Scam Letter(s) from Michel Anderson to Chris (Canada)

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Letter 1

i hope you like them........xoxo

Letter 2

hey baby,i dont know where we keep missing each other so sorry i have been busy with the paper works and other stuffs..i love the pictures you sent to me, at least i have something to hold on to till we meet.i miss you baby,am gonna still online till you come,i dont want to miss you again baby

Letter 3

baby i feel the same way you feel for me but i don't want you to play mind games with me.i feel like you are the one i have been waiting for all my life.i have broken up with my bf and called off the marriage,don't ask me why but just promise me that you're going to be there for me through thick and thin because i know things are going to get rough for me a little bit for me here but it will only last for a short period of time and soon i will be in your arms,i am feeling so stupid doing what i did but its what my heart wants i hope am not going to regret this Kevin Fontaine.i love you my baby,i cant wait to be in your arms forever.....take care of yourself for me and i will do the same.i love you so much.



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