Scam Letter(s) from Hannah Christine Abel to Ernst (Austria)

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Letter 1

Thank you for the answer given to my questions ........ I am for a man to have sexual desire and seek their erotic boundaries to go and imagine what your sexual Fantasies are looking for. Perhaps in this way, a dream of a man and his tongue played with my ears, he whispered to me to love. he looked over my shoulder, he pulls my dress down. his Hands slide firmly on my breasts, he kisses me and play with his tongue on my nipples. I'm curious. on and on His hands glide over my flat stomach in my pants when Do not touch my pussy with his finger and index finger until I cum l and scream at him, my back up to my panties Light as a feather my pants slide to the ground. I am always still excited, my pussy gets wet. I feel his hands as they move. He gently reached my wet pussy. I grab me the belt of his trousers, open it, full of longing to dig my hands his dick and get him. He covers me and bears I go to bed, I carefully laid out. Naked, excited and I lay before him filled with longing. I see the lust in his eyes, feel like my burning desire - he comes to me ....
Do you like it so ...?

Kisses from my wet pussy



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