Scam letter(s) from Olga Stepanova to Dermot (UK)

Letter 1
Hi my love Dermot!!!!
Now I sit in Internet cafe and I write you this letter. I have just come from embassy.
I very much worried, when I have come into an embassy building. I stood in a queue about a half an hour. Then me have called, and interview has begun.
The woman set to me questions, and I answered them. I have told, that I wish to visit England in the tourist purposes. I have told, that I very much like this country.
It set many questions. And one of last questions has very much surprised me! They have checked up through the computer I wash a name and a surname and have told, that my tourist visa is ready and that I can take away. Till this moment all was just fine, and I did not cease to smile.
But all has begun with this moment when I have asked for them my visa - at me and the most bad. When the girl has come and has brought my visa she has asked me travel check.
I have not understood, that this such and have asked again it about what she asks me. She has explained to me, that this proof of that I have money at myself to stay in England.
I was simply in a shock, that when she has told to me about it. I did not know what to tell to it on it. Then I have asked it, what if I will not have it travel check - that me will be not not let out from the country? She to me has told, that each citizen of the Russian Federation should have at itself money for departure in other country to provide itself in this country. I have the tourist visa, and she has told, that any tourist should have with itself the necessary sum for travel. Then I have told, that me about it have not warned in travel agency. But the woman has told, that can help nothing to me. She has asked me: "And how then I am going to travel, if I do not have money?" . I wished to tell about you, but I have kept silent. Then I have taken an interest what sum should be on travel check. She to me has told, that the sum for departure should make not less than 1700 pounds …
I hardly in a faint has not fallen, when has heard about it!!!! The woman has told, that I should put this money on travel check. And when I will arrive to other country a smog to remove them from it check. Now I do not know, how to me to be and that to me to do. At me very bad mood... I understand that very big sum of money.
Therefore I am now simple in confusion. I do not know what to do and I do not know as to be!! Perhaps you to me will tell - that to me to do? I so love you!!!
And now I would like to forget about all and to appear near to you!!! I now would like to shut eyes to some time, and then to open eyes and to see you...
Why so it has turned out?... Dermot, write to me as soon as possible. I will wait for your letter!
Only your Olga.
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