Scam letter(s) from Alina Lesnyak to Hakan (Turkey)

Letter 1
Really really sorry I can't write you now much, as I have to do some work. So, if you still interested in me tell me about yourself and send me your photos.
Letter 2
Hi Hakan
Finally my work is over and I can write you! Sorry that I start our conversation with so small letter… it`s because of my boss. He came to work and gave me a lot of work :)
I have skype, you can tell me your nickname and I will add you. When I`m free we will chat.
So let’s start. My name, as you already know Alina. I`m 27. I`m about 160 cm.
Live in a small, provincial town Kremennaya (east part of Ukraine). This is nice town with old and beautiful forest and a lot of lakes.
I work as an economist at the grocery store.
I`m here because I want to be happy, hope I will meet good person with whom I can build relationship and bring him all my love.
Wait for your mail, hope you can write me as soon as possible. If you can, send new photos.
With best regards
Letter 3
Hi Hakan!
Oh, so nice to get your new mail.
My skype name alina_linochka. I will add you soon.
My mother says that I am workaholic. Maybe she is right, as you can see I am busy at work, but for you I promise I will find time for sure;)
So, when I free I write you mails and also spend time for my pleasure.
Usually I like to spend my free time in two ways:
1. When it`s warm and the weather is good I like to go to the forest to have a picnic or to go to the river or lake for swimming;
2. When the weather is bad or it`s cold I prefer to stay at home, read books, watch TV, listen to the music or I like to invite my friends and make party :).
And what make you pleasure???
As for my mother she is my ideal of woman, I love her very much. She is clever, pretty, kind and strong woman! My father left us when I was young and mother had to be strong to do everything for my future. She works as an economist at the paint plant. So, I`m economist thanks to her :)
Now you know more about me, my family and now you know my way of spending free time :) Hope my letter is not boring you and you still interested in me, do you?
Wait for new mail from you, surely with new photos :)
Have a nice day!

Letter 4

Hi Hakan!
It’s nice to get new mail from you, because with every your new mail I know more about you, and I like the way you write me and how you open yourself for me.
As I already told you I’m here because I want to find man who will make me happy, who will understand me and love me. I want all these because just these can make our life special… with sense.
I think that our life can bring us much more pleasure and be wonderful just when you find someone to whom you can feel pure love… when you bring your heart and soul for this person and don’t want anything else in your life, just want to be with your beloved.
I want to find such person and ready for this, and you?
I want to end my letter and hope read your mail with your thoughts about relationship you want to build.
Letter 5
Hi Hakan!
Thanks for so nice photos:)
If we decide to be together then of course we will live with you in your country. I am going to be Muslim.
I am happy that again in my mail box I can see mail from you :) It is like a small piece of you that you share with me… I like read your thoughts, feel that you want to share with me your experience, life… Your mails make me happy :) thanks for this :)
You know it’s will be nice to speak by phone, maybe you can send your phone number? And I will give you mine.
You know, God separate people for 2 parts and people can be happy just when they find their better half. I want to find such person with whom I can be happy, my better half without whom life is empty.
Every person unique and just real couple can be perfect for each other.
I want to create such relationship that will not stop and will grow up with every second. And you? You want the same? One love for all life, endless love???
-=_Alina_= -
Letter 6
Hi Hakan!
Thanks for wonderful photo.
But why you didn't write me your phone number, please, do it in your next mail, Ok?
For now I don't have any religion, but I try to learn more about Muslim. I want to take this religion as I think it is right one.
I have never been in Turkey, but if we decide to be together, I think in any place we will be happy. The most important love each other and then all will be nice. I can prove my diploma and find a good job, why not?
You know, life is short and I want to spend it with person, whom I can present all my love and care. I think such thing as marriage, life together is very important. When people live together and can share with beloved person all their thoughts, happiness, problems, all life…
I have heard in one film that you are ready for marriage or life together just when you are ready to spend whole your life, all your weekends and free time, with this person. When you sure that you want to be with this person and wait for the second when you can tell “my love, I so miss you” or just cuddling, smile…
I am dreaming about this and think that all problems and any question we will decide with my future beloved man together as couple that really love each other will be happy in ant situation and find the way how to make their life bright, interesting, and unforgettable. Do you agree with me? Do you want the same?
-=_ Alina_=-
Letter 7
Hi Hakan!
It was great to chat with you in skype:)
My phone number is +380 99 7267650
I saw a nice dream and in it we were together as a couple. I was so happy, as have never been in my life and when I got up I understood that you are the one with whom I want to be together … I want to spend with you my life…
I think we can have a chance to be really happy as a couple and I don’t want to loose our chance. I know that we know each other not for so long time, but you know, I feel that my heart is beating faster when I have mail from you or just think about you during the day and night…
I want to stop my search. I want to try to be with you. Do you also want to stop your search and continuing write just me and think how we can realize our dreams in reality?
I feel now that I am ready to make such a serious step in my life, and what about you?
-=_Alina_= -
Letter 8
I am happy to get so wonderful mail:)
I think that for love there is no barriers so that reason that your English isn't perfect will not change anything.
I'm very happy that you feel that I'm that one with whom you want to create family!!!
Honey, I think that we need to think about our future meet in real life. What do you think about it?
Do you want that we meet in your country and start our life together as a couple, maybe first meet will not be for so long time about 1 -2 weeks or something like this. I want that we have time to be come closer and try to be together, I really hope that our feelings will grow up with the help of such meet and we will think about way how we can build our relationship...
I hope you want this as much as I do:)
Many kisses for you, dear!
Letter 9
My beloved Hakan,
wow, so many questions:) will try to answer:)
Does your boyfriend had never before? I had boyfriend before.
one man been in love before? I have strong feelings to him.
You came into contact with a man? what do you mean?
Are you a ******? yes
Can you come here if you are a Muslim? I am going to be Muslim and yes, it will be nice to come to you:)
Do you squeeze you like I want to live? what do you mean?
Do you know how I fulfill all my will? sorry again can't understand what you mean.
clothes, going to walk places, lives, shaping me, you know? this yes. You know, I fell in love with you? I really hope so:)
Letter 10
My beloved Hakan, I love you a lot and want to be with you. I told you in our chat or you forgot?
Honey, I am so exciting that soon we will start our love story in real life.
I think I need to find out what is necessary for my trip to you. What documents and other stuff I need for such trip. Please, write me for this your full name, address, phone numbers, and name of the nearest airport.
Then I will let you know the news and we plan our meet.
I am so happy and exciting that soon we will be together. I am dreaming about our meet, future, how all will be for us, how our relationship and feelings will grow up :)
Kisses for you, my honey!

