Scam letter(s) from Nass Tenny to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello mates.....
Well I'm new to this Internet dating site.Just want to give it a cance and see...I'm new to Internet dating things i dont know much about It..Just want to give it Chance and see If i can have the right man..I'm Nass Tenny 31 Years old I was Born in USA COLORADO...I went to school in Maryland,I graduate in Accounting in St Mary's College In Baltimore...Dad was born in Victoria and grew up in USA Why my Mom's From West African..Nigeria..I Lost my dad In Wreck and Mom Told me that would have to move to West Africa Nigeria to stay there for a while,I'm Single and Looking For someone who would love me for who i am..I am down to earth lady,Who loves sports,Kids,and would love to be with a gentleman,Most of all once you get to know me you will find out the person inside is someone that will be there when you need me, but you must be Honest,Loyal,Restpectful,And Loving Also Must Love Kids,I like to dance,sing,camp,swim.. watch movies and most anything else....Well i will like to chat with u if you're interested.Lets give it a chance to prove what we know and what we have for each other because without that we can't feel each other feelings, I'm very emotional and i take things too personally. In a large group of comparative strangers, i'm quiet and rather shy, unable to express myself, and not really wanting to become involved in a conversation. i'm not one of those people that makes the first attempt at trying to get to know someone. So if you dont talk to me first, then dont expect me to say a thing to you. On the other hand, among friends with whom I feel at ease, i'm expressive and witty.These makes it difficult for people to understand me. im really clean and organized. I always want everything clean and tidy around me.I want to meet someone who knows how to respect other people, people that are real to themselves and not be acting like a hypocrite. Also someone that has a sense of humor..the ones that can make me laugh easily. I always need a good laughter to release stress that's gathering in me ....
Nass Tenny...
Letter 2
Hello Matts..... Thanks for Your love for me you really have much feelings of love for me i am so much hooked up with u till the end of my life except you make a oath to **** me up....i really now felt like beeing with you u with all my heart ...when you so much Matt....Much of loves.....i did this for you honey..... Thinking of you
In so many ways
Really helps to
Brighten my days. Thinking of that smile
That lights up the dark.
Thinking of that laughter
That gives you that extra spark. Thinking of you
And all that you've done;
Knowing inside my heart,
You're always number one. Thinking of you
And wishing you well,
I sure miss you
If you couldn't tell. Love to be with you so soon Matt.......much of loves.............. Nass Tenny
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