, favorite sports - biathlon and figure skating.
I think we still have much to learn about each other when we are together.
I am interested in how I important to you? I want to believe you and I will believe you.
I have no doubt that I want to be with you in the future.
And now I must go, and I look forward to your eply soon. I hope you do not make me wait))
A gentle kiss, your Elena!
Letter 12
Hello my dear. I was pleased to read your letter today.
For me, no more deceptions and there is no pain. It is only you and I and our warm sentiments.
I think c our hearts beat at the same pace, I do not know how to explain it, but I feel that the door we all love blows hard.
I do not know, maybe I'm wrong, but in any case I am now beyond mere friendship.
Everything that happens around are not that important to me, even goes a little bit a second.
I no longer feel lonely, as in the past despite the fact that we are still far away.
Last night I had a nasty feeling that it produced no result and I wait in vain for good luck.
I could not sleep long, a la tete mal Lezlie different thoughts, but I still himself took charge and calmed down, then fell asleep.
I have a concern for you, because I can not see you and I'm afraid something will happen, ****** but true.
I have already managed to get used to you during this time, the uncertainty has passed and I can trust you. I know that one of my words and my feelings are real to you.
I began to think that our Union is real and we can become friends through correspondence from the family in a couple.
I already had a conversation with his parents in regard to our relations.
I had to tell them everything in detail to give them an idea about you.
And I told them about his plans to move forward in our relationship with you.
I must say that parents reacted cautiously to my stories.
Their excitement is understandable, but I managed to finally convince them that you're a good man, I believe you.
So I got their blessing. I had to talk to them about that, maybe I'll have to go in the future to live with you. Oddly parents believe that it will be bold and quite adequate action. They will not dissuade me.
Communicating via the Internet with you a long time, we are unlikely to power.
The real communication will never replace a line. The reason is that different things, so that the computer has the Internet less frequently affected.
I think it is best to live, and watch each other and communicate through the monitor, but to start hunting that you are outside people, and suddenly you are not what we or you are looking for. I will not, I had to meet the first guy who wrote me a letter, you should include in its turn, this is all too much.
Or perhaps it ****** maniac (God forbid such) think you're OK?
but to learn more about you than you and that you are represented by I can only speak to the telephone.
The voice, the way the conversation has already produced an internal characterization of human rights,
WHO and what he had, but there are certainly exceptions.
By the way, as I wrote to you I'll be free from work for three weeks.
And now I often think how I wanted to spend this holiday. Of course, the first idea, which I visited - this idea of our meeting.
If you knew how I wish to meet you, I would very much wanted to come to you for two weeks to be near you.
We can consider the option I moved to you forever if you know what I mean?
I want to come to you, to live together, raise our relationship to the most serious level.
What would you say you agree, do you want me to remain with you forever?
What do you think if I gather information on visa and do all the necessary documents???
I want to know all the details shortly. I will write to you, such as only going to know all the specific.
But I also understand that all so simple, it's very expensive to travel abroad,
and I do not even know if you want to uninvited guests:)
I'm not sure you need it and you do what you think about our future? I think it would be nice to feel each arc.
Maybe if I came to you, you would reduce my Musee national de l'automobile, if your country is such a museum?
The more I think about it, so sad what is likely to be for me, it is not possible due to the high cost of these trips.
I hope you will forgive me for what I was so naive, I just write about what's important for me and what I really want to!
I'll end on this and will wait for your verdict) Until then I'll think of you. I send you my kisses!
Your Elena!
Letter 13
Hello, my dear! We found that the burn from impatience in waiting for your new letters.
For me, just a holiday, if you wrote me a new letter, but if you write two or more, I would be in the seventh heaven of happiness.
I am very glad that I have you, I hope you too are happy that you have me.
I can not convey to you my feelings through writing, so for me a very important meeting with you.
I think you're exactly the man who would be my hands. You is the man who will do everything that I feel safe.
Now I plan my actions, for my trip to you. We need to discuss details.
