Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Shilova to Adam (UK)

Letter 1
Hi Adam
I was attracted by your profile and I am very glad that you answered me. I love meeting new people. Communicate with you would be particularly interesting, because you live far away from me, in another country. You have a very different culture.
I want to tell you about myself. I'm just an ordinary Russian girl. I graduated from university 2 years ago. It was a great time when I was studying. I had a lot of free time. After my studies I attended courses in the modeling agency. Perhaps I should have been a successful model, but, unfortunately, in this profession so many men who want women to just one thing. I think you know what I mean. Disgusting build on this career.
Now, I worked as a saleswoman in a small grocery shop. I do not like my job, but I have no choice. In Russia it is very difficult to find a good job and have to hold on to what can be found. I am very tired, working every day. I was lucky only in that my work is not far from home.
I live with my mom. Far from the city center in a quiet, residential area. My city is called Sverdlovsk. You know this city? It's not far from Ekaterinburg. I've lived here all my life, I am here very much.
Not far from my house is a park in which, after work, I'm going with my friends. We can sit in the park until late at night. Admire the nature and discuss how the day passed.
Most of my friends are married and have many children. I really envy them. I also want to live for my husband. Unfortunately, I have not met a person that is ready to create a relationship, not to mention the child's birth.
Perhaps that is why I registered on a dating site. For me, it does not matter that there may be problems in communication due to the fact that we are speak in different languages, I can adapt. I know very well English. If I do something it is not clear, I use a translator. I believe that the child should grow up in a prosperous family whose reign warm loving relationship. Only then it will be a worthy continuation of the kind.
Previously I did not have to communicate with foreigners, and I know very little about your lifestyle. I am interested in everything. Abdul, do not be shy. Write what you want. I want to get to know you. I want, what would you and I have common topics of conversation. I hope you tell me about yourself.
I will be waiting for your letter. It will be very pleased to reply.
Your new friend, Ekaterina.
Letter 2
Hello, dear Adam
I am very happy to get a letter from you, perhaps we could find common ground.
After I wrote you the first letter, I am very much worried. I was afraid that I could write what you might not like. Later, I thought that nothing to bother with any nonsense. Because I am writing about myself, because you have to know everything about me. The only way you can understand what I'm actually a person.
Today, I again met with my girlfriends. I told them that registered on a dating site. They are not approved, said it was useless. I do not stick to their opinions. They probably do not even understand how it is when there is no next loving person. I believe that no matter what meet you, above all, that would have developed a warm and loving relationship. What do you think? I hope you will hold my opinion.
Somehow, I never had any luck with men. I'm not demanding, I need a little bit. Simply understanding and love, but men of Russia is necessary, that the girl was a maid and listened to the first word like a dog. I do not understand this attitude. How could you? I'm not an animal. I do not like being scolded for no reason. You can solve the problem peacefully, without quarrels and battering. Russian men in all blame the woman. Abdul, how do you feel about women?
Tell me a little bit about yourself? What do you like doing in your free time?
I dream that someday I’ll go to travel! But first I need to find a reliable man who will help at this difficult moment. I dream that would sit in the evening on the lake and watch the sunset, a loved one hugged me. May be I looking like a ****** girl? But I never experienced this, and very interesting, what would you do with felt. Have you ever spent your time like this?
What else would I tell? I hope that I will not this boring. I can tell you about my family.
I live with my mother and a cat! My cat is called Murzik, is a very common name for all cats in Russia. He's very handsome and affectionate. Every night he go with me under the covers and purrs! It helps me to sleep. Do you have pets? I love pets, they are so cute and funny!
Unfortunately, I have no father. My mother said that he left us when he knew that my mother pregnant me. I am very sad of this and I'm afraid that might happen to me the same thing! The first time I saw my dad when I was 15 years old. He regretted his actions, saying that I am very beautiful, and would be better if he stayed with me and my mom. But he has another family now, and two children from another wife. Sometimes we see each other with him, and I understand that we are very similar to this, it becomes even harder. But all bad - makes us stronger!
Adam, tell me about your family, please! Do you have brothers or sisters? I've always dreamed of having an older brother, that he would protect me. I think it's because I had no father. I wanted a male support.
