Letter(s) from Lidia Biama to Garry (Australia)

Letter 1

I called and explained everything to you on phone and you could have asked me everything you want but you didnt rather sent me this message,When we went and visit grand mother she told me she have a present for me when am about to leave,she came on my date of departure and gave me this jewels which are made of gold and told me to use it on my wedding day and the customs said they are valuables which worth much more and am smuggling gold out of the country in my own way and did explained to them but they kept saying i have gone against the law of the country so was detained until my family lawyer came and had further discussions with them.I was even going to be brought in the daily news paper if not with the help of my lawyer who said i dont know anything about that and am not a bad girl and have never committed any crime before so they shouldn't base on that and destroy my image,Honey am also going through so much pain,i now have my traveling documents and can be able to leave any date i want as thats what the lawyer told me
love you
hugs and kisses

Letter 2

I love you so much baby and cant wait to be with you,Grandmother and mum are all here and will be escorting me to the airport
Love you
Mrs Parsons
Flight Airline Departs Arrives
DJ483 Virgin Australia 02:30 PM SYD 04:05 PM MCY

Letter 3

Love of my life
Miss you so much baby,thank you for your wonderful message,I love you so much honey,baby you make me so happy and there is nothing i think of apart from you baby,all i want in this life is you and you,You mean so much to my heart,every minute ,every seconds all i do think of is you and all i wish for is being in your arms,having all your lovely kisses running all over me,You are my life baby,hope business went well,I love so much and hope to chat with you soon before you go to bed
hugs and kisses
Mrs Parsons

Letter 4

account name......Lydia Biama

Name of Bank......United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA)

Account number....00611956401552

swift code........stbggac

kaneshie branch