Letter 11
My beloved Hakan,
I was in the travel agency and they said that such trip will cost me about 432$. This sum is for visa, medical insurance, and tickets (roundtrip). For me it is too big sum, as I earn not so much per month. I don’t know what to do now. I am really sad. I know that this meet is very important for us, but I am not rich and can’t allow such trip by myself. I don’t know how to tell you… to ask you… but I need your help. What do you think about it? Can you help me with this?
I am sorry for asking this, but you know, this meet important not just for me, but for us, for our future. So, I hope to get positive answer from you.
Wait for your new mail.
Letter 12
My beloved Hakan,
My purpose is the same, I want to come to you because I love you and of course I want that this meet will lead to marriage. I hope that we will become the happiest couple in the world. You are so important for me and my life without you is just empty.
First of all I need to come to you and then we will find the best way how I can stay with you forever. I so love you, honey.
I am happy that 500$ is not big sum for you and you can help me with my trip to you:) My love, can you tell me what kind of information you need from me that you can help me with my trip to you and we will be together very soon?
Wait for news and very happy and exciting that soon we will be together:)
Letter 13
My beloved Hakan,
Interesting video. I also watched a lot of other about Islam.
Honey, I missed you. Why you didn't open skype anymore?
When we will be together?
Wait for news.
Letter 14
I don't understand meaning of last two letters... try explain what you mean in them!
Letter 15
My beloved Hakan,
Hope you will like this photo:) There is my mother and I on concert. Hope you will like her.
As for other relatives, they don't live with us, so I can't send any photos with them. But I found another nice photo, it is I am when I was small :) Tell me if you like it.
Wait for our meet and as I told you my vacation in June and I want to be with you during it. There is no difference for me you will come to me or I will come to you.
Wait for your thoughts about it.
Letter 16
and when you come here? I need you and soon my vacation and I will not have possibility to write you from work and as you know I don't have net at home
Letter 17
My beloved Hakan,
Happy that you can use western Union or Money Gram and send em money for our meet.
So here is my information.
My phone number is +380 99 7267650.
My name is Alina, surname is Lesnyak
Country is Ukraine
City is Kremennaya
Street is Shevchenko 5\15
Zip code 92900
Wait for news!
Letter 18
My beloved Hakan,
My friend sent mail to your friend Levent. Her mail address is , so tell him about it that he can understand who is Inna. Ok?
I hope that our friends will also can find their love.
As for our meet. I am really exciting and counting days till we meet. It is so great that we will be together and of course our love me build very strong and united family.
I so love you and need just you in my life:) You are all for me:)
I am waiting for your new mail and hope we can chat with you tomorrow in skype:)
Kisses for my beloved man:)
Letter 19
My sweetheart Hakan
I'm very busy today. let's meet tomorrow in skype! I will write you when I'll be online.
Letter 20
My sweetheart Hakan, I can't understand what you mean?
You need to go somewhere or what? Where are you going?
I will have vacation in June and there is no possibility to meet in July.
Please, write me the news as soon as possible.
Letter 21
I am loving you, dear. I just want that we will be happy together.
On Saturday we didn't have net and I couldn't open skype. Sorry.
Love you a lot and wait for news.
Letter 22
all is Ok
I got money. I need to take flight for Friday or Monday?
Wait for news.
Letter 23
Vacation Package: Donetsk to Adana
Flight: Donetsk to Istanbul
Traveler name: Alina LESNYAK
RESERVATION CODE Depart: FR JUN-15-2012 Donetsk (DOK)
Depart 10:15 am
Istanbul (IST)
Arrive 12:15 pm
2hr 0mn
Turkish Airlines 452 Economy/Coach Class, Meal, BOEING 737-800 (WINGLETS) PASSENGER Flight: Itanbul to Adana
Traveler name: Alina LESNYAK

Depart: FR JUN-15-2012 Istanbul (IST)
Depart 16:10 pm
Adana (ADA)
Arrive 17:45 pm
1hr 35mn
Turkish Airlines

Economy/Coach Class, Meal, BOEING 737-800 (WINGLETS) PASSENGER

Letter 24
I got money, I am going to the airport.
Letter 25
Honey, I have problem. I missed my flight. I don't know what to do. Do, I need to try change my ticket for today but another time?
Wait for news.
Letter 26
I bought another ticket, as there is no possibility to change the ticket that I have.
Honey, I spent all money from prove of solvency for new ticket.
I come to you tomorrow morning at 2.30 in the morning.
I will try to ask that I will not show this prove of solvency. Not sure if it can be Ok or not.
write you soon.
Say your parents that we can meet just tomorrow with them.
Letter 27
I need this 300$ anyway and ticket number is 800jwf, here is no scan, so I can't make scan.
Honey, I need that you send me money during 1 hour, as I need to go from airport and get back to it before my flight.
Wait for news.
Letter 28
you mean when I come to you, we will get married? really? sounds wonderful!
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