Letter(s) from Irina to Adam (UK)
Letter 1
Hi my dear Adam ! Your reply made my day.How are you doing? Hope everything is fine with you:-) Thank you for your letter.

You are very kind and caring person. But life is going and we don't turn back. We must go forward.Thanks for your understanding and sympathy to me and to my family. I am very glad that I met that man like you. Thank you for that.

As I remember I have not told you about my job yet. I'm working at the hospital but it is impossible to provide our family only with my salary. My mother got very ill after she gave a birth to my brother. At the moment she can't work and she needs time to fully recover. She had a postpartum injury and now she has a problem with her spine. It is a pity but this is my family story. I think it is important for you to know about my family. I don't want to sadden and upset you with my problems. But at the same time I want you to have an idea what life I have here. From the beginning I will tell you about my problem with English if you don't mind. I don't know English well enough to be able to communicate with you in English. I know a few words only such as "hello" and "bye". If I knew that I would need English in the future I would definitely try to find a possibility to start learning it in the past. But we can't return time back. Now I go to the Net cafe and luckily there is a person their who knows English very well. This girl helps me with the translation of our letters. Of course this help is not for free and I need to pay her for her services. But it is ok
because I really think that we have a great future and I don't regret about any money spent on our correspondence. I write my letter in Russian and the interpreter who works in Net cafe translates it in English. When I receive your letter the interpreter translates it to me on Russian. I pay for this service but I am sure I spend my money not vain. It is said in my country "you don't find something if you don't loose something". I hope you agree with me and support this

I tried to use on-line translator to save my money but I got only English words without any sense. Of course, it is easy but as for me I don't want misunderstanding between us. I decided to pay for the translation of our letters because this is the only one way how we both can be sure that we really understand each other.

My dear, I guess you understand and support me. My English isn't a problem for you? Please, write me your opinion about it.

Waiting for your letter soon
Have a good day
Kissing you
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend Adam .I am very glad to find you here and I hope we can get to know each other better.

My name is Irina. I am a simple girl from Ukraine. I live in a small town Schactye. It is funny, but the name of my town means "Happiness". I happen to live in Happiness. But I will be totally happy only if I meet a wonderful man to start a family with. I am 27 years old. I was born on March,15. I am a very kind and cheerful person. I love helping people, hear their problems and give advices. I have a hectic
way of life. I live with my mother and my little brother.I work in the hospital by a nurse. If people asked me whom I wanted to be in the future when I was a small girl I always answered that I wanted to be a horse rider. Unfortunately my dream has never happened. I even have never ridden a horse in my life. Now I like cooking and dream to have the first horse riding with the man I will hopefully meet here. What about you?

I am looking for an open-hearted person who can go with me through this life step by step. I don't want a superman I want to find a man who can love and support me in different live situations, who would understand and be with me all my life.

To sum up, I want to say that I really believe that it is possible to find a soul-mate on the dating site! And I am definitely sure that this is possible. Who knows what can happen to us tomorrow. If you have got interested in me, please don’t make me wait too long and write me back. I’m sure we’ll share our interests and find something
in common.

Letter 3
Hello Adam ! How are you today?I want to be honest with you at this point. I don't want you think about me as a thoughtless women but you should know that I can't give you my phone number right now. I know that it's the best way of communication and I know that we will talk
in this way. I think we should know each other better in many ways to trust. I'm a serious woman and Hope you get me right. More over, my English is not good enough to talk on the phone. Sure your voice is so pleasant and nice as your letters and I want to hear your voice too.
But may be we can exchange our phone numbers later?

Waiting for your reply
Have a good day
Letter 4

Hello my dear Adam ! How are you today? I am well. Thank you very much for answering to my mail. I am so happy to see your letter and it brings a big smile to me. When I read your letter I come to the conclusion that we have so much in common. I have the same ideas of life as you have. I am very happy to have your attention. I hope the future will bring us together. I don't know why people are liars and selfish. But this can't make happy. Only truth and unconditional love can give us peace.

I want to be honest and sincere with you too and I want to tell you why I decided to put my profile on the dating site.I wrote you I live with my mother and my little brother now. When I was 5 years old my father was offered a job in Moscow and he went there. My mother and I were supposed to go to Moscow a bit later. But my father found another
woman there and we stayed in Ukraine. My mother was very sad about it.
She was totally disappointed and didn't trust any men. But after ten years my mother met another younger man and got fallen in love again.She forgot about everything, even about pain that my father made to her. It seemed my mother's new young partner loved my mother and me. He wanted their own child with my mother. My mother was very happy and three years ago my little brother was born. But my stepfather, as it has turned out, isn't that man we thought. He acted too childish and wasn't ready to raise two children in our family and even to raise his own child. He is afraid of such responsibility and an adult life.
And he abandoned us. I can't explain how it was hard for us. That's why I'm now afraid of Ukrainian men who can leave you unexpectedly in the very difficult moment of your life. And moreover I feel scared to connect my life with young guys. I need a man who is really a man but
not a boy.

I don't want to marry a man from my country like my mother did. I am afraid that any Ukrainian man can act like father or my stepfather.
The foreign countries have another laws and the foreign men have another concern to family and to children. I want my man to be always with me and our children. I hope my man will not be afraid of troubles and difficult situations. What do you think about my hopes and expectations?

Dear, please write me about your family and what kind of women do you looking for. It is very important for me. I want to know you better and be closer to you as much as I can.

So, I waiting for your letter soon
Have a nice day
Take care
your Irina
Letter 5
Hello my dear Adam ! How are you today? Thank you for your reply and it was so interesting to read it! It made my day and raised the spirits of me. Thank you for your nice photo. I like it very much. I see that you are a nice person and very sincere with me. In a man I appreciate such qualities as honesty, loyalty, ability to love and
respect his woman, kindness, caress. And I'm sure you're the man of all these qualities.

I like pets and animals very much. When I see the stray animal I can't ignore it and if I have some food I will feed this animal for sure no matter how hungry I am myself. The pets are my weakness. I have a little dog at home. Her name is Jessy. She is my best friend. As they say in my country the dog is the best human's friend and I agree with
this. Do you have pets at home?

I like to spend my free time with my friends. I have a few friends but I trust only one. Her name is Anna. She is a good person and she always supports and understands me.

I like to change my image. Now I am a blond but in nature I am brown-haired person. I change the color of my hair when I have some special period in my life. It helps me to survive and adapt to this period.

I think in our days we have many chances to find your special someone in whole world and not only in your country. If you really want this happen to you then you will find your special soul-mate no matter how far from you this person lives. Even if we don't speak the same language. I don't speak English at the moment but I have a huge desire to start learning it in the nearest future. There is a person who helps me to translate our letters from Russian into English and vice-versa.

So, I waiting for your letter soon
Have a nice day
Take care
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