Scam letter(s) from Vera Petrova to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear friend! I'm grateful to the site for our acquaintance! Thank you for your attention. I'm glad that you've chosen me among many other ladies. This kind of acquaintance is unusual for me. But who knows, maybe, there's a chance for us here.
Maybe, it'll turn into something more than acquaintance in the street, in the park or at the party could turn. Sometimes it's easier to say more in a letter than in person looking into each other's eyes. And after we get to know each other better we may decide to meet in real life. I wish you could look at my face at the moment, you'd see a slight smile on it, my heart prompts me that you're a trustworthy person so I don't want this smile ever to disappear. I'd like to know about your hobbies, your dreams, your favorite color, the way you usually spend your day, your favorite dish for breakfast :)! I'll appreciate if you tell me about your family, your friends and relations. So now I'd like to write you about myself. My name's Vera. But my friends and my family often call me Veronica. I was born in the east of Ukraine in the town of Lugansk. I live together with my mother Irina, she is 45 and she works as a primary school teacher. I have neither brother nor sister. Mother was up-bringing me by herself. My dad left us when I was born. Now I'm at the 5th grade of the Medical University, I'm going to be a doctor, therapist. My dream was always to help people in need, to do something good in my life. So I think it was probably the reason I chose to specialize in a medical field. We have a family tradition to have a family re-union each year at our granny's place. She lives in a rural area in Lugansk region. We gather there and go for a picnic to the forest. It's so great when our happy family gets together. I'm a bit envious to my granny because she was born at times when people were ruled by true love and sincere feelings. She managed to bring up such wonderful children. It's so different now. Most of men in Ukraine and Russia changed their social roles, and it happened so that women work hard and men just sit at home with nothing to do. So I guess it was the reason that made me apply to the Internet in a hope to meet my soul mate which was waiting for me, a stranger from far away land.
Tell me, please, would you be that stranger for Veronica? I really hope that you'll write me back soon, Sincerely, Vera
Letter 2
Hello, dear Frank!! Thank you for the letter!! Honestly speaking, I could hardly wait for this moment. I was anguished with the question if you'd write me, if you were still interested in me?
I hope this correspondence will lead us to our further meeting. I've told my mother about you. She sends you her regards. To tell you the truth she also wants to know more about you. Hope you don't mind.
I have a cute and naughty parrot at home, his name's Kesha (sometimes I want to pluck him) : and beautiful fish-tank with numerous nice and colorful fishes. It's so relaxing to look at them after a hard day. I like sitting by the fish-tank at least for 10 minutes after I come home. And I'm very fond of my flowers. I often buy them for my loving mother. As for cats and dogs I don't have them as I think that they need more space and it's a tournament for them to live in a small flat. What do you think, Frank? Do you have any pets and hobbies? If so, I'll be glad to hear of them. One of my hobbies is jogging in the morning. I want to keep fit and stay in a good shape. After that I take a shower. While my family is waking up, I start cooking a light breakfast. Tell me what do you like for breakfast? Please, tell me more about your life and the tings you enjoy, I'm eager to know more about you. And I'm curious to hear from you what Love means to you.
And are you ready for serious relationship? Good-bye for now, dear Frank, if you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them.
Waiting for your reply,
Letter 3
Hello my dear Frank!
Sorry for delay, we had holidays here "Trinity" and I was out of the city.
I visited my relatives in the village.
I believe you're having a wonderful day! You've made my day amazing by sending me your letter !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to send you regards from my family. But it is my friends who are most curious about our acquaintance. They ask me more questions than I ask you. I want to know all about you and I want our communication with each new letter from you gradually evolve into something more. I know you for just a short time but I have feeling that I've known you for a long time and feel very comfortable with you.
May be you pulled some string in my heart and I reacted in this way?:) You know, Frank, some of my female friends have fun all nights long some lead irregular way of life, they can kiss one man in the afternoon and date another one in the evening. I can't actually understand them. Because as for me there's nothing better than hugs and kiss of a beloved person not someone irrelevant to you. I don't judge them after all every one builds his or her life in own way. Tell me what you think about it? Do you approve of it? Do you think it is a proper way of behavior for future mother and wife, Frank?
And I rather think if you and me, I do belive that if a person wishes truly something he or she will strive and achieve it. I do hope something works out with us.
Your Vera
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Frank. Thank you for your nice e-mail! It's a pleasure for me to read your letter and learn more about you. I enjoy looking at your photos as well!!!! You are such a handsome, my dear! I want you to be my man!
Tell me how do you picture our first meeting? Do you have fantasies?
Have you already told anyone that you were corresponding with me? My dear, I am sorry for not telling you this before but I must confess that I attended the Internet cafe to write to you and paid for translation of our correspondence and sending you letters. The thing is that I was interested in knowing you and tried to take these expenses myself and hoped that it would work out somehow. But now I just don't know what to do, Frank, I am anguishing because they charge me too much money for writing to you and I am afraid it will be impossible for me to go on writing you. I don't know if my feelings are worth something to you but your feelings to me worth very much to me, and I am really concerned of it. I do hope there is a way out because I wouldn't like to break with up with you. I have to pay 4,59 dollars for complex processing of each letter as they call it, this includes translation and typing, plus scanning and taking my pictures, placing my ad on the web and typing, Internet access fees are also included. There is an option to pay 100 $ for 3 months unlimited correspondence services and be able to write to each other as many letters as we want. Please dear think about it and if you give us a chance I am sure that we will gain more than lose from our relations. I love life and now I am in excitement to hear from you more.
With tenderness,
Yours Vera
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