My mom is retired but still works. It does not stop working, and moving all the time, I hope I also at her age will be the same mobile! My mother and me are best friends, always sharing everything and do not hide anything. But for now, I have decided not to tell mom that registered on a dating site. I'm afraid she will not understand me. All the same, before they got to know a little bit anyway)
I end my letter, since today am very tired at work. But you know, you wrote, and all weariness gone, there was a flutter, answer me or not! I really hope that you are not sick!
I look and trembling shall wait from you the next letter!
All you good!
Your friend Ekaterina.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Adam!
I'm glad you wrote me again!
I liked your letter, thank you responded to my questions. I do feel betrayed that we are becoming closer and closer! What do you think? Do you think so?
You're a nice person, I think you're very reliable, open, nice!
I thought men like you anymore, but here you are, "the prince on a white horse"! I say this quite seriously, because we do not expect you to such a remarkable character.
I have long thought, and decided that after all, that's not fair. I decide to tell about you to my mom. My mother first began to speak to me, so that you can not do, it's not right. She said that it is very often women are invited to him abroad and do all sorts of nasty things! But I know that you're not! Really? I told her about you, about your hobbies, and promised that we first learn everything about each other! Then she thought well and realized that in Russia, good men left, and supported me! Adam, and your friends and family know about me? If you know what they relate to our conversations? Do you often listen to the opinions of others? I guess until you've tried that yourself - do not know)
Can you imagine today at work was terrible thing! When I opened the shop in the morning, I heard someone moaning and asking for help. I peeked around the corner store and saw a girl, her face was bleeding. I picked her up and brought it to the shop. After I helped her wash, she calmed down and told me that evening, she went from work and she was attacked, she stole a bag with money and documents. It turns out, she somehow hit on the head, and she lost consciousness. She lay there all night. I called her an ambulance.
I was lucky that I finish work when it's still light. You know, I was so scared.
I talk a lot. Constantly afraid of you get bored), suddenly you say that I have a lot of talking! Because you like me very much, and now I'm afraid to lose you.
Adam, I'm still no one was in a serious relationship. Very often, men do not like what I honest person! Tell me honestly, you do not the same? I am confident that you're not. I have never had such a spark in the heart ... Tell me honestly, do you like me? I'll be ready for any answer, you answer the main thing, do not be silent ...
I have to go, there are many things around the house should be cleaned and prepared. And I can not get away from the computer.
I will wait your next letter impatiently!
Your Ekaterina. Kiss for you!
Letter 4

Hello my dear Adam!
I am very glad again to see from you response to my letter! I overwhelmed with emotion when I read your letters! I am ready to re-read the same long hours writing time! Every night before going to sleep, I think of you and imagine what to look for our meeting. How do you imagine it can you imagine? I fall asleep with thoughts of you and wake up again, thinking of you ... it's such a wonderful feeling!
I think we're very similar to humans. When I read your letters, I see myself in them. I love it. It is very difficult to find close to the thoughts of man. But I was lucky I met you! Today I again went for a walk with friends in the park. One of my girlfriends came with her boyfriend. They are so happy. I am very happy for them, but when I looked at them, I almost cried from the fact that I could just sit next to you, hug you, kiss and laugh ... Sometimes I think I miss you, although we never met, but I miss the fellowship with you! Imagine, today I heard a conversation in a shop my boss on the phone. It turns out she met a man on the Internet and is now going to him, in another city. She is leaving in two days and will arrive in a week! And then she promised to give me vacation. I can take a break from work and communicate more with you!
Adam, You are my sun! I'm ready to talk to you about everything! Previously, I met a young man, but he was very angry. He shouted at me on occasion and without. I rested on it every spare minute. We could not be together long because he soon found the cause of quarrel. But you're all different! You are the best source on the planet! I'm ready to scream with joy that met you! And I'm glad that it was I met you, and not the other woman. Because I am confident that we are two halves of one whole!
I dream about a man who always beside me, and I realize this is you. Perhaps you find me too bold, but I really want to see you! Do not want to represent our meeting, I want to be at our meeting! See you, hug ... just want to feel you next to me!
My wonderful, kind Adam, I end my letter. I need to sleep well because I am now going to leave early for work. But now, once again I'll lie down in bed and think about you, about us, about our meeting. I want that you know! All my thoughts just for us. I'm the happiest girl!
Passionately kisses, yours Ekaterina.
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