Scam letter(s) from Sandra Gartland to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
My name is Sandra Gartland am 32yrs, i came from illinois elgin,I grew up in elgin and went to school in elgin ...I gradutated in Elgin Community College, am a Nurse by profession. Dad came from Australia, while Momma came from Philipiness..but they located in Chicago before they got back to elgin next to chicago , where they met and they god married.....I happened to be the only Daughter of my Parent.... Eversince i was 13yrs old i had been having mistrable life and msitrable family..My parent where divorced, while momma remarried and she located to her new husband... Me and Dad started our new life but dad ain't married again , he took care of me, sent me to good school ,trained me how to get people understand,i came out from good christian background and i know how to believe in whatever i am.. that i will still be coming a great creation in the future..cos, i believe in the fruit of my dream.... fulthermore, With all my dad's caring,faithful,passionate too see me through all my life..later came to mistrable too.. Dad had an heart attack eversince before he divorced with Momma... This leeded him to death and left me all alone., In the same vain, Kelvin was my boy friend when i was in college, later we met and continue our relationship... I expalined about my mistrable past experiences and he accepted to marry me but that will some year when we both understand each other,... Kelvin was a contractor he went for Civil Engineering,..while i went for A Nurse...We both graduated from the same college... He got a job but in West Africa Country(Nigeria)...He worked with Julius Bergger Construction Company located in Lagos State Nigeria Since am still unemloyment then..i accepted to leave our home and located to Nigeria with Kelvin...Since he promised of marry me and care for me..cos , what i need is caring and faithful.. So, i located with him and Kelvin was working, he said that i should not work here in Nigeria,,,said when he got some money he will buy a house and send meback to the state...Then i aggreed ,This will was my third Mistrable experience ..9th of April, 2006..Kelvin had an Autocrash and he died , so Kelvin left me all alone again... Eversince,i thought that what would i do..i don't have a family nor friend to run to...Whom i truly know has died..So, i had determined of not allowing forth time mistrable things should happened to me anymore... So i decided to **** my self one day...But a man of God came to Visit me and he prayed for me....Accordance to his prayer...I found that in his prayer.. he is directed to what i had in mind by killing my self and it seems as he has seeneverything in my mind... So i made up my mind and i explained everything to this man of God...He adived me and introduced his church to me and eversince i had been attending every sunday service and going to bible studies..Am living with a church member, she is a widow .She has two kids whe both staying together as a family eversince Kelvin whom brought me to Nigeria Has died....She has been clothing me and feeding me everytime.....i do follow his footh step here since she is a Nigeria citizen and she know what that bound their rules...So, i cherish of living with her..cos, she has showing me how to be aGod Fearing and to believe in whatever you may found your self in Life...Last three weeks, i got a job in a Motel Close to our home and i had been working with faithful and energetic mind,,maybe if i could earn some money i can get a ticket and get back to the state so i can get settle down for therest of my life... Last week, sometime 4pm Nigeria time..i was about to leave for a day work , since we have Bible study and i don't wanna came late...and i need to seemy co.worker in other to handover everything to him...But he couldn't came i went to Our Manager's office and i explained everything to him... He suddenly held my hand and he wanna seduced me to have a *** with him ...after he has his own family and he wanna spoil my future...So, i dicided to guit the job...I informed my pastor about this and he said that..i should quit..even Mrs williams said that same thing... Eversince, i had been sleeping and eating everytime...But this is really paining me.....I earned some money ...So, i dicided to Deposited for my ticket and get back to the state, so pastor introduces me to a friend of him,,He is a Travel Agent....And i deposited with him..just to avoild of spending the money that i earn.. Later, Day before yesterday... i thought that,,,..if atall i get the balance today..where will i be stay, to whom will i be living with?..i don't have a home to go to..nor a family back to the state.... So I went to my pastor and i explained about the situation on ground....He adviced me..if i could get someone who will care for me,,and he introduced online dating relationship to me..that it's turns outta to be successful and very easy to get a man....
Here i am...what do you think...
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