Letter(s) from Brenda Frank to Jeff (USA)

Letter 1

How are you doing, well i came back late from work last night so i couldn’t write you..it feels good to know u feel this way for me as much as i do for u too. Hun i just woke up and realized that i purchased more than expected. My flight is billed for Sun 6 May 12, I should be in Ontario (Ontario Intl., California, USA) Sun 6 May 12 Time: 21:10....ok..Jeff..my love after paying for my ticket the sum of AED 3,010.00, i am only left with $400.00 and my Hotel bill is $920.00..I will appreciate it if you can help me pay the $520.00 to the Hotel manager because I won’t be allowed to leave this Hotel if I do not pay..This is the details on how to send the balance

Name: Brenda Frank

Address: Aishan hotel,101 terhan street.

STATE: Sanaa


Let me have the following details when you are done with the transfer via western union money transfer.
Senders full name and address:
Amount sent:
Text question:
Answer to the text question:

Hun i hate to beg but i don’t have a choice and anywhere else to go to for help...will pay u back as I asked my customers to make payments to me as soon as i arrive USA....ok.I'll let you know the clothes I will be wearing so you can easily recognize me in arrival…ok..Can’t wait to be in ur arms finally after all this suspense.
Ur Sorry love

Letter 2

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for your mail...I got into this line thru my late mom , i used to hang out with her but when she pass away i had to pick up from where she left it...I only manage to travel 3 times annually and i don't stay more than 3 to 4 weeks in each trip.. i guess time will actually tell more about us as we keep in touch..you can now call me on +447024094819 its my UK number i redirected to one of the fone companies here in the middle east and text me only on this number +447706871877, its so boring here all alone....looking forward to your call...all i need is a caring,loving and understanding matured guy...ok.

Letter 3

Thanks for the mail,I could not get a direct flight from Sanaa Yemen so its from Dubai. Date Sun 6 May 12, Time: 01:00 Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Intl., United Arab Emirates) ..ok..this is the nearest flight i could get..ok.plz do read it properly so u know when i will arrive US.Sun 6 May 12 21:10 Ontario (Ontario Intl., California, USA) My flight code is 2VQNBX...i am so glad that finally i have followed my heart..ok..Take care of urself for me..ok...U have made me know that true love really exists and i thank u for that hun.

Your soul-mate For Eternity,
Brenda Frank