Letter(s) from Irina Candy to Mark (USA)

Letter 1

Hi ... My name is Irina. It is possible that you'll be surprised at my letter. But I would like to meet you. I know that a new acquaintance - it's always very interesting. When a new acquaintance is an opportunity to learn something new and interesting for yourself, you can find a good friend, companion, or even a loved one. I recently registered on this site. I signed up hoping to find a man to talk to. I really wanted the new 2012 has brought more good things and happiness. I hope that my letter will not be gone unanswered. Hoping I will wait for your response letter and a new acquaintance ... Irina.

P.S: Write me irinacandy82@yahoo.com

Letter 2

Hello Stranger! I looked my e-mail and saw your letter. It was a pleasant surprise for me:) I hope that youletter becomes first step for our communication. I suppose we'll become good friends and our communication willbe interesting for both of us. I'll definitely write you more about myself and my life in the next letters.Unfortunately I'm rather busy now because of my work and I can't write you more right now. I just want to writeto you and tell you that I'm very happy to get acquainted with you and of course I want to learn more about youand your lifestyle, your hobbies and interests. Soon I'll write you more. By the way I want to send you myphoto and wish you nice day. Waiting foryourreply. Irina.

Letter 3

Hi, my friend Stranger! I hope that my letter found you in a good mood. I am ok! I am very happy that ourrelationship continues. I am pleased to communicate with you and I am glad that I had an interestinginterlocutor. Nice to see when my inbox is your new letter. Today I had a good day. I made some good orders,which can further enhance my career. I since the childhood have got used to achieve my purposes independently.Thisis very helpful to me now. Unfortunately, I have no sister no brother, no family, which I very muchneeded. I very much want, that I had a big family :). I trust and I hope that all ahead. How are you, Stranger? you all right? Write to me. I also would like to know about you. You want to talk to me on the phone? I myself will call you when I'll have free time. So write me your phonenumber. Now I send you my pictures. I hope that you like my photos. Last weekend I went to the Dolphinarium. I likedthe dolphins. They are very friendly and very smart. I even tried to feed them by hand. Do you ever touchedbefore the dolphin? At this moment, I was overflowing with joy and such a strong and positive emotions. I findit difficult to convey to you the letter, as I was happy:). With the big impatience I will wait your letter. Irina.

Letter 4

Hello, Stranger! How are you? You missed my letters? Now I want to write to you, as I spent all day today. I spendat work 12 hours and very tired. When I returned from work, I cook dinner. I can cook very tasty. Can you cook?What dish do you favorite? Write me about it. I am very interesting to know. My days are in the normal rhythm. But in my life was a man who can please me. I think that you guess,aboutwhom I am talking. :). Now I'm sitting in front of the computer and look through our correspondence with you. Iam very glad that I met you. Before, I did not think that the internet can find a good interlocutor, and tellhim what's going on in my life. I hope that our communication with you will be well developed. Why do you never write me your name? What is your name? Please read the letter to necessarily write me yourname. I myself will call you. So write me your phone number. I have filled a bath with foamy water. I think that after a bath, I go to sweet sleep:). I will eagerly waitfor your answer. I will be grateful, if you also write to me how has spent today day? Also in this letter Isend you my photo. Today I found my children pictures. I hope that you want to see how I was a childhood? :).Now I need to go to the bath. I wish you a wonderful evening. Irina.

Letter 5

Hello Markus! Today, January 27 and I am happy to write you a letter. But first I wanted to know how are you?
How did your family and friends? How was your day today and what are you doing? I'm all good, my mood is excellent. Today I saw two great events. The first great event is your letter. On my face a smile, when I received your letter. I read your letter and my heart was filled with warmth. I warm up the idea that we are very well communicate with each other, and between us have an excellent relationship.

Why do you think I'm from Hungary? You are mistaken. I wrote to you that I live in Bulgaria. My city is Sliven.
I myself want to call you. Please write me your phone number.

Also today, I was second great event. Today I walked down the street to work. I was approached by a man, and gave three red roses. I was very surprised, but I was very pleased. I asked why he decided to give me roses. He said that his son was born. He gave a promise that if he had a son, then he will give three roses girl he meets. He met me and gave a rose..:) I was very pleased. I thanked him for the beautiful roses and congratulations on the birth of a son. He smiled at me and went to the hospital to see his son. I also smiled and went to work. I was glad that there are people in the world who know how to smile so sincerely and give people positive emotions. If such people were more, then the world would be kinder. Through this pleasant surprise, I have a great mood.:). I wish you the same great mood and beautiful evening. I now walk with the dog and I'll take a shower. Irina.

Letter 6

Hello my dear Markus! I miss your letters and always very happy to receive your letters. My friends tell methat I was very much changed. They say that I was happy and began to smile more often. In my eyes there is aspark that makes me happy. I want to thank you, you make me a happy girl. Thank you my dear Markus! Afterreading your letters my feeling fine and my heart is filled with warmth and tenderness. I thought a lot about our meeting. I ask myself questions. What will we do with the meeting? How are we goingto spend time? I think about it all the time. I like the one dream. I would like to tell you about my dream. Inthis dream I'm out of the airplane and I see you. I'm sure I recognize you when you exit the airplane. We aremoving toward each other, I see the flowers in your hands. I come to you and you give me flowers. I tenderlyembrace you and kiss you. You take my hand and we continue to kiss. I really want to feel your kisses! I wantto kiss your lips- sweet and very affectionate! Then we go to your house and cook a wonderful dinner. We havedinner by candlelight listening to slow romantic music and talk about different topics. Then you invite me tothe ballad and we dance, gently hugging each other. We have a great time and we understand that we are veryhappy. I told you about my dream. I hope that at the meeting of all our dreams,wishes always come true. Ireally want to meet you! I want to be with you! You do like you very much and I believe in our joint future. Igently kiss you! Your Irina.

Letter 7

Hello my dear Markus! How are you? I have news that you do not like. Now I will write to you in detail. To meetwith you, I needed the money. Markus, I have only one option is to sell the apartment and after the sale offlats to come to you. I talked to a realtor. She estimated the cost of an apartment in the $ 30 000 and found acustomer for the purchase of my apartment. Realtor told me that she could sell my apartment for a few days. Butit needs a deposit of 10 of the value of my apartment. Realtors always take a percentage of money for services.Do you understand me? Now I need to find money to pay for the services of a realtor. I will give realtors moneyand she will sell the apartment. If a realtor to sell my apartment, I could fly to you and stay with you. Afterthe sale of an apartment I will have money and we can live in your country on this money. Markus, I no haveother choice. I turn to you for help. Please help me in the sum of $ 3 000. My dear, I understand that this isa big sum of money for you. But if I do not pay this amount of money, the realtor will not sell the apartment.If you help me, then you do not lose it. I am selling an apartment and I will have $ 30 000. I will cometoyour country and will return to you all your money. Please do not leave me in such a difficult situation.You're the only person who can help me. I have one in Moscow and only you can help me. I now no have money.I've only got a few bucks to live in a hotel. My dear Markus, I very much look forward to your care andsupport. I really want to hurry to be with you. Do you really need me! I hope that you also cherish me and helpme with this sum of money. Please answer me as soon as possible. I will wait your letter with great hope. Your Irina.