Scam Letter(s) from Evgenia Lavrentieva to Dave (England)

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Letter 1

Hi Dave! I am rather interesting in one question my dear: are you a right-handed person or a left- handed person? Have you ever think over such question that it may have some meaning, and even it may influence on the life of a person. I want to say at once that I am a right-handed person, but in the same time I have nothing about the people who write with there left hand? And what about you, my dear Dave? When I was a little girl in our society such consideration existed as the person who writes with his or her left hand make a great mistake. Parents of such a baby relearn it. To my mind it is very bad for the person as it stops the individual progress. Do you believe that when the person is born left- handed it is better to leave him or her away and it is no purpose to relearn? In my life I met some people who are left- handed. I think that they are rather clever. I even my say that they are special in some way. As I notice they see everything around them in their special way. I ask you about this as I want to know your opinion should we relearn our future children to right with their right hand if they, for example, would do everything with their left hand. How do you think may it have some meaning for learning foreign languages? As a medic I know that right hemisphere responses for our emotions, but left hemisphere responses for logical thinking. The child with the main right hemisphere usually has some difficulties in reading and mathematics and in contrary if our baby will have the main left hemisphere it would be easy for him or her to do some sums but not music. When we know what hemisphere of our brain is the main we may choose the right profession or to explain why we constantly make mistake in some sphere. But the most interesting about all this that it is not really matter which of our hands is the main, as it is not the only one index of our left or right handing, just imaging my dear! I have great news as you want to change your main hemisphere you may do this. The human beings are really wonderful creatures; they may achieve a lot in this life. They need just wish for it and than do some actions. Maybe you have some knowledge about all this, I would like to hear your experience with pleasure, my dear Dave. How could you think so my dear, how could I stop to communicate with you. You already became a part of my life. as for your question, I must confess it is rather hard for me to answer. I think that only our meeting could show what we really are. But through you letters I understand that you are rather good person. I like that you always answer my questions, maybe it was not always easy for you, but I see that you are honest and caring to me and I like this feature in you. I am looking for a cherish man; I want to believe that it is you. Hope our opinions and thinking about each other will not change during our meeting. All changes will be only for the good. If you want to say what you really think about me it would be interesting to read, hope you would be open-hearted. It is pity to say it now, but only today they call me from the hotel. You see that some ministers come to our place so everything would be booked in that room. I know that they behave not very frankly according to us. They have found another hotel. It is good too. Sim zirok is not far from my house. The price is the same. If you want to change something just say. I really want everything will be ok. Write to my email I want to explain you something important some details about our meeting.
With tender kisses and hugs,
Only yours Evgeniya.

Letter 2

Oh my dear Dave, I was so surprised to get the roses from you, thank you very much. I was having my usual working day, tired a little, as it was difficult situation with one patient and then these roses. These wonderful red roses from YOU, my dear Dave. I am lack of words how happy I am. When I came with the roses to my work everyone look at me with astonished eyes. Finally I feel that you are near, that you are with me, very close to me. I turn out a little pensive as at that moment I looked at the eyes of the courier, but wanted to see your eyes when I got these flowers, but now they are in my room, they inflate it with wonderful aroma when I look at them I am thinking of you. As for our meeting yes my dear Dave, I want this meeting would be with the interpreter, I think it would be more comfortable for you and for me. You may write me to my private email and I will give you her contacts. I trust her a lot as she helps me to communicate with you all this time. Now I may help you with the car it will be waiting for you in Simferopol and take you to the hotel.
With tender kisses,
Only yours Evgeniya.



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