Although I am still not quite sure what you want with all my heart to meet with me, and that you see in me, his future wife??
My dear you already know that my intentions are very serious, and I want to see and know that your intentions are not less serious than mine.
You are a gentleman, I hope you do not call into question my feelings for you.
In my last letter I wrote to you, that I was planning to make a request for a visa and other documents in your country. y the way, I still do not understand why the citizens of Russia are still not allowed visa-free entry to Europe! This would solve many problems. Now, as it turned out to really try to get a visa for you. In any case, I have no problem in getting a tourist visa.
This is the easiest way to your entry to me at this point.
My first visit to you is to become more familiar with you and your family if you let it.
I plan to come to you in three weeks, that is, during my vacation. Visa fee along with a consular fee is 95 euros.
Visas will be made out from 3 to 7 days (not long, as can be seen). A passport I have, this will be no problems.
I need to get health insurance.
This is a long procedure, it will cost me around 120 euros. This is the most important document.
Everything else is detail: Certificate of income and other formalities.
Of course all of these costs will hit my pocket, but the desire to be with you for many more, so I'm ready for it.
I will arrange a visa in Moscow, because it is much faster. I bought a ticket to Moscow for tomorrow, I'm going to solve the issue of a visa.
I will stay in Moscow a couple of days, since the solution to this problem will take time, but I'll keep you informed.
I'll write you from Internet cafe.
To be honest, I am very glad that she went to such a step, the search for men on the Internet.
I am happy because I found you, I would like to believe that we have with you everything will be fine.
For our bright future, I was ready to make this step and come to you in your country, to tell you what I feel and hear you.
Everyone knows that the lying stone the water is not flowing, every creator of his happiness.
I'm going to do our good fortune for us!
I hope you do not make me long for the answer:) I am very worried. I send you my kisses and hugs!
Your Elena!
Letter 14
Hi my love!
How are you?
I have successfully completed cases involving visa.
Everything went well. Now I need to wait, I need to notify when the visa will be ready.
I have paid for, no problems arose. To be precise, the 3 days I will get a visa!
I think this is just great??
And what you like about this news?? But that's not all, this is only half the battle.
As just notified me that my visa is ready, I will pay immediately to the ticket.
It will be attached to the visa, that is to be read in one package with a visa, as well as a tourist visa.
My sweet, there is a very important point, I should be going to pay for a ticket as soon as just notify me!
And here I have a big problem! Ticket price will be 610 Euro.
To my misfortune, I spent all the spare money for a trip to Moscow and back and for payment instruments, including a visa!
I could not even think that would take so much money.
In general, I am now without a penny, and I do not know what to do.
Very seriously, if I am not paid for the ticket, visa canceled, plus I would have to pay a penalty for failure to comply with travel agency contract terms.
My sweet, as well as our meeting - that is our common cause, I decided to contact you for help.
I need your help more than ever.
You understand how important this is. More I did not ask anyone. So, I need 610 euros, you can help me?
I will be forever grateful to you if you can help me.
My love, in my view, our meeting will be a new level in our relationship.
I think you agree with this, we have time to raise our relationship on a more serious level, we need to meet.
In reading your letter, I see that you too strive to do so. On the one hand, I am very pleased that our desire to match, but unfortunately do not match our ability.
It depends on what I often think what would have occurred at our reunion?
Perhaps it would be a significant event in our destiny.
I think you're a good man like you in this little world, such as you can only dream of, I am ashamed that I can not even allow sbebe trip to you and I both want this.
It would be good just close your eyes and open them to see you next, you feel close, but it is fantastic.
Ed, Think you gradually takes control of my heart, the farther, the more my heart extends to you.
And the more I regret that I can not afford an expensive trip to you, my sweet!
I really would like to meet you, give me great pleasure to see you !
All just for us, all the conditions, but as always, you receive one obstacle,
without which nothing can not do, so it is always the case.
I will wait your reply soon, and a tender embrace.
Your girlfriend Elena!
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