Scam letter(s) from Elizaveta Arbousova to Stefan (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Now it will be interesting to me to learn more about you!
Postvak IN
Letter 2
Hello Stefan! I thank you for your letter, to me it is pleasant that you have answered me!!! I waited and worried in expectation of your answer not much!
To begin with I want to tell shortly about myself:
My name: Ekaterina. My age of 28 years! Date of my birth on March, 11th 1984. My weight makes 53 kgs, and growth of 169 centimetres. My favouritecolour green.
I work as the selling assistant in pet-shop. I accept my work. I studied at zootechnical university and I like to work in fauna sphere. I very much love animals and the nature. You love the work? Tell about it.
I do not have children, I when was not for the husband, now at me was not present boyfriend. In the past I had serious relations with the Russian man, our relations have badly ended, but it in the past. After these relations I have decided not to trust any more to Russian men. I do not want to speak more on this theme. Now I want to try I will find the man with which is happy, my heart is opened for new relations!!!
I want to have 2 children, the boy and the girl. I understand that children are big responsibility, but I understand that I am ready to this responsibility. You love children?
I live and I work in Russia. In the city of Penza. You heard about this city? The city of Penza in Russia very known city.
I live one in one-room apartment. I was born in suburb Penza, in small settlement it to be in 60 kilometres from Penza. This very beautiful settlement rich with the beautiful nature and fine places, now remains very few places with the beautiful nature. Unfortunately at us cut a lot of wood and by that ruin the nature.
I have arrived to the city of Penza after leaving school, for receipt in university, after the termination of university I have decided to remain, because it is very difficult to find work in our small settlement.
I love sports, I am engaged in a gym, I like to watch the figure. I since the childhood love sports. Earlier I was engaged in many sports. From all sports especially to be pleasant to me the volleyball. As I visit a gym. You prefer what sport? You go in for sports?
I want to tell to you that I the sincere and open girl, for me the most important quality in the person am sincerity and honesty. I do not love vainglorious and haughty people. I love simplicity and when the person is by itself, does not try to hide behind a mask of the true qualities. I want to be with you frank and in the course of our dialogue I will be sincere with you. I hope alsoyouwillbe frank with me!
I will finish the letter in hope of your answer! I wait for your letter Ekaterina.
Letter 3
Hello Stefan!!! I with the great pleasure and interest read your letter! Your letter has raised a smile on my person! I am really glad to your answer!
I agree with you, between us very big distance, but both of us search for serious relations if our feelings are mutual that distance between us will not have not what value! You agree with me?
If our relations are serious, we will meet. I think that I could arrive to you in the future that would get acquainted personally.
Lately I have started to reflect on home life. Looking at married steams, I think that I too want a family. To have favourite to the husband and children.Will have the house which it is filled by children's laughter and pleasure. To know that I am am waited by my husband which me loves and respects.
I am brought up on such ideals that the woman - the keeper of the house. I want cares of the husband and children. I know that there are women who first of all are occupied by career, I think that in such family there is no happiness. For the woman on the first place should be - a family. You agree with me? What representation at you about it?
Probably you will be surprised, to how I reflect. To the education, I am grateful to the parents. They strict and fair.
My family consists: I, my brother, mum and the father. A name of my mum Irina, to it 52 years.It very good and wise person. I can always address to mum for worthy council. With mum I can always speak about everything, she always will understand us and will support in any situation. I want to be similar to the mother.
Name of the father Igor, to it of 55 years.The father very strict and hardworking. They with Ivan (he/she is my brother) constantly in work.
To the brother 22 years. After leaving school Ivan has gone to army for 2 years. At us in the country the service in army is obligatory. You served in army?
Now Ivan studies at the State Agrarian University.
It is a pity to me of people which have no family or have, but not the high-grade. For example: the father and mother - alcoholics. The child grows in awful conditions. Many grow from them gangsters and alcoholics. Be not surprised that I write to you about it, to Russia unfortunately many such families. To me very sadly to think that destinies of many children are broken because of the indifferent and irresponsible relation of parents.
It will be interesting to me to learn about your family and more about you.
I hope that you were not tired of my letter!
With impatience I will wait for your following letter!
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