Scam letter(s) from Elena to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello! Actually, I have never written such letters before , so I even do not know how to start.I just want to tell you, that I'm a simple girl from a small town in Ukraine. I live a usual life: have friends and family, but I'm still alone in my life and I want to meet my beloved man, who will care about me, support and appreciate me. Is it too much? I'm very sensitive and romantic person, I hate liars and I believe in a true love. Of course I had serious relations, but they always ended before marriage, so I have never been a lovely wife and I do not have children. I'm tired enough to be just a " doll" for men, who pay attention only to my appearance and ignore my inner world. I want to start a new life that will be full of happiness and bright moments! I hope you will understand me and send me your answer, where you will tell me more about yourself, your life and family, also do not forget to tell me your first impression about me)), because I'm interested in you and really want to know you better. I promise to tell you more about myself in my next letter. So, I hope to get your answer soon! Sincerely, Elena
Letter 2
Hello dear Frank! How are you? I'm so happy to receive your answer, that means for me I made the right decision to write to you)) Thank you for that and thank you for your photos! You look really great and I like you! Also I wan to say that you have such cute daughters and I'm sure they love you so much. Frank, I'm so sorry about your bad divorce, but this is life and sometimes it gives us not good "presents". But I think you should leave your past, because I'm sure the bright future is waiting for you! I hope we will develop our relations and who knows, maybe one day we will become a lovely couple, but only time can tell us, do you agree? So, I hope you'll tell me more about your life in your next letter, because I'm very interested in you and want to know you better. Ok, in my previous letter I promised to tell you more about myself and I'm going to do it with a great pleasure! So, I was born on the 11th of June,1985 in Ukraine,in a small town Torez, which is in Donetsk region. And now I'm 26 years old. I lead a simple life: work, relax, and meet with friends, but it's not enough for me, because I do not have my beloved person next to me.So I'm dreaming about that day when I'll find that person and will devote every minute of my life to him. When I was at school, my mother died and it was a big loss for me.You know, for a girl, especially, it's very important to have a mother.But it's life...After mother's death we did everything with my father together. We cooked, ironed, cleaned and etc., and I think it was a great experience for me, because such skills are very important for future life. Frank,my father had paid all his attention to me, had never showed me his rueful feelings and I was afraid he would be unhappy and alone till the end of his life, because he had never told me anything about his private life. But thanks to God, after a couple of years he told me that he met a good woman and now his life has a sense.They are a great couple and I'm very happy for them. Despite that fact that I feel not very comfortable with my stepmother and I can't share with her my sorrows and happiness, because she can't replace my mother, but on their example I know how important love is in our life and I know how it looks like. Hope one day I will be as much happy as them with my lovely husband. After I finished a school, I decided that it would be better to live separately, because, Frank, I wanted my father to pay more attention to his wife. My family understood my choice and helped me to rent a flat, so I moved to another town,Amrosievka, where I graduated the college, I'm a cook by profession. I found a job and now I work as a cook in a local canteen. I like my job and I'm very happy to prepare good and healthy food for people. So, that is my life))I hope you are not so bored because of my letter))I will stop for now, hope to get your answer soon. Hugs, Elena
Letter 3
Hello dear Frank! Thank you for your answer and for your wonderful photos! You are a charming man and it's a great pleasure to communicate with you! Frank, I like to communicate with you, because you are such a good and a kind person. I hope we will find much more things in common and I hope we will become closer very fast. But dear, please, stop thinking about your past, because I'm sure you will have a bright future. And I think you should try to find a common language with your children, because our life is too short and I'm sure they miss you..
And I'm happy to know that you have visited Ukraine, so did you like it? Which cities have you visited? Please, tell me. As for your question, unfortunately I have never been to another countries, even in Russia, but I hope one day I will visit some beautiful places and maybe we will do it together:) What do you think about it? Do you like my idea? I told you before my life is pretty simple, but I love this life and try to enjoy its every minute. I have too many things to share with you and step by step I'll tell you about everything. You know, sometimes I feel like a child, who likes to get to know new things. I love nature in all its different seasons. I love movies and sometimes I even cry when I'm watching them))I love cooking and meeting with new people. I love to spend my time with my dearest people and also I like to write poems. Probably it's unusual, but I do it when I can't air my thoughts to anybody. I just take a paper and write all my feelings.
Maybe one day I'll write a poem especially for you. You know, my mother was the first listener of my creations and she always told me her opinion about them. Also my mother wanted me to find the opportunity and learn English and actually it was our common wish. I was almost ready to take that courses, but after her death, everything has changed and unfortunately I still do not know English. Probably you are wondering how I communicate with you,well, I use a translation company that provides me with the translation of our correspondence, because I don't have my personal computer at home. But I really wish her dream comes true and I hope I will be able to do it in the future,because now I have one more reason for its learning and it's YOU! Frank,as my mother told me: "You are my sun and one day you will be a sunshine for your beloved man". I wish and truly believe that this day will come soon! I will say you good bye for now, hope to be your sunshine:-)! Many kisses for you, Elena
Letter 4

Hello dear Frank! I'm very pleased to get your sweet reply.This is important for me because there is something between us. Also thank you for your kind words! Dear, I'm so happy, because I've met you and I'm happy to know that you like my country. Hope you will come here one day again and that reason of your coming will be me:) Frank, I like you so much and I even can not describe how I'm happy to communicate with you, because you are a very special man for me. Frank, dear, as I told you, I write poems, but I do not have any poems in English, because I do not know it. So, I asked my translator to translate one for you, I think she has done it well, so I hope you'll like it... My love is growing,I feel you heart,
I miss you,darling every night,
I hope we will be together soon
And you will be my SUN and MOON! I want to start my letter with these words: "I pray that my loneliness may spur me into finding somebody to live for". I found this quotation many years ago in one article. Of course it sounds a bit different in my language, but it has the common sense! So, I think, I'm on the right way, because you are in my life now. I was looking for a good man and I have met you. You even can not imagine how it's important for me to get your answer. Every time I read your answer I feel that somebody needs me! Thank you for it my dear, Frank. Now the days are brighter and my life has a sense. It's so nice to communicate with you and I'm happy that I can share with you my happiness and sorrows and you can understand me in any situation. I can be myself with you.I hope you feel the same towards our communication and maybe in the future we will be able to become a good couple and we will enjoy every day of our life in each other's company? I'm dreaming about that day when we meet, by the way, have you ever thought about it? How do you imagine our first meeting?
Please, tell me your ideas... Dear Frank, I will wait for your letter impatiently, you are a special person in my life. I wish you a good day! I need you letters like an air...Lots of kisses and hugs. Yours Elena
Letter 5
Translation company "TAT"
23, Esenina Str. Amrosievka, Donetsk region, Ukraine 87302
tel: +380 99 6258339 Good day Mr. Frank! We apologize for disturbing you between your personal correspondence with Miss Elena. We are translation company "TAT" from Ukraine and your lady is the client of our translation and Internet services. We are sad to inform you that Miss Elena is not able to answer your letter because her account is empty and it is necessary to recharge it for the further correspondence. We have already informed your lady about this situation, but unfortunately Miss Elena can not recharge the account by herself because now she has some financial difficulties. We had to inform you about this situation because Miss Elena is very serious about you and does not want to loose contact with you. If you are interested in your further private correspondence with your lady and want to help her in recharging the account, you can contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary information about how to do it. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you! Thank you for your time and have a good day! Valeriya Polyankina
Manager of Translation Company "TAT"
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