Letter(s) from Princess More Tracy Young to John (Ireland)

Letter 1

dear daddy,

I am Princess more tracy young, I am 16years of age from Liberia, but presently I live in Refugee camp in Republic of Ghana, I came to Ghana when I was 4years with aid of united Nation Peace keeping force, and I was hand over to Rev Father Paul Martins, in St.luke Catholic church in Accra- Ghana, who has been my father in Christ and father in my up bringing, I lost my parent 10 years ago during the war in Liberia, so my only relation is Rev Father .Paul Martins, a Canada priest that nationalized in Republic of Ghana.
I am afraid to say I can only trust foreigners for this inheritance because of the way my lateRev.Father Martins have brought me up.

Daddy and Mummy, good people happen to died so quick, my father in the lord, died on the 14 th Feb.2012, being valentine day, it was a very sad day in my life.

I have my inheritance boxes here in Ghana which my late father, Amed Johnson of Kreo Community in Liberia deposited in concord security company here in Accra Ghana for safekeeping purpose due to the war situation in my country over the years.
The 2 boxes contain $10 million usd and 120kg of gold.

But my questions are these below:

1. Please can you receive these boxes for me as my foreign guardian and trustee?

2. Can we trust you in helping me?

3. Will 30% be OK for you?

I took this bold step with great faith in God, that the two boxes are in concord security company here in Accra Ghana and all documentation backing this boxes are with me intact.
and i also want you to know that soon we will be together as one large family with Joy among us.

I wait for caring response.
My sincere regards to your family.