Scam Letter(s) from Elena Stroganova to Henryk (Poland)

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Letter 1

My dear Heniu, thank you so much for your reply and so nice words about me. You know I'm such kind of woman who is not normal, I mean not usual! I think that it's really difficult to understand me sometimes! You see, I'm an open person and when I'm in love I'm ready to do everything to make him happy. And I haven't met a person who is really deserving this! When I'm in love I'll do everything, but only if I see that he is doing something for me. I mean if I do something and he doesn't do anything, just sitting and waiting for me, I'll give up. Do you understand me? I need return! I'd like to put rose-petals on the snow in the way "I LOVE YOU" for him! Imagine... Red-red petals, white-white snow...Honey, it will be great to come to visit you and thank you so much that you wish to help me with the visa and tickets but as I found out first of all I need to get the international passport that is costs about 200 euro and I can get it during 10 days and it will be good if you could help me with it also.
Unfortunately I don't have a bank account, my salary doesn't allow me to open it. But I have hear about Westner Union system, do you know it??? Do you really wish me to help to come to visit you??? Kisses and waiting for your letter, Helen.

Letter 2

My darling Heinu, thank you so much for your letters and sending me the money today. Honey, I got them today and tomorrow I will start to get the additional documents.You need to know only one thing is that i don't use any travel agency to get the documents and passport. There is goverment organization, we call it also a travel agency but it just help people to get the documents in a right way, to fill the documents ina right way and so on. They don't take more money just that money that needed officially to pay thrugh the bank. As for the visa, I will try to find out it also and all the possible ways and how it could be possible to get everything fast, I also with to ask you, will you mind if I will take my daught with me??? What do you think??? Alll what I write you it is true and I really have deep and honest feeling to you.
You know I always have been dreaming about such family, with a lot of marvelous and wonderful children around, which share with you all their problems and which come to you when they feel sad or oppositely when they feel gladness. They are like rays of sun in your life and they are the most important in your life. You will do everything so as they will always smile and their eyes will shine with light of happiness. You will never let somebody to hurt them, because they are the part of you, the part of your heart and your soul and nobody lets that their soul would be hurt. And you celebrate all hollidays together, you gather together and you are big, strong and real family.
But now, when my family gathers together, I just felt a bit lonely during them, as I didn't have my second half near. You know, I really feel a bit lonely sometimes, as there are moments, when it is extremely important to hear that you are dear for someone, that you are needed, that you are desired. I often dream, how I will be sitting with my beloved one day and he will be whispering me that I’m the best, that he doesn’t imagine his life without me, that I am his most tender flower, that I am his dearest kitten: You see, sometimes I really need these words. I think that you also miss that your beloved woman would be near with you and give you all her tenderness. You know my dear, what is the secret of a man? the secret is his beloved woman, really how she loves him, and is natural love, that man is the best one, he could expiree all his power, because he know he has a great woman, that she is always at his side, in all time, and she will advise, and support him, when is time, and give warm love, after hard day. I hope that I’ll be able to become for you such woman. I’d like very much to be a part of your life, to wake you up, to cook for you a breakfast, to go with you to the door and to meet you, to help you and to support you, to care about you and to be always near. My dear , what the most crazy action you have ever done in your life? What do you most of all appreciate in life, for what do you like life? What are you ready to do for your beloved woman? Waiting for your reply.
Kisses, Your Helen

Letter 3

My darling Heniu, honey, we don't have much time to organize everything and we need to be in hurry that I will get everything in time!!! Honey, I will need to get the visa till the 16th of January for 100%. So, I try to explaine you everything one more time!!!
The 1st variant. If you even will send me the tickets and I will print them it will not work because this will just tickets but I need to have also a check about payment, this document I will get in the aircompany when I will pay for the tickets and this is very importnat and provement that I bought these tickets by myself!!! To get the fiancee visa will be very difficult and it will tkae much time and we need to have proves that i am your fiancee - these are our photos together and so on. It will be possible and easy to get it after our first meeting!!!! So, my love, I so hope that till Monday you will send me the money for the tickets, I will need to pay for thrm 300 euro and if you can send me 350 euro it will be nice of course.
Missing you so much and wish you to have nice weekends,
Your Helen.

Letter 4

My darling Heinu, honey, thank you so much for your letter and I am so sorry that I didn't write you some days. Due to the Christmas holidays we had two more days off, so tody it is my first working day. Honey, today they called me from the travel agency and they told me that everything is ok with my documents, but I need to bring them the document from the bank about my financial status. But the problem is that I don't have a bank account and I don't have any means to open it. I was talking with my friend who is working in the bank and she told me that she could help me to make such document but it will costs $200. Honey, I am sorry but without this documents they will not give me the documents. There are just some days left till my flight and we need to do everthing as soon as possible.
Your Helen.

Letter 5

My dear Heniu, honey, don't worry, everything is ok. I got the money and today I got the documents and on Monday I will fly to you. I really can't wait for it my darling. In attachment I am sending you the detaisl of my flight. On Monday morning I will fly to Kiev. So see you soon!!! Today we will celebrate another New Year. This called the Old New Year. We celebrate it in the night from 13th on 14th of January. This is the second time when we meet New Year. Such tradition was leading from a long time ago. On the 13th of January people go from house to house and sing songs, dance and congratulate people.
They sing special traditional song that called “Kolyadky” and “Schedrivky”. So, and in the evening of this day small children, dressed in very interesting and different costumes, comes to each flat or a house, read us Koljadki or poems which are connected with this holiday and we give them either sweets or money. So, you can see that at this day small children have a great chance to earn money. And after the holiday they can buy something. So I must say it is a very funny period of time as Christams in my country. But there is not only one tradition this evening. Another one is fortunetelling. The first one and very easy is when girls are go out from their houses, take a shoe, close their eyes and throw it through their house. Then when they find their shoe, they could know in what direct is her fiance.
Another one of fortunetelling is when some girls collect together in one room and using the ring could find out what they wait in nearest future. You know, my darling, I will do such fortunetelling with my friends today, I am so interesting what it will tell me. I will write to you tomorrow about it. Million kisses, Your Helen



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