Roamnce scam letter(s) from Alicia Sarah Olson to Mats (Sweden)
Letter 1
Hi Masen,
hope you are having a peaceful evening?I really appreciate you for giving me your email address,if you must know more about me I live in Gothenburg with my only son called Alfred and I work as nurse and I am into charity for the younger children in orphanage Home. I'm actually new to this dating thing, have you met anyone already? A friend of mine introduced this site to me and decided to give it a try until I had a crush on you.Well you can say I'm an active, caring, sensual, honest and spiritual woman. Am upfront and honest. Talking of "strong" I mean he should be able to withstand every impossibilty that comes in a relationship.I lost my husband about 9 years ago and that was really a sad event that ever occured to me, he left me with a 9 year old son I need a man who is intelligent, secure in himself, capable of building a loving relationship. What do you do for a living if I may ask? Are you that busy? what really are you seeking in a woman? Do you live alone? Do you have any kids? Will love to know all about you.Have a peaceful night.
Letter 2
Good morning Mats,
How are you doing I hope you have a wonderful sleep?you also ask where are mine living in Gothenburg I am living in Otterhallegatan. and I am also living with my son called Alfred here with me.and you also ask what is the name of the orphanage home Outreach that is the name take Good care of your self and hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 3
God kvall Mats,
Hur jag hoppas att du har underbara night'I var sa upptagen hela dagen med min valgorenhet arbete i barnhemmet hem tar jag en paus for att prata med dig imorgon ha en trevlig somn. Mitt efternamn ar olson.hope att hora fran dig snart
Letter 4

thanks for the message I really appreciate it'I don't know what you mean by scammers and you also ask me what I am going for living I am also working as a nurse here in Gothenburg please if you don't mind I will like us to get in touch OK Skype here is my I.D alicia.olson62
hope to hear from you soon...
Letter 5
thanks your very much add on my I.D alicia.olson
Letter 6
I am sorry here is the correct I.D alicia.olson62
Letter 7
okay I will be there soon just that I am little busy.I hope you understand me ?
Letter 8
Hello my love here is my address in Sweden Alicia Olson, Danish road 39, 411 74 Gothenburg, Sweden
Letter 9
Hello Mats,
how are you doing I hope fine?
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